Shed No Tears for the Rhode Island Professor By Robert Oscar Lopez…**** In the society gossip hub known as the Chronicle of Higher Education, which some academics still view as the gold-standard paper for college professors, there is a blog cluster known as “The Edge of the American West: History Can Save Your Ass.” Very classy, I know. Sometimes my fellow doctors of higher learning make […]

HATE CRIME STATS DEFLATE “ISLAMOPHOBIA” MYTHS: DAVID RUSIN A detailed analysis of FBI statistics covering ten full calendar years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks reveals that, on a per capita basis, American Muslims, contrary to spin, have been subjected to hate crimes less often than other prominent minorities. From 2002 to 2011, Muslims are estimated to have suffered hate crimes at a […]

WHO’S AFRAID OF FRACKING? DEROY MURDOCK Public servants who seek fracking-related pollution have yet to find any. If frackophobes are to be believed, natural-gas fracking is the most frightful environmental nightmare since Japan’s Fukushima nuclear-power plant melted down amid an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. In Promised Land, Matt Damon’s new anti-fracking film funded by the United Arab Emirates, […]


The Mission Was Real. The History was Malarkey.

One of the better movies I’ve seen this season is Argo, directed by and starring the talented and appealing Ben Affleck. The movie tells a fictionalized version of the true story of how a CIA operative helped six Americans escape from Iran during the hostage crisis of the Carter administration.

I, of course, had no problem with the filmmakers adding fictional dollops of drama, danger and adventure to the story. But I did object very strongly to the rewriting of history purely for purposes of pro-Democrat propaganda. The running gag in the movie concerns a make-believe sci-fi film called Argo that the CIA uses as a cover story. The battle cry of the good guys is, “Ar, go, f*** yourself.” But, as so often in Hollywood, it’s the political truth that gets f***ed.

Bad enough that the entire hostage crisis was subtly and not-so-subtly blamed on America in the movie. Even worse is the fact that the Democrat president’s idealistic incompetence in withdrawing American support for the Shah is completely passed over. It was this bone-headed Carter play that opened the floodgates of Islamo-fascism, allowing Ayatollah Khomeini to come to power — a bone-head move that Obama stupidly repeated when he withdrew support from Mubarak in Egypt and essentially handed the place over to the Muslim Brotherhood. As the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens recently said, “In the middle east there are two kinds of regimes — those that could be worse, and those that couldn’t be worse.” Carter and Obama both opted to abandon the former and allow the latter.

Recasting History: Scholarly Study Finds that Race, Class, and Gender Studies Crowd Up University American History Classes: Bryan Preston….see note please WHY NOT JUST A DEPARTMENT  NAMED “VICTIMS!”….RSK This week the Texas legislature is kicking off its 83rd session in Austin. The funding of public education in the state will be a hot topic as it always is, but this session, the content of public education will be worth a look. The National Association of […]


Christian Teacher Sues New York Public School District for Restricting Her Religious Speech

Today, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western District of New York on behalf of Joelle Silver, a high school teacher for the Cheektowaga Central School District, who was forced by school officials to censor her personal speech and remove all religious content from her classroom displays under threat of being terminated from her employment.

..On June 22, 2012, Silver, a devout Christian who has taught in the School District for seven years, received a “counseling letter” signed by the superintendent. In the letter, the School District ordered Silver to remove all religious items from her classroom, including, among other things, a poster with an inspirational Bible verse superimposed over an American flag and school books. The School District ordered Silver to remove small, personal sticky notes that contained inspirational Bible quotes and religious messages that she kept discreetly on her desk. To add further insult, the School District informed Silver that if she needs “to occasionally glance at inspirational Bible verses between classes during the course of the day” she should “keep such material in a discreet folder that only [she] will have access to” and only “so long as [she took] precautions not to share it or disclose its content to [her] students or their parents or guardians.”

To complete the religious cleansing, the School District ordered Silver “to refrain from all other forms of communication with students during the school day (whether verbal, email, texting, written, etc.) that would conflict with your duty to show complete neutrality toward religion and to refrain from promoting religion or entangling yourself in religious matters.”

Robert Muise, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, commented, “This is one of the most egregious examples of religious hostility I have witnessed in a public school. Ms. Silver does not cease being a Christian nor does she shed her constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate.”

BEN SHAPIRO: WHAT IF THE NAZIS HAD BOUGHT NBC…GORE’S “CURRENT” FOLLY This week, former presidential candidate and global warming guru Al Gore sold his failing cable television network, Current TV, to an ideological ally: Al Jazeera. He’d had an offer from Glenn Beck to buy Current TV, but according to Beck, he turned it down out of hand on the grounds that the two were […]


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DEBORAH WEISS: CAIR’S JIHAD ON THE USE OF THE WORD “ISLAMIST”…THOUGHT POLICE AT IT AGAIN The thought police over at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are urging journalists to delete the word “Islamist” from their lexicon. Though CAIR claims that the word stems out of bigotry, CAIR’s real agenda is to protect Islam — and Islamists — from so-called “defamation.” The Associated Press Style Book is a guide […]

OILVER STONE:”AMERICA IS A FASCIST FORCE” The C-SPAN Book TV program After Words recently featured a conversation with controversial film director Oliver Stone and American University professor Peter Kuznick. The two are co-authors of a massive new book, The Untold History of the United States, which Stone has parlayed into a multi-part Showtime documentary (and which FrontPage Mag has addressed […]