A video released Wednesday shows American filmmaker and Vietnam veteran Oliver Stone telling a Tokyo audience that President Obama is a “snake” for “institutionalizing” illegal National Security Agency spy programs, the Blaze reported.

“Obama is a snake,” he told reporters earlier this week at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, eliciting laughter and applause. “He’s a snake. And we have to turn on him.

“It’s never about terrorists, it always becomes about the way J. Edgar Hoover did it,” he said. “He brought all the weight of government to bear against protestors. He didn’t like protestors. He thought they were left-wing communists. He never could find the proof, but by the time the Vietnam War came around, as you know, 500,000 people were on the list, and they were being eavesdropped on. And where are we now? Same place.”

Mr. Stone also praised whistleblower Edward Snowden, calling him a personal hero.

“He sacrificed his well-being for the good of us all,” he said. “I think [Russian President Vladimir] Putin did the right thing, and I’m proud of him for doing it. We need more countries to stand up to the U.S.”

Jack Engelhard: Those Repulsive Geico Pig Commercials


— What gives with Geico choosing a pig to sell insurance?

You do not have to be Jewish or Muslim to hate those Geico commercials that feature Maxwell the pig. A Christian group called One Million Moms, part of American Family Association, publicly complained about one particular spot that featured a woman trying to seduce the pig, in a car, apparently on a date. “Repulsive,” they said.

They also said that the madmen geniuses who came up with the concept were promoting bestiality.

That is exactly what I thought when I first saw that commercial. I turned to my wife, the wiser of the two, and said, “Am I getting this right?”

We know that in selling a product the trick is to sell it two ways, 1, say it loud, 2, say it soft, subliminally. Well, this does both.

So is Geico saying that bestiality is okay? There seems to be no other explanation. The Web says that Warren Buffett owns Geico through the parent company Berkshire Hathaway, and that Buffett would spend $2 billion on Geico ads if he could. So far the cost is about $1 billion a year.

China Buys Academia by Samuel Westrop


Why is an “ethics consulting” not-for-profit organization with millions in unused assets teaching Chinese intelligence operatives about British security practices? Given the recent growth of Chinese influence within Western universities, it should probably not be a surprise that a number of Western academics are party to the scandal.

Organizers of a conference for members of the Chinese intelligence services due to be held at Cambridge University in September have barred attending academics from asking questions about China’s human rights record.

The Sunday Times has reported that Anthony Glees, a British counter-terrorism academic, turned down an invitation to speak at the seminar for officials from China’s Ministry of Public Security after the seminar’s organizers barred him from commenting on Chinese government repression and cyber-espionage.

By Ras H. Siddiqui, Sacramento Celebrates Eid with CAIR

http://twocircles.net/2013aug14/eid_sacramento.html Sacramento, California: Muslims in Sacramento, California ended Ramadan this year with a high profile Iftar (breaking of the fast) at the California State Capitol on August 6th followed two days later by some colorful Eid celebrations to mark the end of the holy month. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) hosts “Capitol Iftar” […]



The following article concerns the ongoing Islamization of the Anderlecht district of Brussels, and the effect that cultural enrichment has had on a traditional Jewish school in the neighborhood.

It was originally published in German by Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung. It was translated from German into Dutch by E.J. Bron, and then from Dutch into English by El Rubio for Gates of Vienna:

Brussels is Becoming a Danger Zone
by Bodo Bost

The Jewish school “Maimonides”, rich in tradition and in the centre of Brussels, has to endure, sixty-five years after its startup, an increasingly aggressive anti-Semitism with an Islamic flavor. A ban on wearing kippahs is supposed to protect the children from Islamic aggression.

Shortly after the Second World War, at the initiative of the director of the Jewish orphanage and Holocaust survivor Seligman Bamberger and with the support of the Brussels rabbi Steinberg, the first Jewish school was opened in Brussels.

This project was begun as a symbol of returning Jewish life after the Second World War with its occupation by the Germans. They first started in 1947 with a kindergarten and an elementary school, and beginning in 1959, the school expanded with a wing for higher education.

In addition to the worldly subjects usually taught in schools, the emphasis was also put on Jewish spiritual values and classical education. Because of that, the school was named after the great Talmud scholar Maimonides. The name “atheneum” was added at a later date, and in the year 1965 the first students took their exams and started their studies. The Jewish “Atheneum Maimonides” has moved many times around the city centre until it found its permanent place in 1993 on the Boulevard Poincaré. During its anniversary in 1997 the school changed its name to that of its founder, Seligman Bamberger.

Sixty-five years later the school struggles to survive. Because the neighborhood in Brussels in which the school happens to exist, the city neighborhood of Anderlecht which is in view of the Gare de Midi, has developed during the last few years into a predominantly Muslim neighborhood. The Jews here are more and more exposed to strong hostility. The result: a dwindling Jewish population and a situation for the school that does not seem solvable. “The area has an immigrant population that the Jews are not positively disposed towards,” says Agnes Bensimon, a spokeswoman for the Israeli Embassy in Brussels, who herself is a former pupil of the “Maimonides”. For years there has been a steady deterioration in the quality of life in Anderlecht, which would affect safety and cleanliness, says School Board Chairman Jacques Wajc.


http://sarahhonig.com/2013/08/15/tragically-rerun-melodrama/ Each time Israel prepares to let loose convicted arch-terrorists with blood on their hands, families of the victims and Almagor, the association that represents them, appeal against the impending releases to the High Court of Justice. It’s a hackneyed ritual whose results are already well-known in advance. There is never any variation and therefore […]


Can you see the future?

As we approach the Jewish New Year it is appropriate to highlight Israelis and Israeli innovations that are likely to make a huge impact on our lives in the next few years. Here are some examples from the latest news stories to help people see the Jewish State in its true light.

It is hard to see the future when suffering from poor or non-existent eyesight. So imagine the foresight that Bar-Ilan Professor Zeev Zalevsky must have had to invent a bionic contact lens for the blind that receives the electrical signals from an image and transmits them to the wearer’s cornea. From there, the image is translated, by sensory areas of the brain, into a tactile sensation that the wearer can interpret visually via the fingertips and the tongue. Now checkout the other futuristic innovations that Professor Zalevsky is working on.

Israel’s EyeYon Medical has two solutions for corneal edema, which afflicts two million new patients every year. First, a patented contact lens uses osmosis to release the dangerous fluid build-up. Then a polymer film implant prevents the fluid forming in the future.

Half of the victims of one of the deadliest categories of stroke previously never got to see the future. Now, thanks to the revolutionary Ventritek105 device from Tel Aviv’s Biosan Medical, more than 90 per cent of Intra Ventricular Hemorrhage sufferers who are treated using the device will survive. Eli Beer certainly saw the future when he decided to set up United Hatzalah and its lifesaving ambu-cycles. Eli was unwilling to see people die just because ambulances were unable to get through traffic. United Hatzalah’s two-wheeler paramedics get to emergencies in 3 minutes. “It’s about saving people,” says Eli.


First: The good news is that sales of her book are soaring.

Second: Frontpage today has some good columns and a very apposite title “Rats Are Still Comrades.” Yup….they sure are.

Third: On Pajamas Media Raging Ron Radosh has a piece on treason, Manning, the Rosenbergs etc.


He has this pithy comment :

“If we excused people who betray their country out of a delusional belief that they are doing so for a higher cause than patriotism to their own nation, then our nation would truly be in mortal danger from our enemies.”

And in an interview about his book (The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America) in 2006) Horowitz had this to say:http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2006/02/13/list

“He noted that he writes in the introduction to the book that he believes all professors — liberal and conservative — have points of view and are entitled to interpret their fields according to their philosophies. Such expression, he writes, “is the essence of academic freedom.” In the interview, Horowitz said that a McCarthyite would never make such a statement, and he said that the only McCarthyism in evidence with regard to his book are those who criticize it with “a rash of misrepresentations” and without having read it.


http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/the-emerging-us-weakness?f=puball Herbert London is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the President of the London Center for Policy Research. He is president emeritus of Hudson Institute and author of the book The Transformational Decade (University Press of America). Whether directly or tacitly, nations offer signals about their strength, willingness to act, weakness, and […]



Imagine that Lionsgate Television serialized Jack Abbott’s In the Belly of the Beast, shot it as a “comedy-drama” in the spirit of Mork and Mindy, complete with humorous but serious lessons in life and prolonged observations on human behavior, sans laugh tracks and yuks. Then you’d have the overall flavor of Orange Is the New Black, a Netflix featured series about a woman’s time in a federal minimum security prison.

Jack Abbott, for those who are unfamiliar with the name, was a convicted murderer whose 1981 book about the cruelty of prison life became a bestseller and was championed by those literary lights, Norman Mailer, Jerzy Kosinki, and Susan Sarandon. Prison, averred Abbott, was but a reflection of America society in general. He blamed it for what he was.

Taylor Schilling, whose last major role was as a fashion-challenged and acting-deficient railroad executive, Dagny Taggart, in a skewed, bizarre, and often esoteric production of Ayn Rand’s prophetic novel, Atlas Shrugged, plays Piper Chapman, a kind of conflicted Mindy, a blonde, blue-eyed inmate sent up for fifteen months for drug trafficking. She is based on the real-life Piper Eressea Kerman, also a vacuous nonentity on whose memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Woman’s Prison, the series is based, who was also indicted for the same offenses.

Chapman is sent to federal prison for fifteen months for transporting a suitcase full of drug money for Alex Vause, a lesbian and an international drug smuggler and Chapman’s former lover. In the series, Vause also appears in Litchfield Prison, a very convenient plot development, because if she didn’t show up to confront Chapman about her sexual proclivities, and to finally “break up” with Chapman, the series would only be half the length it is.