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We live in a strange world in which the weather is a subject of furious political debate. People have been arguing about the weather ever since the first rainstorm caught the first man without the umbrella that he did not yet know how to make, but they didn’t hold political debates over it.

For the last fifty years, the anti-weather side has been insisting that the world is headed toward a Frostean apocalypse of ice or fire. The calm biblical assertion that “Seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” was replaced by the terrifying certainty that the planet would soon turn into Mars or Venus; either too hot or too cold.

The end of weather was here. Instead of stable rhythms and cycles that might last for months or centuries, there was a runaway weather apocalypse that would culminate in unlivable conditions.

The doomsday predictions roll out daily without any regard to scientific or experiential reality. The more the predictions fail to match up, the more urgently Warmists insist on immediate action. The harder it snows, the more articles appear warning that snow may soon be a thing of the past.



“Conspiracy theory: In January 1998, just after allegations surface of a presidential affair with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton goes on TODAY and dismisses the matter as a “feeding frenzy.” She stresses that the president has denied the suggestions of an affair. She goes on to tell Matt Lauer: “The great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.”

Hillary Clinton Sneers at Republicans: ‘It’s Not About Benghazi… It’s Not About Emails’ by Charlie Spiering

During a campaign appearance in Iowa, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton angrily denounced Republicans for trying to bring her down by demanding answers for her deleted email server and her failure to prevent the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

Clinton made her remarks at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding Dinner, launching a partisan defense of her record.

Choking up and coughing, after speaking well over her allotted 20 minute speaking slot, she began criticizing Republicans for attacking her for decades referring to the attacks the brought the Citizens United lawsuit to the Supreme Court.

“Now I’m in their crosshairs again,” she said reminding them of the opposing corporations and “right wing operatives” that were trying to block her agenda.

“Now they’ll try and tell you that this is about Benghazi, but it’s not,” she said, referring to the attacks as a “tragedy” that should be prevented in the future.

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton Scandal Primer By David Graham

The former secretary of state turns over her private server to the Justice Department after investigators discover top-secret emails on it.The investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails is heating up.

The saga began with Representative Trey Gowdy’s select committee on Benghazi. Those investigations led to the public revelation that the former secretary of state had maintained a private email server, and produced a court order to release the emails in 30-day tranches. Clinton says she neither sent nor received any classified information on the account, but that some material has since been classified.

On Tuesday, federal investigators told members of Congress in a letter that two highly classified emails had been found on Clinton’s personal email system. In response, Clinton’s attorney turned over the server to the FBI, along with thumb drives containing thousands of emails that had previously been turned over to the State Department, The Washington Post reports.
In addition to the possible legal ramifications, the investigation has turned up some interesting facts about how much effort Clinton put into the running and upkeep of the server. The server itself had been purchased for her unsuccessful 2008 run for president. Initially, it was run by a former Senate aide, who was then hired by the State Department. Later, amid concerns about reliability, she hired Platte River, the Denver company now subject to FBI questions.

The email controversy is quickly turning into a classic Clinton scandal. Her use of a private email account became known during the course of an investigation into the 2012 deaths of U.S. personnel in Benghazi, Libya. Thus far, the investigations have found no wrongdoing on her part with respect to Benghazi, but Clinton’s private-email use and now the referral concerning classified information have become stories unto themselves. This is something of a pattern with the Clinton family, which has been in the public spotlight since Bill Clinton’s first run for office, in 1974: Something that appears potentially scandalous on its face turns out to be innocuous, but an investigation into it reveals other questionable behavior. The classic case is Whitewater, a failed real-estate investment Bill and Hillary Clinton made in 1978. While no inquiry ever produced evidence of wrongdoing, investigations ultimately led to President Clinton’s impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Is Trump Really the Anti-PC Warrior His Fans Make Him Out to Be? By Jonah Goldberg

Dear Reader (including those reading this off my server),

On December 8, 1979 two Zairean air-force jets approached the airport in Kinshasa, the capital what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The tower radioed the pilots, telling them they couldn’t land; the air-traffic controllers were concerned about low visibility.

But when the pilots were told that they “couldn’t land,” they didn’t think, “I can’t land right now,” they thought, “I can’t land, ever.” So they ejected from their planes, letting two perfectly good Mirage jets crash into the Atlantic Ocean.

These men weren’t fools. Idiots don’t fly jets. It’s just that, for an instant, they were thinking according to an entirely different set of rules about how life works. “Can’t” means “never, ever, possible” according to these rules — not “wait an hour,” or “find a different runway.” And so they hit the eject button.

Longtime readers may recall I got this story from a great book, David Lamb’s The Africans. Lamb went on to observe that many Africans have a slightly different interpretation of cause and effect. In the West, the lesson the average person would take from a near-fatal car crash at high speeds on a hairpin turn would be “Man, that was close. I better not try that again.” But in Africa, Lamb writes, “if an oncoming car has to swerve off the road to avoid his vehicle, and there are no collisions or injuries, the African does not say, ‘Next time I’d better not do that.’”

I’ve heard similar stories about drivers throughout the developing world, particularly in Latin America, where traffic accidents and fatalities are much higher than in more advanced nations — even though the rate of car ownership is much lower.

The Third World Mind of the Clintons

I don’t bring all of this up to write a “news”letter on the perils of polylogism, but to offer some insight into the Clintonian mind.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are like that Third World driver who takes a hairpin curve at high speed and survives. Everything worked out, so why change your behavior?

Hillary’s Dangerous Negligence over Benghazi — Again By Andrew C. McCarthy

The attempt to convict Khatallah for the attack that killed four Americans could falter over Clinton’s deleted e-mails.
Who cares if Hillary Clinton is convicted of a crime? What we ought to care about is if Ahmed Abu Khatallah is convicted of a crime.

Khatallah is the only person charged thus far in the attack on a shadowy U.S. government compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Dozens of jihadists participated in the attack, during which four Americans, including U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens, were slain. Yet Khatallah has been singled out for prosecution. As I’ve previously detailed (here and here), the Obama Justice Department has filed an indictment that infuses evidence with politics: Trying to prove the terrorist conspiracy that actually occurred without refuting the Obama/Clinton fiction that the attack was a spontaneous protest ignited by an anti-Muslim Internet video.

That’s why there are worse jobs to have right now than defense counsel for a murderous jihadist.

Saving Social Security in the 21st Century By Marco Rubio —

This week, America marked two significant milestones in its history. Friday was the 80th anniversary of Social Security, a program that has helped millions of seniors, including my parents, retire with dignity. Saturday is the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, when the most violent conflict in human history ended as an American victory.

We refer to the Americans responsible for these accomplishments as the “Greatest Generation.” In less than two decades, they survived economic catastrophe, triumphed in a global conflict, and laid the foundation for unparalleled prosperity for their children in what would become an American century. When faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, they took our nation to new heights. Because of their sacrifices, we have been able to enjoy what we call the American dream, promising that our children’s future will always be brighter than our own.

The White House Wants All Americans to Know This Important Information By Bridget Johnson

There was a lot going on today that affected the American people.

Capitulation to the Castro brothers was completed when Secretary of State John Kerry raised the American flag over the U.S. Embassy in Havana.

ISIS, which is using chemical weapons, was confirmed to have raped American hostage Kayla Mueller, keeping her as a sex slave for the caliph in two years of captivity before her death.

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban renewed their commitment vows.

Opposition to the Iran nuclear deal continues to mount, though the administration would rather bury its head in the sand for that development.

But President Obama’s playlist leads the White House website.

Yes, the White House announced, the commander in chief, who’s spent the week golfing along Cape Cod, joined Spotify this week! “And our inaugural playlist was hand-picked by none other than President Obama.”

“Your summer just got a little groovier,” the administration declared. “When asked to pick a few of his favorite songs for the summer, the President got serious. He grabbed a pen and paper and drafted up not one, but two separate summer playlists: One for the daytime, and one for the evening.”

And the White House provided official photographic evidence of POTUS picking his playlist:

Does Rhode Island Have an Identity Crisis? By Susan A. Carleson

Anyone living in Rhode Island who wants to get a free voter ID can get one

Although Rhode Island residents can easily get a photo voter ID, requiring one at a polling place suppresses “minority, low-income, disabled, and elderly voters,” according to the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

So, of course, the ACLU has demanded an end to the state’s photo voter ID law enacted by a Democratic legislature in 2011.

Anyone living in Rhode Island who wants to get a free voter ID can get one. All you have to do is provide an employee ID card; an ID card provided by a commercial establishment; a credit or debit card; a military ID card; a student ID card; a health club ID card; an insurance plan ID card; or a public housing ID card.

Don’t have one of those forms of identification? No problem!

Do We Destroy Life to Enhance Life? By Eileen F. Toplansky

Years before Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, German scholars were advocating the killing of “worthless” people under the protection of the state. On April 7, 1933 the Nazis eliminated “long established ethical and administrative public supervisory bodies” when they introduced the “law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring.” Euthanasia and experimentation on human subjects became the Nazi norm. The purveyors of Nazism saw their system as “applied biology.”

Can one draw a parallel with the Nazi “applied biology” ideology and the recent revelations of Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby parts? Is it “erroneous thinking” to show sympathy for “lives [deemed] devoid of value” but from which parts of those lives medical benefit can be derived? And are any such “errors of judgment, diagnosis, and execution to be of concern when compared to the social benefits that might eventually accrue?”

In a New York Times article by Isabel Wilkerson titled “Nazi Scientists and Ethics of Today” scientists discuss the ethical questions concerning the use of Nazi data. Dr. Benno Muller-Hill, a molecular biologist and director of the Institute for Genetics at the University of Cologne in West Germany maintains that people “should remember those who died. We should not try to squeeze profit out of it.” Others have “suggested that the use of the data would serve as a lesson to the world, that the victims did not die futilely, and that a post mortem use of the data would retroactively give ‘purpose’ to their otherwise meaningless deaths.” Yet, “Doctor Howard Spiro, of the Department of Internal Medicine at Yale University, insists that no one honors the memory of the dead victims by learning from experiments carried out on them. Instead, we make the Nazis… retroactive partners in the victims’ torture and death.”