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Ginger Slepski was driving through Pittsburgh’s North Side when a group of black teens threw things at her car. She got out and asked them “what is your problem?”

Then they proceeded to beat her senseless, calling her a “white bitch” and other racial slurs. WPXI has the video and the story.

So where is Eric Holder? Where is Jocelyn Samuels (, the replacement for Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez who could prosecute this crime under federal civil rights laws?

Remember those? Those are the ones Eric Holder made a point to mention at the NAACP convention in Orlando, blustering that he might prosecute the acquitted George Zimmerman.

Well here’s an easy case, Eric. It won’t be too hard to prove a violation of 18 USC 249 or 18 USC 245 in this context. No outrageous self-defense defenses here.

But like in all the other similar cases you refuse to prosecute, the victim here wasn’t one of “your people.” Ginger’s parents didn’t endure the sort of garbage that your wife’s parents did down south. So she isn’t entitled to equal protection of the law, right?

Make no mistake, Ginger isn’t the only victim who won’t get justice from Justice just because of her race. Neither will the parents who were beaten at the Wisconsin State Fair. Nor will the parents in Ohio who saw thugs come on their lawn shouting racial slurs before they beat them.

We get it, Eric. You can tell your friends at the Washington Post and New York Times that your Justice Department doesn’t discriminate because of the race of the victim, but we know the truth. We know that you treat some Americans as second-class citizens. And for that, you are more like one of the old segregationists than the crusader for justice you think you are.

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Syria? Don’t Look Now, Here Come Egypt’s “Moderates”:Ahmed Abdel-Raheem

Keeping one’s eye on the ball in the MidEast isn’t easy. But as Syria draws our attention, don’t miss the latest exciting, insane developments in Egypt As a researcher in cognitive science and cognitive linguistics, I can say that anytime you hear or read anything, your brain is activated, and that repeating narratives, frames, […]


But even by George Galloway standards this is looney tunes stuff…

Quick apology and quick credit where credit is due. The apology being that this is the silly season for the media and this is late; but heck, if it’s news to me, it’s, er, news…..; the quick credit where credit is due belongs to Alex Massie at The Spectator for pointing out that if sheer, mad conspiracy theories were not running and sprinting rife enough in the MidEast over Syria, we got another one for you.

Yes indeedy, the Syria chemical attack is all Israel’s fault. Well I never.

Please read Massie’s posting, here. But in the spirit of fair use, get your little heads (none of us could compare to Galloway’s; he even uses the word “theory”!) around this extract quoting said Mr. Galloway:

“If there has been a use of chemical weapons it was al-Qaeda who used chemical weapons. Who gave al-Qaeda chemical weapons? Here’s my theory: Israel gave them the chemical weapons so that they would use them so that they would bring the international community into the final destruction of Syria.”

Well my little head is non-plussed. But that’s probably because I’m not a member of parliament for a far-Left political party with a heavily Muslim constituency in Yorkshire. Yes, they do call me “Yorker”, so I know what I’m talking about…

Is this the kind of BS we should ignore? Or does it portend darker times?

Credit again to Alex Massie at the Speccie. As we put this all together, It does just add something, doesn’t it…? To the unending madness in the MidEast, I mean. Speaking of which, check out the latest loon-level stuff from Egypt.

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