This week there was a milestone announcement that some may have missed. Half of Israel’s electricity now comes from natural gas – mainly from the new Tamar offshore gas field. As if to mark the occasion, last week was ablaze with news of energetic Israelis and their innovations and achievements.
Coinciding with the landmark natural gas highlight, Israel Corporation subsidiary IC Green Energy inaugurated a facility in New Jersey to produce gasoline from natural gas. The plant can produce up to 100,000 gallons (440,000 liters) of gasoline a year. Automobiles will be able to use the lower cost, less emissions fuel without any modifications.
Staying in the US, Ebay has brought in Israel’s Ormat Technologies to build a 5MW Recoverable Energy Generator (REG) for its Utah data center. REGs turn waste energy from industrial processes into usable electrical power. Ormat already recovers 160 megawatts in the USA and 595 MW worldwide.

Turning to individuals, Israel’s Miss Israel beauty queen, 22-year-old Ethiopian-born Yityish Aynaw, certainly energized the citizens of Los Angeles, where she was a guest of Christian preacher Ronald V. Myers. Rev Myers said that everyone should know what Israel did to rescue Ethiopian Jews. Over in Amsterdam, a 19-year-old Israeli, Shahar Shenhar, used the “magical” energy of his playing cards to become 2013 world champion at Magic: The Gathering. MtG is as popular as chess among young intellectuals.

When there is too much energy, Israel’s fire scouts are on hand to help put out the flames. About 1,500 Israeli teens (often from problem homes) learn to operate fire trucks, ladders and hoses, plus rescue techniques and types of fires. Their skills have saved lives directly, including two 18-month-old babies rescued from a burning apartment. Energetic kids also need safeguarding, so you may wish to consider the Israeli Foxiwatch to keep a watch on them. The Foxiwatch has GPS, a mobile phone and an emergency contact button.

For those who need more sophisticated monitoring of their energy levels and other physiological readings, Israel’s Elfi Tech monitors your pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, blood flow and much more, non-invasively at any time with the help of a sensor smaller than a dime. It has just been selected as a finalist of the Nokia Sensing XChallenge.

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The giant scissors of destiny are clicking and clacking their way to our national credit card. If we don’t raise the debt limit, so we can borrow more money to pay the interest on the money we borrowed before, the scissors will snip and snap like economic armageddon.

And then the big shiny credit card that pays for everything gets cut up in two pieces. But never fear. If worst comes to worst, we still have options.

Our government is big. Really big. So big that the nearly 3 million government employees should be their own state.

The population of government employees is already larger than the populations of Rhode Island, Wyoming, Delaware, Alaska, Montana, North and South Dakota, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Idaho, West Virginia, Nebraska and New Mexico. It’s so big that if government employees formed their own state, it would be the 36th largest state in the union.

So why not go for it?

Call it Bureaucratia, its state flag will be a stapler on a manilla background, its nickname will be ‘The Inaction State’, its state bird will be the Ostrich, its state flower will be made of plastic and its entire population will spend all their time in committee meetings to determine a suitably inoffensive state motto, pending that its motto will be, “I’m On Break”.

Under this arrangement, all government employees would be folded into a single state with two senators and the correct number of congressmen, and no more clout than that. And the other 50 states will finally have senators and congressmen working to create jobs for them, instead of jobs for government workers.

Now Iran’s Nuclear Program Should Glow Menacingly:Louis Rene Beres


We may have good reason to doubt that Mutual Assured Destruction could work as well in the Middle East, as it did during the Cold War.

Unhindered by the flagrantly contrived diplomacy launched recently in Washington, Tehran now marches unhindered to full nuclear weapons status. When this condition is finally achieved, any American rapprochement with new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani notwithstanding, Israel and the United States will desperately try to contain a long-anticipated atomic menace. Asymmetrically-sized, but more-or-less jointly imperiled, the two allied states will then seek to identify still-available remedies.

In essence, this compensatory default position will center on instituting a dependably stable system of nuclear deterrence.

To be sure, any such residual effort by Washington and Jerusalem would be well-intentioned and indispensable. After all, to avoid a possible future of near-measureless lamentations, these allies would need to reconstruct certain earlier core elements of “Mutual Assured Destruction.” MAD, of course, was the nuclear threat-based scheme that had successfully preserved superpower peace during the US-Soviet Cold War.

Moreover, already back in 1995, David Ivry, then director-general of the Ministry of Defense (later, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States), had openly referred to MAD “as a model for Israel.”

Netanyahu vs. Iran — on The Glazov Gang


This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by intellectual Michael Chandler, Conservative TV and Movie Star Morgan Brittany and Filmmaker Orestes Matacena (“Two de Force“).

This week the Gang discussed Netanyahu vs. Iran. The discussion occurred in Part II (starting at the 12:50 mark) and focused on when Israel will have to make its move against the Mullahs’ bomb. The dialogue was preceded by an analysis of Republicans are Jihadists? – which shed light on how the Left uses the words against its political opponents that it never dares utter about Islamic terrorists.


Forty years ago today, a Egyptian/Syrian invasion surprised and almost destroyed Israel. The attack was the culmination of a complex Soviet/Arab disinformation plot and secret military build-up. We know this because of Russian dissident-historian Pavel Stroilov, and from professional Arabists who over the years have paid attention to the Arab press and the antics of Middle Eastern regimes.

In the Russian archives, Stroilov uncovered [1] the secret diaries of Anatoly Chernyaev, deputy chief of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union International Department (a successor to the Comintern). On July 15, 1972, Chernyaev’s diary reports:

Last Sunday, Anwar Sadat publicly demanded an immediate withdrawal of all Soviet specialists and all Soviet militaries from Egypt, in protest, because he did not receive what Brezhnev promised to him at the latest negotiations in Moscow, namely the offensive weapons: SU-17 fighter bombers. This began a turmoil. Egypt’s Premier Sidki was persuaded to come to Moscow, and, I think, they have settled it. I mean, they must have given much to him, if not all he wanted.

President of Syria Assad, too, was here a week ago. Although he is a moderate, he has forced us to practically approve the “military solution”, and received a lot from us.

The rest of the world was not aware that Egypt and the Soviet Union had settled their differences, and thus the two countries used this to their advantage. Using [2] disinformation and influence agents like Victor Louis and Armand Hammer, the Soviets were able to dupe Israel and its allies into believing that Israel was in no danger. Meanwhile, they were preparing for the “military solution” that Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad had pushed for.

On the first anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, Rose-al-Yusuf — the official organ of the only political party then allowed to exist in Egypt — published [3] excerpts from a book by the magazine’s military correspondent, Abd al-Satar al-Tawila. This was prepared on behalf of and revised by Anwar Sadat himself, and with access to secret documentation: