LIBERALISM’S WAR ON WOMEN: DANIEL GREENFIELD As Bob Filner, San Diego’s former progressive mayor, pleads guilty to charges stemming from his attacks on women, his essay, “Why I am Pro-Choice” still decorates the website of Planned Parenthood. A year ago, Filner had appeared at a Planned Parenthood rally while running for mayor of California’s second largest city to accuse his […]


“Oslo has failed, it’s finished, it’s dead,” concluded Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Danny Danon (Likud) while speaking from Israel online to a Washington, DC, audience at the law offices of Jones Day.

Danon spoke as part of the Oct. 3, 2013, Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) panel “20 Years since Oslo: Time to Reassess Paradigms” offering an expert, sober anniversary postmortem of the failed Arab-Israeli Oslo peace process begun on Sept. 13, 1993, and its lessons for the future.

Although “it is very hard to tell people the truth,” Danon saw no “viable partner for peace” among Palestinian leaders. Further “land for peace” Israeli territorial concessions to the Palestinians were thus pointless. Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria/West Bank, for example, would simply “copy and paste” the aggression faced by Israel from Hamas since its 2005 withdrawal from the Gaza Strip onto territory even closer to Israel’s population centers.

In discussing Israel’s Oslo negotiating partner, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), former Israeli ambassador Yoram Ettinger in person at Jones Day stated that “leopards do not change spots,” but rather “they change tactics.”

Muslim Arabs like Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas have an understanding of the entire region including Israel as a “waqf…divinely ordained to be a Muslim area.” For such Muslims “it has never been the size, but the existence of Israel” ruled by the “infidel Jew” that is a source of conflict. This intransigence manifested itself in a “constant and steady stream of incitement” of hatred and terrorism against Israel from Palestinian media, EMET founder and President Sarah Stern noted.

CHARLES COOK: THE MALIGNED TEA PARTY Even for the most cultivated people, the 19th-century humorist Josh Billings quipped, “it ain’t ignorance causes so much trouble; it’s folks knowing so much that ain’t so.” Ideally, Plato’s promise that the process of learning would teach us how little we know would apply universally, thus encouraging not only humility but caution, too. Yet […]

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MICHEL GURFINKIEL: EXODUS- MIGRATION OF JEWS OUT OF FRANCE Some fifty years ago, a mass migration transformed Judaism in France and in other countries of Western Europe. Algeria, a French colony in North Africa, was granted independence in 1962. Over one million French residents — European settlers and natives that had opted for French citizenship and culture — had no choice but to flee […]

ObamaCare a Planned Disaster for Political Reasons—Ted Cruz May Have the Last Laugh- Karin McQuillan IT experts are starting to weigh in on the spectacular fail of the ObamaCare launch, and explain what happened: political imperatives trumped everything else.  The debut of ObamaCare is a perfect demonstration of why government should not be trusted with our health care.   People with common sense and reality-based principles — in a word, […]

A New Map of How We Think: Top Brain/Bottom Brain: Stephen M. Kosslyn and G. Wayne Miller A New Map of How We Think: Top Brain/Bottom Brain Forget dated ideas about the left and right hemispheres. New research provides a more nuanced view of the brain Author and neuroscientist Stephen Kosslyn talks to WSJ editor Gary Rosen about the practical implications of new brain research. Are you a Mover, Stimulator, Perceiver […]



Membership in the United Nations Security Council is supposed to be like a Nobel Prize—no one ever turns it down. So when Saudi Arabia declined its invitation to join the Security Council as a two-year, non-permanent member on Friday, you could hear diplomats gasping around the globe.

The decision was even more shocking because of the way the Saudis explained their decision. They essentially said the U.N. body that is supposed to enforce international order has become an abettor of rogues and mass murder.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia believes that the manner, the mechanisms of action and double standards existing in the Security Council prevent it from performing its duties and assuming its responsibilities towards preserving international peace and security as required,” the Saudi foreign ministry said in an October 18 statement, “leading to the continued disruption of peace and security, the expansion of the injustices against the peoples, the violation of rights and the spread of conflicts and wars around the world.”

Specifically, the Saudis mentioned the failure of the U.N. to settle the Palestinian conflict and rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons. But those are old stories. The proximate cause of Saudi anger is Russia’s decision, abetted by China, to veto any Security Council action against Syria.

DANIEL GREENFIELD: THE SUPERSESSIONISTS OF THE LIBERAL CONFEDERACY The battle between Obama and the Republicans is a sad and pitiful contest for the same reason that a baseball game in which one side plays by the rules and the other one races the bases in motorcycles and shoots the balls over the fence with an RPG. Ted Cruz has come the closest […]