VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: NEMESIS ENSNARES OBAMA Like a broken record, for the last five years I have invoked [1] the Greek concept of Nemesis, or divine retribution for unchecked hubris, to explain what was in store for the Obama administration. Most readers have sighed, “OK already, but where’s the divine retribution, given this president’s overweening arrogance and the damage that […]

ED DRISCOLL INTERVIEWS DIANA WEST AUTHOR OF “AMERICAN BETRAYAL” **** On the back cover of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, Diana West’s new book, is a blurb from Amity Shlaes, the author of the 2007 book The Forgotten Man, a brilliant look at how FDR’s policies devastated the nation, turning the Depression into the lengthy and protracted Great Depression. Shlaes’ book begins […]

Fourth Of July Violence In Chicago: Homicide Rate Passes 200 After Long Holiday Weekend Of Shootings SEE NOTE

HELP IS ON THE WAY….THE VERY REVEREND AL SHARPTON OS MOVING THERE…”The Rev. Al Sharpton has said he plans to live in Chicago for a few months to work with neighborhood leaders on the problem.” RSK

The Windy City reached a grim milestone over the long Fourth of July weekend as the city’s homicide rate surpassed 200.

The city logged its 200th homicide of the year on Saturday when a 24-year-old man was shot to death in the 1000 block of West Maxwell Street on the Near West Side, according to RedEye Chicago.

On Saturday alone, at least seven people were injured in a single drive-by shooting that left a 48-year-old man dead. The Sun-Times reports police believe the 6 p.m. shooting in Lawndale was gang-related and connected to an earlier attack on July 4.

The weekend’s littlest victims included 5-year-old Jaden Donald and 7-year-old Christian Lyles, both shot late night on July 4 in separate incidents.

A judge denied bond on Sunday for the man accused of shooting Jaden Donald; the boy reportedly lost three organs as a result of the incident.

Why Venezuela Offers Asylum to Snowden ; Mary O’Grady

President Nicólas Maduro sends a message of his loyalty to Iran.

Edward Snowden, the former U.S. government contractor wanted for leaking sensitive national intelligence, is a victim of “persecution” by “the world’s most powerful empire,” Venezuelan President Nicólas Maduro said on Friday.

Mr. Maduro offered asylum to the fugitive, who was running out of prospects. Nicaragua and Bolivia have chimed in with similar offers. What plans are afoot to spirit Mr. Snowden from his Moscow airport sanctuary—assuming he accepts refuge in Latin America—are of course secret.

ALEXEI NAVALNY: A RUSSIAN HERO “‘I cannot run away. Not one of us has the right to be neutral.’

As part of the Kremlin’s crackdown on dissent, Russian prosecutors on Friday demanded a six-year prison term on trumped-up embezzlement charges for Alexei Navalny. In a passionate, nine-minute closing speech before the court in the provincial center of Kirov and a live Internet audience, the 37-year-old Mr. Navalny showed why he has become the leader of Russia’s opposition to autocratic President Vladimir Putin.



Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, but she still excites the public so much that her chest X-ray sold for $45,000. She’s the subject of 1,000 books, the inspiration for Macy’s new fashion collection, and an omnipresent icon who outstrips any living star. So why did the media ignore the stunning new evidence tying Bobby Kennedy to her death?

In recently discovered journals of Hollywood private eye Fred Otash, he wrote: “I listened to Marilyn Monroe die.” According to Otash, he had bugged Marilyn’s home and previously recorded Marilyn’s sex sessions with President John Kennedy. On the night of August 5, 1962, he listened as Marilyn had an hysterical argument with the Kennedys in which she accused them of passing her around “like a piece of meat.”

Otash wrote:

“She was really screaming and they were trying to quiet her down. She’s in the bedroom and Bobby gets the pillow and he muffles her on the bed to keep the neighbors from hearing. She finally quieted down and then he was looking to get out of there.”

Well, that’s a colorful scene, don’t you think? Worthy of a headline or two, perhaps? And yet, remarkably, the media-industrial complex shoved this ultimate A-list gossip into the same handy lock-box where they keep Obama’s college records.


Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer plans a run for the New York City comptroller’s office, according to an interview released Sunday night by The New York Times.

Spitzer resigned from the governorship in 2008 amidst a high-profile prostitution scandal. He later went on to co-host the CNN show “In The Arena,” which was later canceled by the network. More recently, Spitzer hosted “Viewpoint” on Current TV.

Speaking to the Times, Spitzer said, “I’m hopeful there will be forgiveness, I am asking for it.” He also explained what he would like to do with the position:

Mr. Spitzer, an aggressive watchdog over Wall Street when he served as attorney general, wants to overhaul the sometimes overlooked office into a more activist one, given the power the comptroller exercises over the city’s pension funds and city spending.

“The metaphor is what I did with the attorney general’s office,” he said Sunday night. “It is ripe for greater and more exciting use of the office’s jurisdiction.”

Spitzer’s jump back into New York politics coincides with the reemergence of Anthony Weiner, the former congressman who resigned his position following a sexting scandal. Weiner announced in May that he was entering the New York City mayoral race.

THE POETRY AND LIFE OF GERTRUD KOLMAR: MICAH MATTIX It’s hard to read Gertrud Kolmar’s poetry without thinking of her disappearance in Nazi Germany, along with millions of other Jews. The final line of Gertrud Kolmar’s early poem “Woman Undiscovered,” written sometime before 1933, ends with eerie prescience. “I am a continent,” she writes, “that one day soon will sink without a […]

CLAUDIA ROSETT: AIR-BRUSHING EL-BARADEI The press has been scrambling this weekend to keep up with the fortunes of Egypt’s Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei. First it looked like he’d been named as interim prime minister of Egypt. Then it turned out it wasn’t a done deal. Whichever way that goes, the renewed spotlight on ElBaradei is inspiring comments […]

OBAMACARE’S “LIAR” SUBSIDIES The White House seems to regard laws as mere suggestions, including the laws it helped to write. On the heels of last week’s one-year suspension of the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate to offer insurance to workers, the Administration is now waiving a new batch of its own ObamaCare prescriptions. These disclosures arrived inside […]