MARILYN PENN: HIDING BEHIND A BEARD While Major Nidal Hasan served as army psychiatrist at Fort Hood, he was a clean-shaven American Muslim. After he was imprisoned, awaiting trial for murdering 13 people and maiming 32 others for the glory of Allah, he decided to redouble his religious identification by growing a thick beard and mustache Though army regulations specifically […]

U.S. Judge Refuses to Submit to Islamic law…So He Is Off the Fort Hood Shotting Case…..!!!! Judge refused to submit to Islamic law so ….. he’s off the case. He wasn’t impartial enough. Got that? “Breaking news: Judge removed in Fort Hood shooting rampage case” Dallas News (thanks to Van) FORT HOOD — A military appeals court has thrown out a judge’s order to forcibly shave the Fort Hood shooting […]


Former Member of the Class of 2014

Amherst College is a small community, so I am sure that many of my fellow classmates already know that I left Amherst to join the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). I am sharing my experiences with you from this past week to illustrate two things to the Amherst community: why I took a leave of absence to serve in the Israeli Army and why Israel deserves an apology from her many critics on and off of our campus.

I have spent the last three days in Netivot, a small city of 30,000 people located less than 12 kilometers away from the Gaza Strip. I was volunteering there with a small non-profit. We were operating day care centers, teaching children in bomb-shelter-turned-classrooms and trying to restore a sense of normality to the children’s lives. For the over one million Israelis living within 40 kilometers of Gaza (the typical range of Hamas’s Qassam and Grad rockets), their children experienced the Israeli equivalent of a snow day there was no school here for over a week as the blizzard of rockets continued. It was too dangerous to travel to school and too dangerous to congregate under one roof, so the Israeli government spread out children in bomb shelters across southern Israel to minimize the likelihood of mass casualties. The young, old, sick and disabled must remain in these bomb shelters day and night because they cannot run to safety in time. The
residents of Netivot have less than 12 seconds between siren and impact.

As I attempted to entertain the frightened children of Netivot, reading stories and playing games, I could hear the deep booms of rockets slamming into nearby cities and towns. Over 1,000 rockets were sent screaming toward Israel in the past week. If the rocket was within five kilometers, we could feel the vibrations of the impacts, watch books fall off of shelves, see windows shiver and sit helplessly wondering who was injured. If the predicted trajectory of the rocket was towards us in Netivot, an air-raid siren would alarm, and the 30,000 residents scrambled towards shelter. When the siren began to howl, the feeling was one of absolute panic. As I sprinted toward safety and grabbed any straggling children nearby, the idea of terror became a reality to me; it dawned on me that there are actually people, just a car-ride away, who are trying to kill me and those around me. On the night of November 20th a rocket leveled a house a block away from my bunker.

However terrorized we may feel in southern Israel, I realize the people of Gaza have it worse. Tragically, the people of Gaza have no shelters to run to and no sirens to warn them when Israel strikes back. Their government (since 2006 controlled by the internationally categorized terrorist group, Hamas) has chosen not to invest in these public safety measures despite waging a continuous war on Israel. This negligence is no accident. Hamas has decidedly tried (and succeeded) to take advantage of Western disdain for civilian casualties, choosing to play off of our sympathy for the pain and suffering of innocents. Hamas’s leaders know that by repeatedly firing rockets towards Israeli civilian areas from their civilian areas, Israel’s response will be one of impossible choices.

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ENRICO FERMI: THE NUCLEAR SCIENTIST WHO CHANGED THE WORLD ROBERT ZUBRIN This week marks the 70th anniversary of a turning point in human history. It was on December 2, 1942, that Enrico Fermi ordered the control rods pulled from the nuclear reactor he had built under the west stands of the University of Chicago’s Stagg Field stadium, thereby initiating the first artificial sustained-fission reaction in […]


Cover the land with parks and homes and schools and nurseries and farms and maternity floors that are busy 24/7 from the Mediterranean Sea to the river Jordan. Be fruitful and multiply.

Now is the time. The U.S.State Department and the Eurocretins may criticize you but the more you build the more respect you will garner from fair minded American supporters of Israel.

IT IS BECOMING increasingly clear that
the viability of this democratic republic is
dependent on confidence that election results
are fair and incontrovertible. When
there is doubt, when the vote is tainted, cynicism
is unleashed and our institutions are called
into question. Today, voter fraud has the potential
to determine who is elected. It begins with
registration vulnerabilities, where many states
require no proof of identification, and continues
with candidate’s petitions of registered voters
needed to get on the ballot. Voter registration
fraud leads to Election Day fraud, yet such allegations
rarely are investigated and perpetrators
often are let off with little or no consequences.
For instance, despite hundreds of allegations
referred to state police by election officials, and
at least 70 referred by state police to the Virginia
Commonwealth’s attorney after the 2008
election, only one voter fraud case appears to
have been investigated thoroughly. That case
took four years to prepare. After the 2012 indictment
of 10 convicted felons who illegally
registered to vote and subsequently voted while
knowing they were ineligible, the Commonwealth’s
attorney, Michael N. Herring, said that
he would seek no jail time for them. Herring also
dismissed the feasibility of identifying, or
prosecuting, the paid registration solicitors who
recruited the 10.
To prevent elections from being influenced
by substantial irregularities, valid and uniform
procedures for voting are needed across the
country. At the moment, too many Americans
are cynical about elections because of the reported
instances of voter fraud and election irregularities.

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