The Democrat Moral Superiority Complex By Karin McQuillan I recently met a man who cycled from his home in California to Maryland.  When I exclaimed how interesting it must have been to talk with Americans across the country, he looked at me as if I had two heads.  “Are you crazy?  I didn’t talk to anyone,” he told me.  “They’re all red-necks.” […]

JAMES TARANTO: THE PRESIDENT’S SHOW OF FARCE “I’ve not made a decision.” That was President Obama‘s very first answer in a Wednesday interview with “PBS NewsHour.” A day earlier, the Onion anticipated that comment in a story titled “Obama Weighing His Syria Option.” It included this pretend quote from Denis McDonough, the White House chief of staff: “The president recognizes that […]

The Politics of the Obama Delay on Syria : Kimberley Strassel Betting that the focus on a GOP rift will divert attention from how many Democrats won’t support the president. The most telling line in President Obama’s Saturday Syria address came near the end, when he (once again) lectured Congress about its duty to rise above “partisan differences or the politics of the moment.” Having […]

Henry Machiavelli von Bismarck: Change That Tune… by Gerald A. Honigman Hey, television fans, did you hear the news? That popular game show from the 1950s and reincarnated both in the ’70s and ’80s, Name That Tune, is set for yet another rebirth. This time, with slight change in title, it will be led by none other than former Secretary of State Hank Kissinger–Change That […]

THE PRESCIENCE OF THE DURANTY PRIZE Walter Duranty was the New York Times Moscow correspondent in the 1920s and 1930s who covered up Stalin’s mass starvation of millions of Ukrainians. Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize and even though there is no question that Duranty knew the truth and willingly lied to his readers. The Times refuses to return the prize. […]


The Connecticut Jewish Ledger is the best Jewish interest newspaper in America….rsk

Israel’s intelligence is important to the West

When Israeli intelligence disclosed that it believed Bashir Assad’s government introduced MWD-chemicals into the conflict in that country, those who always see Israel at the root of everything evil in that part of the world were quick to rush to judgment. Another example of Israel trying to push the United States into a war to benefit Israeli interests, they said. A national talk show host did exactly that when he read the news that the source of the most recent intelligence on Syrian Chemical use was Israel and then, almost in the same breath inferred that Israel was pushing us to war. He wasn’t alone and was echoed in other places almost as quickly.

It’s hard for some minds to grasp, but there are two separate elements to consider here. Israel is the source of intelligence in that part of the world because she is fully focused on it while most other intelligence services aren’t involved to the same extent. This because Israel absolutely has to know what’s going on there since it is in her vital, immediate interest to stay informed so that she may inform her own strategic posture for survival. That she shares that intel with the West does not mean that she is attempting to influence American policy. Without Israel’s Humanintel and her close-up electronic surveillance, the West is blind in many ways to what goes on in a region vital to her existence


Misreading Egypt… again

Nidra Poller

Willful illiteracy has reached new levels in the misreading of recent events in Egypt. The democracy-loving [sic] Muslim Brotherhood replaced the Facebook-Twitter generation in the hearts of journalists, and the Joint Forces for The Good—the United Nations, the European Union, and Leaders of the Western World –demanded the restoration of President Morsi, placing the Good squarely in the Muslim Brotherhood camp. As for the military, they have been given the role usually attributed to Israel: heavy-handed, heartless, trigger happy oppressors. In fact, the narrative fabricated to hide the truth about what is happening in Egypt is a variation on the theme of the “Arab-Israeli” conflict.

When Tahrir Square started filling up again this year, sympathy naturally flowed to the anti-Morsi contingent. The story was that the democratic revolution had been hijacked by the Islamist government that turned out to be not as moderate as expected. Morsi’s destitution was seen from the viewpoint of young secular-looking Egyptians. The army was with the people, as in 2011, using force to ensure their freedom. And the pro-Morsi operation was cutely described as “sit-ins”… one more example of the vibrant democracy that had wafted into Egypt on the petals of the Arab Spring.

Commentators, emissaries, and those ever-present “specialists” who specialize in making sure that no harsh truths about Islam will pierce the intellectual fog, did the peace process routine. Now that the balance of power has shifted, the winners must make concessions, offer the ousted Islamists a seat at the table, release Morsi and let him try on a new pair of political shoes. Never mind that the pro-Morsi camp swelled, agitated, and clearly articulated its position: we won’t disband until our democratically elected president is back in power. We won’t retreat, we won’t compromise, we are ready to die as martyrs [shahid]. Commentators, emissaries, and those comical specialists read the ultimatum as a prelude to negotiations.

Clare M. Lopez: Recognizing the Wrong People ****

It is high time we stopped empowering those who wish us ill: not just to recognize a blood-soaked regime, but to keep on recognizing it.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt [FDR], reversing the policy of four presidents and six of their Secretaries of State not to recognize the Soviet government, in 1933 extended “normal diplomatic relations” to the Soviet Union, the totalitarian slaughterhouse of Josef Stalin. As meticulously researched by Diana West in her new book, “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character,” the reasoning behind Roosevelt’s decision was never made clear; what was clear, however, since the 1917-1919 Bolshevik seizure of the Russian government by force, was the Soviet reign of blood and terror. According to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, author of The Gulag Archipelago, by the late 1930s, Stalin’s regime was shooting tens of thousands of people per month. Yet, for reasons that remain murky, FDR was influenced, inspired, or somehow persuaded to normalize U.S. relations with Stalin, in exchange for a page of Soviet concessions, not worth the paper they were written on, which pledged that the USSR “would not attempt to subvert or overthrow the U.S. system.”

What West documents is the subsequent process of infiltration, influence, and “occupation” by an army of communist agents and fellow travelers; here, however, the focus is on what that original 1933 decision has meant for future generations, most especially our own, when confronted with decisions about whether or not to recognize enemies who make no secret of their enmity and intention to destroy us.

Whatever FDR’s thinking, West points out that this decision — not just to recognize the blood-soaked communist regime, but to keep on recognizing it — fundamentally transformed what Robert Conquest, the great chronicler of Stalin’s purges, called “the conscience of the civilized world.” And perhaps not just our conscience: as West writes, “[b]ecause the Communist regime was so openly and ideologically dedicated to our destruction, the act of recognition defied reason and the demands of self-preservation.” In other words, quite aside from the abdication of objective morality represented by FDR’s decision, there was a surrender of “reality-based judgment,” the implications of which on the ability of U.S. national leadership to make sound decisions involving the fundamental defense of the Republic resonate to the current day.

FROM VIN IENCO Remembering the Beslan Massacre, Nine Years On Remembering the Beslan Massacre, Nine Years On: Thousands of people are taking part in three days of remembrance ceremonies to mark nine years since the Beslan school siege in north Ossetia – Russia’s deadliest terrorist attack. Local people are expected to flock to the site of the […]

THE AMANDA LINDHOUT STORY: KIDNAPPED, STARVED AND RAPED IN SOMALIA Beaten, starved, gang-raped and ‘forced to give birth to a child in captivity,’ horrifying story of woman who was held hostage with her boyfriend in Somalia for 15 months’ Amanda Lindhout naively flew to the impoverished and volatile African nation in 2007 She and photographer Nigel Brennan were taken hostage after three days A […]