STANLEY KURTZ: SPEECH POLICEMEN David Frum, Speech Policeman Who appointed these guys the referees of American political debate? Last week, the distinguished liberal thinker and activist William Galston, along with an equally distinguished conservative counterpart, David Frum, announced in the Washington Post the forthcoming founding of a new organization called “No Labels.” The stated aim of No Labels […]


Political Correctness Kills: Study Shows How Terrorists Infiltrate U.S. Government Posted By Barry Rubin URL to article: There is a very important — one might even say life-and-death — distinction that should be made in considering U.S. counterterrorism policy. Certainly, U.S. forces have had many successes in stopping intended terrorist attacks against the United […]


The ‘Unholy Alliance’ Between Islamic Jihad and Utopian Socialism Posted By David Solway We recall that old parlor game: if you could take ten books with you to a desert island, what would they be? Obviously, the list is something of a “moveable feast” and may be modified as our tastes and intellectual needs change […]

OBAMA’S TARGET: CHRIS CHRISTIE Obama’s War on Chris Christie By Ed Lasky New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has swiftly become a superstar in the political firmament. His stands for the taxpayers and against wasteful government spending have exhibited the type of tough decision-making people have been waiting for among our politicians; his forceful stands against the public unions […]

THE SULTAN: MURDERING WHILE MUSLIM Murdering While Muslim Recently a nice Muslim fellow from Chicago by the name of Mohammad Alkaramla was convicted of sending bomb threats to a Jewish High School. Like most serial killers, his neighbors described him as peaceful and friendly. Just the sort of chap you want to invite to a barbecue or a bombing. […]


Meanwhile, Back in Iraq … The State Department has a new job: Clear, hold and build — inside the Baghdad Embassy complex. The next time someone tells you about the lasting victory in Iraq George W. Bush, COIN, and Gen. Petraeus secured, could you please pull out the following news report for comment? Obama may be […]

DIANA WEST: UPDATE….THE AFGHANISTAN SCANDAL Caption from the Lewiston (ME) Sun-Journal: Chelsea McLain, 20, of Ridge Road in Peru, holds the last family photograph of her and husband Buddy McLain and their son Owen. It was taken in June, about five months before Buddy, a private with the 101st Airborne, was killed along with five other soldiers during an […]

ANTI-SEMITSM TO COME:THERE IS NO END TO THE DEMONIZATION OF ISRAEL…Bernard-Henri Lévy. Is there no end to the demonization of Israel? Three recent events, three signs, force us to ask the question once again. First of all, in France, this strange “boycott” campaign that looks like it’s spreading. Of course there are situations in which a boycott is justifiable. And I am the first to have […]

IN “SURGEISTAN”….TERRORISTS RETURNING Iraqis say foreign fighters are returning By Lara Jakes and Qassim Abdul-Zahra – The Associated Press Posted : Sunday Dec 5, 2010 13:33:50 EST BAGHDAD — Intelligence officials say foreign fighters have been slipping back into Iraq in larger numbers recently and may have been behind some of the most devastating attacks this year, […]

NEW CONGRESS WILL PUT THE BRAKES ON BILLIONS LAVISHED ON “RENEWABLE ENERGY” Green energy faces GOP headwinds on Hill By Joseph Weber The Obama administration lavished billions of stimulus dollars on wind-power producers and other renewable-energy interests, but the whirl of the turbines may slow dramatically as budget-cutting Republicans take their seats in the next Congress. The climate — at least on Capitol Hill — has changed dramatically […]