http://frontpagemag.com/2012/davidhornik/obama%e2%80%99s-ominous-stance-on-israel%e2%80%99s-territorial-security/print/ In this election year President Obama has been quiet about the Palestinian issue. Rough treatment of Israel has continued, but mainly on the Iranian front—with a drumbeat of hollow promises as Iran keeps making nuclear progress, a series of security leaks harmful to Israel, disparaging remarks about Israel’s military capabilities from top administration officials, […]


2012.09.24 (Hit, Iraq) – Four schoolchildren are disassembled by a Holy Warrior with a car full of explosives.
2012.09.23 (Bauchi, Nigeria) – A woman and a child at a church service are murdered by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2012.09.23 (Baghdad, Iraq) – Terrorists bomb a mini-bus, killing three passengers.
2012.09.21 (Rada, Yemen) – Shiites storm a Sunni mosque and murder a cleric.
2012.09.21 (Nawa, Afghanistan) – Woman and children are among five people exterminated by Taliban bombers.
2012.09.21 (Sinai, Israel) – Terrorists shoot fire at a group of IDFsoldiers providing water to migrants, killing one.



Citizens or subjects? That is the question.

Dueling videotapes of Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama suddenly have gripped the fall campaign. In broad strokes, they outline the candidates’ divergent worldviews.

“There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what,” Romney said of those who pay no income tax. Mother Jones magazine released Romney’s off-the-record comments, captured by a hidden camera at a Florida fundraiser last May. “There are 47 percent who are with him [Obama], who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.”

Romney wishes that he had answered more delicately a donor’s question on who would and would not support his candidacy. But Romney did highlight the 76.1 million Americans whose income tax is $0.00. Many of them also consider Big Government their great provider. Some feel squashed by a flat-tire economy that thumps along at 1.7 percent GDP growth. Others have become seduced by an ever-expanding state that caters to their every craving.

“Economic freedom is the only force that has consistently succeeded in creating sustained prosperity,” Romney wrote in Tuesday’s USA Today. “The dreamers and the entrepreneurs, not government, built this economy, and they can once again make it strong. My course for the American economy will encourage private investment and personal freedom. Instead of creating a web of dependency, I will pursue policies that grow our economy and lift Americans out of poverty.”

Romney envisions an enterprise model that would revitalize a nation of thriving, independent citizens.

Conversely, Obama sees government as the transmission that propels society. It sucks funds from the pocketbooks of the affluent, pumps them through the omniscient state, and injects them into the pockets of all sorts of people.

Obama said as much on October 14, 2008, when he told Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

It turns out that Obama was echoing his words from almost exactly ten years earlier. In a recently discovered recording of an October 19, 1998, speech at Loyola University, in Chicago, state senator Barack Obama said: “I think that what we’re going to have to do is somehow resuscitate the notion that government action can be effective at all. There has been a systematic, uh, I don’t think it’s too strong to call it propaganda campaign, uh, against the possibility of government action and its efficacy.”

He points to inefficiencies in Chicago’s housing authority and government schools. But then Obama adds: “I think the trick is figuring out ‘how do we structure government systems that pool resources and, hence, facilitate some redistribution?’ Because I actually believe in redistribution — at least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.”

Judging by President Obama’s policies, “a shot” did not mean the limited but reliable safety net that virtually every American favors, to care for the infirm and temporarily assist the distressed. Rather, “a shot” is a lifelong relationship between subjects and a government that satisfies their every need, like a feudal lord minding his vassals.

The Obama-Biden campaign website describes Julia, an imaginary woman whom government nurtures from infancy to retirement. At age 3, Julia is on Head Start. At 17, her high school consumes federal Race to the Top funds. At 18, the American Opportunity Tax Credit helps Julia finance college. At 22, Obamacare helps her remain on her parents’ health plan. At 25, Julia enjoys federal controls on student-loan interest rates. At 42, she scores a Small Business Administration Loan. At 65, she joins Medicare. And at 67, Julia collects Social Security and volunteers at a community garden.

For Obama, “a shot” does not mean a rifle delivering targeted assistance to, say, a penniless Harlem teenager requiring prenatal care. Instead, it’s a blunderbuss through which 31-year-old Georgetown Law School graduate Sandra Fluke can get free birth-control pills via her medical plan. So can every health-insured American female, regardless of income.

For Obama, “a shot” does not mean offering federal school lunches to relatively few needy students, but to every government-school pupil in Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. — and every state in 2014. Why? If all students eat subsidized lunches, poor ones will not feel stigmatized.

For Obama, “a shot” does not mean tailoring Food Stamps to people at or near the poverty level. He has not reversed previous rules that expanded eligibility from those at 130 percent of the poverty level to 200 percent. Some 46.7 million Americans now receive Food Stamps, up from 27.8 million in fiscal year 2008, a 68 percent hike.

“It’s also an economic stimulus,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told MSNBC. He also bragged that the Obama administration boosted Food Stamp enrollment by “getting the word out about this program.”

Obama’s $833 billion stimulus allowed states to suspend the requirement that “able-bodied adults” (ages 18 to 39, without dependents) must work or receive training for at least 20 hours per week to keep receiving Food Stamps after three months. With that work rule placed on hold between April 2009 and October 2010, this particular segment of Food Stamp recipients shot up from 1.9 million in 2008 to 3.87 million in fiscal year 2010, a 103.7 percent increase.

For Obama, Washington should spend $447 billion on the Jobs for America Act to create, according to Moody’s Analytics, 1.9 million positions at $235,000 each. This is cheap compared to the $34.7 billion that the Department of Energy has committed to generate some 60,000 jobs at $578,000 each. A typical private-sector job consumes $62,757 in wages and benefits.

With the unemployment rate lodged above 8 percent for 43 months, Americans increasingly rely on Social Security disability. Its population has grown 16.1 percent, from 9.3 million in 2008 to 10.8 million last August.

And to underwrite this spending, Obama demands higher taxes on “millionaires and billionaires” who earn as little as $200,000. He borrows from China to finance his $5.4 trillion, 50.8 percent increase in the national debt. And Ben Bernanke greases the presses to print another $40 billion per month.

This pageant of big-government dependency and profligacy is largely but not entirely Obama’s doing. Many of these programs started decades ago, under Democratic and Republican rule. America is suffering largely due to twelve years of democratic socialism, under former President George W. Bush and now Obama. As the chart below shows (for a larger version, click here), in terms of real annual average growth in outlays, Bush — as big a socialist as the Republican Party ever has spawned — outspent his shamefully profligate father as well as Democrats Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Lyndon Baines Johnson outpaces Baby Bush, but not by very much (5.7 percent such growth for LBJ versus 4.9 percent for GWB).


http://www.newenglishreview.org/blog_display.cfm/blog_id/44056 A tip of the hat to Jack de Lowe Diminutive President Ahmadinejad held forth at a speech at UN General Assembly Rule of Law forum and in a press conference on Monday in Manhattan. The Israeli delegation walked out, while the US delegation stayed put – perhaps another display of the Obama’s engagement, label […]


http://spectator.org/archives/2012/09/24/something-is-wrong/print Don’t look now, but Islam is becoming the MSM’s official religion of America. Don’t look now, but Islam is becoming the MSM’s official religion of America. Now, it’s not just that no one bats an eye at the amazing truth that the United States is beaming TV ads all over Pakistan apologizing for a […]


http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/grand-ayatollah-jesus-an-illegitimate-child?f=must_reads http://www.wnd.com/2012/09/grand-ayatollah-jesus-an-illegitimate-child/print/ Iran’s mullah-dominated regime, even as it was damning the recent video on the Prophet Muhammad as an insult to the sanctity of Islam, has unleashed a ferocious attack on Christianity.Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani, a prominent Shi’ite source of emulation and a Twelver, in condemning the insult to the Prophet, not only insulted Pope […]



“Deep thought of the day from Obama: ‘I think you grow an economy from the middle out, not the top down.’

Oh…I get it now and “you fix Washington from the outside not the inside”….rsk

President Barack Obama, a community organizer who denigrated small-business owners and presided over 43 months of 8+ percent unemployment, is telling America how to increase economic growth. Some, however, are taking Obama’s trite slogan with a heavy grain of salt:

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http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/unsecured-nuclear-materials-put-all-at-risk It is almost surreal how the world has become a place with so little accountability and so much apathy among those who have a moral responsibility to care for a trusting public. Welcome to Superman’s Bizarro World of the 21st century. This summer I spent the better part of a week on Capitol Hill […]




On a beautiful September Sunday afternoon, not far from the scene of the infamous Islamic jihad attack in lower Manhattan, Democrat New York State Senator Tony Avello came face-to-face with Muslim hatred for America and he did something that few people have the courage to do. He got up from his seat as a VIP Marshall of the 27th annual New York Muslim Parade and stormed off the stage in disgust! Over one thousand Muslims in the audience and the large group of Muslim community leaders were shocked that the Senator would walk off the stage, even before it was his turn to speak. But, Tony Avella had enough of the blatant tirade of hate against America by “moderate” Muslim dignitary after by “moderate” Muslim dignitary and his love for America was more important than embarrassing a group of Muslim “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Sure, the Muslim cultural jihadi’s had the first amendment right to condemn America (which they could never do in their home countries) but Senator Avella had the right to exit, stage left!! Our hats are off to Senator Avella for taking a very public stand on a critically important issue. But a word of warning to the good Senator. The “wolves” will work their magic to lure you back into their den. If they succeed, your stand on principle for this great country, was for naught.



Andrew McCarthy’s second book The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America (Encounter Books May 2010)begins with the words: “And so he bowed” referring to April 2,2009, when only a few months into his term America’s 44th President’s reverentially bowed to Saudi King Abdullah, a moment captured in a photograph that is being recirculated as the Arab/Muslim world has exploded into a violent rampage against the United States. Was it to protect America’s oil supply? No, as his subsequent obsequious Cairo speech disclosed, it was abnegation of the leader of the free world to a tyrant who is the keeper of the holy Muslim city of Mecca, home of Mohammed and site of pilgrimage and travel for millions of Muslims. Furthermore, The World Assembly of Moslem Youth (WAMI) is a collaboration between the Saudi government and the Moslem Brotherhood whose chief aim is to “arm the Muslim youth with full confidence in the supremacy of the Islamic system over other systems.”

In the conclusion, McCarthy laments craven American response to a concatenation of Moslem outrages and adds very presciently: “A half a world away, King Abdullah smiled. He knew a bow when he heard one.”

The Moslem Brotherhood and assorted tribes, sects and radicals also heard the bow, while American pundits and commentators, many of whom were alert to the depredations of Communism, but seemed either blind or indifferent to totalitarian Islam, were virtually giddy with the Arab Spring.

Andrew McCarthy begins his new book “Spring Fever: The illusion of Islamic Democracy” with the following words: “Well, that didn’t take very long.” Effectively, his (Morsi’s)election has converted Egypt from a military dictatorship to a sharia dictatorship. As this book argues, that is the end to which “Islamic democracy” leads.

As events now demonstrate, we see exactly where it leads. Using a film that insults Islam as a pretext, Muslims are rioting throughout the Muslim world- Egypt, Lebanon. Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan chanting “death to America.” Why the surprise? An old saw states “if you want to know what a person is thinking, listen to what he says.” As McCarthy demonstrates, Moslems wasted no time in doing their Spring cleaning by escalating the persecution of Christians, and averring time and again: “There is no place in the Arab and Muslim world for liberal and secular democratic values,” and for good measure they reaffirmed their “struggle against Zionism.”

In a chapter appositely titled “Sharia and Factophobia” McCarthy observes, the Moslem Brotherhood clearly dominates the presentation of Islam in America, and in a witty and biting statement he derides “a government so desperate to “reach out” to Muslims that it is reliably found canoodling with, and thus increasing the cachet of, Islamic supremacists whose defining trait is contempt for the West.”

Others are not spared his wit and sarcasm. About inter-faith “dialogue” he describes how “Christian and Jewish clerics explain how much they admire Islam, then Muslim clerics reciprocate by explaining how much they admire Islam.” Touche!