Wahhabi Alley Imam in Virginia Calls for Armed Jihad

Title: Wahhabi Alley Imam in Virginia Calls for Armed Jihad
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A Washington, DC suburban Mosque, Dar al-Hijrah, infamous for fostering radicalism, is the focus of new allrgations about Imam Sheik Shaker Elsayed, a former leader of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) front, Muslim American Society, extolling armed Jihad to an audience of Muslim Ethiopian youths at a public high school in Fairfax County, Virginia. Dar al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia is located in, what counter Jihadists leader Jim Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force and others have called call Wahhabi Alley. Northern Virginia’s Fairfax County has a high concentration of Washington metro area fundamentalist Muslims exemplified by the location of the MB funded think tank, the International Institute of Islamic Thought in Herndon, Virginia . Anwar al Awlaki, the late American born Yemeni radical Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula , killed by a US drone attack in 2011 in Yemen had been a preacher at Dar al Hijrah and facilitated the transportation of two of the 9/11 perpetrators in the US. Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, formerly Melvin Bledsoe. Bledsoe was a Muslim convert from Memphis who killed an Army recruiter in June 2009 at a Little Rock, Arkansas Mall as payback for fighting his brothers in the Muslim Ummah in Iraq and Afghanistan. Muhammad subsequently went to Yemen for jihadist indoctrination with the late American born radical Imam Anwar al-Awlaki and allegedly may have received terrorist training with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Al-Awlaki nurtured the jihadist actions of a frequent attendee at the mosque, Maj. Nidal Hasan who perpetrated the Fort Hood massacre that killed 13 injuring over 32 soldiers and civilians. Hasan is now awaiting the start a long delayed courts martial for the murders on November 5, 2009 in Killeen, Texas. An FBI raid in 2004 of a northern Virginia home hidden basement led to the secret plans of the MB for Islamization of America. Documents uncovered in that FBI raid were introduced into evidence at the 2008 Federal Dallas trial of the Holy Land Foundation who leaders were convicted of funneling upwards of $35 million in charitable funds to Hamas. The Holy Land Foundation trial also identified several Muslim Brother Fronts as co-conspirators, among them the Islamic Society of North America and CAIR.



SPARKHILL is, in many ways, typical of inner-city, 21st-century Britain in the age of austerity. The swimming pool is closed, money-transfer bureaux jostle with pawn shops in Stratford Road and the fast-food cartons tumbling in the gutters suggest street cleaning has been hit by cuts.

But scratch the surface in this corner of Birmingham and you find somewhere quite different from the rest of modern Britain. Life here is lived by the rules and allegiances of the rural Kashmiri community where most local families have their origins.

Dig a little deeper and you will also find a deep well of Islamist extremism and a widespread acceptance of jihad.

In 2000, a year before September 11, an al-Qa’ida bomb factory and a stockpile of HMTD explosive was discovered here. Moinul Abedin, the would-be bomber, was jailed for 20 years.

Eight years later, five men were jailed for a plot to kidnap and behead a British soldier home on leave from Afghanistan. Yesterday three ringleaders of a suicide bomb plot were convicted.

Scores of young men from these streets have travelled abroad for jihad and hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised to finance Mujaheddin groups. The Maktabah bookshop was not just a gathering place for local radicals but a place known internationally for publishing and distributing jihadi propaganda



A way to treat aggressive cancers. Current medication for breast cancer targets receptors in the tumors. But one in six tumors have no receptors and are difficult to treat. Now, a team of 11 Weizmann scientists has found a combination of two antibodies that mount a pincer attack on these tumors, causing them to collapse and die.

Nano-genetic diagnostics. Imagine a microscopic device injected into your body that searches for genetic malfunctions in your cells. If it finds any, it emits a green light to highlight the diagnosis. Weizmann Institute scientists have developed such a device – and are now working on upgrading it to destroy the cancerous cells.

The secret to a good relationship. Bar-Ilan University’s Psychology Professor Ruth Feldman found couples that stay together have higher levels of oxytocin in their blood when they first pair up than couples that ultimately break up. Prof Feldman spent years studying the hormone’s role in the mother–child bond.

Get smart – boost your immune system. Weizmann Institute graduate Prof Jonathan Kipnis has discovered that the T-cells that fight infections also govern intelligence. Mice without T-Cells cannot perform simple tests, but perform normally when their T-Cells are restored. Kipnis got the idea from his Weizmann advisor.

“Bad behavior” causes flare-ups in the gut. Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have discovered a pseudo-education system in the colon. Newly arrived monocytes are taught how to maintain a healthy balance in the gut by resident immune cells. But if you get an infection or eat the wrong food, the new pupils run wild!

Preparing For the Fall of Jordan by Yoel Meltzer

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http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/gun-shy-amazon?f=puball I have twenty-one books for sale on Amazon Books, and eleven on Amazon Kindle. Upon reading the news that Amazon is pressuring – nay, demanding – that sellers of guns and firearms accessories withdraw some of their products from sale on Amazon, I sent Amazon Books this letter. 20 February 2013 Amazon Books Sirs/Mesdames: […]


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Open Letter to CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein By Phil Orenstein


Chancellor Matthew Goldstein
Office of the Chancellor
535 East 80th Street
New York, NY 10075
Phone: 212.794.5311
Fax: 212.794.5671

Open Letter to CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein:

I write this letter calling for the resignation of Brooklyn College President Karen L. Gould and Paisley Currah, chair of the political science department for their unscrupulous actions in violation of students’ First Amendments rights, sanctioning blatant viewpoint discrimination, and promoting biased political propaganda under the auspices of the City University of New York. As a former adjunct instructor in the CUNY system and a New Yorker concerned with how my tax dollars are spent in our publicly-funded City University system, I add my voice to the growing concern incurred by the college president and political science department chair over the irresponsible manner in which they handled the virulent anti-Semitic event on February 7 co-sponsored by Brooklyn College’s political science department, entitled “BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Movement Against Israel,” which serves to promote a global boycott of Israeli businesses, academics and institutions, and deny the legitimacy of the State of Israel.

The featured speakers at the BDS forum advocated boycotting, divesting from and sanctioning Israel, and have praised the terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews. One of the speakers, Omar Barghouti, founder and foremost advocate of BDS, has asserted that Israel is a racist apartheid state that has no right to exist, and he advocates for a Palestinian state to replace Israel. He is not only promoting a global campaign to boycott and financially harm the Jews, replete with activists carrying signs saying “Don’t buy Israeli apartheid goods,” but also sponsors an academic boycott campaign against Israeli academics and universities known as the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. This offshoot of the BDS movement flies in the face of the noble mission of academia as “free and open exchanges of ideas.”

Barghouti’s unscholarly crackpot theories, lies and deceptions have been well documented and Brooklyn College’s BDS forum was a medium for the dissemination of these crackpot anti-Semitic theories. The BDS movement is not a campaign for Palestinian rights as its spokesmen ostensibly claim, or to protest disagreeable Israeli policies, but it is in effect political and economic warfare against Israel, seeking to dismantle the Jewish state. For an academic department to sponsor such vicious propaganda is a breakdown of academic standards.

To Kill a Murderer Posted By Daniel Greenfield

http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/to-kill-a-murderer/print/ Twenty years ago, Nathan Dunlap walked into a Chuck E. Cheese in Colorado. Dunlap had been fired from the restaurant earlier that year and told a friend that he wanted to get even and take all the money. One cold wintry evening he walked in, put a gun to the head of a 19-year-old […]

Jews Under Muslim Attack in Europe By P. David Hornik


With President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry planning to visit Israel and the Palestinian Authority next month, speculation proliferates as to whether Obama plans—once again—to push for “peace” between Israel and the PA, or has learned from his first term that such an outcome is hard to attain and still more effort in pursuit of it is not likely to be rewarded.

Meanwhile the French Jewish community reports a record rise of 58% in anti-Semitic incidents for 2012—a total of 614 compared to 389 in 2011. While seemingly not directly relevant to the question about Obama’s visit, the situation in France—and Western Europe generally—in fact tells much about the Middle East and Israel’s position in it.

Amid the general increase in anti-Semitic activity in France, then, there were almost twice as many physical attacks on Jews there in 2012 as in 2011, and 25% of those involved a weapon. Why the dramatic rise? While anti-Semitic behavior is known to burgeon during and after major Israeli military operations, 2012 saw only the eight-day-long Operation Pillar of Defense against Gaza rocket fire in November.

Yet the incidents in France started to mount well before then—after an incident on March 22. In it a French Muslim of Algerian descent named Mohamed Merah murdered four Jews in a school in Toulouse. Merah had earlier murdered three off-duty French soldiers.

Merah’s victims at the school were a 30-year-old teacher-rabbi, his six-year-old and three-year-old sons, and an eight-year-old girl whom Merah chased, grabbed by the hair, and shot in the head.

Ever since, French Jewry has been reporting a rise in attacks. The above-linked report confirms it: “After the Toulouse attack, numerous anti-Semitic acts were committed and included support or identification to Merah and his act.”

In other words, there were many for whom the school massacre was an inspirational event, evoking not condemnation but emulation.


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