BYRON YORK: OBAMA’S BIGGEST WHOPPER….EMPTY PROMISE ON CHOICE IN HEALTHCARE Barack Obama is only halfway through his term, but it’s not too early to ask: What is the biggest whopper he has told as president? So far, the hands-down winner is, “No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your doctor, you will […]

DIANA WEST: WHO’S GOT A SECRET? Who’s Got a Secret? Just scanned the NYT story on the Wikileaks document dump — which is itself a scan of the Wikileaks document dump, given that a colossal 251,287 State Department cables have been released in this Internet/media robbery/fencing information-operation. The several items highlighted at this early stage are either (1) obvious (Afghan […]

JENNIFER RUBIN: THE OBAMA “LINKAGE” ARGUMENT WAS PURE BUNK The WikiLeaks documents have multiple ramifications, but I will focus on one: the confirmation that the Obama “linkage” argument was pure bunk. Recall that the Obama team over and over again has made the argument that progress on the Palestinian conflict was essential to obtaining the help of the Arab states in confronting Iran’s […]

DAVID ISAAC: STRATEGY FOR A STRONG POR-ISRAEL LOBBY…PART 1 Strategy for A Strong Pro-Israel Lobby: Part 1 By David Isaac Do you know who your American Jewish leaders are? In last week’s blog, we discussed the massive Saudi arms deal and Israel’s failure to protest it. AIPAC, (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee), America’s chief pro-Israel lobby, slavishly followed Israel’s lead and it, […]


Germany: Exploding Anti-Semitism by Fiamma Nirenstein If we take Germany, and look at the excellent indicator of the web network, we can see that neo-Nazi websites have increased from 800 last year to 1872 this year, and it is not over yet. One fifteen-year-old out of every 20 belongs to a neo-Nazi group. The […]


Wikileaks – Anti-Israel Foreign Policy Experts Got Saudi Arabia, Other Arab Countries 100% Backward On Iran Attack It didn’t get nearly as much play as it should have, but Obama’s June 2009 meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah ended with the monarch flying into a tirade and more or less telling the President to […]

P.DAVID HORNIK:BUILDING FRNAKENSTEIN IN THE MIDDLE EAST **** Building ‘Frankenstein’ in the Middle East? By P. David Hornik on 11.29.10 @ 6:09AM The Financial Times reported last week on a “sharp rise” in torture cases in the West Bank, which is governed by the Fatah-affiliated Palestinian Authority and thought to be a good deal more moderate than Hamas-ruled Gaza, as well as […]

J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS; THE ADMINISTRATION SHIELDS SEXUALLY DEVIANT ILLEGALS AND SUPPORTS THE “DREAM’ ACT,css.print/pub_detail.asp Administration Shields Sexually Deviant Illegals and Supports DREAM Act Christian Adams Victor Nunez is an illegal alien from Mexico. Two years after arriving in the United States, he was convicted of petty theft for shoplifting. Then, he was convicted of a much more serious crime: He exposed himself in public. But even that wasn’t enough to have […]


Mick Davis: the fallout from his Israel comments Last week, the chairman of the UJIA called for the diaspora to openly criticise Israel. Now the community weighs in “Mr Davis has given Israel’s enemies more daggers to use against us” By Lord Kalms, November 25, 2010 The JLC may be self-appointed, but even self-appointed leaders […]

EMANUELE OTTOLENGHI: THE CHOIR OF LIBERAL CONFORMISM ON ISRAEL A harmonious choir of liberal conformism By Emanuele Ottolenghi, As the saying goes, you should practice what you preach – not what emerged from the recent panel discussion between Peter Beinart, former editor of the US liberal weekly the New Republic and recent heir to the late Tony Judt’s critique of Zionism, Guardian columnist […]