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August 2015


Paul Schnee was the western regional director for the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) in 2010 and its lay president in 2012.

Some men are born to commit shameful acts. All of the rabbis who signed the letter supporting the Iran nuclear deal fall into this disgraceful category. All of them have a long history of collaborating with anti-Americans, Jew-haters and the enemies of Israel. They are moral pariahs. Not one of them is fit to be called a Jew. Indeed, if excommunication existed in Judaism these traitors would long ago have richly deserved such an ignominious fate and been declared anathema.

The acrid smell coming from their direction is the stench of their self-hatred which cannot abide the transformation of the Jewish people from the perfection of powerlessness into power. These ingratiating cultural vandals live safely sheltered from the destructive policies they espouse and, like the unlamented Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, have managed to prosper keeping their feet firmly planted on the liberal ladder of preferment. Their regular betrayals have made them permanent members of the “terrorist caucus” of the treacherous LEFT whose vocal champion, unbelievably, is the president of the United States.

Bad faith, worse judgment, disloyalty, purblind partisanship and a calcified cynicism have allowed these ordained Pinocchios to support a tragically suicidal agreement and cast aside the vital national security interests of the United States while placing Israel directly in the crosshairs of Islamic supremacist ayatollahs with an apocalyptic vision.

You cannot enhance the prospects of peace by enhancing the prospects of a country like Iran whose messianic ayatollahs are ideologically dedicated to terror and war. This should be obvious even to the slowest of minds but in a collective psyche choked with neuroses “obviousness” becomes one of the first casualties hence the spirit of idiotic bliss with which the rabbis wrote and signed their perfidious letter. They will regret this but once and that will be continuously.

Sydney M. Williams “The Iran Nuclear Deal – Obama’s Folly”

The more we learn about the nuclear deal with Iran negotiated by President Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry, the more farcical it appears. Frightening is a better word. Iran with a bomb is a scary prospect. It is because of that image that the Obama Administration argues so forcibly that there is no other option short of war. If he is correct – that if in befriending Iran they will enter the ‘community of nations’ – then the deal is worth supporting. But is he and will they?

The public responses of Iranian leaders indicate no willingness to change. If anything, they have become more confrontational and contemptuous. This agreement has a time limit. Iran will be able to continue nuclear research and spin centrifuges. They will have clear sailing to get a bomb once the treaty terminates in fifteen years; so everything depends on altering their behavior. Other nations in the Middle East, such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will not stand by; thus the probability of proliferation has increased. As well, Russia wants desperately to recapture her Cold War role. Instability in the region provides opportunities. A hundred billion dollars will be released for the use by Iran’s leaders – for purposes of funding terrorism, and military purchases of missiles, nuclear detonators and offensive weapons. No one expects the money will be used for the welfare of the Iranian people.

Gaza Strip’s Middle Class Enjoys Spin Classes, Fine Dining, Private Beaches by William Booth

GAZA CITY — Alongside the Hamas training camps and bombed-out neighborhoods, there is a parallel reality where the wafer-thin Palestinian middle class here is wooed by massage therapists, spin classes and private beach resorts.

Media images beamed from the Gaza Strip rightly focus on the territory’s abundant miseries. But rising from the rubble of last summer’s devastating war with Israel are a handful of new ­luxury-car dealerships, boutiques selling designer jeans and, coming soon to a hip downtown restaurant, “Sushi Nights.”

This is the Gaza outside the war photographer’s frame, where families of the small, tough, aspirational middle class will splurge on a $140 seaside villa with generator power to give their kids a 20-hour staycation with a swimming pool and palm trees.

Why Iran is Nuclear Now A Sobering Look at the Mullahs’ Weapons Development and Delivery Systems. Paul E. Vallely and Dennis B. Haney

Since 1979, a cabal of nations has aided and abetted Iran in its efforts to develop a robust nuclear program under the guise of generating a nuclear energy system. This cabal is mainly comprised of Russia, China, and North Korea. Since sanctions began being placed on Iran in 1979, with more added since, Iran still had enough free reign to develop its capabilities despite the sanctions regime because of this cabal. All the moving parts are in place, the material is there, and this means they are already nuclear – “break out” is imminent now.

During this period, North Korea had evaded sanctions, and like Iran, lied, cheated, and broke virtually every agreement it ever signed with the United Nations. Now North Korea is a nuclear weapons power, and we believe Iran has already done the same. Each had created hidden facilities but only North Korea has actually tested weapons fully. Because Iran has to date only detonated trigger devices that does not mean the Mullahs do not have weapons capability now because they certainly have enough material.

Both Iran and North Korea are also fast approaching inter-continental missile capability, and Iranian government observers, research scientists, and senior military officials have been on-site in North Korea for the testing of its systems. In essence, Iran has had the benefit of having North Korea essentially do their development and testing for them.

Attack on Iran Could Set Back Bomb Effort Two Years Tom Vanden Brook see note please

From an e-pal Jan Poller: “If the US. was going to do this, it would have to be prepared to hit any site any time in the future. It can’t be a one time thing.Obama missed the opportunity to support the anti-Ayatollah, Pro-American Green revolution in Iran.The U.S. missed the opportunity to strike ISIS when they moved across the desert from Iraq to Syria.In 5 years of less, we will regret missing the opportunity to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Since sometime in 2009, I have felt that Obama WANTS Iran to have nukes. Nothing has changed, including his lies and his actions, since then to make me even doubt that let alone change my mind. Jan Mel Poller

WASHINGTON — U.S. airstrikes aimed at Iran’s nuclear facilities would likely set back the regime’s quest for a weapon by one or two years and require waves of attacks spearheaded by the ultra-heavy conventional bomb known as the Massive Ordnance Penetrator, according to military officials and experts.

A comprehensive attack aimed first at taking down Iran’s air defenses and destroying its deeply buried nuclear facilities would provide a “moderate confidence level” that Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon would be set back by as much as two years, said a senior officer familiar with the planning.

Two senior officers involved in planning potential Iran attacks spoke to USA TODAY. Both spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

Hillary’s Lies: Making Us ‘Village Ready’ How the Clinton “Village” Cares for its Citizens. Jeff Ludwig

Dr. Phil Taverna has written some interesting articles stressing right brain and left brain functions. Organizations that have been infiltrated by a large number of left wing extremists, like the Democratic Party, know how to appeal to the right brain functions which are more emotional, as opposed to Republicans who attempt to counter left wing artifice with facts which originate in left brain functions. Hence, Republicans often may seem to be mean, nasty little “fact people.” For the anti-fact brigade, if you care enough, you will set the facts aside, and you will “have a heart.”

Mrs. Clinton staked herself out as a right brain person a long time ago with the sophomoric but cagey book, It Takes A Village. Updating her book, we see today that it takes a village of “soft on crime citizens” to produce the heartless murder of a Kate Steinle. It takes a village of corrupt, Tammany Hall-style grafters and job seekers to cast aside the normal interests in family and productivity in our urban black communities. Fifty to eighty years of Democratic Party rule in our large metropolises has led to oceans of poverty, alienation, frustration, and generational disappointment with life among African-Americans. It takes a village to look the other way while crony capitalists in both parties oil the wheels of state and corrupt the corrupters…buying influence, and widening the gap between the electorate and the power elite. Yet in Mrs. Clinton’s “village” there is no mention of the ever-widening power gap – yes, power inequality – between the political class that controls our government at all levels and the people.


The Tribalist, by Louis Marano, is ostensibly a work of fiction but at its core a kind of love song by a gentile journalist for the State of Israel, and especially its secular Zionist core. (Because of the relentless attacks by left-wing polemicists on Israel’s allegedly “messianic” fringe, it’s often forgotten that most of Israel’s founders and all its leaders have been secular Zionists.)

The author, the product of an Italian-American family in Buffalo, served two tours of duty in Vietnam as a Navy Seabee. After a brief career in academia, he spent 22 years as a journalist in Washington, D.C., including a decade at the Washington Post and five years as reporter, columnist, and feature writer for United Press International. His acute and vivid depiction of the mean-spirited, untidy passions of American Mideast correspondents toward Israel is the book’s great contribution to our understanding of one phalanx of the ignorant armies arrayed against the Jewish state.

“Politics in a work of literature,” wrote the great French novelist Stendhal, “is like a pistol-shot in the middle of a concert, something loud and vulgar, and yet a thing to which it is not possible to refuse one’s attention.”


Is this someone you’d like as your Commander in Chief?Is this someone who understands stealth jihad and creeping shariah in America and who will be a stalwart defender of our liberties?Is this someone who understands the threat posed by Islam with its goal of establishing a worldwide caliphate under shariah?Is this someone who understands that Mohammed was a tyrannical mass murderer and pedophile and believes that Islam is a “religion of peace?Is this someone who understands the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the government while focusing solely on the possibility that Huma Abedin’s “sexually deviant” husband had access to Hillary’s classified emails and NOT her more threatening (and obvious) MB connections?Is this someone who denounced “Piss Christ” and the dung-covered Madonna with equal fervor OR at all?Watch the two minute video and read the article below. Janet Levy


http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/07/10/whats-wrong-with-donald-trump/What’s Wrong with Donald Trump By Pamela Geller

Donald Trump has catapulted to the top of the Republican Party Presidential polls because he saying in plain language what so many are thinking about immigration. Immigration is out of control, and even most Republicans are so afraid of the “Latino vote” that the immigration issue has become the third rail. But Trump has numerous weaknesses – notably a huge blind spot about the jihad threat, including a disturbing willingness to kowtow to jihadist intimidation and surrender the freedom of speech.

And as always with Trump, it all goes back to his business interests.

Americans Need Not Apply-How DHS Rigs the Rules in Favor of Cheap Foreign Labor By Ian Smith

Work in BigTech for Hire: Americans Need Not Apply A post-graduate student-visa program is just another scheme to displace American technology workers.
American technology workers won a big victory in the federal courts this month. The D.C. District Court ruled that a STEM-related visa program created by the Department of Homeland Security was potentially damaging to the domestic labor market and also in violation of federal rule-making procedure. For the plaintiffs in the case, the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, however, the fight against BigTech lobbyists and Homeland Security has only just begun.

DHS’s so-called Optional Practical Training (OPT) program allows foreign nationals to live and work in the U.S. on a student visa even after graduation. In a rule promulgated by DHS in 2008, foreigners graduating in a STEM field at a U.S. school had these authorizations extended to nearly two and a half years after their graduation. U.S. employers love this because, on top of the longer work period, they have a greater chance to transition them into the H-1B program, a “professional specialty worker” visa that can last up to an additional six years. Also, employers receive a tax benefit for hiring OPT participants over Americans, as they do not have to pay Medicare and Social Security taxes for aliens on student visas.

We Can Apply the 14th Amendment While Also Reforming Birthright Citizenship

Et Tu, John Yoo?By John C. Eastman

Birthright citizenship has exploded into the national discourse. The issue is generating a lot of heat on the Republican side of the aisle in particular, because it threatens to expose the long-standing rift between the party’s base and its pro-crony-capitalism establishment.

Unfortunately, in arguing that the 14th Amendment requires citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants, some of the more prominent interlocutors are promoting an incorrect understanding of history. The Wall Street Journal’s recent editorial on the matter is a case in point, and my good friend John Yoo’s NR essay repeats one of the same basic flaws.

The first clause of the 14th Amendment provides that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” The Journal thinks the meaning is “straightforward”: “Subject to the jurisdiction” covers everyone born on U.S. soil (except the children of diplomats and invading armies), because “‘jurisdiction’ defines the territory where the force of law applies and to whom — and this principle is well settled to include almost everyone within U.S. borders, regardless of their home country or the circumstances of their birth.” It then states: “By the circular restrictionist logic, illegal immigrants could not be prosecuted for committing crimes because they are not U.S. citizens.”

Professor Yoo makes the same claim (absent the ad hominem word “restrictionist”): “Almost all aliens in the United States, even citizens of other nations, still fall within our jurisdiction while they are in our territory: Otherwise they could commit crimes of all sorts without fear of punishment.”

This claim plays off a widespread ignorance about the meaning of the word “jurisdiction.” It fails to recognize that the same word covers two distinctly different ideas: 1) complete, political jurisdiction; and 2) partial, territorial jurisdiction.