FRITS BOLKENSTEIN: THE ROOTS OF EUROPE’S CULTURAL MASOCHISM The Roots of Europe’s Cultural Masochism How did we come to lose confidence in our own civilization? By FRITS BOLKESTEIN This year the leaders of both France and Britain declared that their countries’ policies of multiculturalism had failed. As when Germany’s Angela Merkel made similar statements last year, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron sparked […]


For latest go to Bye, Bye Mitt Romney! New Book touts his Gore like warmist views: Romney: ‘Scientists are nearly unanimous in laying the blame for rising temperatures on GHG emissions’ Romney: ‘I believe that climate change is occurring – the reduction in size of global ice caps is hard to ignore. I also […]

SARAH HONIG:THE OWNERS OF HISTORY Another Tack: The owners of history Sarah Honig The remarkable ease with which the world hails Palestinian figurehead Mahmoud Abbas as a “man of peace” beggars the imagination. This has become so axiomatic that even Israel’s most forthright headliners hesitate to depart from the bon ton, lest they be judged as “anti-peace.” And so […]

ANDREW McCARTHY: END MEDICARE******* End Medicare Preserving a scam in the vain hope of making it less offensive may be well-meaning, but it’s not right, and it’s not courageous. Would you vote to save the Bernie Madoff scheme? Me neither. And when you get down to it, that’s why you can mark me down as a failure when […]

HUFFPOST: OBAMA’S POOR POLICIES CONTRIBUTE TO HOUSING CRISIS How Failed Obama Foreclosure Relief Plan Contributes To Jobs Crisis [UPDATE] WASHINGTON — The Obama administration’s inability to stem the foreclosure crisis ricocheted dramatically on Friday, as the Labor Department released unexpectedly low job-growth numbers that pushed the unemployment rate back over 9 percent. The jobs report comes on the heels of both a […]


On Israel: “I have been a long time supporter of Israel. The first time I went to Israel was the day I graduated from high school. I spent a summer working on Kibbutz Be’eri near Beer Sheva in 1974. I’ve been 4 times in Israel – 3 times as a Member of Congress. I loved Israel – from the […]

HOT PICKS AND VIDEOS FROM FSM 1. Video: Watch Weiner’s (D) Office Call Cops on Reporter Trying to Get Interview 2. Video: Paul Begala’s Weinergate Defense: ‘Who Cares’ and ‘Consider the Source’ 3. Video: TSA: Al-Qaeda and Affiliates ‘Continue To Pose A Serious Threat’ to U.S. 4. Video: Rep. Paul Ryan (R) with FOX’s Cavuto: Administration Not Showing the Leadership […]

Choosing Our Own Candidate, What a Concept Frank Salvato As we approach the true beginning of the 2012 election cycle, the Republican slate of candidates is starting to take shape. Many among those who count themselves as Republicans hold great hope that 2012 will bring to an end a four year reign of irresponsible spending on social engineering issues that – if not […]

A New Peace Plan for the Middle East Posted By David Solway

A New Peace Plan for the Middle East Posted By David Solway URL to article: It is obvious by this time that the so-called “peace plan” intended to resolve the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has reached an impassable stalemate. It is simply not working nor will it ever work. The Oslo Accords are […]


Al-Qaeda in Sinai Posted By P. David Hornik URL to article: It started early this week when a “senior Egyptian security official” told the Egyptian-based Al-Hayyat TV channel that over 400 Al-Qaeda members had made their way into the Sinai Peninsula. They were said to be composed of Palestinians, Bedouins, and foreign Arabs, and […]