ANDREW BOSTOM: RICK PERRY,THE ISMAILIS AND AN ICONIC ISMAILI INTELLECTUAL Rick Perry, the Ismailis, and an Iconic Ismaili Intellectual Andrew G. Bostom While researching my forthcoming book, “Sharia Versus Freedom — The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism,” I discovered the work of an iconic contemporary Ismaili Muslim intellectual, Asaf A. A. Fyzee. As a law professor consummately trained in Western methods of research, he guided […]

ISLAMIC AWARENESS WEEK 2011 NEXT SUNDAY ON 9/11 Islamic Awareness Week 2011 to begin next Sunday Everything I needed to know about militant Islam, I learned on September 11 2001. by Bill Levinson Sunday September 11 will mark the beginning of Islamic Awareness Week, in which we encourage readers to cite the contributions that Islam as practiced on September 11 2001 has […]

BEN SHAPIRO:THE RE-EVALUATION OF CLARENCE THOMAS PLEASE ALSO READ… This week, Jeffrey Toobin, leftist columnist with The New Yorker magazine, wrote a fascinating profile of Clarence Thomas.  Wrote Toobin: “In several of the most important areas of constitutional law, Thomas has emerged as an intellectual leader of the Supreme Court.  Since the arrival of Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., […]


Think Progress’s Man of Hate Posted By Daniel Greenfield URL to article: The Holy Land Foundation case did more than bring down the primary fundraising entity for Hamas in the United States; it also exposed the unwillingness of Muslims in America to make a clean break with their sympathies for Islamic terrorism. So it […]

On Being Governed By Scientific Frauds By James Lewis

Page Printed from: The news leaked out a while ago that Al Gore scored a D in natural science at Harvard.  That would be the science introduction for Other Majors, not difficult chemistry or calculus.  So Nobel Laureate Al Gore got a D in Science for Dummies. But don’t worry.  Anybody can blow a […]

LEBANON THREATENS ISRAEL OVER “SEA BORDER” Lebanon warned the United Nations on Monday that Israel’s proposed sea border threatens peace and security, as tensions rise between the neighbours over offshore oil and gas reserves. “Foreign Minister Adnan Mansur has sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon rejecting geographic coordinates Israel submitted to the United Nations concerning the northern […]

PAUL GIGOT: A REVIEW OF DICK CHENEY’S BOOK “IN MY TIME”…SEE NOTE PLEASE Dick Cheney was relentless and unapologetic in pursuit of his policy goals—and Americans are safer for it. THIS IS A VERY INTERESTING BOOK AND CHENEY WAS BRILLIANT ON FOX NEWS YESTERDAY…STILL UNABLE TO NAME “THE ENEMY”…THAT HIS BOSS CALLED A “FRINGE”…..RSK It’s hard to believe now, but Dick Cheney was once a favorite of […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: ONE NATION UNDER DEBT Ever since the United States Federal government assumed state debts back in 1790, the creation of a permanent national debt has been a key feature of federalization. The current national debt crisis may lead to a reversal of federalization or to the elimination of the last vestiges of the rights of states. The situation […]

PHILISTINES FOR PALESTINE…THE UNCONSCIONABLE BEHAVIOR OF THE ANTI-ISRAEL CROWD Read more: Anti-Israel Activists Target The Yardbirds  “Philistines For Palestine”. That is the heading of a corker of an editorial in The Australian regarding the unconscionable behaviour of the anti-Israel yobs at the IPO the other evening. I’m grateful to reader geoffff for copying out a representative part: “It may be that music calms […]

BORIS JOHNSON:Gaddafi: first we fete them, then we bomb them – but that’s politics
Politicians will soon be sucking up to people like Gaddafi again if it’s in the national interest, writes Boris Johnson.

We cannot know what is going through the mind of crazed ex-despot Muammar Gaddafi as he continues to flee Nato bombs and rebel snipers — but we can have a good guess. He may be holed up gibbering in a basement in Sirte. He may be in Venezuela or working as a suspiciously taciturn short-order chef in a falafel bar in Tripoli.Wherever he is I wager there is one thing that causes the old dyed ringlets to shake with rage, one thought that brings the foam to the corner of his champing jaws — and that is the treachery of all those he thought of as friends. And of those who have ratted on him in the last six months, there is one particular group of traitors that he would like to cast — I bet — to the nethermost fire-bubbling pit of hell. Never mind the rebels, and all those snaky ex-ministers who chose to defect as soon as the going got tough. Forget the buxom female “bodyguards” who took the first plane back to Ukraine. For sheer duplicity there is no one to beat – the British! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits!