ASHTON ELLIS: WHAT IS IT ABOUT RICK PERRY THAT DRIVES LIBERALS NUTS? What is it about Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry and the mere possibility he may run for the presidency that get liberals so foam-at-the-mouth enraged? For starters, he personifies the Tea Party movement.  When Perry was locked in an uncertain primary fight in 2009 against U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, he countered her endorsement […]


Page Printed from: In an attempt to stop the encroachment of Sharia-compliant courts, British Baroness Caroline Cox has introduced the Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill into the House of Lords.  It is meant to halt the encroachment of sharia law into every aspect of British society. This is juxtaposed against the news that […]

DIANA WEST: GIVE PANETTA THE PINK SLIP This week’s syndicated column: What should we take away from the following story? Once upon a time, the man who was given charge of all the secrets of the nation was then given charge of all of its soldiers and weapons. And none of the people’s representatives seemed to give a fig that this […]

A DO OR DIE MOMENT: CAROLINE GLICK Column One: A do-or-die moment By CAROLINE B. GLICK 17/06/2011 As was the case in May 1967, when the combined Arab armies gathered with the express purpose of wiping the Jewish state off the map – today again, Israel is alone at its hour of greatest peril. Every day, major stories come out of […]


Time for a Foreign Policy Paradigm Shift Posted By Bruce Thornton URL to article: The greatest danger in foreign policy is a reliance on worn out paradigms and unexamined assumptions. This received wisdom acts as a mental filter that ignores new developments and lets through only that information which fits the preordained narrative. For […]


Why Is Weiner’s Muslim Brotherhood Wife Not Resigning?Posted By Arnold Ahlert URL to article: Anthony Weiner resigned yesterday, unable to withstand the relentless pressure put on him for his sexting extravaganzas. Yet if an article written by former PLO terrorist-turned-Christian and Israel supporter Walid Shoebat (along with KTEM radio host Ben Barrack) is any indication, […]

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ INTERVIEW OF MARK JOSEPH ON SARAH PALIN  Sarah Palin and the ‘Forbidden Boyfriend’Wild things. Mark Joseph is a longtime cultural and political observer, author of Faith, God and Rock & Roll: How People of Faith Are Transforming American Popular Music and other books. In his latest, Wild Card: The Promise and Peril of Sarah Palin, Joseph explains why he calls Palin […]

RICH LOWRY: A BAD CASE OF AMNESIA…TEACHING OF HISTORY IN THE US IS WOEFUL A Bad Case of National Amnesia The teaching of history in this country is woeful. The Declaration of Independence is a poor excuse for an obscure historical document. It’s not Magna Carta or the Peace of Augsburg. Its name is so straightforwardly functional, it almost makes you wonder why the founders weren’t more imaginative. […]


Anti-American Coup in Pakistan? By Stanley Kurtz The Washington Post and New York Times today feature above-the-fold front-page articles about the deteriorating situation in Pakistan. Both pieces are disturbing, the Times account more so because it explicitly raises the prospect of an anti-American “colonels coup” against Pakistan’s army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. With […]

BARBARA LERNER: THE PEACE PIETIES Israel, Palestine, and the Peace Pieties The peace pieties are the code phrases used to undermine Israel and, ultimately, the West. Faithful NRO readers are increasingly clear-eyed about what President Obama and his supporters call “the Middle East peace process.” They know this process has a diplomatic language of its own, a propaganda language […]