AMIL IMANI: THS ISLAM CONUNDRUM,css.print/pub_detail.asp The dictionary defines religion as, “The expression of man’s belief and reverence for a superhuman power recognized as the creator and governor of the universe.” By this definition Islam qualifies as religion, so do numberless others. A definition this broad is ambiguous and must be further defined with the specific tenets and practices of […]

ASAF ROMIROWSKI: MITCHELL GOT IT ALL WRONG,7340,L-4070248,00.html Mitchell got it all wrong Op-ed: Retiring US peace envoy failed to grasp differences between Mideast, Northern Ireland Asaf Romirowsky Mitchell has been credited for leading the diplomatic force that produced a peace agreement resolving the crisis in Northern Ireland, and he tried to apply the lessons he learned from that conflict to the […]


Economics 101 Posted By David Solway It’s really very simple. One does not need to take a graduate course in Economics to figure out why a productive society prospers and how it can be destroyed. As Tim Harford explains in The Undercover Economist, “Economics is partly about modeling, about articulating basic principles and patterns […]


The Left’s Absurd Defense of Rapper Common Posted By Ben Shapiro Michelle Obama recently invited rapper Common to the White House for a poetry reading.  This was problematic for two reasons.  First, nobody with one name deserves any respect whatsoever; this is especially true of rappers, who have generally contributed nothing to humanity except […]


The Mideast Takes Center Stage in Washington Posted By Rick Moran Despite what promises to be a big week for Middle East diplomacy at the White House, President Obama appears nearly oblivious to the mortal threats facing Israel and the US, which have only increased in the wake of the “Arab Spring,” and the Hamas-Fatah […]

ANDREW STILES: RYAN VS. TOOMEY…..SEE NOTE PLEASE BOTH LEGISLATORS HAVE DRIVEN THE DEBATE ON “NEGOTIATIONS OVER 60 BILLION TO REAL PLANS FOR CUTTING THE DEFICIT…..RSK Ryan vs. Toomey Republicans choose sides on whether Medicare reform is politically feasible. Liberals were so caught up in the effort to derail the House Republican budget resolution authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) that […]

TIME TO CUT OFF PAKISTAN: ROBERT SPENCER Why is the U.S. government continuing to send billions of taxpayer dollars to Pakistan? One way to give the economy a shot in the arm would be to stop sending huge sums of money to a nation that quite clearly is no longer our ally, if it ever was.  The latest confirmation of this […]


Hamas in English vs. Hamas in Arabic by Khaled Abu Toameh Hamas leaders have recently been sending conflicting messages about their policies and plans that have prompted some Westerners to argue that the movement has indeed changed and that this is the time to engage with it. But the reality is that Hamas has […]

Egyptian Shaykh: Muslim Scholars Say That FGM Is Either Obligatory or Commendable Translated from a YouTube video (embedded below) featuring Egyptian salafi shaykh Muhammad Hassan, answering a question about circumcision for women (special thanks to Nonie Darwish for her help transcribing this): Okay, another question from the letters sent in. The brother says, “Shaykh Muhammad, settle the controversy for us surrounding circumcision.” My brother, we have […]

THE NAKBA CONCENTRATES ISRAELI MINDS: P. DAVID HORNIK “Nakba” is in the air. An Arabic word meaning “disaster,” it’s become a tag — among Israeli Arabs, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and Arabs outside of Israel — for Israel’s creation on May 15, 1948. On Sunday “Nakba Day” was marked for the first time by the attempted breach by Arab […]