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Jew, Know Your Enemy

The following article was published yesterday at Dispatch International, but was only up briefly before the latest hacker attack took down the site. At the request of DI’s editors, Gates of Vienna is pleased to republish it here.

Jew, know your enemy
by Jeppe Samuel Cholewa Juhl

“When two Jews are gathered in a room, there will be at least three opinions.” So goes the saying that we used to laugh at in my youth when we were sitting around the dinner table.

Essentially the saying is very positive. It reflects Judaism’s taste for discussion and its willingness and ability to change. Jewish intellectual curiosity, joie de vivre and taste for innovation are legendary and have contributed mightily to mankind’s advancement within practically every imaginable field. The world would have been a poorer place without the Jewish people.

Therefore the kind of pluralism that springs from debate, disagreement and curiosity must of course be preserved. We must continue debating. We must continue constructively, even aggressively, challenging each other. All the time. Any time.

But there is one thing we Jews should not be arguing about in this day and age. This encompasses all Jews — especially in Europe. Whether we are religious or secular. Whether we regard ourselves as belonging to the Left or the Right. And that is that Islam is Judaism’s mortal enemy. To believe otherwise is to deny an overwhelmingly documented reality.

And by Islam I mean all of Islam. The entire system of thought. The religious as well as the (dominant) political and cultural aspects of the Muslim world are so thoroughly infested with vitriolic anti-Semitism that it would be suicidal for us Jews to underestimate the hatred and the ignorance with which today’s Muslims are brought up.

The problem is that many Western Jews deny this hatred. We are nice and peaceful people. We have minded our own business. We have gratefully and diligently accommodated to the countries that have accepted us and never demanded special treatment nor displayed a victim mentality.

Orthodox Jews in Europe are integrated and secular Jews are assimilated to a degree where Jewishness is close to disappearing. We have ascribed the best of motives to our fellow men and naïvely projected our values on others. Many Jews — like most Europeans — are moral and cultural relativists who believe that all people have the best of intentions.

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