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Oliver Stone: ‘I find Obama scary’
Friday, November 9, 2012
In Oliver Stone’s new book — “The Untold History of the United States” — the filmmaker, along with historian Peter Kuznick, argues that, “The country Obama inherited was indeed in shambles, but Obama took a bad situation and, in certain ways, made it worse.” Read more…
Petraeus move completes Benghazi housecleaning
Big Peace
Friday, November 9, 2012
Now that the Obama administration has succeeded in winning a second term, they are cleaning house. The two figures most linked to the disaster in Benghazi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and CIA Director David Petraeus, are gone. The figure most linked with Fast and Furious, Eric Holder, will be gone. The figure most linked to the administration’s economic failures, Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner, will be gone. Only Obama remains. Read more…

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Petraeus move completes Benghazi housecleaning
Big Peace
Friday, November 9, 2012
Now that the Obama administration has succeeded in winning a second term, they are cleaning house. The two figures most linked to the disaster in Benghazi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and CIA Director David Petraeus, are gone. The figure most linked with Fast and Furious, Eric Holder, will be gone. The figure most linked to the administration’s economic failures, Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner, will be gone. Only Obama remains. Read more…

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Obama’s re-election unleashes layoff tsunami
Freedom Works
Friday, November 9, 2012
So with another four years for President Obama to look forward to, and the obvious inevitability of Obamacare that this entails, let’s examine the very real jobs that will be lost, and the very real lives that will be affected. Read more…

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The way the pundits are swooning over the resignation of General Petraeus, one would think he was the second coming of something between Oliver Cromwell and Curtis LeMay. Pardon me, but his campaigns in “Surgeistans” are total fiascoes. Iraq and Afghanistan are surging towards Sharia with increasing violence every single day. While climbing the ladder to general he spent most of his time at West Point, first as a “pre-med”. He graduated in 1974, joined the infantry ascending the ranks, Petraeus worked in many different capacities and for several different units within the Army.

During the 80s he was mostly involved in education….at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School where he got a Master’s degree and Doctorate in International Relations, and then headed back to West Point.

In 1991 he was promoted to Lt. Colonel and commanding officer with the 101st division where he was wounded….in friendly fire…when a fellow infantryman discharged his M-16 by mistake. At the age of 46 he was promoted to Brigadier General, and soon after sustained another injury, again, not in combat, but in training when his parachute failed. He then served in Bosnia as part of the NATO Stabilization Force, as both Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations and Deputy Commander of the U.S. Joint Interagency Counter-Terrorism Task Force. For his efforts there, he was promoted to Lieutenant General in 2004. Petraeus was made a full general in 2007.

His military “doctrine” was a clone of the “heart and minds” campaigns which were such failures in Vietnam, and his counterinsurgency operations enacted rules of engagement which crippled our forces.

In politics he was an absolute dud, once famously declaring that the Arab/Israel wars were responsible for the anti American sentiments of the Moslem world, culminating with his famous theory that the infamous video about Mohammed inspired the Benghazi attack.

He waged no brilliant campaigns, was no leader of men in combat, and apparently got lost and terminate his non illustrious career in a boudoir.



Apart from some fatuous self-congratulation from Asian-American liberals, there has been very little discussion of the 73-26 Asian-American margin of support for President Obama in last Tuesday’s election. That’s slightly smaller than the highest estimate of Latino support for Obama, at 75-23. Asian-Americans are a small minority now but their numbers are growing rapidly.

Most conservatives consider Asian-Americans poster-children for the American model of self-motivated success. The facts bear this out. The Pew Research Center reported last July:

Asian Americans are the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States. They are more satisfied than the general public with their lives, finances and the direction of the country, and they place more value than other Americans do on marriage, parenthood, hard work and career success…

Asians recently passed Hispanics as the largest group of new immigrants to the United States. The educational credentials of these recent arrivals are striking. More than six-in-ten (61%) adults ages 25 to 64 who have come from Asia in recent years have at least a bachelor’s degree. This is double the share among recent non-Asian arrivals, and almost surely makes the recent Asian arrivals the most highly educated cohort of immigrants in U.S. history.

Compared with the educational attainment of the population in their country of origin, recent Asian immigrants also stand out as a select group. For example, about 27% of adults ages 25 to 64 in South Korea and 25% in Japan have a bachelor’s degree or more.2In contrast, nearly 70% of comparably aged recent immigrants from these two countries have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Asian-American kids occupy nearly three-quarters of the places at New York City’s exam-based high schools (including Bronx Science and Stuyvesant) although they comprise less than 12% of the student population. The main threat to the upward striving of working-class immigrant kids who study hard to get into top schools is the NAACP. The New York Times reported Oct. 15:

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and other groups filed a racial bias complaint with the United States Education Department. They charge that reliance on a single test for determining who gets into Bronx Science and seven other specialized high schools discriminates against young African-Americans and Latinos. Other factors, like student grades, need to be considered as well, they say.

Asians “also stand out for their strong emphasis on family,” the Pew study reported. “More than half (54%) say that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in life; just 34% of all American adults agree. Two-thirds of Asian-American adults (67%) say that being a good parent is one of the most important things in life; just 50% of all adults agree.”



“American foreign policy has been a failed attempt at putting out brush fires while the holocaust rages elsewhere. Radical Islamic cockroaches that emerge under cover of darkness before fleeing in the glare of daylight know how to play the game. They have been doing it for fourteen centuries.It is high time to stop being politically correct by sitting up, taking notice and creating a unified national policy that will have permanent results against the menace of global Islamic terrorism.”

CHARLOTTE, November 4, 2012 – Most of us have heard about Malala Yousufzal, the Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban for her mission to promote education for girls.

Now known only as Malala, she has become the face of global outrage against radical Islamic attempts to prevent women from having the same educational opportunities as men.

The question becomes does cruelty have any limitations among these people? Apparently not, because CNN is reporting a new tactic that is even more sinister, if that is possible.

The most recent outrage came in Parachinar in northern Pakistan where the Taliban attacked a girl’s by throwing acid in their faces. This is not unheard of, actually it is very common.

When CNN contacted Qari Muhavia, the local Taliban leader, by phone the response was, “We will never allow the girls of this area to go and get a Western education.”

Muhavia went on to say, “If and when we find any girl from Parachinar going to university for an education we will target her (in) the same way, so that she might not be able to unveil her face before others.”

Such events sound like isolated incidents, but the truth is that they are the rule rather than the exception on a global scale where radical Islam is in control. How long will we continue to turn a blind eye to such events?



2012.11.08 (Orangi, Pakistan) – An uncle and nephew are shot to death by Sunnis because they are Shia.
2012.11.08 (Musa Qala, Afghanistan) – Women and children are amply represented among the victims of a roadside bombing against a wedding party by religious radicals.
2012.11.08 (Zabul, Afghanistan) – Two boys, ages 12 and 14, are pulled into pieces by Religion of Peace bombers.
2012.11.07 (Musharraf Colony, Pakistan) – A father and son are among three Shiites kidnapped by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and tortured to death.
2012.11.07 (Mubi, Nigeria) – Children are among the casualties when Islamists set off a bomb along a city street.
2012.11.07 (Peshawar, Pakistan) – A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders six others along a crowded street.


http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/333116/edge-abyss-mark-steyn The default setting of American society is ever more liberal and statist. Amid the ruin and rubble of the grey morning after, it may seem in poor taste to do anything so vulgar as plug the new and stunningly topical paperback edition of my book, After America — or, as Dennis Miller retitled it […]


http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/333135/voters-who-stayed-home-andrew-c-mccarthy The key to understanding the 2012 election is simple: A huge slice of the electorate stayed home. The punditocracy — which is more of the ruling class than an eye on the ruling class — has naturally decided that this is because Republicans are not enough like Democrats: They need to play more identity […]

Changing the Electoral College? By Rich Lowry…. a very constructive idea

http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/333104/changing-electoral-college-rich-lowry#close A friend sends along this e-mail. I post it, not as an endorsement but to encourage discussion: It’s clear from Tuesday night that Republicans have a long-term demographic problem. I’m not going to litigate messaging or policy, but I do have one idea that could immediately help: “dump the winner take all by state […]



An Open Letter to My Contacts and Friends

On November 6, 2012, America decided on the course they desire this country to take. They have opted to enable this president to achieve his seminal goal to transform America into a European social democracy. The nation of our Founding Fathers will cease to exist. Our constitutional system will be replaced by a corporatist superstate based on arbitrary, centralized power and the fusion of big government, big business, and big labor. Obama’s re-election represents the final victory of the progressive movement – the creation of a liberal, socialist regime. Once Obamacare is fully implemented in 2014, it will be impossible to repeal. Government healthcare will become interwoven into the fabric of society as millions lose their employer-based coverage in exchange for public subsidies. Moreover, like in Europe, socialized medicine will fundamentally alter the relationship between the state and its citizens. The government essentially nationalizes your body.

Obama has, and will continue to forge a new redistributionist order. Tax consumers are devouring the wealth of taxpaying producers. In the process, he is breeding an army – a vast electoral pool – of government dependents. Soon, America will reach the tipping point at which the productive classes are outnumbered – and outvoted – by the nonproductive ones. Our decline will be inexorable and inevitable. We are a country on the verge of fiscal bankruptcy. We are the most indebted nation ever. Obama’s soak-the-rich tax proposals are nothing more than cheap demagoguery. The most they can raise is $90 billion annually – a fraction of the mountain of debt slowly crushing us.


It is difficult to conceive of anything more imbecilic than the debate raging over whether Mahmoud Abbas’s recent declarations are sincere.

Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties [and] nations. It is the rule. At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid.

Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies. – Friedrich Nietzsche (1844- 1900) These excerpts convey much of the dysfunctional and directionless condition into which Israel’s political system has descended. This was vividly underscored by the maelstrom of mindless chatter from a gamut of politicians and pundits across the spectrum of political opinion in Israel, which last Friday’s Channel 2 interview with the nominal head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (a.k.a. Abu Mazen), unleashed.

Pavlovian predictability

For the Israeli public it was (or, at least, should have been) a distressing indication of how shallow and shortsighted the discourse on issues of crucial national import has become, and a disturbing display of the predictably facile, almost Pavlovian responses of the country’s leadership to them – on both sides of the political divide.

The debate that raged in the wake of the interview centered on divergent assessments of Abbas’s sincerity as to whether he had genuinely forsaken the sacred Palestinian tenet of the “right of return” and forsworn violence as a means to achieve Palestinian goals.

Unsurprisingly, on the so-called political Left, his words were greeted with coos of rapture. Both Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni enthusiastically embraced his declarations as proof that Israel has a credible “peace partner,” and excoriated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for not seizing the alleged “opportunity” to restart the “peace process.” Shimon Peres, who as president should refrain from any contentious politically partisan issues, gushed with effusive praise, proclaiming: “His brave words prove that Abu Mazen is a real partner for peace. We need to bravely extend our hand out in peace to a leader like Abbas.”