So much buzz about films among conservatives….

Argo yes but it blames America for the advent of the Mullahs in Iran and then credits Jimmy Carter who actually midwifed the rule of the Ayatollahs with bringing six hostages home safely.

Zero Fast Thirty is pretty good and does prove that roughing up terrorists can extract pretty valuable intel.

However, to my mind, the best conservative movie I have seen in a decade is “Rules of Engagement” made in 2000 before political correctness and fear of “Islamophobia” took over our national culture and pride.

It stars Tommy Lee Jones (sigh) as a lawyer who defends a a soldier, played by Samuel L. Jackson who fires on an Arab crowd attacking an American Embassy in order to free our spineless ambassador, played by Ben Kingsley.

The Arab mob is violent and uses a prop- an Arab girl with a crutch- but charges are brought against the soldier for using disproportionate force and firing on civilians. Tommy Lee Jones (sigh) investigates and finds a tape in a hospital preaching jihad…..

It also has the best soundtrack in recent history: When the mob gets really violent and threatens to enter the embassy, the soldier says “Waste the mother fu..ers”….

They just don’t make what we used to call he-men in Hollywood anymore.  I can’t imagine Tommy Lee Jones (sigh) weeping in a movie.

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