Al Qaeda Quickly Constructing Main Mideast Base in Syria by Yaakov Lappin Al Nusra Front, Al Qaeda’s official arm in Syria, is quickly entrenching itself in the north and east of Syria, where the Assad regime’s rule has collapsed. Jihad will spread outwards to the region, then threaten global security — possibly with biological and chemical weapons. Al Qaeda is quickly constructing its main regional […]

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Steven Emerson on His Face-Off With Jihad — on The Glazov Gang

This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Steven Emerson, the Executive Director of The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

He took us behind the scenes of his battle against our deadly enemy:


Uneasy Gulf states weigh US-Iran overtures

The prospect of Iran and the U.S. becoming less than arch foes pushes American-allied Gulf states toward unfamiliar territory as their standing is undermined.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Lost in the blizzard of attention on Iran’s cautious openings to the U.S. was another bit of noteworthy outreach by President Hassan Rouhani: Sending greetings to Saudi Arabia’s king and appealing for more cooperation between the two regional rivals.

Rouhani’s message last week also carried a subtext for Saudi Arabia and the other Western-allied Persian Gulf states. As Iran’s diplomatic profile rises with attempts to recalibrate its dealings with Washington, the Gulf rulers will have to make adjustments, too.

That’s not such an easy thing for the monarchs and sheiks to swallow.

Leaders such as Saudi King Abdullah are accustomed to having Washington’s undivided focus and a prominent voice in shaping policies over Iran, which Gulf officials routinely denounce for allegedly trying to undermine their rule through suspected proxies and spies.


Unless the Right can devise a methodology and mechanisms to determine the political agenda in Israel, it will continue to be determined by the Left – irrespective of electoral outcomes.

Israel has vacated the battlefield of ideas…Israel has made itself defenseless.

– Melanie Philips

The Left will be easy to defeat in the battle of ideas if we can make a level playing field.

– Jay Abouaf, in a Facebook talkback to my previous column

As readers will recall, I devoted my last two columns to a discussion of why much of right-wing philanthropy has been misdirected, in the sense that if it was intended to determine political realities, reflecting the predilections of the benefactors, it has been spectacularly ineffective.

For in the past two decades, the hard Left has managed to convert what was up until the early 1990s a completely marginalized – indeed, borderline treasonous – political doctrine into a respectable, arguably majority mainstream position.

Breathtaking metamorphosis

This is clearly a political metamorphosis of breathtaking proportions, made even more remarkable since it cannot be attributed to an electoral failure of allegedly right-wing parties, or to widespread and sustained public pressure.

Accordingly, right-wing Zionist philanthropists wishing to arrest and reverse its detrimental consequences must have a clear understanding of its origins and mechanisms of development if they are to have any chance of success.

In my previous columns, I described how political realities in Israel are determined: From their positions of unelected power and prestige, a numerically small group of left-leaning civil-society elites is able to control the political discourse in the country.


If you wish to read the response, be my guest, and, incidentally Frontpage turned down the Bukovsky, Stroilov column, although in the past Bukovsky was extolled in their pages:

Vladimir Bukovsky. Not a Victim, But a Soldier By: Jamie Glazov:

A Life of Integrity: Vladimir Bukovsky at 70:

David Horowitz’s answer to Bukovsky at Frontpage:

Horowitz writes:

“Here is what she wrote in her book and actually quotes in her rebuttal:

“The vast and deep extent of Communist penetration, heretofore denied, had in fact reached a tipping point to become a de facto Communist occupation of the American center of power.”

Apparently she doesn’t realize that the Latin phrase de facto means “in fact.” It is impossible to argue with a mind as obtuse as this.”


It means “concerning fact.” In law, it means “in practice or common experience but not ordained by law” or “in practice or actuality, but not officially established.” The words”de jure”would mean established by law .

As in: Horowitz was a de facto traitor when he published Ramparts, but not a dejure traitor. He, himself admits to de facto treason in:′

Diana is quite right in her usage of the expression because she did not use the words de jure. But then, it is impossible to argue with a mind as obtuse as his.

He also dissembles about his own past:

“I am not going to make apologies for my political views as a five-year old. But both Radosh and I became New Leftists when Bukovsky was only 15 and never supported the Soviet totalitarian state or Bukovsky’s jailers.”


As Andrew Bostom has noted….

Horowitz’s “New Leftism” defense is more mendacious drivel-mongering. His August 1973 Ramparts essay, “Historians and the Cold War: The Battle over America’s Image” (written when he was 34 years old) acerbically denounced the “myth” of aggressive, ideological Soviet expansionism—despite the fact this was indeed the lasting, openly pronounced creed of the revolutionary Communist Soviet state, since its World War I-era advent. Writing, at age 35, with breathtaking cognitive dissonance, in the June 1974 Ramparts (“Solzhenitsyn and the Radical Cause”), not even Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago had convinced Horowitz the “critics of Bolshevism” were “right,” or that the “Soviet experiment has failed.”

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