What a sickening spectacle the GOP has become kicking Governor Mitt Romney around instead of focusing on their own problems. Let us revisit the primaries:

Rick Perry: He actually had ideas and a record and a tax reform plan. He was admittedly a klutzy debater, and the attacks from Michele Bachmann on mandatory vaccinations, and the others dumping on him because he gave the children of illegal immigrants the ability to get a college education. Now, they are all whining about “compassionate” treatment of illegals.

Jon Huntsman, whose fluency in Chinese and his snippy one liners impressed no one but himself .

Rick Santorum” No charm, no charisma and his claim of being a “winner” was made risible by the fact that he was defeated as Senator in a landslide election.

Ron Paul: Forget I mentioned him.

Newt Gingrich: Whose personal life story and struggle with his zipper makes Petraeus look like a choir boy. He is smart but smarmy.

Michele Bachmann: Great in Congress, whiny and annoying and squinting  and no traction as candidate for the White House.

Herman Cain: Oh well….9-9-9 and that’s all.

Romney won and ran an honorable campaign.


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