STEPHEN WALT: USES ITAMAR MURDERS TO CONDEMN ISRAEL To say that I am appalled by the brutal murder of an Israeli family in the West Bank settlement of Itamar (near Nablus) is an understatement. Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is universally recognized as a violation of international law and depends on force, intimidation, and violence, but there is no justification for […]

Weeping and Other Hysterics: Have Muslim Apologists Nothing More to Offer?

Weeping and Other Hysterics: Have Muslim Apologists Nothing More to Offer? by Raymond Ibrahim From Congressman Keith Ellison’s emotional breakdown to Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s accusations of “racism,” last week’s hearings on Muslim radicalization have made it clear that those who oppose the hearings have little of substance to offer. Still, the tactics used by […]

GILAD FARM AND THE MIDDLE EAST: JEROLD AUERBACH Gilad Farm and Middle East Peace By Jerold S. Auerbach Where is Gilad Farm and why should anyone care? A tiny community of twenty families living in a cluster of shacks and tents, it is located on a barren hilltop near Nablus in the northern West Bank. Established in 2002 on land privately owned […]

ROGER KIMBALL: NAMING THE DEAD ROGER KIMBALL The world’s attention has understandability been riveted by the horrendous natural disaster in Japan.  Naoto Kan, the Japanese Prime Minister, somberly described the damage wrought by the shattering earthquake and tsunami  the nations “worst crisis since World War II.” That tragedy — and no one can watch the video footage of what […]


J Street: A Dead End By Adrienne A. Price J Street’s race for mainstream legitimacy will have long-term divisive effects on the American Jewish community. Funded by mysterious donors who may be neither Jewish nor American, J Street has become the home for progressive rabbis, Jews who see Israel as the roadblock for peace, […]

MOMENT OF TRUTH FOR LEFTISTS: ASAF WOHL,7340,L-4041263,00.html Op-ed: Following attack, leftists must decide whether they’re ‘useful idiots’ or anti-Semites Hello there, global leftist:   Almost every day, Israel’s citizens are told of more displays of hostility by you against us. Often we are informed of various boycotts imposed on Israeli goods, the cancellation of cultural events in Israel, and even attempts […]

Israel’s Future in the ‘New Middle East’By Louis René Beres

Israel’s Future in the ‘New Middle East’By Louis René Beres For Israel, the basic Jewish philosophic choice between life and death, between the “blessing” and the “curse,” has always been clear. What remains problematic, of course, is precisely how to best ensure the former. And in these especially uncertain times of a “New Middle […]

THE UK:DID YOU KNOW? WHEN THE WEDDING TAKES PLACE IN WESTMINSTER ABBEY BRITISH JEWS CAN SAY “WE HELPED TO PAY FOR THAT” Put Not Your Trust in Princes – Nor They in Their Advisers: Buckingham Palace, the Jews, and Westminster Abbey Ninety-years of age this coming June, and still remarkably hale and hearty, the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is well-known for speaking his mind, and for dropping a few unpolitically correct clangers as […]


by Asaf Romirowsky I was in Israel practically every year from 1949. In 1955 I spent a year there and Ben Gurion’s dream nation (and mine at the time) was a Socialist state with tremendous government intervention in everything….housing, schools, transportation, communication…even entertainment. The radio programs were monitored, the Beatles were denied an invitation […]

KEITH ELLISON’S CROCODILE TEARS: THE SULTAN An Islamist’s Crocodile Tears ” The thought of America’s freedoms being exchanged for the sword and the hangman’s noose, of women having acid thrown in their faces for not wearing a burqa, churches and synagogues burned down and the Constitution being traded for the Koran– now there’s something to really cry about.” We’ll never […]