REP. PETER KING:GOING WHERE THE P.C. CROWD FEARS TO TREAD…. The Radicalization of American Muslims K.E. Campbell “A CBS News report on the planned hearings, announced Thursday, quoted two apparent Muslim leaders: Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim member of Congress, and Abed Ayoub, legal director of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Rather than displaying any concern about the difficulties encountered by law enforcement or, […]

JOHN PATRICK COOPER: THE IRISH SOLDIER WHO JOINED JEWISH FIGHTERS IN PALESTINE IN 1948 The Irish rover He fought in the British Army in Palestine and deserted in order to join Jewish fighters in the war of 1948. Hard-drinking, warm-hearted John Patrick Cooper, a tough fighter who lost all contact with his family after leaving home, is still remembered fondly by friends and comrades-in-arms. By Dalia Karpel He […]

ARE THESE THE GREAT STRIDES IN PETRAEUSTAN? TALIBAN KILLS 13 AFGHAN SECURITY FORCES “The situation compared to last year gets worst day by day … the Taliban gets stronger,” said Nasrullah Rahmani, a businessman in Maymana, the capital of Faryab province. He noted that with widespread poverty and a lack of jobs for young men, the Taliban had a fertile recruiting ground.” Afghan soldiers run for cover […]

PREJUDICING PUBLIC OPINION AGAINST ISRAEL- AL-BBC AND THE HISTORY CHANNEL Prejudicing Public Opinion against Israel – Al Beeb and the History Channel With its loathsome left-liberal bias against the interests of Britain, the United States, and the West in general, the BBC has long dealt in half-truthes and distortions where reportage and (all too often gratuitous and unwarranted) commentary regarding Israel and “Palestine” is […]

JENNIFER RUBIN; THE EGYPTIAN “ELECTIONS” WERE A TRAVESTY….SO MUCH FOR OBAMA’S “QUIET DIPLOMACY” Egypt: Just how weak can the administration be? By Jennifer Rubin The recent Egyptian elections were a travesty, and a direct rebuke to the administration’s efforts at “quiet diplomacy.” In the wake of massive election fraud, what has the Obama administration done? Nothing, as far as we can tell. Following the first round of […]

GAZA PALARABS FIRE PEACEFUL MORTAR ROUNDS INTO ISRAEL JERUSALEM (AFP) – Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired seven mortar shells into southern Israel on Monday but they fell on open ground, causing no casualties, the army said. Two mortar rounds were fired at Israel on Sunday, hours after Israeli warplanes Saturday night hit central Gaza, killing five militants as they were about […]


King mulls hospital site for mosque Ground zero spurs protests HAS ANYONE THOUGHT OF TELLING THE ROBED WAHABBI THUG THAT IT IS NONE OF HIS BUSINESS? IF HE HELPS BUILD IT, IT WILL BE ANOTHER MONUMENT TO SHARIA IN OUR MIDST….RSK By David Eldridge King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, in an effort to quiet […]


Dear E-Pals; I won’t belittle you or me by stating the obvious. I have no ill feelings about homosexuals. I think that decisions on gays in the military should be left to the military not to legislators who have never seen any combat other than that waged to keep their sinecures in Congress. I watched Joe […]


BECAUSE OF ISRAELI PARTICIPATION IN THE FARCE JERUSALEM, THE LEGAL, UNDIVIDED CAPITAL OF ISRAEL IS NOW A “SENSITIVE ISSUE”???? Palestinian leaders told the Obama administration they are ready to accept nearly any security arrangements for a Palestinian state demanded by Israel, according to a senior official of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). “We will […]

VIRGINIA GOVERNOR McDONNELL WANT TO FAST TRACK CHALLENGE TO OBAMACARE…..SEE NOTE TOO BAD THAT VIRGINIAN LAW MAKES THIS OUTSTANDING LEGISLATOR LIMITED TO ONE TERM….RSK By Joseph Weber Virginia GOPGov. Robert F. McDonnell defend his efforts Sunday to have the federal heath-care law bypass an appeals court and go directly to the U.S. Supreme Court. Facing questions from “Fox New Sunday” host Chris Wallace about whether […]