All of Obama’s inauguration rabbis were members of the same radical leftist groups opposed to Israel and funded by George Soros. This isn’t a wacky coincidence because the J Street Rabbinic cabinet isn’t that big. Instead Obama deliberately picked three extremist left-wing clergy, “Rabbi” Rick Jacobs, “Rabbi” Julie Schonfeld and “Rabbi” Sharon Brous.

Jacobs and Brous are or were members of the J Street Rabbinic Cabinet, an Anti-Israel organization funded by George Soros. The “Rabbinic” part is a name only as these people are not legitimate clergy, they are left-wing activists dedicated to the destruction of Israel and Judaism.

Rick Jacobs was involved in the New Israel Fund, another extremist left-wing group which funds groups that boycott Israel. Julie Schonfeld was also involved with the NIF and was on the advisory committee for Jewish Funds for Justice. Rick Jacobs was on that same advisory committee.

Jewish Funds for Justice is an extreme left-wing group very closely tied to the Soros family. Soros’ son sits on the board of the merged organization of JFJ and the Progressive Jewish Alliance.

These connections aren’t a coincidence. Obama has gone out of his way to meet with Jewish clergy who are affiliated with left-wing radical groups. White House invitations have neatly gone across the JFJ, American Jewish World Service and J Street nexus, and their associated affiliates and front groups, such as the pseudo-orthodox Uri L’Tzedek.

Sharon Brous sits on the board of Rabbis for Human Rights, whose Israeli affiliate works to drive Jewish farmers off their land and is a rabbinic adviser to the American Jewish World Service. Rabbis for Human Rights is funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute and gave an aware to Aryeh Neier, the president of George Soros’ Open Society Institute. RHR-NA also named Rick Jacobs as one of its supporters.

While Brous tries to conceal her extremism behind the “love and peace” exterior that some of the anti-Israel clergy have begun to throw up, she got her start as a “Rabbinic fellow” at Bnai Jeshurun, the most Anti-Israel “synagogue” in the city which is linked to extreme left-wing groups, including supporters of suicide bombings. Americans for Peace Now included Brous’ ravings in their annual reading.

The Soros Lobby’s push against Glenn Beck for his criticism of the Nazi collaborating billionaire used Sharon Brous as its front for a venture that it described as Al Tirah USA.

Obama’s selection of three left-wing extremists belonging to a small group of interlinked organizations funded by a man who has been at best hostile to the Jewish community, is itself a hostile act. It shows that rather than choosing Jewish Rabbis who authentically represent America’s large community, he instead chose three polarizing figures who reject Jewish values and represent his movement’s biggest financial backer.

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