DER SPIEGEL: HAS THE ARAB SPRING STALLED?,1518,druck-762861,00.html Autocrats Gain Ground in Middle East By Alexander Smoltczyk and Volkhard Windfuhr Burning churches in Cairo, dead and wounded in Syria, Libya and Yemen, and a deathly silence in Bahrain. The Arab protest movement has come to a standstill, and the kings, emirs and sultans are rallying to launch a counterrevolution. According to the […]

THROUGH A STATE DEPARTMENT GLASS DARKLY….. Through A State Department Glass Darkly Perusing this little morsel from the office of the Deputy Secretary of State:  “Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg visits Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank May 18-19, 2011. In Israel, Deputy Secretary Steinberg met with Israeli academic and student leaders. In the West Bank, he met with Palestinian […]

GERMANY MAY OPT OUT OF COOPERATION WITH US IN SHARING ANTI-TERROR INTEL There are increasing signs out of Germany that the era of post-9/11 anti-terror cooperation with the United States may be nearing its end. Spiegel, Germany’s flagship political magazine, reported this week that the killing of German citizens by US drones in the Pakistani region of Waziristan had provoked such controversy that the government had […]

The UN Vote on A Palestinian State by Herbert I. London The United Nations this September will attempt to create a Palestinian state through political mandate. This, as is par for the UN, is not merely an attempt to justify the political aspirations of Palestinians, but rather to punish Israel. This initiative should be seen against a backdrop of Muslim imperial ambitions. Israel lies directly […]

Obama and His Muslim Outreach by Mark Silverberg

Obama and His Muslim Outreach by Mark Silverberg President Barack Obama appears to be preparing a fresh outreach to the Muslim world in the coming days, one that will ask those in the Middle East and beyond to reject Islamic terrorism in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death, and embrace what he believes […]

Islamic “Shariah-Compliant” Banking Takes Root in Europe by Soeren Kern The European Union is emerging as a major center of Islamic finance, based on Islamic Shariah law, and which critics say amounts to “financial Jihad” by Islamists intent on Islamifying the West. The spectacular growth prospects for the Islamic financial services industry in many European countries is being fuelled by Muslim mass immigration; despite […]

MUSLIMS TO OBAMA….WE’RE NO THAT INTO YOU ANYMORE President Obama is attempting to salvage his flagging Middle East strategy. In his scheduled speech today on the events in the Middle East and North Africa, Mr. Obama may also try to claim a measure of credit for the changes sweeping the region. This will be a tough sell, especially to the supermajorities of […]


RAY HARTWELL: Fed imperium spurs Baja Arizona secession try So, in the spirit of self-determination for oppressed peoples, the liberal “stalwarts” (as Reuters news agency calls them) of “Baja Arizona” are circulating petitions aimed at breaking away from the rest of the state. If successful, this would be the first intrastate secession since West […]

THE ONGOING TRAGEDY IN CONGO…HEATHER MURDOCK Congo’s riches below ground bankroll violence above Market is vast for ‘conflict minerals,’ but damage to Congolese life is high GOMA, Democratic Republic of the Congo — In the remote Congolese countryside, a war that technically ended eight years ago still rages. Villages are looted, women are raped en masse, and children are forced […]

ALEX JOFFE: ISRAEL’S DIPLOMATIC DILEMMA,7340,L-4070705,00.html Israel’s diplomatic dilemmaOp-ed: Before too long, Israel may have to make difficult choices between America and China Alex Joffe After the US raid into Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden it has become transparent that he had been sheltered there, either by the army or the intelligence service. But in the immediate aftermath of […]