THE SILENCE OF THE CIVIL LIBERTARIANS: MARILYN PENN When it comes to provocateurs who are anti-American, the bastions of liberalism march in lockstep to defend whatever freedom is at stake.  Refusing to say the pledge of allegiance?  Freedom of speech.  Nazi march through a community of survivors?  Same and warum nicht? Building a mosque at Ground Zero?  Freedom of religion.  Defacing Christian […]

Is There a New Antisemitism? By Richard Baehr

Is There a New Antisemitism? By Richard Baehr Antisemitism International, a publication of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, edited by Robert S. Wistrich, Numbers 5-6, 2010 After the murder of six million Jews in the Nazi Holocaust, traditional antisemitism appeared to be receding, at least in Europe, where it […]

PHYLLIS CHESLER: ARAB SPRING MALE ON FEMALE ATROCITY IN GAZA UNREPORTED BY THE MEDIA Arab Spring: Male-on-Female Atrocity in Gaza Disappeared by the Western Media Posted By Phyllis Chesler Asma Al-Ghoul, a Palestinian journalist beaten and tortured by Hamas Last month, at least eight Muslim Palestinian female journalists were physically beaten with clubs, iron chairs, and fists, stabbed, and tortured with electric shocks by male Hamas security forces […]


Goldstone: The Guilt of a Gullible Man So Judge Richard Goldstone has more or less retracted that shameful, odious Report of his that found Israel guilty of war crimes in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, a report that has fed the frenzy of antisemites and anti-Zionists eveywhere, and even been touted as a death […]

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage strikes again: Rick Moran

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage strikes again Rick Moran A mob of fanatics attacked and killed 7 UN workers in Afghanistan yesterday. The reason? The Florida preacher Terry Jones – desperate for media attention after being ignored for a few months – burned a Koran on March 20 – almost two weeks ago. For […]


Justice Goldstone’s Regrets It will be a while before we see an op-ed piece as newsworthy — and as galling — as that in today’s Washington Post by Justice Richard Goldstone. He is the former member of the Constitutional Court of South Africa who chaired the United Nations mission that issued a report alleging […]

JUDGE GOLDSTONE RECONSIDERS HIS LIBEL OF ISRAEL….SO LITTLE, SO LATE Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and war crimes By Richard Goldstone, Friday, April , 8:42 PM We know a lot more today about what happened in the Gaza war of 2008-09 than we did when I chaired the fact-finding mission appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council that produced what has come to be known […]

THE SULTAN: MR. OBAMA’S LIBYAN ADVENTURE Mr. Obama’s Libyan Adventure It’s a lot easier to start a war than it is to finish it, as Mr. Obama is learning on his Libyan adventure. That is why wars are generally entered into after some consideration of the situation on the ground. There is only one excuse for a rush to war– […]

ADRIAN MORGAN:Can Murder Ever be an Acceptable Response to Book Burning? A True Test for Moderate Muslims**** Bonfires of the Vanities The burning of books or art is never to be recommended. Such actions – from the burning of Beatles’ records by preachers in the 1960s to the destruction of “decadent” books and paintings by the Nazis of Germany – are nearly always carried out by people who themselves contribute little to […]

DIANA WEST: THE GREY LADY DONS A BURKA I shouldn’t do this, at least not on the weekend, but I glanced at the NYT (which used to be called The Gray Lady) and saw this A1 headline: “Afghans Avenge Koran Burning, Killing 12″ As someone who knows that the Koran, like Gone with the Wind or the Bible, is a book, an […]