MARK STEYN: TIME TO RE-AIM OUR PITCHFORKS Something rather weird happened in London last week. For some time, The Guardian, a liberal, broadsheet, “respectable” newspaper, has been hammering The News Of The World, a populist, tabloid, low-life newspaper, over its employees’ penchant for “hacking” the phones of Royals and celebrities – Prince Harry and Hugh Grant, for example. This isn’t as […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: WEEKLY ROUNDUP Friday Afternoon Roundup – Hell Has a New Resident and Mexico Has a New Hero Everyone has a budget and debt problem. Even terrorists. The Palestinian Authority is facing a budget crisis. It has reached its borrowing limit and has a 585 million dollar deficit… Back in 2007, 7.4 billion dollars was pledged to […]

DETAILS ABOUT PLOT TO BOMB US MILITARY RECRUITING CENTER IN SEATTLE: Newly unsealed court documents reveal new details about a plot to attack a military recruiting center in Seattle. Items seized by federal investigators from the home of accused lead conspirator Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif include plans to attack a U.S. military facility and motivational materials related to alleged atrocities committed by American soldiers overseas. The attack on […]

RAHEEM KASSAM: HAVE THE UK MEDIA AND PUBLIC FORGOTTEN JULY 7? 7/7: Why are we already forgetting? As six years passes since the July 7th bombings in London, why have the media and politicians been so quick to forget? Six years ago to the day, hundreds of Londoners and tourists were killed or injured while traveling on tube trains and buses. The atrocities of 7/7, as […]

TRANSLATING JIHAD: SHAYKH SAWFAT HEGAZY “JERUSALEM BELONGS TO US AND THE WHOLE WORLD BELONGS TO US” Shaykh Safwat Hegazy: “Jerusalem Belongs to Us, and the Whole World Belongs to Us” In this video, popular Egyptian Shaykh Safwat Hegazy threatens Jews and Christians, and ultimately the whole world, saying, “Jerusalem belongs to us, and the whole world belongs to us.” He states the Islamic caliphate will return, and that “every land […]

A CONVERSATION WITH ALEX GROBMAN DIRECTOR OF THE AMERICA-ISRAEL FRIENDSHIP LEAGUE Alex Grobman, historian and Englewood resident, spoke last week and over the Fourth of July weekend with The Jewish Standard about his book “The Palestinian Right to Israel.” (The book is published by Balfour Books, a division of the Christian ICON Publishing Group. See related story.) Grobman, a former director of the Simon Wiesenthal […]

ROBERT EISENMAN: DID THE BRITISH KILL ORDE WINGATE? PART TWO Wavell was now Commander-in-Chief of India and on the Governor’s Council and the Japanese were pouring through the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, and Burma. Again, he realized he needed Wingate seconded to him in Rangoon as soon as possible. The latter, who was still fighting for his command of a Jewish Army which would strike […]

ROBERT EISENMAN: DID THE BRITISH KILL ORDE WINGATE? PART 1 SEE NOTE PLEASE THIS IS WHY THIS AUTHOR HAS WRITTEN THIS EXCELLENT TWO PART ESSAY: Why does it interest me? Because, as trivial as these events may seem to the rest of the world, for me had Wingate survived and lived, not only would he have also been the recipient of many of these honors and father […]


- Accuracy In Media – – Whittaker Chambers, Alger Hiss, and Panettagate Posted By Cliff Kincaid  On the 50th anniversary of Whittaker Chambers’ death, July 9, it is appropriate for the media to address the legacy of international communism and the Western response. Andrew G. Bostom has written a thoughtful essay, “Whittaker Chambers, Communism, […]

ELLIOTT ABRAMS; WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IRAN KILLS AMERICAN SOLDIERS?  What Happens When Iran Kills American Soldiers?  by Elliott Abrams, CFR There must be very few times in American history when a foreign government is accused of killing American troops, and absolutely nothing is done about it. Every school kid used to learn lines like “Perdicaris Alive or Raisuli Dead,” or “Millions for defense […]