“Arab Spring”: Is it Good for the Jews? Posted by Bob Goldfarb www. Niall Ferguson Speaking on the second day of this year’s Israeli Presidential Conference, the brilliant historian Niall Ferguson demurred from the widespread embrace of the “Arab Spring.” For one thing, he believes its name is a misnomer.  It is patterned after the […]

STELLA PAUL: CLINTON UNZIPPED Clinton Unzipped: One of the Worst Presidents Ever By Stella Paul Conventional wisdom has it that Bill Clinton was a flawed man, but a good president.  Let’s blast that claptrap to smithereens with a Fast and Furious AK-47, because Bill Clinton was an unadorned calamity for our national security, and, in all probability, remains […]

DIANA WEST: US TROOPS CALLED INFIDEL OCCUPIERS Grand Ayatollah to US troops: Here’s your turban, what’s your hurry? —One of the strangest national spectacles ever is that of the US apparently begging Iraq ro allow US troops to remain in Iraq after the 2011 deadline for withdrawal. As I’ve written before, this seems to be a naked ploy by the Obama re-election […]

REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT DREW THOUSANDS FOR HIS ANTI-SEMITIC RANT,0,7912844,print.column Reverend Wright brings his anti-American crusade to Baltimore Marta Mossburg writes that Obama’s former pastor urges blacks to disavow their country Marta H. Mossburg Forget hope and change; victimization is in. Dropped by the president and dismissed as a racist by many Americans, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright still draws crowds with his sometimes crotch-grabbing, […]

DAVID MAMET’S EXODUS:Matthew Shaffer David Mamet’s Exodus The Pulitzer prize–winning playwright, and reformed liberal, sits down with NRO. There’s a fun game for long car rides called “Mametspeak.” It involves a nerdy group of friends talking without communicating — stumping every sentence, repeating words with random variations in emphasis, stuffing utterances with modifiers and starving them of syntax […]

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret): War on our Southrn Border

War on the Southern Border “The Collapse of Mexico and Its Civil War Comes to America” is being reported by an article in Newsmax Magazine this week. We at Stand Up America raised the threat level of Mexico and the Southern Border to the second biggest threat to the United States last month. Financial […]

BRUCE KESLER: THE IMMORALITY OF SCAPEGOATING GREEK JEWS Anti-Semitism is an escape from reality, misdirecting attention from real problems by inventing another cause as coming from Jews or Israel. We’re familiar with this behavior in the Middle East but it is also evident elsewhere, as in Greece. When history isn’t known, constructive futures cannot be built as the old hatreds and sins […]


For latest, go to Gore declares Obama failed to fight for global warming cause: ‘No real change from the Bush era’ — George W. Obama? Gore: ‘Obama has not defended the science against the ongoing withering and dishonest attacks. Nor has he provided a presidential venue for the scientific community … to bring the […]

HOT PICKS AND VIDEOS FROM FSM 1. VIDEO: Sailor Aboard U.S. Carrier That Buried Bin Laden Speaks Out 2. The Upside Of Family Downtime: The Importance Of Spending Downtime Together — On Days Out Or Even Doing Nothing — Is Often Overlooked 3. VIDEO: Are You Ready For a World Governed by Islamic Law? 4. VIDEO: President’s pick for Commerce […]


Don’t break out the champagne quite yet on the new Moroccan constitutionBy Andrew C. McCarthy Roger Kimball has beaten me to the punch in reacting to Jen Rubin’s post in praise of King Mohammed VI’s new constitution for Morocco. The constitution appears to transfer some important powers from the monarch to a democratically elected […]