Amnesty International Is Keeping Dubious Company By Robin Simcox How many human rights groups do you know that fantasize over the murder of the president of the United States? Anyone thinking that no organization would be so egregious clearly did not reckon on Cageprisoners, the group run by former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg. […]


Glenn Beck Announces “Restoring Courage” Event in Israel Glenn Beck announces a major international rally in Jerusalem, Israel: Operation Restoring Courage Event The rally purpose is to stand with the Jews and Israel in their time of need! Glenn Beck believes that: The time to be counted is NOW! Evil grows when goodness […]

YORAM ETTINGER: NO US PRESSURE ON ISRAEL…..SEE NOTE PLEASE,7340,L-4069618,00.html No US pressure on Israel :YORAM ETTINGEROp-ed: Despite Bin Laden success, Obama has no mandate to press Jewish State When the first President Bush and the loathsome James Baker were flush with high approval for the first Gulf War, they engaged in bully tactics toward Israel….and they lost….and lost big….rsk President Obama intends to […]

THE BUDGET DEBATE WE ALL DESERVE: PAUL RYAN,0,3799859.story The budget debate we all deserve By Paul Ryan Despite Washington coming to grips with the fact that the debt threat is real, policymakers still are not having the debate Americans deserve. The talk is too often restricted to “shared sacrifice.” This sets up a debate where we are really just arguing over […]

PALARABS STORM INTO ISRAEL: SHAUN WATERMAN ISRAEL SHOULD REALLY NAKBA THEM THIS TIME….RSK Thousands of Palestinian demonstrators clashed with Israeli security forces on three hostile borders Sunday in an unprecedented wave of protests marking an annual ritual against the founding of the Jewish state in 1948. Israeli soldiers opened fire, leaving at least 15 dead and many more injured, as […]

RUTH KING:THE HASHEMITES OF PALESTINE: A ROYAL SCAM THAT KEEPS ON SCAMMING News from the Middle East is full of the threat of Arab revolts “springing” up in Jordan and challenging the rule of King Abdullah II, son of the late King Hussein.  The throne in Amman is depicted as the “ancient” Hashemite Dynasty of Jordan. It’s a royal historical scam. There has never, repeat never, […]

CHRIS CARTER:SOUTH CAROLINA’S ANTI-FOREIGN LAW INITIATIVE WILL PROTECT ALL CITIZENS…..SEE NOTE Contributing Editor Chris Carter is the Director of the Victory Institute – an action institution and veterans service organization promoting matters that affect the liberty and security of the American family. He also writes for The US Report. S.C. GOVER NOR NIKKI HALEY WAS INTERVIEWED BY NEODOMINATRIX AMANPOUR YESTERDAY AND SHE IS A […]

CANADA SUSPENDS LIBYAN CHARITY OVER TERRORIST FINANCING,css.print/pub_detail.asp Canada Suspends Libyan Charity over Terrorist Financing The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report Canadian media has reported that the Canadian government has revoked the registration of the World Islamic Call Society (WICS) that it says was established as a front by Libyan ruler Moammar Gaddafi and that been sending money to known terrorists. According to […]

ROBERT SPENCER: ISRAEL INVADED Israel was invaded Sunday. “The people who tried to enter Israel Sunday were Islamic supremacists bent on destroying Israel. It is good that Netanyahu understands this. It would be better still if a world that is increasingly hostile toward Israel and uncritically accepting of Palestinian jihadist propaganda were to accept it as well.”This time, […]

MELANIE PHILLIPS: DOES THE BBC VIEW ISRAEL’S EXISTENCE AS A “GRIEVANCE” Yesterday, there was an organised attempt by Arab mobs to storm three of Israel’s borders with Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, along with violent rioting and other incidents in east Jerusalem. The trigger for this attempted invasion, which appears to have been organised by Syria and Iran, was ‘Nakba day’, the annual statement of the […]