Dear Mr. Romney:

After having been subjected to a tsunami of vicious attacks from the Democrats, you are now facing a circular shooting squad from disgruntled Republicans who blame you for the loss. You, sir, are a gentleman. You were bloodied in the Republican primary debates by attacks from the other contenders, some of whom started the “Bain attacks” subsequently taken up by your opponent. You sustained them and emerged as the last man standing after all the others conceded and bowed out.

Was your campaign perfect? No. Were you my absolute first choice? No. But I did not need too much to convince me when I heard the boos against Israel at the Democratic Convention. Instead of bowing to that bias, you stood by Israel and its embattled Prime Minister. You rightly averred that the Palestinian Arabs are not a productive people, engulfed by their resentment and hatreds.

You were up against an unprincipled and biased media; you fought while our President obscured the real news that our Benghazi consulate and CIA office were left undefended while he and his representatives blamed a video for the Arab uprisings against us; that an American drone had been attacked by Iran; that our head of the CIA was involved in a sordid affair with its inherent security problems; that the unemployed and people on food stamps had reached an all time high.

Thank you for your service to America, for your inspiring personal history, for the wonderful example your great success is to democracy and free enterprise, for your admirable family, for your adherence to faith when coercive secularism is rampant, and for standing tall and dignified against the scurrilous attacks against you.

You did not win the election, but you won the respect and admiration of Americans. May god bless you with health, success and a fruitful life.


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