APPALLING: LIBYAN FATHER KILLS DAUGHTERS WHO WERE RAPED BY QADDAFI’S MEN: LIZ HAZELTON A father slit the throat of his three teenage daughters in an ‘honour killing’ after they were raped by Gaddafi loyalists during the siege of the port city of Misrata. Allegations of the shocking executions are contained in a report by the respected Physicians for Human Rights group into war crimes and atrocities in […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: A GRIM POST 9/11 FAILURE: PAKISTAN WILL “RE-TALIBANIZE” AFGHANISTAN” A Grim Post 9/11 Failure: How Pakistan Will “Re-Talibanize” Afghanistan As we rapidly approach the ten year anniversary of the mass murderous jihad terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001,  the complete lack of American geostrategic vision becomes more glaringly apparent, on all fronts, domestic and international, military and non-military. We have failed miserably to identify the […]

VACLAV KLAUS: THE CRISIS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION: CAUSES AND SIGNIFICANCE…..MUSTREAD The Crisis of the European Union: Causes and Significance Václav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic, spoke to friends of Hillsdale College in Berlin during Hillsdale’s 2011 cruise in the Baltic Sea. The speech was delivered at Berlin’s Hotel Adlon on June 11, 2011. Larry P. Arnn President, Hillsdale College The following remarks were made in […]

JOHN MARIOTTI: OBAMA’S LEGACY…A FAILED RECOVERY AND DOUBLE DIP RECESSION Obama’s Legacy: A Failed Recovery & Double-Dip Recession By John Mariotti | Forbes – Sun, Aug 28, 2011 There will be no significant recovery in the United States of America while Barack Obama is President.  The evidence is overwhelming:  everything Obama has tried to fuel a recovery (with his Democratic allies in Congress) has […]


Terrorist Prison Blues Life in prison is difficult, especially for 20 Muslim inmates at a high security unit housing 30 people in total. They miss their families, sometimes squabble among themselves and struggle to maintain hope during long days. That’s the message offered in an article published this month by the Muslim Link, an […]

JOE BIDEN, THE OBAMA COURT JESTER GOES TO CHINA: JOSEPH BOTTUM, the vice president goes to China—and if that sounds like the beginning of a bad comedy routine, it’s because our current vice president has made it one. The man is a walking pratfall, a clown of the tongue-tied, stumbling kind, and only the media’s determined effort to shield the Obama administration from laughter has […]

MOSHE DANN: IN MIGRON, ISRAEL….JUSTICE UNDONE If Arab claims are valid and the government built illegally, then both Jews and Arabs are entitled to compensation. Despite extensive media coverage of Migron’s legal battles to survive, judicial edicts by a few members of Israel’s Supreme Court, and misrepresentations by those who oppose Migron’s presence, the facts concerning this Jewish community have […]

FRANK GAFFNEY: ROLL BACK THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD In recent weeks, we have been put on notice repeatedly: Absent a fundamental course correction, America will go the way of Europe and others before it, succumbing to an insidious totalitarian doctrine known as shariah whose purpose, in the words of its prime practitioners – the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) – is to “destroy Western […]

RICH GALEN; PERRY LEADS ON ALL FRONTS National polls measuring support during the primary season are suspect because we don’t have national primaries. We have state-by-state primaries and caucuses. A national poll measuring support five months ahead of the first caucus is beyond suspect. It is meaningless. Having started out with that warning let me make another assertion: No matter how […]

MICHELLE MALKIN: FAST AND FURIOUS SCREW UP AND COVER UP…THE HOLDER/OBAMA WAY,_move_up,_cover_up_the_fast_and_furious_edition/print There are now enough Operation Fast and Furious officials playing hide-and-seek in the Obama administration to fill a “rubber room.” That’s the nickname for taxpayer-subsidized holding pens, such as the ones in the New York City public schools, where crooked employees are separated from the system and paid to do nothing. Perhaps the White […]