ANTI ISRAEL INDOCTRINATION IN THE UK….FROM BROADCASTING TO THE SCHOOLS Anti-Israel indoctrination in the UK If you need to know the depth to which the British media has indoctrinated the public with anti-Israel feelings, then I can give no better example than the following: My daughter, who goes to an orthodox Jewish school, tells me that, when the subject of Israel is discussed in […]

THE BBC’S BROADCASTS SPREAD MALIGN INFLUENCE Anti-Israel Broadcasts in Britain Spread Their Malign Influence – and How! That fine British blogger Edgar Davidson, who always has something important, profound, and often original, to say, begins his post entitled “Anti-Israel indoctrination in the UK” thus: ‘If you need to know the depth to which the British media has indoctrinated the public with […]

MOSLEMS AND ARABS WHO WILL ATTEND J STREET EVENT Moslems and Arabs who will Attend the “J Street” Event….STEVEN PLAUT “Does the “J” in “J Street” really stand for jihad?” “J Street” is the leftist radical anti-Israel lobby group funded by George Soros and others who hope it will neutralize AIPAC. In a few days it will be holding a large shindig in […]

THE SURREAL JUDICIAL DRAMA OF ELISABETH SABADITSCH WOLFF Sentence First — Verdict Afterwards Unlike Alice, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff does not have the luxury of waking up from the surreal judicial drama into whose rabbit hole she so recently fell. Like the Queen and the King of Wonderland, the prosecution and the judge in Elisabeth’s case apparently settled on the sentence long before considering […]


Watershed Moment in Wisconsin Posted By Roger Kimball Watershed, n. . . . 3. A critical point that serves as a dividing line. What’s happening in Madison, Wisconsin, is not your ordinary blip in the news cycle.  It is, as a headline in our former paper of record put it, “A Watershed Moment [1].” […]


Niall Ferguson is one of the world’s leading historians, but his pro-colonial views have been heavily criticised. Here, he explains why he’s now targeting a younger audience William Skidelsky The Observer, Sunday 20 February 2011 My first thought, on meeting Niall Ferguson, is that he looks too smart to be an academic. It’s a […]

OBAMA’S WAR ON DEMOCRACY IN WISCONSIN….SEE NOTE YESTERDAY GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER WAS ON FOX  AND IMPRESSIVELY DEFENDED HIS ACTIONS…..THE STAKES ARE SO HIGH FOR OBAMA…LOSE THE UNIONS AND LOSE THE ELECTION IN 2012…. EDITORIAL: Obama’s war on democracyPresident’s campaign forces seize Wisconsin statehouse The White House and its allies have backed similar demonstrations in Ohio and Indiana, and more may be […]

JEFF JACOBY:LARA LOGAN AND EGYPTIAN “LIBERATION” PERHAPS THE MOST SHOCKING THING about the despicablesexual attack on CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo’s Tahrir Squareis that to those who know Egypt, it wasn’t shocking at all. “Why is sexual harassment in Egypt so rampant?“asked the headline over a story written by CNN’s Mary Rogers lastNovember. A veteran producer and camerawoman who […]


Poll: Fox News watchers far more likely to have negative views of Muslims By Greg Sargent tip: The new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, which I linked to below, also contained this interesting nugget: The survey findings also show a significant correlation between trust in Fox News and negative attitudes about […]

SOROS SLAMS FOX NEWS…. Last year, it was announced that billionaire George Soros gave his first ever contribution to Media Matters, an organization that puts a specific emphasis on criticizing the Fox News Channel. Now we may know the reason why Soros has made this donation public. On Sunday’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on CNN, Soros took a few […]