The Preferred Option: Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria Nearly every time I suggest to someone that Israel needs to declare complete sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, I am bombarded with doubts and accusations – “Are you crazy, it can’t be done!” “What will the world say?”, “America will not allow us”, “We’ll be boycotted and perhaps attacked”, “We’ll lose the Jewish majority […]

ANDREW BOSTOM: FIRST AMENDMENT TRUMPS SHARIA IN DEARBORN A seminal, if ominous report [2] released May 17, 2011 by the Center for Security Policy described fifty appellate court cases from 23 states which involve conflicts between Islamic law—Sharia [3]—and American state law. Nothwithstanding the delusive mindslaughter [4] on display across America’s political spectrum which denies Sharia [5] encroachment in the US, the […]

OIC Fatwa on Domestic Violence and the Rights of Women in Islam By Mark Durie

OIC Fatwa on Domestic Violence and the Rights of Women in Islam By Mark Durie Sunday, May 29, 2011 In April 2009, the Islamic Fiqh Academy made a ruling entitled ‘Domestic Violence’. This is a highly significant document which reflects a high-level consensus of leading Muslim scholars in the world today. It was clearly […]

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INEPTITUDE DIREGARDED WARNINGS ABOUT MUMBAI JIHAD PLOTTER FRIOM HIS OWN WIVES!! Yes, “wives,” one of whom he also had a “domestic violence” incident with, as described below. Just a little Qur’an 4:34 in action. “FBI ignored warnings on Headley’s jihadist career,” by Praveen Swami for The Hindu, May 30: CHICAGO: Federal Bureau of Investigation detectives disregarded multiple warnings that the Pakistani-American jihadist David Headley was […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: A DAY AT THE RACES If the Republican presidential field were any more unstable, it would be radioactive. At this point just about anyone can jump in and briefly poll on top of the heap, before slowly sinking down to the bottom again, like a banana in a bowl of stale jello. Party players pin their hopes on candidates […]

MARTHA BOLTZ: REMEMBER THE TROOPS Revolutionary War (1775-1783) Served: No data 
Deaths: 4,435 
Wounded 6,188 War of 1812 (1812-1815) Served: 286,730 
Battle Deaths: 2,260 
Wounded: 4,505 Mexican War (1846-1848) Served: 78,718 
Battle Deaths: 1,733 
Other Deaths: 11,550 
Wounded: 4,152 Civil War (1861-1865) Served: 2,213,363 
Battle Deaths: 140,414 
Other Deaths: 224,097 
Wounded: 281,881 Spanish-American War (1895-1902) Served: 306,760 
Battle Deaths: […]

TAX DOLLARS FUND SHRIMP ON TREADMILLS AND JELL-O WRESTLING IN ANTARTICA: STEVE DINAN Tax dollars fund shrimp on treadmills, Jell-O wrestling in Antarctica Report says federal research agency mismanaged $3 billion The Senate’s top waste watcher, in a new report Thursday, said taxpayer money has gone to funding jello wrestling in the Antarctic, to testing the exercise ability of shrimp on a treadmill and to a laundry-folding […]

BARE NAKED HATRED:ILLINOIS LAW PROFESSOR FRANCIS BOYLE “JEWISTAN”…SEE NOTE Jewistan: Finally Recognizing Israel as the Jewish State By Francis Boyle – Law Professor Illinois University BOYLE’S BIO: University of Chicago, A.B. (1971) in Political Science.  One of seven students in my entering Class of 1972  elected to Phi Beta Kappa as a Junior; winner as a Junior of the Sigma Xi Certificate of […]

LARRY MILLER: THE INTIFADA AND ITS DEFENDERS AND GRETA VON SUSTEREN Whosoever Blesses Them The intifada and its defenders. I WAS WATCHING Greta Van Facelift on Fox the other night, and she and her guests made me talk back to the TV. Shout back, actually. Nothing witty or trenchant, you understand, just something like, “Oh, come on!” Now, to be honest, it was late, and […]


The “Nakba” Debunked By Steven Plaut The world media are filled with Goebbels-style Big Lies about the “Nakba,” the supposed “catastrophe” and “ethnic cleansing” of Arabs when Israel was created in 1948. But now an interesting source has come along to debunk this massive campaign of lies and disinformation. Consider the following citation, emphasis added:  […]