Hello Everyone,

With the re-election of His Fraudulency, Barack Obama, it is clear that America is becoming more and more like California which is to say an almost failed state. Today demographics trumped economics. Due to a divided Congress Obama will not get much legislation passed in the next four years but Obamacare will now take on its full destructive force as it spreads its tentacles over every aspect of our national life. He will be able to alter the composition of the Supreme Court making his attacks on the Constitution stronger and more successful. Foreign Policy is the prerogative of the Executive Branch and this is were Obama will continue to betray us all. With the popular vote almost evenly divided between Obama and Romney and with Obama gaining fewer popular votes and fewer votes in the Electoral College than in 2008 he can hardly claim his victory as an overwhelming mandate. Nevertheless, this is a tragic day for the United States and her allies. During the next four years Obama will do to this country what it took the Roman Empire a thousand years of enjoyable decadence to accomplish. To paraphrase Dennis Prager, a radio talk-show host in Los Angeles, the difference between the passengers on the Titanic and the American voters is that the passengers on the Titanic didn’t vote to hit the iceberg!

The grievous national wound of Obama’s presidency will deepen and fester for four more punishing and suffocating years. On whom, one wonders, is he going to blame the mess he has inherited this time around? In the meantime, let’s take some inspiration from Thomas Jefferson who observed that, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” I’ll see you on the ramparts.
Best regards,
as always,

Paul Schnee

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