New Campaign against Rep. Bachmann for Anti-Brotherhood Stance by CLARE M. LOPEZ People for the American Way (PFAW) has launched a new campaign against Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who, after her recent re-election to Congress, has been re-appointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). A PFAW-sponsored petition with 178,000 signatures is to be presented to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on Monday 21 […]

Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West By Thomas Jordan “Kilpatrick concludes that the crisis of Christian faith is the problem and its strengthening is the solution. Christians have a duty to speak out against wife-beatings, forced marriages, genital mutilation, and honor killings. But should Christians avoid offending Muslims? Kilpatrick explains, “Christianity itself is inherently a criticism of Islam’s claim to have the final […]

2013.01.21 (Salmiyeh, Syria) – Shahid suicide car bombers destroy thirty lives in a commercial district.
2013.01.21 (Kabul, Afghanistan) – At least three innocents are killed during a Fedayeen suicide assault on a traffic police headquarters.
2013.01.19 (Tigantourine, Algeria) – Twenty three hostages are killed by their Islamic captors during a rescue attempt. Twenty-five more are found summarily executed
2013.01.19 (Kano, Nigeria) – At least five people are killed in an attempted Boko Haram assassination of a popular emir.
2013.01.18 (Sur Kas, Pakistan) – Laskhar-e-Islam mortar a family home, killing the mother and father and severely injuring their girl.

Reports indicate that Marine General James Mattis is being forced out of CENTCOM for questioning certain aspects of the Obama administration’s Middle East policy.

In particular, it appears his questions surrounding the U.S. response to Iran’s nuclear ambitions drew the ire of civilian military and security advisers.

These civilians were apparently upset by the way Mattis pushed them to “consider second and third-order consequences of military action against Iran.” Nor did they appreciate the way he pushed them to think long term and consider what the U.S. will do if Iran develops non-nuclear weapons that can be used to keep U.S. ships out of the Persian Gulf.

Mattis also expressed concern over the consequences of certain aspects of the U.S. approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan. It seems this line of reasoning didn’t sit well with National Security Adviser Tom Donilon.


Linsday Sandiford, a 56-year-old British grandmother, has been sentenced to death by firing squad in Indonesia for drug trafficking.

Sandiford, from Redcar in Teesside, has insisted she was set up and was forced by a gang to smuggle drugs to Bali to protect her children.

However, a court in Bali found she was at the centre of an alleged drug ring involving three other Britons and did not appear to have shown remorse.

On hearing the sentence, Sandiford wept and declined to comment as she was led back to prison, covering her face with a scarf. Her lawyer said it was likely an appeal would be launched against the sentence.

“We object to the sentence. We never expected that our client would get the death penalty,” said counsel Esra Karokaro. “We will discuss it first with her, most likely we will appeal.”

Prisoners sentenced to death in Indonesia are executed by a 10 man firing squad.
Though the sentence can be overturned on appeal, prisoners will often spend years waiting for their fate to be decided. A report by Australia’s Lowy Institute last year said five foreign nationals have been executed in Indonesia since 1998, all for drug crimes.

She was arrested last May upon arrival from Bangkok at Bali’s Denpasar airport after customs officials carried out a routine check and found 10.6lb of cocaine worth $2.5 million in the lining of her suitcase.

Her alleged accomplice, Julian Ponder, allegedly received cocaine from her after she agreed to cooperate with police.

DANIEL GREENFIELD: COLIN POWELL EMBARASSES HIMSELF “Sorry man, it’s not happening.” There was a time when Colin Powell could have had the Republican presidential nomination for the asking. He might not have been able to beat Clinton in ’96, but he would have had a decent shot at it. That makes watching Colin Powell playing up to Obama in the […]

As I write this the sun has set, the shadows crawling up and down the grid of America’s first truly planned city. There was a time when it was thought that the Potomac extended across the continent and the city of government would lie at the opening of an interstate aquatic highway. That was not to be. And like so many other dreams of government, the Washington City Canal has seen better days.

Washington D.C. is America, as many of the men and women who work in government envision it. It is a place of great wealth and great poverty. Incomes continue to rise for those in government. D.C. and its bedroom communities hold some of the greatest reserves of wealth in the the country, but its poverty level hovers just below 20 percent. And nearly a third of the children of the capital of our government live in poverty.

Gun control is very much on the minds of the government elite these days, and it should be, working in a city with a higher murder rate than Mexico City. African-Americans only make up half the population of D.C. but black males account for 80 percent of its homicide victims. The black murder rate in D.C. is 37.7 per 100,000 people. The white murder rate however is less than most of the rest of the country. Guns are used in the vast majority of these killings.

1 in 8 households in D.C. struggle with hunger. D.C. public schools have a 56 percent graduation rate for students in general and 41 percent for black males. This is what the city that runs the country that runs the world looks like. This is where the great planners make their plans while just out of sight lies another great urban failure where plans go to die.

DAVID “SPENGLER” GOLDMAN: DENIAL IS STILL A RIVER IN EGYPT Denial, it turns out, really is a river in Egypt. I refer not to the world’s longest waterway, but the world’s largest outpouring of pious expressions of confidence in Egypt by American and European politicians. Infusions of real cash, to be sure, could delay Egypt’s deterioration into a failed state, but not by long, […]

RUTHIE BLUM: FLOATING OVER THE ELECTION One of the regular skits on the new season of the popular satire program “Eretz Nehederet” (“A Wonderful Country”) takes place in a beauty salon. Two Russian-speaking pedicurists are conducting a fierce political argument. The punch line is that, when asked for whom they will be voting, they both answer, “Lieberman.” This is the […]

SARAH HONIG: A SHORT MEMOIR ON THE JERUSALEM POST When Housing Minister Avraham Ofer committed suicide on the third day of 1977, I was already a political reporter, with a good few years in the profession behind me. Yet when I was sent out to cover his funeral and arrived at City Hall, where the body lay in state, I encountered a difficulty […]