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WASHINGTON, DC, November 29, 2012 – Even as we speak, the well-tailored [thug] Mahmoud Abbas is over at the UN peddling statehood for his company of terrorists known professionally as the Palestinian Authority. As a first step (like the Miss Congeniality consolation) he’s reaching for “non-member observer status” and it appears that the votes from the General Assembly are in his favor.

Abbas can count on the support of the Europeans, the same people who murdered six million Jews only a few decades ago.

So how did we get to this moment where hijackers, rapists and murderers are this close to being reckoned as legitimate and sovereign?

We begin by tracing it back to that day at the White House, 1993, when Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shook hands with Yasser Arafat and thereby, in a snap, codified terror as justifiable and placed a confederacy of clowns along the same footing as all other nations, namely Israel. Moral equivalency lived from that day forward.

We go back further to the 1960s, 70s and 80s to recall that it all started with Arafat and his Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which gained tributes for murdering people on trains, planes, ships, automobiles, streets, sidewalks, restaurants and all places where Israelis could be found.

There is no telling the number of Israeli victims to his credit – surely into the thousands – but the numbers were high enough to impress the Norwegian Nobel Committee. So they gave Arafat a Peace Prize. Rabin also got one for capitulation and near-surrender – though not in those words.

From Arafat’s PLO came all the rest, Fatah, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and then some, but they differ only in tribal and trivial rivalries. Otherwise they are all in the same boat when it comes to destroying Israel and imposing sharia law on themselves and upon everybody else.

When Arafat finally met his 72 virgins, Abbas took over the “peace process,” otherwise known as “license to kill.”

Back to our summary…decades back, these goons who invented modern terrorism almost didn’t make it to this day at the UN. Even the Israeli’s had finally had enough and they went ahead and expelled Arafat and his merry men. Jordan offered to take them in, and in they went, guns blazing, and soon enough they tried to take over the entire country, using riots, chaos, rape and murder to call attention to themselves.

King Hussein kicked them out and it was quite a bloodbath; thousands of Palestinians killed by fellow Arabs in what is still known as Black September.

Next? Arafat and his thugs took up residence in Lebanon, where it was Jordan all over again, and maybe worse. Churches were defiled. Lebanese Christians and Muslims were raped and murdered up and down the land and here we go again – out goes Arafat with the rest of his delinquents and malcontents.

From here we find the PLO scattered and demolished. No place to go. The PLO is finished.

Oops. Not so fast. Someone has to come to the rescue. Who would that be? Fellow Arabs? No deal. Been there. Done that.

But you can always count on Liberals to do GOOD – and this is where I come in. At the time I was morning-drive editor for KYW news-radio in Philadelphia (I hated the job, by the way) and I was in Arab-controlled Bethlehem as part of a group of journalists on a fact-finding trip.

After being addressed by the mayor and other Arab dignitaries, we separated for pita and hummus, and I found myself cornered by about 20 leading citizens. These were Palestinian Arab doctors, lawyers, accountants, but mostly shop owners and businessmen.

Here is what they said — please please, go back to America and tell your President and Congress that we do not want Arafat and his PLO! They are scum. We share the same lineage but they are not our brothers. We are doing well here but this will all change if Israel opens the door. (This is my overview of an hour-long conversation.)

But urged on by the Left, voices in the press, actions by the government, Israel opened the door and said to the PLO, “Come on in. Live with us in peace.”


http://frontpagemag.com/2012/ari-lieberman/the-french-connection-to-anti-semitism/ When it comes to the Jews, the French have a long, checkered history of treachery. French anti-Semitism is well known and deeply embedded in French culture. It therefore comes as no surprise that France will likely be the first major Western power to recognize Palestinian statehood, according to a statement released by the French […]



On this week’s Glazov Gang, our guests were Bill Whittle, Conservative Commentator, Tommi Trudeau, producer of films and music videos, and
Leon Weinstein, author of “Capitalism 101.”

The Gang Members discussed Will Conservatives Fight? The discussion occurred in Part II and focused on what the GOP must do to survive and prevail. In Part I the Gang dealt with Confronting Hamas. The discussion focused on the pitfalls of the “ceasefire” and the strategy Israel must pursue to successfully protect itself from its jihadist enemies. Watch both parts of the two-part series below:


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Germany won’t back Palestinian statehood bid
Associated Press
Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Germany says it won’t back a Palestinian drive for statehood in a U.N. vote this week — putting it at odds with France and other European countries. Read more…

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U.N. court aquits Kosovo official in Serb massacre…..THIS IS TYPICAL OF THE UN
Associated Press
Thursday, November 29, 2012
A U.N. war crimes tribunal on Thursday acquitted the former prime minister of Kosovo and two of his former Kosovo Liberation Army comrades for the second time of murdering and torturing Serbs and their supporters in Kosovo’s war for independence. Read more…

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Senior Taliban leader wounded by suicide bomb
Thursday, November 29, 2012
Senior Taliban leader wounded by suicide bomb
A suicide bomber wounded a senior Taliban commander and killed six people on Thursday in a market in a northwestern Pakistani region on the Afghan border. Read more…

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Rumor: Laura Ingraham may replace O’Reilly
Jennifer Harper

Ardent fans are floating the idea that intrepid talk-radio goddess Laura Ingraham, a regular Fox News contributor, is being “groomed” to replace Bill O’Reilly, the network’s senior prime-time host.
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Rupert Murdoch and I have had our differences over many years, and especially during my recent legal travails, but I must join with him entirely in his recent tweeted complaint that most American media outlets that are controlled by Jews seem to be reflexively, or at least habitually, anti-Israel. For mentioning this notorious fact, Murdoch was lambasted by the usual suspects, led by the New York Times, upon whose franchise as the premier quality newspaper of the world’s greatest market Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal is steadily encroaching. My sometime colleagues at the Daily Beast, whose grievances against Murdoch are profound and not unreasonable, even suggested that there was room here for a regulatory intervention. I understand the temptation to attack Murdoch, but this was seriously uncalled for. And yet, Murdoch actually apologized for his tweet. He did use some indelicate language, but to illustrate his pro-Israeli views.

From my long-sought sanctuary outside the United States, I urge that we all in the West, including the most febrile interveners on all sides of the dispute over the status of Israel, face a few facts. Apart from the founding members and permanent Security Council countries of the United Nations (the U.S., the U.K., France, and the former Soviet Union and Nationalist China), no state has a higher claim of legitimacy than Israel. All the other members of the U.N. were admitted, at the outset or subsequently, but Israel was created by the U.N. as a Jewish state, on the motion of Stalin’s ambassador, seconded by President Truman’s.

In 1917, as Russia fell into the hands of the Bolsheviks and Germany turned her full force on to the Western Front at the climax of World War I and before the U.S. was fully mobilized, Britain promised that when it evicted Turkey from what is now Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, it would make Palestine a “homeland for the Jews” without compromising the rights of the non-Jews there, effectively selling the same real estate simultaneously to two separate and opposed buyers. If the Arab powers had accepted the U.N. demarcation of Palestine in 1948, an Israel of extremely modest borders would have been born and would today remain confined to those borders. Israel expanded beyond its original boundaries only because the Arab powers attacked Israel and the U.N. demarcation unsuccessfully in 1948. The endless caterwauling about the 1967 borders is rubbish. The Arabs had those borders and could have kept them if they had not carefully planned an aggressive sneak attack on Israel and lost the war that resulted. Originating and defending against aggression, and losing and winning wars, do not create identical rights and interchangeable moral positions.


http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/334328/no-palestinian-statehood-brett-d-schaefer The U.N. General Assembly is expected to vote today on a proposal to elevate the status of the Palestinian Authority. The PA is currently a permanent-observer “entity.” It is seeking to become a permanent-observer “non-member state.” Last year, the Obama administration blocked the PA’s bid for full U.N. membership by threatening to use the […]



“A foreign policy is assertive. It seeks to gain things, rather than to minimize losing things. It is not as concerned with the feelings of the world, as it is with the feelings of its own citizens. To the question of what it wants, it does not answer with the time-honored response of Miss America contestants, to make the world a better place, but rather it answers to make America better, bigger, richer and stronger. That answer is not idealistic, it is realistic. It is how other countries expect us to think and it is how they react no matter how altruistic our policies may be.American foreign policy needs goals and horizons to gain definition. It needs to want something more than a way to avert the next big explosion or to feed the hungry people of Warlordistan to have a foreign policy that is based on substance, rather than cobwebs of fears and dreams. It needs to stand not for a better world, but for a better, stronger and richer America.”

The United States of America has a State Department, it has row after row of people who speak badly every language from Arabic to Swahili badly, and it has rich donors who take on the task of acting as ambassadors to some foreign country every four to eight years. There are think-tanks, actual tanks and institutes dedicated to turning out papers on foreign policy. And despite all this, or perhaps because of all this, the country still has no foreign policy.


Now the word “incompetent” is code word for racism? Oh puleez! What have we come to?

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., told CNN on Tuesday that some Republican claims that Rice is “incompetent” may be racial in nature.

“These are code words,” Clyburn said, adding that “these kinds of terms that those of us — especially those of us who were born and raised in the South — we’ve been hearing these little words and phrases all of our lives and we get insulted by them.”