In 2008 and then again in 2012, after retired four-star General Colin Powell endorsed and then voted for Barack Obama, the former Secretary of State’s sanity was already in question. At least now, after having his email account hacked by high-level security-breacher Guccifer, Colin Powell’s besmirching of the Republican Party’s “shift to the right” and “identity crisis” finally makes sense.

It seems that for years the mannerly and always professional Colin Powell has been cyber-comporting with a 46-year-old Romanian European Parliament member, Social Democrat, and past spokesperson for Romanian president Ion Iliescu named Corina Creţu. So it’s safe to say that Colin Powell was probably the one in the throes of an “identity crisis.”

As vice chair of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Corina Creţu, who once called Powell the “love of her life,” had, on occasion, spoken out against cruelty to women worldwide. Yet thanks to her progressive mindset, seducing in hopes of ‘sharing’ someone else’s husband must not be a problem for her.

The fact that Colin Powell would associate with a communist sympathizer, never mind carry on titillating banter with a woman 30 years his junior, indicates risky and immature behavior just a notch above Weinergate. Either way, the revelations do put into context Powell’s ability to support progressive socialist Barack Obama. General Powell lowered standards within his marriage, which apparently translated into lower standards politically.

Not for nothing, but it is kind of ironic that Colin Powell, whom many believed voted for Barack Obama simply because he’s black, cyber-cheated on his African-American wife Alma with a blonde Marxist from Romania.


Why did Vladimir Putin thumb his nose at the U.S. in the Snowden affair? Because he could.

‘We are extremely disappointed,” the White House press secretary said after Moscow granted asylum to fugitive NSA leaker Edward Snowden. A nice understatement. Washington is now looking at the greatest counterintelligence failure since the Rosenbergs betrayed nuclear know-how to Stalin some 60 years ago. Now the Russians have Mr. Snowden’s hard disks to unearth more U.S. secrets than could be stolen by a battalion of spies.

President Vladimir Putin has it in his hands to endlessly embarrass the U.S. by releasing choice bits and pieces from the Snowden trove, or to threaten to do so to keep Washington on its best behavior. After this slap, “extremely disappointed” is the diplomatic equivalent of pouting—unbecoming to a great power.

Why did Mr. Putin decide to thumb his nose at the U.S. after playing cat-and-mouse for six weeks? Easy—because he could. He has taken the measure of Barack Obama, concluding that there isn’t much there there, to paraphrase the president on the State Department’s emails about Benghazi.

Participants in the festivities at Jerusalem’s new city square at the axis of Shlomzion HaMalka, Ben Sira and HaMelech Shlomo Streets may have no idea that this was once the location of the British army and police HQ, a battlefield and a border.
Jerusalem has a new urban plaza for tourism, events and entertainment. The intersection of Shlomzion HaMalka, Ben Sira and HaMelech Shlomo Streets has been redesigned, paved, landscaped, furnished and turned into a square that connects pedestrian traffic from the city center with the Mamilla open air mall and the Old City at Jaffa Gate. The intention of the NIS 18 million project, according to the Municipal Spokesperson’s office, is to “pave the way to tourist business and increase the economic boom in the city center.

The inauguration of the new square was held this past Thursday in the presence of Mayor Nir Barkat, while just up the street at the Russian Compound, the Jerusalem Indie City street music festival was happening. There was nary a mention of Bevingrad, even though a scant 65 years earlier (a mere eyeblink in historical terms), that was what the entire area between these two points was called.

“Bevingrad” was the name cynically given by Jerusalem residents during the British Mandate. It referred to areas of Jerusalem that were fortified by the British for fear of Etzel (Irgun) attacks — like one carried out at the Kind David Hotel in 1946 and included buildings on King George Street, the Russian compound (which the British had rented from the Russians to use as a jail), police headquarters and courthouses, the Italian hospital, the central post office, buildings owned by companies British company OBG and Italian Insurance Company Generali, as well as police storage warehouses. The nickname referred to British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin and the famous Stalingrad fortifications.



Mark Langfan writing at advances a plausible theory that it is not a CIA gun-running pipeline to Al Qaeda that the Obama administration is stonewalling on Benghazi, but rather an Iranian attack on a CIA gun-running pipeline to Al Qaeda instead.

Larry Johnson made a similar case last October.

Worth remembering also is Obama’s selection of Thomas Pickering, an Iran apologist, to conduct the State Department’s “investigation.”

Langfan wonders why Obama administration is gagging CIA survivors of the Benghazi attack.

Is it to cover-up the fact that Obama was running guns to the Syrian rebels? Why do that? Both the then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and then-CIA Director Petraeus were openly advocating arming the Syrian rebels.

Is it such a big deal that the United States was secretly arming enemies of Iran’s puppet Assad through our NATO-ally, Turkey? No it isn’t.

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Only recently, the offshore wind industry was seen as an opportunity to regenerate Germany’s coast. But amid changing political attitudes and spiraling costs, several companies are struggling to survive. Is the wind boom over before it even really began?

The new power plant 15 kilometers (9 miles) off the North Sea island of Borkum is a masterpiece of German engineering. In only 14 months, experts anchored dozens of giant rotors to the sea floor. The 150-meter (492-foot) wind turbines at the Riffgat offshore wind farm work perfectly.

Providing clean electricity to 120,000 households, Riffgat was expected to become a milestone of the federal government’s shift away from nuclear power and toward green energy.

But the dedication of the first commercial German wind farm in the North Sea on August 10 is set to be a low-key affair. Chancellor Angela Merkel cancelled her scheduled appearance. And Environment Minister Peter Altmaier and European Union Energy Commission Günther Oettinger, both members of Merkel’s center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), have hesitated to accept the invitation from EWE, an energy company based in the northern German city of Oldenburg.

The reason is that Riffgat has a cosmetic defect: the wind farm is still missing part of its power line to the mainland. For the time being, instead of producing energy, Riffgat is actually consuming it. To prevent the rotors from corroding in the salty air, they have to be supplied with electricity produced with diesel generators.

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