UNPERSUADED BY CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER ON OBAMA AND GITMO Jonah v. Dr. K on Gitmo[1] By Andrew C. McCarthy 1] [2] I just watched the clip[2] of the discussion between Jonah and Charles Krauthammer on Bret Baier’s Fox panel last night. I come away unpersuaded by Charles’s argument. Jonah says he “smells a rat” […]

DAVID ISAAC: PREEMPTIVE SURRENDER By David Isaac “The US faces a weak prime minister, perhaps the weakest in memory. I saw Netanyahu when he spoke to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee a year ago, after his first meeting with Obama. Having served in the IDF’s Medical Corps for decades, I am certainly able to diagnose shell […]

OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY TARGETS REPUBLICAN’S CHILDREN Oregon State U. Targets Republican’s Children By Candace de Russy Last fall, Republican Art Robinson ran for Congress against Democrat Peter DeFazio. Upon losing (due, in Robinson’s view, to “a massive smear campaign” paid for with funds generated by progressive and its ilk), Robinson announced his candidacy for 2012. Writing at WorldNetDaily, Robinson relates how faculty […]


I am the mum of an alum…so I get Northwestern’s Alumni News…. The fall issue was named “Welcome to Qatar” a gushing report of  a sister school in the Sharia Kingdom which I’m sure Northwestern’s intelligentsia know the correct and and very appositive pronounciation as “Gutter”….. In the issue under “Northwestern’s New Home in the Middle […]

ISLAMIC WAR STRATEGY GAINING GROUND,css.print/pub_detail.asp Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret) After Japan’s devastating surprise attack against the US at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, concerns arose over the ability of a seriously wounded American Navy to defend our country against a future attack, let alone challenge Tokyo’s control of the Pacific. Over the following three and a half […]

TODAY’S HOT PICKS AT FAMILY SECURITY MATTERS 1. Video: Full Speech: Herman Cain at Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition 2. Video: Peter King Defends Muslim Hearings Against Liberal Media 3. Video: Starbucks CEO Worries About ObamaCare Burdens on Small Businesses 4. White House adviser spoke to Hamas-linked group 5. Video: Juan Williams Reacts to NPR Video Sting 6. Wish comes true […]

CUBA’S AMERICAN HOSTAGE….SEE NOTE PLEASE MANY US AIRPORTS WILL NOW FEATURE CHARTER FLIGHTS TO THE BUENA VISTA CONCENTRATION CAMP….RSK SEE:,8599,2057888,00.html 8 U.S. Airports Get OK for Cuba Flights While Arabs are ousting dictators, it’s tyranny as usual in Cuba, where U.S. government contractor Alan Gross went on trial last week for espionage. Or at least that’s what the […]

JUST SEX AT NORTHWESTERN: PAM MEISTER Author’s note: This article discusses a topic that may offend some readers. Why do parents hope their children will go on to college? Most parents I know hope that college will provide the education and training needed for a satisfying and rewarding career that will also pay the bills. As the mother of two […]

NYC MADRASSA FLOPS…VIOLENCE, EXPULSIONS AND LOW ENROLLMENT Yes, we were right. Again. The first public school madrassa in Brooklyn is an abject failure. They are closing the middle school because of the low enrollment and perhaps the worst violence of any of the city schools. Last year I reported that the school was forced to suspend more than one-third of its […]

PLEASE CHECK JIHAD WATCH FOR THESE REPORTS ON EGYPT’S PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS Egypt: At least 9 dead as army fires live ammo at Christians, “Muslim youths” firebomb monastery CNN reports all of the known fatalities are Christians, though it masks the genesis of this incident under the term “sectarian clashes” and describes the cause as “a feud between a Muslim and a Coptic family,” continuing yet […]