CAL THOMAS: OBAMACARE IN CRITICAL CONDITION….SEE NOTE PLEASE REP. STEVE KING REP. IOWA IS ONE SMART LEGISLATOR…..MAKING WAVES IN D.C. …..MORE STARS RISING EVERY DAY IN THE GOP…..RSK “Obamacare’s ‘individual mandate’ always rested on the absurd premise that the Commerce Clause empowered the federal government to regulate Americans’ decisions not to engage in commercial activity. Adoption of such an argument would have […]

THE DEMS’ LAME DUCK LAND GRAB: MICHELLE MALKIN The Dems’ Lame-Duck Land Grab By Michelle Malkin Environmentalists hate sprawl — except when it comes to the size of their expansive pet legislation on Capitol Hill. In a last-ditch lame duck push, eco-lobbyists have been furiously pressuring Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to pass a monstrous 327-page omnibus government lands bill crammed […]

THE FEMINIST DECEPTION: CAROLINE GLICK Making the rounds on YouTube these days is a film of a group of manly looking women preparing for and conducting a “flash dance” in a Philadelphia food store. The crew of ladies, dressed in tight black clothes and sequined accessories, arrives at The Fresh Grocer supermarket, breaks into a preplanned chant ordering shoppers […]

THE LOOMING FIGHT OVER THE SO-CALLED NEW START: FRANK GAFFNEY Team Reagan vs. the establishment By Frank Gaffney, Jr. The looming fight over President Obama’s so-called New START disarmament treaty with Russia seems to be coming down to one fundamental question:  Would Ronald Reagan approve?  On the answer may ride nothing less than the reelection prospects of a handful of Senators who will decide the […]

JAILHOUSE REBELLION IN OUR GEORGIA…. It’s Like Capitol Hill Vote-Whipping, Only On Lockdown In a marvelously rewarding tripe-athon of socio-anthropological exploratorio, the New York Times reports that for thousands of convicts suffering the carceral depredations of the state of Georgia (that’s our Georgia, as in peach, not the Caucasian Georgia, as in menaced by Russia), relief could be just […]

ASSANGE’S EXTREMIST EMPLOYEES….WHO IS “ISRAEL SHAMIR”AKA ADAM ERMASH OR JORAN JERMAS? Assange’s Extremist Employees Why is WikiLeaks employing a well-known Holocaust denier and his disgraced son? Michael C. Moynihan | December 14, 2010 Last week, I wrote that the widely-linked article positing that the CIA was behind a Swedish woman’s accusation of rape against Julian Assange was authored by a Russian-born, Swedish-domiciled, multi-aliased anti-Semite and […]


Yes, genocide is ‘an American concern’ By Jeff Jacoby | The Israeli prime minister, Golda Meir, has just been to the White House, where she implores President Nixon to press the Soviet Union to allow the emigration of Jews who wish to leave. In the Oval Office after she leaves, the president and his […]

JOAN SWIRSKY: DOES WIKILEAKS BENEFIT BARACK OBAMA? God Save America! Is Barack Obama In Bed—so to speak—With Julian Assange? By Joan Swirsky Tuesday, December 14, 2010 The fanatical hard Left—those communists, socialists, and radicals currently in power—view anything that is bad for our country—massive Intelligence leaks, disastrous oil spills, escalating unemployment, chaos on our borders, military setbacks, et al—as a thundering […]


Kissinger, now in his eighties and quite frail has been “outed” in the recently released tapes. He loved to read comparisons of himself to Bismark, but comes off as a weasel with no empathy for fellows Jews, indifference to trapped Soviet Jewry, duplicity and indifference in dealing with Israel, and callousness bordering on “Sorosesque” in […]

ADRIAN MORGAN: ON RICHARD HOLBROOKE….. Richard C. Holbrooke and the Situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan A Personal Opinion Yesterday the administration’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard C. Holbrooke, died. On Friday, he had undergone an operation to repair a torn aorta, which was known to be a risky procedure with a low chance of survival. The 21-hour […]