One underlying common theme in the various versions of the three presidents’ foreign policy doctrines is that Terrorism is un-Islamic.

President Clinton. Address to the Nation, August 20, 1998:

Islam [is] the faith of hundreds of millions of good, peace-loving people all around the world, including the United States. No religion condones the murder of innocent men, women and children. But our actions were aimed at fanatics and killers who wrap murder in the cloak of righteousness; and in so doing, profane the great religion in whose name they claim to act.

President Bush. Address before the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. September 17, 2001:

The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. These terrorists don’t represent peace. They represent evil and war. When we think of Islam we think of a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world. Billions of people find comfort and solace and peace. And that’s made brothers and sisters out of every race — out of every race.

President Obama. Responding to a question after his address at Mumbai’s St. Xavier’s college. November 7, 2010.

” … Islam is one of the world’s great religions. More than a billion people practice Islam and an overwhelming majority view their obligations to a religion that reaffirms peace, fairness, tolerance. I think all of us recognize that this great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted by violence,”

WHY LIBERALS LOVE ISLAM: EDWARD CLINE In my spare moments, which are few and far between, I have often imagined what the ideal socialist-communist utopia envisioned by Progressives and their ilk would be like and how it would function. Over the years I have read various collectivist utopian novels, particularly those that envisioned ideal communist or socialist societies, and dismissed […]

ALAN CARUBA: THE PRESIDENT RUNS AWAY FROM THE WAR ON TERRORISM You may not be interested in war, but war may be interested in you.” — Leon Trotsky If you think about the presidents who we remember and honor the most, it is those who faced war and rallied the nation to victory. Our first president, George Washington, sustained the Revolutionary War for eight long […]

The University Resistance Movement by HERBERT LONDON It was bound to happen. The professoriate has risen in opposition to online education. Philosophy professors at San Jose State University said they refuse to use material from an on-line course taught by Harvard professor, Michael Sandel, for fear administrators were angling to cut departmental expenses. Duke University professors voted against on-line courses by […]

Ruth King: A Review and Interview of ‘American Betrayal-The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character’ (By Diana West)

Were the Reagan years just a temporary feel good blip since what the late Jeane Kirkpatrick called “the blame America first crowd” still dominates our academies, the media and the corridors of power? They have closed the chapter on the revelations of Communist crimes and have moved on to airbrushing the dangers and depredations of radical Islam. Is the “cold war” really over or have the protagonists just changed their locus and their focus?

Diana West’s new book “American Betrayal- The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character” makes the startling assertions that we did not win the Cold War or World War II. How can one consider a war won, if a preventable genocide occurred which wiped out one third of the world’s Jewry; when the craven surrender in Yalta left millions upon millions of Eastern Europeans to the “mercies” of Stalin and the KGB; when we abandoned the Philippines and benefited genocidal Communism in China; when spies and provocateurs and propagandists for the Soviet Union continued their penetration of all our institutions including the State Department, making our policies subservient to the demands of tyrants; when the victorious allies in 1945 callously repatriated millions of Russian refugees- from generals and intellectuals to ordinary anti Marxists- men, women and children -to Russia? Even the New York Times noted their frenzied terror and how many chose suicide rather than a return to Russia in this shameful episode.

One may well ask how this could have happened and how could we not have known about it. Diana West’s revelations left me breathless.. In this illuminating and painstakingly researched and documented book, Diana West connects the dots to the early 1930s when the Russians and their subversive American minions moved career communists and spies into main government departments including the State Department. Their lackeys in the media and among legislators enabled them by belittling and discrediting all critics .

These entrenched and influential agents helped craft policy and military strategy in world War 11 which benefited the Russians. In West’s words history, as taught today….’ completely camouflages the hammer and sickle that was growing like a catastrophic cancer in the shadow of the swastika. This was the dark vision we were denied by our Communist-occupied government.”

In fact, as West demonstrates, spying for Russia and disseminating disinformation continued apace well after the Nazi surrender in 1945 and the Japanese surrender in September of the same year.

Well entrenched Communist sympathizers sabotaged the case for General Chiang Kai -Sheck, to burnish Mao’s credentials. Owen Lattimore” a conscious, articulate instrument of the Soviet conspiracy” was installed as an adviser to spy on General General Chiang while promoting the “agrarian” reforms of Mao Tse Tung which killed millions-estimates vary between 20,000,000 and 40,000,000.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

All of this was hidden from us. Due to the machinations and influence of this perfectly placed occupying army of agents (and their fellow travelers and useful fools), the US government increasingly became complicit in hiding and then participating in the Kremlin’s Big Lies/crimes. Hence, our “betrayal.”

As West trenchantly observes more Americans “know” the false story that J.Edgar Hoover wore a red dress…than know anything about traitors Lauchlin Curry, Dexter White, and the epic treason against this country. I would add that more Americans today vilify Senator Joseph McCarthy (whose vilification, West argues, became central to the false narrative we take as historical gospel) and others who sought to expose the Soviet Union but give a pass to Alger Hiss and those who willfully endangered and betrayed America.

As this book demonstrates, our relationship with Russia was always predicated on the “big lie” that obfuscated Soviet ideology, intent and mass murder. Now, West writes, the “big lie” is wrapped around Islam…its dogma, its Koranic imperative, its agenda and its methods are swept under the rug of political correctness — another manifestation of Marxist penetration — while its agents infiltrate our government, our media, our academies and our financial institutions.

Read this book to see how history repeats and how America is again being betrayed.


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French soccer cup victory triggers mayhem

Nidra Poller

Familiar mechanism: no more dancing in the streets of Paris on National Day

PARIS. Monday, May 13, French soccer fans turned out to honor the local team – Paris St. Germain – winner for the first time in nineteen years of the French League cup. A sweet victory for another kind of “local,” Nasser al-Khalifi, CEO of the club that was bought by Qatari interests two years ago. A big bash was planned at Place du Trocadéro, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, as if the vast square were a replica of the team logo. Fans wearing the jersey with the PSG/Eiffel Tower badge over the heart and “Fly Emirates” across the chest hooted and hollered.

True to tradition, smartly dressed players in dark suits stood triumphantly on the open top deck of the team bus as it traveled from the stadium to Trocadéro. A few smiles and grins later they were whisked away in unmarked cars and the celebration turned into a pitched battle between riot police and the usual suspects. Frantic efforts to pin the blame on the “ultras” (hooligans), who did make a brief appearance, are contradicted by ample video evidence. Embarrassed officials and prepaid journalists, forced to admit that the troublemakers were not the “ultras” banished from the stadium by its new proprietors, and maybe not even soccer fans, came up with les casseurs [smashers] and guérilla urbaine [urban guerilla warfare]. Blogger Maxime Lépante identifies them as la racaille [banlieue, particularly Muslim, riff-raff]. I call them punk jihadis.

They did one million euros of damage that night, running on the rampage for hours, terrifying fans, tourists, and motorists caught in the middle of the battlefield. One client arrived at a refined upscale restaurant in tears; she and her husband were caught in the crossfire on their way to dinner. Tour busses were blocked, passengers roughed up and robbed, their luggage stolen from the baggage compartment. Drivers were pulled out of their cars, beaten, forced to turn over the keys. The Café Kléber was devastated, shop windows were smashed, shops were pillaged, customers were terrified. The riot police, outnumbered, were taunted, defied, outrun. They could not protect people or their property.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls, the most popular member of the Hollande government, lost some of his luster in the aftermath. Under the combined blows of criticism from the right wing opposition and clearly visible humiliation of law enforcement, his tough law and order discourse shifted to a stutter of dhimmitude. These things happen, he declared, listing previous incidents over the past decade and predicting potential trouble in the future—the Fête de la Musique in June, the 14 Juillet (national holiday).


Before you go to the World Economic Forum, make sure you aren’t broadcasting hateful messages at the same time, eh Mr. Abbas?

Imagine my lack of surprise to read about Mahmoud Abbas’s recent comments about incitement and ‘hate education’ in the Palestinian territories.

Of course, the Palestinian Authority President has a certain line to toe, but it doesn’t exactly help when the statement comes out in the same day that a new video is released completely contradicting your claims, doesn’t it?

Here’s Mahmoud Abbas at the World Economic Forum claiming, “We don’t educate our children to hate…” followed by a video of children being… taught to hate. You couldn’t make it up. But they can…



The Woolwich horror demands a response
The murder of Lee Rigby is an atrocity which demands a response. No one else should have to suffer his fate

The atrocity in Woolwich last week was one of almost unspeakable cruelty. Any right-minded person would have felt shock and intense anger that a British citizen was publicly butchered to death on the streets of his own capital city. The fact that the victim was a soldier, and targeted for this reason, made the killing feel much more raw and direct, as if this was an attack on us all. That this happened in full public view added a feeling of helplessness and frustration to our anger.

The minority of people who argue that this should be treated as ‘just another murder’ – as though this case was not exceptional – are not only wrong but callous and wilfully blind to the problem. An unarmed British soldier was murdered in the most brutal way in broad daylight on a London street for the very reason that he was a British soldier. The killers then stood there and gloated over their crime and shouted their reasons, based on their extreme Islamist ideology.

Those who claim that this killing was done by two ‘nutters’ who ‘happened to be Muslim’, or ‘happened to invoke Islam’, are dodging the issue. This is just intellectual laziness or moral cowardice, an unwillingness to face up to the very real problem of extreme Islamism.

The contemptible tiny minority that tries to draw comparisons between this killing and British military actions in Afghanistan are morally warped. All wars cause civilian deaths, but British soldiers in Afghanistan are not in the business of running down Afghan civilians and then hacking them to death with cleavers. British troops are there with the consent of the elected Afghan government and the authority of the UN. The vast majority of deaths in Afghanistan (as all UN and NGO studies demonstrate) are caused by the Taliban and other Islamist insurgents, not ISAF forces.

If our critics really wanted to look at who was ‘killing Muslims worldwide’, they would find that the answer is violent Islamists and repressive regimes, not the West. The argument that ‘Western foreign policy’ causes terrorism does not get us very far. What are they suggesting: that Al-Qaeda should be given a veto over every action we take abroad, that we should defer to the judgment of machete-wielding terrorists?

Curious IRS Timing

The IRS has admitted targeting groups that wanted to speak on issues during the 2012 election season. But did the agency also target tax-exempt groups that opposed Administration policy priorities?

At a House oversight hearing last week, Treasury Inspector General Russell George opened the door on the possibility of more IRS political targeting. Asked by Chairman Darrell Issa whether there were other political criteria that IRS workers had been told to “be on the lookout” for, Mr. George said he could “not give you a definitive answer, sir, at this time. But I certainly will.”

A definitive answer is needed because troubling cases are surfacing. The Arlington, Virginia-based Leadership Institute, a 501(c)(3) that trains young conservative activists, says it was audited in 2011-2012 and had to produce some 23,000 pages of documents for the IRS as well as answer questions about where its interns came from and where they are currently employed.

Curiously, the intrusive questionnaire came from the IRS’s Baltimore office on February 14, 2012, soon after the Cincinnati office asked the Hawaii Tea Party on January 26, 2012 to “provide details regarding your relationship with the Leadership Institute” and “provide copies of their training materials.” The group’s audit fell squarely within the IRS’s 2010-2012 season for conservative targeting.

A Pennsylvania pro-Israel group called Z Street says it filed for 501(c)(3) status in December 2009, intending to operate purely as an educational group. Founder Lori Lowenthal Marcus says that its tax counsel called the IRS in July 2010 to check on the slow pace of approval, and the IRS acknowledged its targeted enforcement.

Asked about the slow pace of approval, the IRS auditor on the case, Diane Gentry, said the application was taking so long because auditors were supposed to give special scrutiny to groups “connected with Israel.” Ms. Marcus says Ms. Gentry further explained that many applications related to Israel had to be sent to “a special unit in D.C. to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the Administration’s public policies.” Z Street filed suit in August 2010 in federal court in Pennsylvania alleging “viewpoint discrimination,” and its case has since been moved to Washington, D.C. Ms. Gentry did not return our phone calls.

JOHN KERRY EXPLAINS MIDEAST CONFLICT “ISRAEL’S PROSPERITY MAY BE BLOCKING PEACE PROCESS” Is it possible that the many accomplishments and economic prosperity of Israel is preventing the peace process from moving ahead in the Middle East? That seems to be what our Secretary of State thinks.   U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East on May 26, […]