BBC BIAS IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE AND GLOBAL MENACE: ROBIN SHEPHERD BBC bias is a national disgrace and a global menace As the second senior BBC presenter this year slams the BBC for politically correct bias, it is now time for the Western world’s most powerful media outlet to put its house in order, or face the prospect of its eventual abolition. For two decades, […]

RYAN PRESENTED A REAL PLAN…NOW IT’S UP TO THE GOP: KIMBERLY STRASSEL House Republicans have thrown a grenade in the entitlement debate. Budget Chairman Paul Ryan bravely did what few—if any—politicians have done before. He issued a 2012 budget that forthrightly confronts the entitlement crisis. Politicians have shrunk from this debate for decades, and there were plenty of Republicans who would have been happy to continue […]

ALEX JOFFE: CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS…THE GRISLY POLITICAL THEATER The death toll in Afghanistan has passed the two-dozen mark in the riots “inspired” by Pastor Terry Jones’s burning of a Quran in Florida. The grisly political theater has served its purpose. Laying Down the Law  In Malaysia, where Islam is the state religion, the prime minister’s office has informed parliament that non-Muslims […]

Why Has the Domino Effect Been Halted?Mordechai Kedar

Why Has the Domino Effect Been Halted?Mordechai Kedar Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation) Bar-Ilan University Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, president of Tunisia, fled his raging country this past January 14th, after a twenty-eight day period of protests left seven hundred dead.  Husni Mubarak, president of Egypt, left office […]

WHAT DID YOU LEARN ONLINE TODAY? BRILLIANT What Did You Learn Online Today? [Thanks to Sam Bark for the idea and Tom Paxton for the music.] What did you learn online today? Dear little friend of mine. What did you learn online today? Dear little friend of mine. I learned that the Arabs must be strong. They are always right and […]

MELANIE PHILLIPS: THE BBC’S FAILURE TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN MURDERER AND VICTIM With its customary moral inversion which automatically turns Israeli victimisation into Israeli aggression, the BBC reports today’s Gaza anti-tank missile attack on an Israeli school bus this way: Israeli forces strike after attack on bus. Israeli tanks, helicopters and planes have struck Gaza after an anti-tank missile fired from the Palestinian territory hit a […]

DEROY MURDOCK APPLAUDS THE RYAN EXPRESS TO PROSPERITY DEROY MURDOCK: Paul Ryan’s ‘path to prosperity’ Sensible budget plan would stave off coming financial meltdown House Budget Committee Chairman Paul D. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, must have been one of those elementary-school kids who spent recess fine-tuning his homework while the other boys and girls climbed trees and yanked each other’s hair. Little has […]

MARILYN PENN: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL ***** “Today we have radical Islam instead of Nazism but the declared purpose is the same and though we continue to see their evil scourge across Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States, we have equivocated and appeased and now are actively assisting their rise to political power across the Arab world.  We are enabling […]

HELEN THOMAS A SPEAKER AT A LUNCHEON OF THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB YOUNG MEMBERS COMMITTEE WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? MOSHE PHILLIPS The March 22 lunch meeting in Washington, D.C. of the National Press Club’s Young Members Committee featured Helen Thomas. It is hard to decide what is most outrageous: that the Young Members Committee invited Helen Thomas in the first place, that the National Press Club did not veto […]

MAJOR EVENT IN WASHINGTON ON MAY 4TH: PLEASE READ THIS TO REGISTER GO TO THE SITE RETHINKING THE END GAME: Improving Lives in The Middle East Learn from experts on the Likely Impact of the Arab Uprisings on the Arab Palestinians’ and Israel’s future Freedoms in the Middle East Economic Dignity and Prosperity in the Middle East Engage with the Combined Panels in a […]