JENNIFER RUBIN: THESE ARE THE FACTS ON THE BLACK PANTHER VOTER INTIMIDATION CASE New Black Panther Party case: The facts are in By Jennifer Rubin The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights came out in December with a draft of its interim report on the New Black Panthers Party scandal. Earlier today a final report was posted on the commission’s website, and with it, a flurry of rebuttals […]

JUSTICE CONTINUES TO BLOCK DISCLOSURE ON BLACK PANTHERS EDITORIAL: Witching hour for Black Panthers Justice continues to block disclosure into department activities “To be sure, we still have problems to solve. We have obstacles to overcome. We have not reached the end of the road that Dr. King told us we must travel. And we have a dream that — still — has not […]

FILE UNDER YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: GENGHIS KHAN WAS AN ENVIRONMENTALIST? Carnegie Institution Study: Genocide Reduces Global Warming By Andrew Walden A study touting Genghis Khan’s environmental record is being cheered by the team which produced Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  Genghis Khan’s great accomplishment for the green cause?  Killing off 40 million humans so their un-tilled fields would be overtaken by forests. While some may find […]


Foxman Must Go By Pamela Geller The capacity for humiliating, destructive behavior from Abe Foxman (and those Jews who fund the Anti-Defamation League) continues to astound and repel proud Jews across the world. Ever since Foxman voiced opposition to the Ground Zero mosque (even a broken clock is right twice a day), he has […]

DEADLY NERVE GAS MISSING AT UTAH ARMY BASE An Army base in Utah was put on emergency lock-down last night after a vial of lethal nerve gas went missing. Officials at Dugway Proving Grounds in Salt Lake City noticed a vial of VX nerve agent was gone during a routine inventory check. An anxious search was launched and over 1,200 employees were […]

TEXT MESSAGE BLOWS UP A SUICIDE BOMBER BY ACCIDENT… Text message blows up suicide bomber by accident Wednesday, January 26, 2011 By Andrew Osborn, The Daily Telegraph Vans of the Russian Emergencies Ministry wait outside Moscow’s Domodedovo international airport on January 24, 2011, shortly after a deadly explosion. Photographed by: Andrey Smirnov, AFP/Getty Images A “Black Widow” suicide bomber planned a terrorist attack […]

TED BELMAN: THE TRUTH ABOUT SETTLEMENTS AND THE GOLAN Alan Baker, director of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, is former legal adviser to Israel’s Foreign Ministry and former ambassador to Canada. He recently wrote an excellent article on The Settlements Issue: Distorting the Geneva Convention and the Oslo Accords which is a must read. But for […]

STOREOWNER IN QUEBEC THREATENED FOR SELLING ISRAELI PRODUCTS Seller of Israeli Shoes Terrorized by Quebec’s Most Popular Politician by Christine Williams It would seem that some have forgotten that Canada is a democracy.  A store owner in Quebec is being terrorized by a recurring mob of Palestinian sympathizers—which includes elected politician Amir Khadir–determined to make him pay for selling Israeli products. Every […]


Tunisia: Al-Jazeera’s Islamist Revolution by Tuvia Tenenbom As for Tunisia, i it was not Twitter, Facebook, or the iPad that drove the Tunisian revolution — it was only Al-Jazeera. It was not the hate of Ben Ali, as big as it was, but the love of Allah, which is much bigger. One shiny day […]


Peru and Guyana Recognize Palestine as Independent State by Anna Mahjar-Barducci I did not know that Guyana a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference…rsk Peru and Guyana are the latest Latin American countries to recognize Palestine as a sovereign State. The Peru’s recognition comes amid the preparation of the South American Arab Summit, […]