Patriots, Refugees and the Right of Return Posted By Steven Plaut   When the War of Independence began, it quickly assumed the nature of a civil war. Those opposing the declaration of statehood fought alongside the organized armies of their kinsmen, which invaded the territory of the infant state from all directions. The fighting […]

BAD RACHEL AMONG THE BELIEVERS AND FANATICS Headache Among the Believers We spend Shabbat afternoon with beloved friends who live beyond the Green Line in the Judean hills. They were in the first group of eighteen settlers to break ground here, to scrabble their desert plot into lovely terraced gardens, and on it to build the house they still inhabit thirty-two […]

GADI ADELMAN: THE ENDLESS SAGA OF THE FLOTILLA,css.print/pub_detail.asp Last May the Turkish ship the Mavi Marmara was part of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla that attempted to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. When the dust and sea water settled 9 Turks were dead along with 7 Israeli soldiers injured with gunshot and stab wounds. All year long while several investigations into the […]


Cautioning The United Nations Regarding Palestinian Statehood Here’s another considered article by David Singer, the Sydney lawyer who is a founder of the International  Analysts Network.  Entitled “Palestine – Testing The World’s Patience,” it comes via the antipodean J-Wire service. Writes David Singer: The Palestinian Authority headed by an unelected president – Mahmoud Abbas […]

CAL THOMAS ON MARCO RUBIO: READY FOR POLITICAL PRIME TIME At first he didn’t want to do any national media, preferring to focus on Florida issues. He didn’t make his maiden speech on the Senate floor until June 14, five months after being sworn-in. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) so gifted at age 40, combines passion for his conservative ideas with a humility that could […]

BENJAMIN KORN: JEWS BECOMING COMMONPLACE IN CONSERVATIVE “NEW MEDIA”….SEE NOTE It’s nice to be noticed in such august company…thanks to all my e-pals who sent this to me while I was on a mini-vacation….rsk “Significant relative newcomers include bloggers such as Ted Belman of IsraPundit, Dan Greenfield of SultanKnish and Ruth King of Ruthfully Yours, along with sites such as Israel Matzav, YidWithLid, Yeshiva […]

WES PRUDEN: IT’S TOUGH OUT THERE FOR ROUES… This has been a rough summer for roues, if you can call them that. We’ve not only defined deviancy down, but roues are not what they used to be. Anthony Weiner, who entertained us through the merry month of May with what he thought were lady-killing moves, was actually nothing more than a teenager […]

UNEASY LIES THE THRONE OF JORDAN’S PUPPET KING ABDULLARD Jordan quietly lobbying against UN resolution on Palestinian statehood AMMAN — Jordan has signaled its opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank. Arab diplomatic sources said the Hashemite kingdom has expressed opposition to a unilateral state by the Palestinian Authority in September. The sources said senior Jordanian officials, including […]

RUTH WISSE: THE “KILL THE JEWS FLOTILLA”….SUPERB! Watch: Harvard professor assails ‘kill-the-Jews flotilla’ By MORDECHAI I. TWERSKY In audio interview, scholar Ruth Wisse says flotilla aims to “give Hamas a free hand amassing weapons,” calls Yale’s closure of YIISA “a scandal.” Harvard University Professor Ruth Wisse has sharply condemned ongoing attempts by international activists to set sail for Gaza on what […]


Dear friends,  Enclosed is an excellent legally formulated letter sent to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon against a Palestinian State brought out by the Legal Forum for Israel. It is for us all a wonderful, strong and legal document to have. It is based solely on legal grounds! But could you send it to […]