Is John Edwards’s Fall A Tragedy?There were “two Americas,” alright — those whose misfortune he could profitably exploit, and the rest. The Washington Post has issued a post mortem on the career of John Edwards (“American Dream Is Irrevocably Undone”) and finds tragedy and pathos. “The man born Johnny Reid Edwards had it. Great […]

JIM LACEY: D-DAY A GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY A Great and Terrible Day D-Day showed the greatness of the American people. “Good Luck! And let us all beseech the blessings of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.” — Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower Four days after Pearl Harbor, Hitler committed one of the most monumental blunders in history. Rushing back to […]

ANDREW KLAVAN: ON WEINER….. I Blame Women I was so delighted to have my blog return to Pajamas Media that I really wanted to start off by writing about something important, an issue that really makes a difference in people’s lives, or an idea that perhaps you hadn’t thought of before, that might change the way you look […]

DOROTHY RABINOWITZ: THE REPUBLICAN WHO CAN WIN…. The Republican Who Can WinThe candidate would know Americans are more worried about their jobs and their savings than abstractions like ‘big government.’ By DOROTHY RABINOWITZ To win the presidency in 2012, the Republican candidate will require certain strengths. Among them, a credible passion for ideas other than cost-cutting and small government. He or […]

WILL RICK PERRY RUN? JOHN FUND By JOHN FUND It seems everyone is talking about Texas Gov. Rick Perry as a possible Republican presidential candidate. Even Sarah Palin, contemplating her own entry to the 2012 race, spontaneously brought up Mr. Perry’s name recently as someone to watch. Mr. Perry, who has long claimed he has no interest in running for […]

IS THE STATE DEPARTMENT “DEEPLY TROUBLED” ABOUT US MISSILES THAT KILLED 16 IN PAKISTAN? DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan – The United States fired missiles at three suspected militant targets near the Afghan border Monday, killing 16 people and keeping the pressure on insurgents days after a strike was believed to have killed an al-Qaida commander, Pakistani intelligence officials said. The identities of the dead in the unusually intense […]

US IS “DEEPLY TROUBLED” BY KILLINGS ON ISRAEL/SYRIA BORDER The United States said Sunday it is “deeply troubled” over clashes on the Syrian border with Israel that reportedly resulted in 14 deaths, and called for calm on both sides. Israeli troops opened fire as protesters from Syria on Sunday stormed a ceasefire line in the occupied Golan Heights. “We are deeply troubled by […]

American Muslims Honor Khomeini’s Legacy in Washington: David Reaboi The Iranian mouthpiece PressTV reported on a gathering of American Muslims in Washington to mourn rabidly anti-American Shariah advocate Ayatollah Khomeini. A young woman at the event said: “Not only did he start, you know, the Islamic Revolution in Iran, but it was more importantly an Islamic revolution. … All Muslims now… celebrate the […]

MARK DURIE: “MODERATE” MOSLEMS ARE URGED TO SUPPORT JIHAD Two important modern reference works on jihad in Islam are Muhammad Haykal’s Jihad and Fighting according the the Shar‘i Policy (Al-Jihad wa-l-qital fi al-siyasa al-sharia’iyya) and Yusuf Al-Qaradawi’s Jurisprudence of Jihad (Fiqh al-jihad).  Both these works give the lie to apologies offered by many western scholars for Islam’s militancy, such as the claim that […]

HOW MUCH INCITEMENT TO HATE AND VIOLENCE IS COVERED UNDER THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH? JAMES GOURLAY Incitement: where do we draw the lines? For all who attempt to counter campus radicalisation the prevalence of individuals spreading extremism is the greatest foe, and an enemy which has not relented.  Regardless of the violent context of university extremism, institutions not only allow the proselytisation of hateful views to continue, but, their presence […]