Modern feminists began with the correct observation that men too often see women as sex objects. They opposed the objectification of women by people like Hugh Hefner, whom they felt was a relic of a bygone era – a time in which it was decent to treat women as receptacles for the male sexual impulse.

The goal of modern feminism was to change that perception. Feminists wanted men to see women as more than a set of body parts. They wanted to be perceived as whole human beings, with minds and hearts, not just vaginas.

Here’s how that project has turned out, thanks to Hollywood: the heroes of modern feminism are sleaze artist Chelsea Handler and Lena Dunham, momentarily famous for comparing voting for Obama to having sex for the first time in a recent tv advertisement. This week, Glamour magazine placed Dunham, on its list of Women of the Year, alongside women like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ethel Kennedy, and Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. And Dunham was introduced by Chelsea Handler.

So, just what makes Handler and Dunham worthy of being onstage with women who have actually done something? They think with their sex organs. In fact, ask most men what they think of when they think of Handler and Dunham, and they will tell you: sex. That’s not because men are pigs. That’s because that’s what Handler and Dunham do for a living.

Take a look at Handler. She’s a comedienne – but her humor is all about her body parts. Her first book was titled, subtly, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-night Stands. She then followed that up with Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, proving that she wasn’t a one trick pony – she’s a drunk, too. Her third book: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.

Handler’s not untalented. But she’s made her career from her willingness to exploit her body parts.

Handler is an elder stateswoman for people like 26-year-old Lena Dunham. Dunham, the writer of HBO’s Girls, gets naked in virtually every episode, engages in every form of sex, and then talks about it.

All of this makes her, according to Glamour magazine, “incredibly brave, curious, and engaged.” The first season of her show, Glamour raved, dealt largely with “bad sex.” How revolutionary!

And yet these are the new feminist heroes. President Obama won single women in a landslide by telling them that Mitt Romney wanted to stop abortion and do away with free condoms.

But now these are apparently “women’s issues” because “women” can be boiled down to their constituent parts. That’s why the Obama campaign told women to “Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It.” That’s why women at the DNC dressed up as giant vaginas. Make those vaginas happy, win their votes.

Meanwhile, men still aren’t any closer to viewing women as anything but sex objects.

Feminism hasn’t accomplished its objective. In fact, it’s doubled down on men’s perverse view of women. Now even women see themselves as collections of body parts. And they vote like it, too. Women have become the mirror image of what men thought of them back in the bad old days: dependent, fragile sex objects. And then they celebrate their transformation.

This is sick. The independent woman has been cast aside in favor of the sex object. And it’s feminists – and liberals – who have achieved that dubious accomplishment.

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