The Heritage Institute report estimates that under amnesty the average legalized illegal household will take in $43,900 in benefits while paying a little over a third of that in taxes. Those numbers are grim from the standpoint of a tottering economy being asked to take on an even bigger pile of debt and they reveal an even grimmer view of the future.

Set aside the political debates, the tensions over multiculturalism, entitlements and the great political divide, and those numbers reek of a country whose only future is poverty.

Subsidized poverty, even if we had the ability to continue subsidizing it forever, is still poverty. A Food Stamp Nation made up of slums full of bodegas and check cashing places does not offer any kind of future. Its only growth industries are in expensive government jobs or cheap service jobs leading to an economy of two tiers; one for workers and another for political workers.

“A report came out recently which showed what most Mexicans had long suspected – there is almost no social mobility in the country whatsoever. If you are born into poverty the chances are very high that you will die poor too,” a BBC report from Mexico concludes.

Now substitute America for Mexico. Imagine a society sharply divided between the working class and the government class where political connections mean more than any single other factor.

The report begins with the daughter of the Federal Attorney General for Consumer Protection shutting down a restaurant because they wouldn’t give her a seat and ends with two wealthy women abusing a police officer by calling him “asalariado” or “wage earner”.

Asalariado is becoming an insult in the United States. And the irony is that amnesty for illegal aliens may complete the process through which the people who came here looking to find opportunities that didn’t exist in Mexico will turn America into Mexico.

America hardly had any class issues because both the rich and the poor worked. A Carnegie or a Rockefeller might be able to buy and sell a thousand ordinary men, but still started out at the bottom of the ladder and never stopped working. To have proper class issues, you need a permanent leisure class to create that gap between those who work and those who do nothing.

(Dem-PA) Rep. Fattah Joins GOPs in Slamming Admin for Fort Hood ‘Political Correctness’ Posted By Bridget Johnson

http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2013/05/07/dem-rep-fattah-joins-gops-in-slamming-admin-for-fort-hood-political-correctness/?print=1 A Democrat has added his name to the list of lawmakers frustrated with the Pentagon’s insistence on calling the Fort Hood shooting “workplace violence.” Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.) joined with Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.), a longtime critic of the administration’s treating of Fort Hood, in slamming the “political sensitivities” that have kept the attack […]

The Mecca Metric By Vik Rubenfeld ….Are Americans Waking Up?


All around America, people are waking up to the fact that Islam can inspire Muslims to kill civilians. Examples:

● Bill Maher [1]: “I mean there’s only one faith, for example, that kills you or wants to kill you if you draw a bad cartoon of the Prophet. There’s only one faith that kills you or wants to kill you if you renounce the faith. […] Now, obviously, most Muslim people are not terrorists. But ask most Muslim people in the world — if you insult the Prophet, do you have what’s coming to you? It’s more than just a fringe element.”

● Andrew Sullivan [2]: “[Boston bomber] Tamerlan’s brain was damaged by religious fanaticism and fundamentalism.”


The question is often asked, “What percentage of Muslims wish to carry out, or condone violence against civilians in the name of Islam?” A frequent assumption behind the question is that because an unknown percentage of Muslims does not do so, it would of course be wrong to deport all Muslims, and therefore — and this is the key point — nothing can be done to protect the U.S. from Islamic jihadists.

We Americans are used to thinking in terms of a single new law or a single new policy to take action for the public good. But to protect Americans from Islamic jihadists will take a different approach. It will not be a single new law or a single new policy that achieves this goal. It will be a marathon, over a number of years, of new laws and new policies, new awareness and new attitudes, that will do so.

New awareness and attitudes often come before legislation. Before we even begin to consider specific new laws, it may be helpful to begin with awareness, attitudes, and policies that do not require the force of law.

Teacher Stomps on an American Flag, Gets $85,000 Settlement :Rick Moran (??!!)


How’s your outrage quotient today? A teacher in South Carolina who stomped on an American flag to demonstrate freedom in America and subsequently was forced to resign, has agreed not to press a legal challenge in his case in return for a settlement of $85,000.

Lexington-Richland 5 paid former Chapin High teacher Scott Compton √ $85,000 to avoid a legal challenge, part of a settlement that led to his resignation after he stomped on an American flag during a class lesson.

The payment is on top of Compton’s salary that will be paid through June 7, even though he has been out of the classroom since December. School officials did not provide Compton’s salary Monday, but their plan pays teachers with his 12 years’ experience $43,340 to $59,647 a year.

Lexington-Richland 5 taxpayers also will foot the bill for more than $31,500 in attorney fees, records obtained by The State newspaper under a state Freedom of Information Act request show.

The $85,000 payment was described as “a compromise and resolution of disputed claims,” the records say.


http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/05/coptic_christians_need_help_now.html If Obama were truly interested in the downtrodden of the world, he would be publicizing the plight of Egyptian Coptic Christians who are being decimated as a result of ongoing pillaging and murder by Muslim jihadists. In Raymond Ibrahim’s new book, titled Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians there are, according to […]

JULIAN CONWAY:UKIP, Neo-Conservatism, and Douglas Murray

http://www.thecommentator.com/article/3457/ukip_neo_conservatism_and_douglas_murray Julian Conway is the Director of Friends of Israel in UK “Neonservatism – whether or not it is called as such – is the route back to the right path by which true liberalism returns, strengthened and defended” Douglas Murray’s book, Neoconservatism and Why We Need It, was a best-seller when it was published […]


http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/a-doctor-in-auschwitz?f=puball Among the approximately 20,000 books burned at Berlin’s Opernplatz (Opera Square) in 1933, were works by the 19th9-century German poet, Heinrich Heine, who wrote, “Christianity – and that is its greatest merit – has somewhat mitigated that brutal Germanic love of war, but could not destroy it.” So begins Gisele Perl’s memoir, I Was […]


http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/the-lady-t-i-knew It is unlikely the world will ever encounter a Margaret Thatcher again. Her courage, confidence in her views, power of persuasion are simply sui generis. I knew Margaret Thatcher, not well; yet well enough to form opinions. For several years in the late 1990’s she and I planned conferences with spokesmen on both sides […]



I still recall the long months of the Watergate scandal that began with a botched break-in of the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972. It was directed by a group of presidential operatives dubbed the “plumbers” inside the White House. No one died, but a number of the operatives, including the Attorney General, John Mitchell, went to jail!

As always, it is not the crime, but the cover-up that brought down the Nixon presidency. It was the testimony of John Dean III, a top aide to Nixon, who revealed the extent of the corruption that existed and Nixon’s complicity.

The initial revelations and subsequent congressional investigations did not lead to a swift application of the law. Indeed, it would not be until August 9, 1974 that Nixon would resign, the first and only President to do so.

Two years would pass and, if one applies this to the Obama presidency, that means he has some twenty-four months left in office, a period of time in which he can do a lot of damage, assuming events play out as they did in the 1970s. Obama’s conduct of the presidency is a stain on the office at this point and his personal conduct an insult to Americans struggling to find work, pay their mortgages, put their children through college, and maintain any faith in their government.

At this writing, there is no way to know what revelations will occur during Wednesday’s congressional committee hearing on the events surrounding the Benghazi attack that led to the assassination of a U.S. ambassador and the three security personnel who gave their lives in the effort to save him.



Did Obama lie to the American people on Benghazi? Libya Cover-Up Would Be Impeachable Offense

Lt. Col. Peters said he believes that “President Obama lied to the American people, himself. Secretary [Hillary] Clinton lied to Congress. Susan Rice lied to the UN. Jay Carney lied to the media. […] The mainstream establishment media have protected this administration right down the line.”