AL JAZEERA: WILL IT BE PALARAB’S MUBARAK MOMENT? ALI ABUNIMA SEE NOTE WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS INSIDIOUS MESSAGE THAT ISRAEL’S LEADERS FAIL TO UNDERSTAND AS THEY SEEK NEW TALKS WITH THEIR AVOWED ENEMIES? The Palestinian Authority should dissolve itself, as it is acting in Israel’s interest, writer says. Ali Abunimah Indeed, such movements hold much greater promise to end Israel’s apartheid regime and produce a […]

GLOBALONEY ABOUT FLOODING RISKS AN EXCUSE FOR RAISING TAXES Unscientific hype about the flooding risks from climate change will cost us all dear The warmists have sound financial grounds for hyping the dangers of flooding posed by climate change, writes Christopher Booker As the great global warming scare continues to crumble, attention focuses on all those groups that have a huge interest in […]


Reflections on the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt Posted By Rashid Khalidi   Thursday, February 24, 2011 – 4:12 PM     Share   This is above all a moment of new possibilities in the Arab world, and indeed in the entire Middle East. We have not witnessed such a turning point for a very long time. […]

MATT BARBER: MAINSTREAMING RADICAL ISLAM The term “useful idiot” is believed to have been coined by Vladimir Lenin. It originally described liberal Communist sympathizers in Western nations who, as the Soviet leader explained, would “sell us (Soviet Russia) the rope with which we will hang them (the West).” Today’s useful idiots are a swath from that same politically correct […]

AMIL IMANI: BREAK THE SILENCE ON ISLAM The American people must hear the truth about Islam continually until they are completely aware of its dangers. Sadly, our Churches dare not speak up for fear of being accused of intolerance toward another religion. Our academia, the university professors, left or right, dare not, because, most likely, they would lose their salaries. Our […]

SHAMEFUL LIBYAN ARMS DEAL NOW HAUNTS EUROPE….SEE NOTE,1518,747440,00.html Libyan Arms Deals Come Back to Haunt Europe By David Böcking OH…AND HOW ABOUT CONDI RICE’S GUSHING ABOUT OUR NEW ALLY QADDAFI?REMEMBER THIS? Rice to Welcome Qaddafi to War on Terror as Ties Grow Helicopters from Italy, communication technology from Germany: When the arms embargo against Libya was lifted in 2004, the country’s dictator […]

ANDREW McCARTHY: THE MODERN CALIPHATE…THE ISLAMIC AGENDA IS DOMINION NOT COEXISTENCE The OIC and the Caliphate The Islamic agenda is not coexistence, but dominion. The Organization of the Islamic Conference is the closest thing in the modern world to a caliphate. It is composed of 57 members (56 sovereign states and the Palestinian Authority), joining voices and political heft to pursue the unitary interests of […]

ON OUR “SOUTH BANK” THE COMING MILITARY CONFRONTATION WITH MEXICAN CARTELS ALBERTO DE LA CRUZ The violence rolling across Mexico continues to destroy everything and everyone in its path, threatening the further destabilization of an already besieged society teetering on the brink of anarchy. That wave is crashing on our border as Mexican drug cartel-related incidents increase in the United States. This month’s murder of […]

DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN…UN AMBASSADOR SUSAN RICE…CLAUDIA ROSETT When President Obama made Susan Rice his ambassador to the United Nations, in 2009, he thought the job was so vital that he gave her cabinet rank. Now, here we are, with the Arab world in tumult, two dictators gone in the past two months, and the UN aflutter over scenes of Libyans dying […]

CHEERING THE FALL OF DICTATORS…BUT IGNORING FANATICS POISED TO REPLACE THEM AND THE THREAT TO ISRAEL: CHARLES MOORE Libya: What happens after we stop watching these revolutions against Col Gaddafi? We cheer the toppling of dictators, but ignore fanatics poised to take their place, writes Charles Moore. In Israel this week, I flew to the northern border with Lebanon. From a military outpost, I looked over the barbed wire which separates the […]