Hillary in the Bunker Can the Clinton stonewall resist the federal judiciary?By James Freeman


A Journal editorial today adds that the “admission that her aides were also using her server demolishes Mrs. Clinton’s previous claim that she used this server for personal ‘convenience.’ She was really running a parallel mini-State email operation.”

And our columnist Kimberley Strassel notes that this week Mrs. Clinton’s “use of private emails while serving as secretary of state turned from a political problem into a potentially legal problem.”

It’s not the only problem. “Democrats also see new weakness in their favorite themes. Here is Mrs. Clinton trying out an inequality argument, as she builds up her personal bank account. Here she is floating the ‘war on women’ theme, as her foundation takes donations from countries that whip rape victims. Here she calls for lower college costs while charging these institutions $250,000 for a speech. Here is a candidate who was in the past for Keystone, and for trade, and for more intervention overseas. And who maybe now is not. Though they don’t really know. Which is also a problem,” adds Ms. Strassel.

In other news, a Colorado man predicted the EPA’s river disaster.

And Matt Ridley notes that the EPA’s climate disaster could cost more than $1 trillion and predicts that “measures needed to decarbonize world energy are going to be vastly more expensive.”

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