http://www.mythsandfacts.org/Conflict/16/EU.htm Europe seeks to play the role of neutral mediator in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Yet for a host of reasons – most of them self-serving – Europe has demonstrated a clear pro-Arab bias, including insensitivity to Israel ‘s security needs. And it excuses Arab terrorism that no civilized nation would ever tolerate if faced with […]


He’s been on house arrest for nearly four years, but the inability to be in the spotlight may constitute cruel and unusual punishment for Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) operative Sami Al-Arian.
A website called The Islamist posted what it says is the complete text of a statement the former University of South Florida professor and PIJ governing board member made via Skype Wednesday. In it, the man who created and ran the “active arm” of the terrorist group in North America and sheltered its current leader, decries his “persecution” and lamenting the plight of others convicted of supporting terrorist groups such as Hamas and al-Qaida.
The speech marks “my first public address in the U. S. in over nine years,” he says, and comes despite attorneys’ advice not to make public statements. “Nothing short of our very survival as free people living in a free and democratic society is at stake,” he says, casting America as a security state in the wake of 9/11 law enforcement actions.


http://www.ocregister.com/ Unlike the government of the United States, I can’t claim any hands-on experience with Colombian hookers. But I was impressed by the rates charged by Miss Dania Suarez, and even more impressed by the U.S. Secret Service’s response to them.Cartagena’s most famous “escort” costs $800. For purposes of comparison, you can book Elliot Spitzer’s […]


No more Gush Katif! The story of the Friends of Migron. There was a time when I did not understand the ambiguous policy of the government of Israel. Then, I also did not know much about the Jewish pioneering in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. I am a Jew living in the United States. In 2004, […]

A myth-illogical apartheid Tabitha Korol


The Jews created one of the most progressive democracies in the world, most accepting of minorities, yet they’re branded racist by Islamists, themselves severely discriminatory. Jews resettled peacefully in their homeland of 3,000+ years, but are called colonialists by those who seize land by force. Muslims are clearing their land of Christians in astounding numbers and carried out pogroms against Arab Jews, but Israel is accused of ethnic cleansing. Seven million Jews on 1/1,000th of the Mideastern land mass are called imperialist by 1.5 billion Arabs on their previously conquered continent. Iran threatens to obliterate Israel, but the US tells Israel to use restraint and make concessions. Arabs hold Judea and Samaria steadfastly; Russia holds Japanese islands; Communist China rules Tibet, Turkey holds parts of Cyrpus, and Germans live and rule in East Prussia, but Israel is the “occupier.” Human Rights violations are cited against Israel 75% of the time, while genocide continues unabated in Sudan, Congo, and Rwanda, and Arab women are under constant oppression.



What a careful reader will take away from Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams from My Father is not only that the president used to eat dog meat, but more importantly, that he identifies with dog-eaters. He wants us to understand that he is one of them. Obama’s most severe critics on the right think of Obama as a socialist, for example, Dinesh D’Souza, or Stanley Kurtz in his exhaustively-researched book Radical-in-Chief. Obama used to attend the annual “Socialist Scholars Conference” in New York, which was a hard-core affair; I went to a couple of them, and they weren’t for the curious. But there is something far more visceral, more existential to the president’s dislike of the United States, and that arises from his early residence in the Third World, and his identification with the people of the Third World whose lives are disrupted by the creative destruction that America has unleashed.

Obama is the son of a Kenyan Muslim father, the stepson of an Indonesian Muslim, and the child, most of all, of an American anthropologist who devoted her career to protecting Indonesian traditional life against the depredations of the global marketplace. Her doctoral dissertation, “Peasant blacksmithing in Indonesia: surviving against all odds,” celebrated traditional cultures hanging on desperately in the face of the global economic marketplace.

Ms. Dunham was not only a Communist fellow-traveler, but the sort of 1960s woman who (as we used to say) “put her body on the line,” first by marrying two Third World men, and then by spending her career in the Third World. It is no surprise that Obama considers the Third World morally superior to the United States. Consider this description of the Jakarta of his childhood from Obama’s autobiography, Dreams from My Father: “And yet for all that poverty [in the Indonesian marketplace], there remained in their lives a discernible order, a tapestry of trading routes and middlemen, bribes to pay and customs to observe, the habits of a generation played out every day beneath the bargaining and the noise and the swirling dust. It was the absence of such coherence that made a place like [the Chicago housing projects] so desperate.” Obama had chances to compare the orderliness and regularity of traditional life with the rough-and-tumble of American capitalism, and chose to identify with the former.


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Far from thanking him for his multiculturalism, , Muslims say they are “offended” by his “generalizing about their beliefs.”

The largest university in London plans to impose a ban on the sale of alcohol on campus to accommodate the “cultural sensitivity” of its Muslim students.

London Metropolitan University’s Vice Chancellor, Malcolm Gillies, says it would be unwise to “cling” to a “nostalgic” view where the vast majority wants alcohol to be available. Instead, he says that he believes the university should take account of diverging views, namely those of Muslims, who now comprise 20% of the university’s 30,000 students.

“Many of our students do come from backgrounds where they actually look on drinking as a negative. We therefore need to rethink how we cater for that 21st-century balance,” Gillies declared in an interview. “What we don’t want is the tyranny of a majority view,” he added.

Gillies’ proposals to re-engineer social life on campus have, not surprisingly, generated a mostly negative response from students, many of whom say a ban on alcohol smacks of politically correct pandering run amok.

Muslims, too, are unhappy with Gillies. Far from thanking him for his multicultural activism, Muslims say they are “offended” by his “generalizing about their beliefs.”

To be sure, London Metropolitan University is not the first institution in Britain to bend over backwards to avoid “offending” Muslims. In fact, hardly a day goes by in which Britons are not surrendering some aspect of their culture and traditions — not to mention their rights of free speech and free expression — in order to make Britain safe for Islam.


The vast majority of “entitlements” provided by our government to narcotize the citizenry’s work ethic and sense of personal responsibility are as bogus as the Obama administration’s claim that it rescued the economy (well, perhaps all the president’s men did rescue the Chinese economy…). But I do believe that, as an American citizen, I am entitled to free and fair elections. Both political extremes seek to undermine that right, whether through super-PACs or hi-jinx. But the biggest threat to genuinely fair and honest elections is the naked prejudice of the establishment media.

Our media have, by and large, long tilted left. But even in the Bush years the slanting wasn’t as ham-handed as it is in the (election) Year of our Lord 2012. Almost four years into the Obama presidency, huge blank spots remain in the incumbent’s personal history (we knew more negative information—much of it invented—about Sarah Palin in four days than we’ve learned about the president in four years). Now, as the administration blunders from one mess to another, the establishment media hastily plasters its “Band-Aids of silence” over the worst goofs and gaffes.

You’ve heard about the Secret Service’s merrymaking in Colombia—but I’ll bet you haven’t heard about Obama’s blunder that had Latin America laughing out loud. Why? Because our media wouldn’t report it. Well, if you can read basic Spanish, log onto the sites of a few Latin American outlets that covered the Cartagena summit—I suggest starting with La Reforma, Mexico’s leading newspaper. The Latin Americans took the hooker affair in stride, but marveled at our president’s (unreported here) public gaffe.


In 1517, Martin Luther set off the Protestant revolution against the Catholic Church that led to the spread of the then-new movement as a response to the corruption of the Church. It took time for it to establish itself as an alternative and was greatly aided by the invention of printing and spread of literacy, but mostly because ordinary people had grown weary of the Church’s extravagance, poor governance, and resistance to change.

The selling of worthless “indulgences” as a means to wipe one’s sins clean was the final straw.

Environmentalism has become a modern religion and its “cap and trade” scheme to sell worthless permission slips for the emission of so-called “greenhouse gases”—based on United Nations Kyoto Protocol calling for a reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth’s atmosphere—is being rejected by many nations.

As it has become common knowledge that CO2 is vital to all life on Earth and plays no role in affecting the climate, ordinary people have concluded that global warming in particular and environmentalism in general is a giant fraud.