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http://frontpagemag.com/2013/bruce-bawer/exposing-the-anti-israel-peace-industry/ The other day, I went online for what was supposed to be a quick Internet search. Instead I ended up spending a couple of hours meandering from one website to another, led by links and Google hits, increasingly fascinated – and appalled – by what I was seeing. What I was looking at was […]



A Brace of Fresh Air by William Mehlman


From his space station at the outer limits of surreal-politik, Shimon Peres has thrown down a gauntlet to Israel on the eve of perhaps its most fateful national election in more than six decades . The Jewish state, its 89 year-old president solemnly informed an audience at the prestigious Globe-Israel Business Conference in Tel-Aviv, “faces a choice between Gaza and the West Bank, between Hamas and [Palestinian Authority] President Abbas… One is wrong, the other is right. We have to choose.”

From the Editor Rael Jean Isaac


A Disproportionate Response

With all the concern expressed by the U.S. administration that Israel’s response to the terrorists of Hamas not be “disproportionate,” the true disproportion is being practiced by that same administration–in keeping Jonathan Pollard in prison for what is now 28 years. This is even more outrageous now that new evidence, as a Jerusalem Post editorial says “puts the lie to American allegations that have been used for over a quarter of a century to justify Pollard’s continued incarceration.”

The most important lie is that Pollard did enormous damage to U.S. national security. The Department of Justice’s Victim Impact Statement (VIS), now a matter of public record, which was submitted to the sentencing judge in 1987, states that Pollard’s “unauthorized disclosures have threatened the US relations with numerous Middle East Arab allies” and “deprived the US of bargaining leverage with the Israel government.”

Occupying the Laboratory by Ruth King


Today I received an e-mail from a prominent Israeli scientist. I had asked him why the same people whose lives are enhanced and lengthened by Israel’s dazzling contributions to medicine, science and technology should want to boycott and divest from Israeli companies and seek to terminate the Jewish state. He responded with his customary wit:

“First, there is the occupation of the laboratory. Then our medical Mossad spies on and locates and diagnoses errant and destructive cells and tumors. Then our assault team targets them and destroys them using all the weapons at our disposal including chemicals, drug protocols, radiation, genes and enzymes. Then when we are successful, we call a cease fire to observe and record the results.”

Linking the City of Maale Adumim to Jerusalem by Nadav Shragai


Editor’s note: Below are excerpts from a 2009 essay by Nadav Shragai on what is known as the E-1 area between Jerusalem and M’aale Adumim.

Netanyahu’s declaration that Israel will build there has produced a firestorm of criticism worldwide, including from the Obama administration, which calls it a “provocative action.” Yet, as this three year old essay makes clear, in saying that he will build in this corridor Netanyahu promises no more than what every Prime Minister since Rabin has undertaken to do. Under U.S. pressure all of them have backed down. The question remains open whether this time building will go beyond planning and rhetoric.

It’s Official: Muslim Population of Britain Doubles by Douglas Murray


The national census for England and Wales has come out, and, as usual, this once-a-decade event has had all of its most significant points overlooked.

By any measure, what it reveals is a country undergoing seismic change. Over the course of a decade up to four million more people have entered the country to live. In the capital, London, people identifying themselves as “white British” have for the first time become a minority. Perhaps most strikingly, the national Muslim population has doubled.

European Jewish History Is Nearing Its End by Giulio Meotti


Surprised that Israelis entering Jordan are required to deposit religious Jewish items, like skullcaps and tefillin, for “security reasons”?

It’s happening in many European countries as well, where Jews are once again in grave danger and Judeophobia has become the common currency of politics.

Gush Etzion by Ruth King


(Editor’s note: This is another in our series celebrating the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria.)

In early 1927, a small group of residents in what was then called Palestine, spurred by the Zionist goal of reclaiming Israel and encouraged by the promises of the Balfour Declaration, established a community south of Jerusalem on land recently bought by a Jewish landholding company. They named it “Migdal Eder” after a site named in the Torah. The community faced continual hardships and the Arab riots of 1929 soon drove them off.


http://frontpagemag.com/2013/bruce-thornton/will-america-continue-down-the-road-to-decline/ Looking back over 2012, one could be forgiven for thinking that if America goes on at this rate, the nation must be ruined. But as Adam Smith replied to a young man who said those same words about British losses during the American Revolution, “there is a great deal of ruin in a nation.” […]

Israel in the New Year: Resounding Successes, Looming Threat: P.David Hornik

http://frontpagemag.com/2013/davidhornik/israel-in-the-new-year-resounding-successes-looming-threat/ Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics has released its population data for 2012, the year that just ended. As usual, the trends are favorable. The total Israeli population rose to just under eight million, while the Jewish population—for the first time—rose to just over six million. Naturally, the number has a certain resonance. Aside from […]


http://frontpagemag.com/2013/joseph-klein/when-unrepentant-terrorists-teach-our-youth/ Morgan Gliedman, 27, and her boyfriend Aaron Greene, 31, were arrested on weapons charges this past weekend in their Greenwich Village apartment on West 9th Street. They were charged with possessing bomb-making materials and were also found to have in their apartment bomb-making manuals, various booby traps and a sawed-off shotgun. Both are reported […]


http://frontpagemag.com/2013/matthew-vadum/fiscal-cliff-postponed-to-march/ With a cocky President Obama no doubt grinning from ear-to-ear, federal lawmakers yesterday gave their blessing to legislation that boosts income tax rates and government spending while kicking many of the “fiscal cliff” issues down the road for several weeks. The $1.2 trillion in scheduled spending cuts –falling largely on the Pentagon– have now […]


http://www.nationalreview.com/blogs/print/336673 As members of Congress fight with the president and each other over the budget impasse, another battle looms. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he may try — on the very first day of the new Congress — to change the Senate’s rules regarding the filibuster. Reid wants to severely limit the minority’s […]



Retired Ambassador Ryan Crocker Takes Plea Bargain in DUI Charge (NOV. 2012)

After three postment of his DUI hearing in Spokane, Washington (originally scheduled for September 12, then postponed to October 10 and later to November 5), Ambassador Crocker finally had his court hearing on Nov. 21. According to the Spokesman.com, the former ambassador pleaded guilty to “a reduced charge of reckless driving in connection with a drunken auto accident” this past summer. Excerpt: The 63-year-old retired diplomat accepted the plea bargain this afternoon in Spokane County District Court. He faced a drunken-driving charge following a collision with a semitruck at a busy Spokane Valley intersection on Aug. 14. He drove away as a witness tailed him, authorities said. No injuries were reported in the collision.
Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

“His keen understanding of national security was clear to me as I represented the U.S. across the Middle East.”

Mr. Crocker has served as U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Kuwait, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The discussion of former Sen. Chuck Hagel’s possible nomination for secretary of defense continues to swirl. I recently joined with eight other senior former Foreign Service colleagues in an open letter expressing our unqualified support for the idea and for Mr. Hagel as a person of integrity, courage and wisdom. Here’s why.

As a veteran of almost 40 years in Middle Eastern affairs, I have a sense of how complex and multifaceted the issues in that region are. There are no easy answers or prepackaged solutions, and Mr. Hagel understood this from the day he walked into the Senate in 1997.

I began my three-year tour as U.S. ambassador to Syria the following year. During that time and beyond, there was never a question in my mind about Mr. Hagel’s support for Israel. Neither was there a question about his support for Middle East peace, and he understood that peace is made between enemies, not friends. He backed the process, led by then-President Bill Clinton, that almost produced peace in early 2000.



The Senate fiscal-cliff bill still means higher taxes on every working American. So much for just going after ‘the rich.’
Whatever ultimately emerges from the fiscal-cliff negotiations over the past 48 hours, the country will survive. But the damage can’t be undone. Taxes are going up for all working Americans. And so is the size of government.

Businesses have been waiting to see whether a second Obama administration will encourage the economy. During the fiscal-cliff negotiations, however, the president made clear that his goal isn’t to get business going again but instead to expand government and redistribute income. He offered no real spending cuts and instead used the year-end deadline to divide America into classes—to the point of campaigning on New Year’s Eve against higher earners. Though the president talks about fairness, his policies penalize profit and investment. This hurts aspiring Americans more than it hurts those who have already made it.

The deal that emerged from the Senate early Tuesday morning is being sold as a tax cut for the middle class, but the expiration of the two-percentage-point payroll tax holiday means that working Americans’ take-home pay will drop. The bill reduces the value of tax deductions for upper incomes and, with the new open-ended 3.8% Medicare tax that was enacted under ObamaCare, income-tax rates on families and small business owners earning over $450,000 have been pushed above 44%.


http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/death-and-taxes/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=death-and-taxes On November 13, 1789, Benjamin Franklin sat down to write a letter to a French scholar and physicist by the name of Jean-Baptiste Leroy, famous for his experiments with electricity. The French Revolution was gathering steam, Versailles and the Bastille had been stormed and Parisians were becoming used to Madame Mob marching through her […]