Guest Column – America and Europe: a Case of Impaired Judgment? by Anat Berko The Arab-Muslim world is currently a cauldron of violence, murder and carnage. Similar to a volcanic eruption but not in any way a force of nature, it is a man-made disaster that threatens world peace. Some people mistakenly think that the post-Arab Spring terrorism and murder plaguing the Middle East are somehow confined to […]

SARAH HONIG: EGYPT’S POLISH SYNDROME Jewish culpability always was – and apparently still remains – a key element in lending moral authority to any contentious cause.  Jews have known this for millennia but the dispiriting fact of our existence is that it still goes on, unabated, in the 21st century and that it motivates not only declared and implacable […]

How Close Is the U.S. to the Muslim Brotherhood? Magdi Khalil There is no question that the US and the Muslim Brotherhood have been engaged in a dialogue during the course of the so-called Arab Spring, in regards to the form and structure of government in Egypt and perhaps in the Middle East as a whole. But the real question, which is frequently asked, is […]

The Left’s War on Neoliberalism Posted By Steven Plaut    We all know how contorted the use of the term “liberalism” has been for decades.  Liberalism once upon a time (before 1970) meant free competition and meritocracy without discrimination.  But ever since then liberalism has meant affirmation action quotas and dumbed-down standards to achieve radical homogeneity in “representativeness.”  Liberalism once favored eliminating […]


Who is Nancy Mace? Just about the most attractive candidate out there. The first woman to graduate from The Citadel- with honors, Magna Cum Laude, with a master’s degree from the University of Georgia. She is a wife, mother, businesswoman. She is running against Sen Lindsay Graham, the John McCain clone- nice man, but it is high time for the GOP to make way for a new face.

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“Do you trust this government? With your health care, with your taxes or your cell phone records…Because I don’t. I believe this government is too big, too intrusive and too powerful, and must be put back in its place by the people.”

“Radical Islam continues to be a threat. I do not support continuing to send US aid and weapons to countries that burn our flag, train terrorists or that threaten American interests at home or abroad.”

“As the daughter of a U.S. Army General, I understand the sacrifices our service members and their families make in order to protect our freedom and advance liberty. I have tremendous respect for those serving us at home and abroad. Our military understands they have a no fail mission. As a leader and public servant there is no more important job than providing the tools and resources our military needs to be successful in their mission. We should have the strongest national defense in the world. Period.”

“In order to have jobs, you must have employers. It is not the role of the federal government to create jobs, it’s government’s role to provide the soil conditions for commerce and ensure a free market so businesses large and small can produce good paying jobs.”

DAVID SOLWAY: DISAGREEMENTS AMONG CONSERVATIVES **** The Proper Way to Handle Controversy The controversy surrounding Diana West’s new book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on our Nation’s Character, that erupted over the last week on the Internet vividly illustrates a point I made, and perhaps belabored, in several recent articles; namely, a radical split is occurring within conservative ranks that […]

WE NEED AN ALLY- NOT A “DEMOCRATIC EGYPT”….DANIEL GREENFIELD In the big marble halls of Washington, in the slow ambling pace of summer cocktail parties where veterans of the political establishment still shake their heads at the fall of the Graham dynasty and the sale of the Post to a parvenu dot comer, the second favorite topic of conversation is how to make […]

LIGHTS! CAMERA! HILLARY!- DANIEL GREENFIELD This week CBS joined NBC and CNN in the Hillary entertainment business. While NBC airs a 4-hour miniseries produced by James D. Stern, the son of a top Bill Clinton donor, whom the New York Times accused of pushing Hillary Clinton’s candidacy eight years ago, CNN will air a documentary about Hillary and CBS […]

The Mideast Multiple Choice Exam Posted By Michael Widlanski Who should Western democrats support in the “new” Middle East?: a.  Islamists elected to power who claim to be democrats (best example: the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or the ayatollahs in Iran). b.  Bloody-handed Arab nationalists who pretend to be moderate (best example: Bashar Assad in Syria). c.  Would-be nationalist leaders who cannot be elected dog catcher and […]

ALEX ALEXIEV: SAUDI DUPLICITY King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has now weighed in decisively on the Egyptian imbroglio by declaring his strong support for his “Egyptian brothers against terrorism, deviance, and sedition.” And the brothers he has in mind are not the Saudis’ long-term clients in the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) but their military oppressors. To underscore the decisive […]