Eric Holder, You Have a Problem — on The Glazov Gang
by Jamie Glazov
Dr. Nancy Bonus, Eric Allen Bell and Karla Moxley battle it out on the Fast & Furious scandal.


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“By any non-race based standard, Eric Holder is a disaster and should quit or be fired.”

Attorney General Eric Holder, who has come under heavy scrutiny for his involvement in matters ranging from Fast and Furious to the New Black Panther voter intimidation scandal, has not been getting proper defense from the White House, according to several black journalists. On Roland Martin’s show on TVOne, Martin asked, “is this White House doing enough to protect the attorney general? And also, where is black leadership? I mean, here you have Eric Holder, who has been — first of all, he was a high-ranking official in the Justice Department under President Bill Clinton. He becomes the black, first African-American attorney general. He has been very aggressive on many issues. But some folks are saying that look, he’s been taken to the woodshed and he is not getting the kind of support that you would think he would be getting.”

Martin isn’t the only one questioning whether the White House has thrown Holder under the bus over his race. MSNBC contributor Karen Finney says that the White House should send out surrogates rather than Holder to protect him. “I think there’s a way to be defending Eric Holder and substantiating the points that he’s making because he’s making some very important points in terms of legal precedents, which we’ve heard it in the past from other administrations. And I think that’s the time when you need other validators on the outside.” The criticism by black journalists of the Obama administration poses a significant threat to Obama’s base. He has thus far been able to uphold his support in the black community largely by appeals to racial solidarity – hence his African-Americans for Obama campaign group, as well as commercials that appeal solely to the black demographic. But if he begins to be perceived as a sell-out on other black administration members, he may find himself in the uncomfortable position of having to defend his lack of support for black politicians like Eric Holder and Cory Booker.


IS statism bipolar? Schizophrenic? Autistic? Obsessive-compulsive? Multi-phobic? Inherently dysfunctional? Psychotically antisocial? A form of dementia? A narcissistic personality disorder? A kind of panic or anxiety disorder? Just plain maladaptive? Or all of the preceding? This column will enter the mad house of statism and explore its various wards.

John David Lewis, in his masterpiece about the means and ends of war, Nothing Less Than Victory, cites both Ludwig von MIses and Ayn Rand on etatism and statism or fascism.

In Omnipotent Government, von Mises notes that etatism denotes those political systems that “have a common goal of subordinating the individual unconditionally to the state, the social apparatus of compulsion and coercion.” (Lewis, p. 44)

Quoting from Rand’s column, “The Fascist New Frontier,” Lewis cites Rand:

The dictionary definition of fascism is: “a governmental system with strong centralized power, permitting no opposition or criticism, controlling all affairs of the nation (industrial, commercial, etc.), emphasizing an aggressive nationalism . . .” [The American College Dictionary, New York: Random House, 1957.]

Of statism, she also wrote:

If the term “statism” designates concentration of power in the state at the expense of individual liberty, then Nazism in politics was a form of statism. In principle, it did not represent a new approach to government; it was a continuation of the political absolutism-the absolute monarchies, the oligarchies, the theocracies, the random tyrannies-which has characterized most of human history.

Lewis continues:

Statism applies to any government with such power, whether a primitive tribal ruler, a theocratic council, or a communist or fascist dictatorship – including a democracy unrestrained by fundamental laws – each of which swallows the lives and fortunes of individuals without regard for their rights. The identification of such governments as statist is relatively new, but the practice is of enormous antiquity (as Lewis demonstrates in his chapter on the Theban Wars against the Spartan slave state).


Let me state at the outset that my tea leaves are no more refined than anyone else’s. However, we are in the midst of potential earth shattering events that are worthy of speculation, events that are likely to shape our national destiny for decades. I am persuaded Mitt Romney wins the next election in large part because there isn’t a victory narrative President Obama can develop. Thirty eight consecutive months of over 8 percent unemployment is in itself a scenario for defeat, notwithstanding all of the rationalizations the president will offer.

An Israeli air armada is likely to attack Iran in the next few months (before the November election). President Netanyahu has allowed President Obama to try negotiations and sanctions, but neither has offered sufficient pressure on Iran to forego its nuclear weapons ambitions. Since an Iran with nuclear weapons represents a potential holocaust too grim to imagine, the Israeli president is left with no other option.

Despite deflationary pressures that have kept prices in check, inflation is likely to rear its ugly head next year as the Europeans proceed to monetize their debt leading to a contagion that cannot be contained on the other side of the Atlantic. Moreover, the U.S. has amassed more than $5 trillion in debt since 2009 suggesting that currency increases may soon be coruscating through the financial bloodstream.

Barack O’Gobbledygook: Andrew B. Wilson,

“First, regardless of his own beliefs, the president will say whatever he thinks people want to hear, and he will continue to say it in the kind of dumbed-down sub-English that he thinks will rally his sorry constituency of class-warfare victims. And second, if he does win in November, it won’t be on the strength and power of his oratory. In fact, Barack O’Gobbledygook is probably the most overrated orator in world history.”

A President who can’t be bothered with basic grammar (or mere coherence).

Some of us live in the past. Others — if you go by one of Barack Obama’s remarks in a speech last week — have been living most of their adult lives in the future. At a fund-raising event in Philadelphia, he said:

There’s (sic) still too many people who are out of work, too many homes underwater, and middle-class families that still don’t have the confidence that the future for their kids and grandkids are (sic) going to be brighter than their futures have been (sic).

This president gets the right agreement between noun and verb only half the time. For the sake of consistency it might be better if he got it wrong all the time. He would then say: There’s still too many people who’s out of work, too many homes that’s underwater, etc. And then there is the howler about the past-tense futures, which is another kind of solecism.

Earlier in the day, Obama spoke, and misspoke, to graduating students at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. Among other things, he said:

So my expectation is that somebody in this auditorium is going to figure out new sources of energy that help not only make us more energy independent, but also deals (sic) with problems like (sic) climate change.


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The latest numbers show that Obama’s national support among Jews is down to 64 percent. That puts Obama in line with stalwart vote-getters like Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis. More significantly a Siena College poll shows that Jewish support for Obama in New York City has fallen to 51 percent.

Those numbers might seem strange until you read the latest study on the Jewish population in the city which finds that 40 percent of the city’s Jews are Orthodox—up from a third, ten years ago.

74 percent of all Jewish children in the city are Orthodox, a baby boom that will completely transform the city’s Jewish population. And that means the transformation of the Jewish vote. Within another decade, New York City will have an Orthodox majority; within a generation that majority will be so decisive as to define its political orientation. The end of the New York Jewish liberal is here.

As the New York Times disdainfully puts it, “Members of these Orthodox groups also have been known to be far more likely to adopt more conservative positions on matters like abortion, same-sex marriage and the Israeli approach to the Palestinians.”

The Siena College survey gives us a preview of what the new American Jewish vote will look like by studying the changing Jewish political attitudes of New York City today.

Confronting CBS over Anti-Israel Libels Posted By Larry Domnitch

It does not take sixty minutes but a mere few moments to level a smear against an entire nation. The recent CBS 60 Minutes program on Israel’s alleged mistreatment of Christians was nothing less than a version of a modern day blood libel against the Jewish State. Program host Bob Simon even described Israel’s security fence as “completely surrounding” Bethlehem, which is simply false.

The program ignored the real facts and the realities, as well as the many testimonies of Muslim persecution against Christians in the PA territories. A letter by CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) director Andrea Levin to Jeffrey B. Fager, chairman of CBS News, quoted one such testimony by Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the guardian of the Roman Catholic Church’s property in the Holy Land, which appeared in the New York Sun in 2005: “Almost every day — I repeat, almost every day — our communities are harassed by the Islamic extremists in these regions. And if it’s not the members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad, there are clashes with…the Palestinian Authority.”


Ignorance runs in on stinky feetBy Wes Pruden

Here’s an inviting opportunity for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the rambling revs who are always on the scout for a lucrative corporate target. Or even President Obama, who is eager to slice and dice the electorate on his way to November 6 and assign each slice something to take offense at.This opportunity could give them the chance to clean up America and make a little money at it. Adidas and Nike, the ugly shoe giants, have given Americans the ugliest (and stinkiest) feet in the world, even though the rest of the world is swiftly catching up as the American culture envelops the globe.

Tennis shoes were once the modest province of the gym, but now they’re worn by millions whose idea of exercise is hoisting a few at the end of the day. Anyone who has had to sit next to Ugly Feet on bus, train or plane, and watch in horror as he (or she) slips out of his or her shoes to get comfortable, knows what it is to sit helplessly at risk of agonizing death from the toxic odor of feet that have not been washed since the previous millennium.

Nike is on a mission to uglify college football teams with garish uniforms that the girls on the softball team would be ashamed to wear. The college administrators and athletic directors are delighted to conspire with Nike, not only because Nike makes it financially rewarding to coaches and administrators, but because it might give coaches a leg up in recruiting the “student-athletes” (in the popular sports-page cliche) who stop briefly on campus en route to the NFL or state prison.