Why is anyone surprised by President Obama’s choices of Chuck Hagel and John Kerry and John Brennan? Where have they been during the past four years?

President Obama, in his first speech to the United Nations in 2009 made his sentiments very clear.

He ignored, as he always has, the terrorism and barbaric human rights violation in the Moslem world, stating that “Extremists sowing terror in pockets of the world….protracted conflicts that grind on and on; genocide, mass atrocities, more nations with nuclear weapons; melting ice caps and ravaged populations; persistent poverty and pandemic disease.”

Well, some of those very deep pockets of the world are in Saudi Arabia where the President of the United States bowed to the tyrant who promotes and funds and enables genocide and terror.

And, let’s face it there are no “melting ice caps” in Saudi Arabia or those Moslem nations he is so eager to avoid dissing.

Then after platitudes upon platitudes he segued into the Middle East and mentioned his “special Czar for Middle East Peace- George Mitchell, a Chuck Hagel In John Kerry clothing.

And what did he promise his Czar would do to end the Israel/Arab conflict? He evoked a Mitchell engineered settlement based on “….security for Israelis and Palestinians….two states living side by side in peace and security- a Jewish State of Israel…..and a viable, independent Palestinian state with contiguous territory that ends the occupation that began in 1967, and realizes the potential of the Palestinian people. “

Contiguous territory? I hereby offer a free lifetime subscription to OUTPOST to anyone who can figure out how to make Gaza and the West Bank contiguous without strangling Israel.

Then the man who has Israel’s back added “ The United States does Israel no favors when we fail to couple an unwavering commitment to its security with an insistence that Israel respect the legitimate
claims and rights of the Palestinians.”

There are four people who share those thoughts….Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Brennan and Chuck Hagel.

Where was the outrage in 2009? 2010? 2011? And 2012?

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