I write this as a proud and patriotic American, a Jew, and a staunch Zionist and supporter of Israel. I have not time or desire to scold the Jews who voted for Obama. I am in too much despair at the calamity that has befallen Jews throughout the world as violent  anti-Semitism is not viewed as a “hate crime” but rather as a trendy lefty fad.

And here, in my America, I can no longer feel sanguine that Congress will support Israel. In fact, some of our best supporters lost and the best candidates were trounced. They were targeted by J Street…here is their gloating letter:

“You should feel GREAT today!

All 49 JStreetPAC-endorsed incumbents in the House – elected.

All 7 JStreetPAC-endorsed Senate candidates – elected.

JStreetPAC’s challengers and candidates for open seats – elected in 13 out of 15 races (Ami Bera hanging on to a razor thin lead in his race for a Congressional seat in Sacramento would make it 14 of 15.)

You helped raise and contribute over $1.8 million to these 71 pro-Israel, pro-peace candidates for Congress, and, thanks to you the 113th Congress will have 50 percent more JStreetPAC-endorsed members than are in Congress today. Not only did you help elect champions like Tammy Baldwin, Martin Heinrich and Tim Kaine to the Senate, you defeated some of the most outrageous voices on our issue. Come January the House of Representatives will no longer have One-State Caucus members like Joe Walsh, Allen West, Bobby Schilling, Frank Guinta, or Ann Marie Buerkle.

This is an incredible victory – one that is part of transforming the political atmosphere around Israel in the U.S. that has blocked meaningful American efforts to achieve a two-state solution for decades.

Our work doesn’t end here, of course. We have to spread the word about the incredible success of pro-Israel, pro-peace politics so that more candidates and more public officials in the future will start to speak out in pro-Israel, pro-peace way.”

This is ominous news. There is an old joke about leaders of the three faiths….Jewish, Christian, and Moslem being engulfed by a flood and their last words:

The Imam prays he gets the reward of the virgins.

The Christian prays for salvation of his soul and the world.

The Jew prays that Jews fill find a way to surviv and thrive under water.

Dear e-pals: We are under water.Our life vests are the conservatives, Evangelicals, all Christian supporters of Israel, and each other.



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