Criminals hate guns. Whether it’s the street mugger, the corrupt CEO or the dirty politician, they hate the idea that any of their victims might be armed.

Mugging an armed man is dangerous. Throwing an armed man out of his home is dangerous. Repressing an armed man is dangerous.

If your lifestyle is built around imposing your will on other people by force, it helps if your targets are disarmed.

Obama is a criminal. Obama hates guns.


Borders are an illusion in Africa. No more than paper mirages that cannot be seen from the air or the roads where a thousand ethnic groups with dreams of glory move back and forth, striving and feuding, until the blood begins to flow.

Al Qaeda now has its own Alqaedastan in Northern Mali, a territory the size of Texas. Al Qaeda began its true war against the West in Africa. The continent which wavers between a Christian and Muslim majority is to Islamic Colonialism in the 21st Century what it was to European Colonialism in the 19th Century. But the Muslim colonizers were here first, ferrying cargoes of slaves into caves and then selling them in the slave markets of Gao.

Around the core of Koranic students who memorize verses and preach death, is a larger outer ring that consists of sociopaths, stray killers, hustlers, junkies and young men looking for adventure and a group that is organized enough to feed them and provide them with a spot on the ground floor of a shiny new Emirate where women have no rights and their weapons are the only law that counts.

… from my article “An Al Qaedastan Grows in Africa


In the liberal Northeast, Democrat gun hysteria is still bubbling. In Burlington, Vermont, City Councilor Norm Blais voted on a resolution to ban assault rifles.

Blais said his city wasn’t nearly as safe as people thought, saying that “if somebody was not a convicted felon and was walking through our thoroughfare and had an AK-47 slung over his shoulder, there’s nothing we could do about that. Most people are surprised to hear that.”

I guess you could shoot him… but everyone knows that shooting a bad guy is a crazy NRA plan that just doesn’t work.

Formerly Burlington was absolutely helpless should a man with an AK-47 go strolling around the place. But now men will no longer walk around the fair city with AK-47s in sight, not that they did before. And if a man with an AK-47 does decide to shoot up Burlington, he had better bring some kind of shopping bag first.

Obama Now In Favor of “Crazy” NRA Guards-in-Schools Plan


Piers Morgan has been flailing ever since he took over Larry King’s old show. It didn’t help matters any that CNN was a struggling network, unable to maintain its identity in a competitive partisan news environment. But it didn’t help matters either that Morgan was a crooked hack who had used up all his chances on the other side of the ocean. Like Tina Brown, he was here for a fresh start, because everything can be new in America all over again. But what he needed was a hook.

Morgan had been chosen for his celeb cred. The thinking was that a man with a British accent and a talent for showing up around famous people and digging up sleaze on them would jumpstart Larry King’s tired old show. That plan failed.

Plan B was a cause. For months, Piers Morgan had been pushing gun control, mostly on Twitter, but like Al Gore and the angry melting polar bears, he was plugging away at it. Morgan did not really care about gun control or about America. Most European urban elites take it as an article of faith that Americans are obsessed with guns and go around shooting everything. They grew up watching cowboy movies shot in Spain, but starring Clint Eastwood, which just reinforced their belief that the colonials are savages. They visit the United States and exchange shocked stories about gun toting old ladies the way that Americans visit Amsterdam and exchange stories about its open prostitution.

What looks like Piers Morgan advocating a cause is the equivalent of an American coming to Paris and running a talk show where he spends hours screaming at French guests about their hygiene, their morals and how much they owe the United States for WW2. It’s not so much a cause, as it is a lazy prejudice from the other side of the ocean.

But to dimwitted American liberals, who denounce class differences but wag their tails at the sound of a British accent, no matter how low class, Piers Morgan is another intelligent visitor from an advanced continent speaking truth to the native barbarians. That is how Morgan sees it too.

But Morgan is, above all else, a creature of the spotlight. A modern creation, he exists to be on camera. Fame is his oxygen. Media is how he pays the rent. He makes noise, throws causes at the wall and sees what people will pay attention to. The content doesn’t matter much. If Piers Morgan had to advocate cannibalism to keep CNN from firing him for another week, he would have a BBQ pit on the show by tonight.

Piers Morgan is a pre-internet troll. You can argue with him, but you can’t truly defeat him. All you can do is make him more famous. The petition and his screaming fits about gun control have finally made him something close to a household name. Rather than deporting him, the petition all but insured that he will stay. And it will insure that he will focus more on political causes because they have paid off for him.

Morgan’s American equivalent is Alex Jones, who throws together whatever sticks on the conspiracy side of the charts. Alex Jones fakes left when a Republican is in office and right when a Democrat is in office. He can play libertarian if it gets him links from Matt Drudge. Like Morgan, his only real politics is Jonesism. Both men are empty soulless blowhards who understand each other perfectly well and feed off each other like an orgy of sinners in some Dantean hell. They are both media parasites who believe nothing, but will do anything to get attention.

And both men are working at cross-purposes, but not in the way you might think.

Piers Morgan does not want there to be gun control, because that would end his ability to talk about gun control. Alex Jones wants there to be gun control, because it lets him talk about fighting against gun control. Neither man has a cause, both have airtime. And when you have airtime, then you want controversies, not solutions.

We are beset with men and women like these, who have no political goals, only personal ones, who destroy whatever they touch and who exist only to get attention. They are the Warhol monsters of our time and they take any idea and make it dumber and take any cause and discredit it. They are the heaving ids of a dying media spectacle crying out for 15 more minutes of fame. And then 15 more.

Both of them want lots of Newtowns, because it is the conflict that they want. There are some in the media who want power without conflict, without the friction that makes for headlines but slows down the express train of progressive policymaking, and then there are those who live for the friction. Men and women with holes for souls who are nothing if they aren’t shouting and whose only journalistic skills are those of the carnival barker. Like celebrities they need attention. Like celebrities they are nothing without it.


Bill Benter, a very successful Hong Kong leftist gambler on horse races who is renowned for his ability to “mask his bets.” The horse that Bill is backing now is a whiny creaky old nag named Chuck Hagel.

It seems as if knowing the identity of the man dropping big bucks to get a man appointed Defense Secretary is of far more importance than the names of those who don’t want him appointed. Especially if that man is operating out of territory controlled by Communist China and the sources of his money are somewhat on the vague side.

Hagel served as the chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China and wrote the legislation that authorized it.

In December, the Atlantic Council chaired by Hagel issued a report stating that, “U.S. strategy to 2030 must deepen cooperation with China as the most crucial single factor that will shape the international system…” and stated that “U.S. strategy will need to accommodate legitimate, essential Chinese interests.”

In 2005, Hagel authored an editorial urging against any aggressive US measures to deal with the trade imbalance. Hagel has also been on record as warning the United States against supporting Taiwan for fear of being dragged into a war with China.

Why is a Gambler from Hong Kong Funding the Pro-Hagel Campaign?


Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, a Lebanese terrorist leader of one of the PFLP splinter groups, will be freed from prison, after 28 years in jail and deported to Lebanon, where he will no doubt receive a rousing welcome.

Abdallah converted from Christianity to Islam and his Communist terrorist group murdered an Israeli diplomat in Paris, Yacov Barsimentov and Lt. Col. Charles R. Ray, an assistant military attache. Ray was shot once in the back of the neck. His murder was the first murder officially designated as a terrorist attack by the Reagan Administration and the president said that;

“Just particularly what you should do I think is one of the things that’s been wrong. People have gone to bed in some of these countries that have done things to us in the past confident that they can go to sleep, wake up in the morning and the United States wouldn’t have taken any action. What I meant by that phrase was that anyone who does these, violates our rights in the future, is not going to be able to go to bed with that confidence.”

French Court Orders Release of Lebanese Terrorist Who Murdered US Lieutenant Colonel


Sand. It’s the one truly rare thing in the Middle East because it’s so very rare. Sinai used to be known for its sand, until the Jews stole it all to build massive sand castles with which to oppress the Palestinian people.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Gov: “Israel Stole $50 Billion of Our Sand


He always greeted me cheerily, with a “Salaam” and a handshake. Eventually, we achieved a sort of unconventional friendship. “I hate you,” he told me in August, with a smile. “I hate all Jews and Christians, anyone who is not a Muslim.”

“I was once asked: If I came to power, would I let Christian women remain unveiled? And I said: If they want to get raped on the streets, then they can,” Hesham El-Ashry told Nahar TV.

Hesham eventually excused himself to make us tea. As soon as he disappeared into the kitchen, the woman signaled me discreetly. “Do you have a phone number?” she whispered to me in English. “For emergency.”

I could now see that her veil clung to her head a little lopsidedly, as if she had just started wearing it. I deduced two things: that she was Japanese, and that she was absolutely terrified of the man pouring us tea in the next room.

Muslim Preacher Warns Christian Women: “Wear a Hijab Or Get Raped”


Tiger speaks Hebrew peppered pretty good English and a little Arabic. He’s single, 30 years old, and he won his nickname because he is very flexible. Tiger works locally as a soldier in a criminal organization in southern Tel Aviv, one of three organized criminal gangs. “If I do not robbing or stealing, I’m dead,” he says. “Just that I’m alive.’s Something I have to do to make me how to buy food and pay rent. No job and the best I can do.”

The third organization called HaKilerim (The Killers) was considered the most dangerous and specializes in collecting protection money from Jewish businessmen, Sudanese refugees and Romanian workers, Chinese and Filipinos who settled in the area and opened small businesses, as well as prostitutes and drug addicts. This organization also operates betting parlors, massage parlors, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. In addition to all those engaged in smartphone robbery, kidnapping cases, pimping, drug dealing in very large quantities, bike theft, running stalls selling ethnic foods and making deals on the street.

In southern Tel Aviv, on Neve Shanan Street, as soon as darkness falls, the criminals go out and business owners go on alert. “By five – six pm most shops are closed fearing criminals will steal, rob and take protection money,” says a man who sell shoes in the area. “Whoever stays open gambles with his life. Those who do not pay, the criminals break the windows of their stores and put their knives to his throat, destroying and stealing merchandise. They are not afraid of the police. They have nothing to lose.”

This is exactly what Tiger does. Although his appearance is not particularly scary, he makes his rounds of the stores and collects the protection money and gives the money to his boss. “That’s what I do in Sudan. Never learned in school, my parents had no money to send me to school, and to my family not be hungry we were stealing from shops, houses, anything that could get us money,” he says. “I know the South Tel Aviv as if I was born here. Jews also pay us money to keep them in business. Those who do not pay, we destroy his business and steal his money.”

African Migrants Make Up 1 Out of 8 People in Israeli City of Eilat

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