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On May 29, the DNC chairman said, and I quote: The Wisconsin recall is a “dry run” for the November elections.

Washington, D.C. – DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz [1] released the following statement tonight on the results of the recall election in Wisconsin:

Despite the disappointing outcome of tonight’s election, there is no question that over the past year this recall effort sent a message to Scott Walker that his brand of divisive politics is offensive and wrong. Thousands of Wisconsinites mounted this effort in the face of a flood of out of state, secret and corporate special interest money– amounting to a massive $31 million war chest for Governor Walker to just $4 million on our side.

Readers will recall that Wasserman Schultz was accused of abandoning the Democrat activists to their fate as it became clear there was little hope that Walker could be defeated. The Daily Kos [2] wrote when the recall effort was clearly flagging:

If Walker wins in Wisconsin she apparently believes

“there aren’t going to be any repercussions,”


“But I think it’ll be, at the end of the day, a Wisconsin-based election, and like I said, across the rest of the country and including in Wisconsin, President Obama is ahead.”

The activists at the Daily Kos could be forgiven for thinking that what Wasserman Schultz really said was “we know Barrett is toast in Wisconsin. If Obama comes anywhere near that debacle he will be tarred with the taint of defeat. Therefore we are going to throw Barrett to the dogs and however many others as we need to so that President Obama can win in November.”

Schultz’s statement continued on a note of confident, almost boastful defiance.

And as we turn our attention to the fall, we will not cede an inch in Wisconsin to Mitt Romney who has been behind in virtually every single recent poll and who wants to go back to the same failed policies of the past from which Wisconsin is recovering. And while we’re not taking anything for granted, if Mitt Romney thinks he’s going to be the first Republican to win Wisconsin since Ronald Reagan he’s got another thing coming.

One wonders who Wasserman Schultz’s speechwriter is. The tone of her statement seems straight out of Radio Tokyo in the closing days of World War 2 when they boasted of having sunk “17 American aircraft carriers, 28 battleships, 73 cruisers and 200 destroyers” without bothering to mention that the supposed fleet action was taking place right off the shores of Japan with completely the opposite results.

It is to be hoped that she actually believes her own press release. But if she doesn’t, so what? It’s all about controlling the narrative isnt it? Well maybe not. Once past a certain point, a system in collapse finds that all of its narratives unintentionally become comedy skits.

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