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I am humbled to have as a good friend Del Vecchio. He writes in hopes you’ll read and give. The Vietnam Healing Foundation gets needed prothetics, food and money to the wounded soldiers, sailors and airmen of South Vietnam, who are still maltreated by the conquerors from the North. If you haven’t blown it all on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, please give.

Here is this year’s appeal from Vietnam Healing Foundation.

As many of you know, all our people here are volunteers, the only
overhead we have is the cost of getting funds to Viet Nam and distributed
to the needy there. That adds up to at most 4% of our total budget. For
every $10 in contributions, $9.60 winds up in the hands of someone
needing to buy rice or pay for medical expenses. The people we support
are all badly crippled from war wounds, and living only one level above
street people, facing still the discrimination that Hanoi put into law in
1975 to penalize them, their children, and grandchildren.

This has been a difficult year for many people, giving has been reduced,
and our budget has eaten into our reserves a bit. But I hope that many
of us are still doing well enough to make a small contribution. Whether
you can send $10 or $100, every penny is greatly appreciated. Please
give some thought to the desperate circumstances our clients face every
day, and see if there is any way you may be able to offer any level of

Thank you.


You can go to to find an address to send checks to, or you
can use PayPal if that’s more convenient

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