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The prosecutors of George Zimmerman need a refresher course in criminal law. If you’re a prosecutor and you believe you are putting an evil-doer away, first you have to convict him. This means proving he’s an evil-doer by proving who did the evil act.

That’s not always easy, as we saw last week in Florida. Even an assistant professor of criminal law at the Bald Knob University of Law, Floral Arranging and Mortuary Science could have told the Zimmerman prosecutors there are no slam dunks in murder trials. Once a case goes to a jury of independent minds with nothing on those minds but the evidence before them, all bets are off. Juries duly instructed can do anything they please with the evidence, and the wonder and beauty of the system is that jurors with so much license invariably take their responsibilities very, very seriously. They’re determined to do the right thing by the law.

Jude M. Faccidomo, a former president of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, tells the Miami Herald that he thinks the Zimmerman jury clearly believed the right to self-defense applied in this case. “Especially when cases are so gray, like this one was, self-defense really resonates because people can associate with being afraid.” This is what laymen have concluded, too.
O.J. Simpson (shown in 1990)

Lawyers across the land, with a criminal practice or not, will study this one for a long time. Why was the six-person jury – its members’ identities still kept secret – not more racially diverse? Florida is a surviving melting pot, with newly minted citizens from dozens of nations to choose juries from, and an all-white, all-black or all-Hispanic jury is an anomaly in the counties of central and south Florida. Would one or two black jurors have made a difference in the Zimmerman verdict? Why did the state accept a jury that was all white save one, thought to be Hispanic? Why the all-female panel? Would defense lawyers think one or two men on the jury might make them more confident of a favorable verdict?

AMB. (RET.)YORAM ETTINGER-The US-Iran-Israel Labyrinth- Video

The US is Iran’s top target. Economic sanctions are not an effective sanction. A military preemption with no boots on the ground is the solution.

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The Obama Justice Department is reviving its bogus civil-rights investigation of George Zimmerman, despite a Florida jury’s acquittal of Zimmerman yesterday on all charges. The trial demonstrated a dearth of evidence that he intended to kill Trayvon Martin, much less that he killed him with an intent to deny his civil rights. The New York Daily News reports on DOJ’s announcement:

“Experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation of any of the limited federal criminal civil rights statutes within our jurisdiction, and whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the Department’s policy governing successive federal prosecution following a state trial,” the Department of Justice said.

The announcement came as welcome news to civil rights leaders, who began calling for the federal charges almost immediately after the verdict was read in Seminole County court in Sanford, Fla.

“We are outraged and heartbroken over today’s verdict,” NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said in a statement.

Holder’s minions, it is worth remembering, consulted with the NAACP before the Justice Department dropped the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case that the government had already won.

With due respect to Peggy Noonan, the Justice Department is already deeply involved in, and couldn’t have more disgracefully politicized, the George Zimmerman case. There would have been no Florida prosecution of Zimmerman absent the extortionate pressure brought to bear by Attorney General Eric Holder.

We knew that even before learning last week that Justice’s “Community Relations Division” (Alinsky-style rabble-rousing under the guise of “peacemaker”) colluded at taxpayer expense with the NAACP and other agitators to demand that charges be brought against Zimmerman — managing, in the process, to get Sanford police chief Bill Lee cashiered for daring to do his job faithfully, tune out the politics, and decline to arrest Zimmerman because the evidence didn’t support it.

Recall that contemporaneous with the spring-2012 demonstrations against Zimmerman that the Justice Department abetted — and with President Obama’s nod-and-wink incitement that, if he had a son, the son would “look like Trayvon” — Holder sped down to Florida. There, he sang the praises of race huckster extraordinaire Al Sharpton, joining Rev. No Justice, No Peace in calling for Zimmerman’s scalp. Holder’s M-O was to threaten a federal civil rights prosecution if Florida failed to act. I wrote a column about the Holder-Sharpton spectacle, the already patent deficiency of the murder case against Zimmerman, and the absurdity of a companion civil rights prosecution. I think it holds up pretty well: