KEITH ELLISON’S CROCODILE TEARS: THE SULTAN An Islamist’s Crocodile Tears ” The thought of America’s freedoms being exchanged for the sword and the hangman’s noose, of women having acid thrown in their faces for not wearing a burqa, churches and synagogues burned down and the Constitution being traded for the Koran– now there’s something to really cry about.” We’ll never […]

The Distinctive Barbarism of Palestinian Terrorism: Louis Rene Beres published in June 2002 What kind of people seek “national self-determination” by targeting infants in ice-cream parlors? What particular people’s resort to armed force is oriented exclusively to the murder of innocents? What sort of state can these people be expected to create when their entire energies are shamelessly directed toward unending butchery? […]

INTIFADA? WHAT INTIFADA? ROGER KAPLAN The American Spectator Special Report What Intifada? By Roger Kaplan You can view the Arab revolt globally or locally, with the understanding that all politics is local and that you can act locally while thinking globally. However, these days the one thing we know about the United States government is that it can express […]

THE MSM: ABSENT AT A MASSACRE IN ISRAEL BY GILEAD INI Incitement and Murder A short while ago, a family of five Israelis was murdered in their West Bank home. According to the Associated Press, citing Israel’s YNet news website, “The family — including an 11-year-old, a 3-year-old and an infant — was all stabbed in their sleep…” The infant was reportedly one month old. […]

YOEL MELTZER: AN IMPORTANT INTERVIEW WITH AN ARAB DISSIDENT*** An Interview with an Arab Dissident By Yoel Meltzer Mudar Zahran is a Palestinian Jordanian who fled Jordan and currently resides in England.  A former political insider, he is very critical of the Hashemite regime in Jordan, both vis-à-vis its treatment of its majority Palestinian population and in its belligerent attitude towards Israel.  He […]


I agree that the union mantra “Last hired, First Fired” hurts more than it helps….by hurting many young, inspired, conscientious and dedicated workers. Merit should be the only arbiter. However, when it comes to politics, especially in the White House “Last Hired, First Fired” sounds just right. Onward to 2012…


* VIDEOS * TODAY’S HOT PICKS * 1. Video: 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Japan (Hawaii on alert!) 2. New video: NPR was going to accept Muslim Education Action Center donation and hide it from the government 3. Video: Senator Rand Paul to Administration energy official: Why are you pro-choice on abortion but not […]

WHAT IS THE NEW AMERICAN FOUR LETTER WORD? GABRIEL GUARNICA I once debated with a friend over which was the most over-used word in American society. In the end, we agreed that words such as love, unity, genius, and special do tend to get thrown around like ketchup at a picnic. After all, the media splashes us with these words to the point where we […]

JULIA GILLARD’S STRAIGHT UP FRONT TALK FROM DOWN UNDER The American Spirit: With the Obama administration last week sending appallingly mixed signals on both the economy and foreign policy, Washington needed to hear a certain trumpet. It came, of all places, from Down Under. More accurately, the bracing blast came from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, but not from an […]


Walker: A Man of His Word Posted By Arnold Ahlert “For the first time in recent memory, members of the Republican party stood firm against the tactics of intimidation, name-calling, death threats and compromised media coverage which has far too often caused them to cave into the kind of demands that have led virtually […]