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Column: What our sons can teach America By Melvin Bledsoe, and Daris Long

This spring, the Obama administration threatened to veto the 2013 Defense Authorization Act. Of all the reasons given for the threat, the objection to granting the Purple Heart to Pvt. Andy Long stands out as strange. That is,unless you know the story.

On June 1, 2009, Pvt. Long was killed outside an Army recruiting office in Little Rockby Carlos Bledsoe, who had become Abdul Hakim Mohammed after converting to Islam. Since then, we, the fathers of Carlos and Andy, have been trying to tell our story so that other parents do not experience our tragedy.Carlos grew up in a loving, church-going family. There’s a picture of Carlos at his high school graduation with a huge smile on his face, ready to go off to Tennessee State University for college. He looked forward to becoming a businessman and joining the family owned tour company in Memphis.

Switch to Islamism

But he did not get the education everyone expected. Instead, he became interested in Islamic extremism. At TSU, preachers from a radical Nashville mosque led courses in Islam. Eventually, Carlos began frequenting this mosque, converted, and took the name of the mosque’s imam. This imam taught worshipers that America “is the worst country on earth,” that the Christian faith is “the greatest lie ever told,” that this worldly life “is trash,” and that Muslims must seek death and the afterlife.

Carlos began to change his behavior: He abandoned his dog in the woods because he was told Muslims shouldn’t have dogs. He took Martin Luther King’s picture off his bedroom wall. He was sent by another Nashville imam to a school in Yemen, which turned out to be an al-Qaeda front. Carlos then returned to America and planned his own jihad.



Are you shocked, shocked by the anti-Semitism in France? It was ever thus. Remember 1980 and the terrible terrorist bombing of a synagogue in Paris? Then Foreign Minister Raymond Barre enraged French Jews by declaring that “three innocent people and one Jewess” had been killed..got that?….rsk

And today is the 70th anniversary of a famous French roundup of Jews the Vel’D’hiv.

Pierre-Marie Giraud Updated: 10:01 p.m. 08/juillet/2012

According to Serge Klarfeld, president of the Association of son and daughters of Jews deported from France, 1,129 men, 2,916 women and 4,115 children were huddled in the Vel d’Hiv for four days. Almost all the 13,152 Jews rounded up in Paris were deported. Among the “Vel d’Hiv”, less than a hundred – no children – survived, says Serge Klarsfeld.

PARIS (AFP) — There are 70, 16 and 17 July 1942, 13,152 foreign Jews fled to France in Paris were arrested by French police, which locked up the 8160 Winter Velodrome, near the Seine (XV) at the largest roundup of Jews in France during the Occupation.

According to Serge Klarfeld, president of the Association of son and daughters of Jews deported from France, 1,129 men, 2,916 women and 4,115 children were huddled in the Vel d’Hiv for four days.

Almost all the 13,152 Jews rounded up in Paris were deported.

Among the “Vel d’Hiv”, less than a hundred – no children – survived, says Serge Klarsfeld.

They were then taken to the camps of Beaune-la-Rolande and Pithiviers (Loiret), some 3,000 young children are brutally separated from their parents deported first. The children were deported between 17 and 31 August at Auschwitz, told AFP Mr Klarsfeld.

Simultaneously 1,989 men and 3,003 women, childless couples and singles, were arrested and imprisoned in the Drancy camp before being deported to Auschwitz also.


http://pjmedia.com/blog/george-zimmerman-lynching-further-unravels/?singlepage=true George Zimmerman has been the subject of the most transparent and vicious media and law enforcement lynchings since the FBI tried to blame hero security guard Richard Jewell for the 1996 Olympics bombing carried out by Eric Robert Rudolph. Jewell’s actions to move people away from a suspicious backpack bomb saved countless lives. Zimmerman, […]


http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/NG10Ak01.html Egypt has enough foreign exchange on hand to cover six weeks’ of its imports (US$7.8 billion in liquid reserves, against a $5.5 billion monthly import bill). It would have run out of cash in June except for emergency loans from Saudi Arabia, which backs the Egyptian military but abhors the Muslim Brotherhood, whose candidate […]



“If Obama’s Communist mentor thinks it’s fine to knock off 94 million people for the greater good, do you really think Obama cares how long you have to wait for your prostate exam?This whole business is giving me nightmares. The other night I woke up screaming. I dreamed that Janet Napolitano was pinning me down and flossing my teeth.You want my prescription for good health? In November, vote with your heart — and lungs and kidneys. In the meantime, eat berries.”

I’ve been gobbling berries like crazy ever since June 28, when Chief Justice John Roberts gifted us ObamaCare. I figure I’d better fortify my body with antioxidants before they drop all 2,000 pages of Obama’s “law” on my head. But every time I read what’s coming, I feel sick.

It seems that over in Merrie Olde England, the National Health Service is simultaneously imploding into some kind of fiscal Death Star and terrifying the populace. If you obsessively read the British papers (I do), you’ll know that just last Saturday they informed us that NHS let a 22-year-old hospital patient die of thirst; forgot about a young woman they’d left in a back room on a trolley, who was screaming with pain and bereft of food or water; and let an 18-year-old girl die of infection when the nurses neglected to give her the prescribed antibiotics. This is one day’s news!

What gets me is that NHS is the biggest business in England, employing 1.7 million people. Can’t they find someone to empty a bedpan? Apparently not.

The other day, my heart broke when I read that “thousands of dementia sufferers are being abandoned” by NHS — but then the next day, I read about the Liverpool Care Pathway and realized that anybody too addled to know what’s going on may be lucky.


http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/ HE’LL DESTROY AMERICA FIRST…HE KNOWS NOTHING OF SOCIALISM…HE NEVER READ MARX…HE IS IGNORANT OF HISTORY AND HE IS A PUPPET…..RSK You can make corncob pipes, eighteen wheel trucks or microprocessors– but you can’t make jobs. Jobs are not a commodity or a service. They cannot be created independently through a job creating program. Rather […]



Did Israel kill Yasser Arafat?


The Palestinian terror chief died in a Parisian hospital on November 11, 2004, after being taken there, visibly ill, from his Mukata compound in Ramallah. No cause of death was ever officially announced, and speculations—and allegations—have been rife.

Last week Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based Arabic media network, strongly implied on its website that Israel was the party responsible. It cited findings by theInstitute of Radiation Physics in Switzerland that Arafat’s clothing contained traces of lethal, radioactive polonium-210, and said only a state with a nuclear reactor could come up with such a substance. No one in the Middle East missed the allusion to Israel.

That prompted, in turn, a demand voiced on Al Jazeera TV by Arafat’s Paris-dwelling widow Suha Arafat, who once accused Israel of killing Palestinians with poison gas, to exhume Arafat’s body from his Mukata burial place—all in the interest of truth, of course.

In a further development, on Sunday Israel Hayom reported that Lebanese TV had shown a video, apparently filmed in 2006, in which

a Palestinian prisoner in [Israel’s] Ketziot prison is seen “interrogating” another Palestinian inmate who confesses that he was sent by Israel to kill[Arafat]. The prisoner claims…that, together with a group of Palestinian collaborators, he poisoned Arafat by putting toxic substances in his food while the Palestinian leader was barricaded in his Ramallah compound in 2004.

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THIS TOMORROW:New Revelations about the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro — on The Jamie Glazov Show

New Revelations about the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro — on The Jamie Glazov Show, Tuesday, July 10, 2012, 8-9 pm Pacific

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This week’s guest will be Eric Allen Bell, a leading counter-jihad activist who is investigating the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. He will be discussing his discoveries in his investigation and the media’s treatment, and mistreatment, of the glaring but inconvenient facts.

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See you Tuesday night!



Sixty-five years ago this July, Foreign Affairs published an explosive article by diplomat George Kennan, under the pseudonym Mr. X, which isolated and defined “The Sources of Soviet Conduct.” It became the centerpiece of our response to Soviet expansionism and the foundation of our Cold War policy, and made “containment” a household word and a foreign policy strategy for decades afterward.

In the article, Kennan explained that the Soviet Union’s leaders were determined to spread the communist ideology around the world. Due to the “innate antagonism” between socialism and capitalism, the USSR perceived itself to be at perpetual war with the West, with no possibility for peaceful coexistence. And they were extremely patient and practical in the pursuit of that goal:

The Kremlin is under no ideological compulsion to accomplish its purposes in a hurry… The main thing is that there should always be pressure, unceasing constant pressure, toward the desired goal.

Direct conflict was never considered a desirable avenue for the propagation of their cause; instead, the Soviets were always on the move to fill “every nook and cranny available to it in the basin of world power.” Their foreign policy, Kennan wrote, “is a fluid stream which moves constantly, wherever it is permitted to move, toward a given goal.”

Kennan argued that the Soviets were weak compared to the united Western world, and vulnerable to internal fault lines. He noted that Soviet power was “unamenable to argument or reason,” but very sensitive to superior force, in the face of which Russians would simply withdraw to wait for a more propitious time. That did not mean that the West should allow itself to be lulled into complacency by such a retreat, however.

Kennan described our conflict with Soviet Communism as “undoubtedly the greatest task our diplomacy has ever faced and probably the greatest it will ever have to face.” His policy conclusion was that the main element of U.S. policy toward the Soviet Union must be that of

a long-term, patient but firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies… designed to confront the Russians with unalterable counter-force at every point where they show signs of encroaching upon he interests of a peaceful and stable world.

The United States adopted that policy, and the USSR collapsed twenty years ago (which is not to say that the threat of communism collapsed with it).

Now go back and reread this but replace the Soviet threat of the past with the contemporary one of Islamic fundamentalism. Check off the similarities: Islam a totalitarian ideology at perpetual war with Western capitalism? Check. Muslims patient and prepared to fight the long war? Check. Impervious to the logic of reason, but vulnerable to force? Check. Islam always on the move to fill every nook and cranny available to it? Check. Of course there are differences, but the big picture is strikingly similar. To paraphrase Kennan, our conflict with Islamic fundamentalism is probably the greatest task our diplomacy has ever faced or will ever have to face.



“The real message of this election is that the alliance between the Libyan establishment and the Muslim Brotherhood is still holding together. The NFA and the Brotherhood are both opposed to autonomy and are both determined to stop any regional independence bids. The elections and the coalition will give the new regime the appearance of legitimacy while its thugs go back to doing what Gaddafi’s thugs were doing in Benghazi.”

The official story for the Libyan election has already been written. Even before the count is fully complete, newspaper headlines from London to Sydney to New York are hailing the triumph of a liberal party over the Islamists. Few of them notice or care that these election results seem to neatly reflect the agreement made between the Muslim Brotherhood and the National Forces Alliance before the election even took place.

While the media does its best to spin the election as a setback for the Muslim Brotherhood, it is nothing of the kind. Libya is the second country that Obama has delivered into the hands of the Brotherhood with Syria set to be the third. The Libyan election was a public show of support for a coalition that predated the election. A coalition in which the Muslim Brotherhood is set to play the 800-pound gorilla.

No media outlets noted that the Libyan military had been put on full alert through the election or that a helicopter belonging to the electoral commission came under anti-aircraft fire in the civil war burning behind the scenes of the phony transition. There are few mentions of the independence protests and the shooting of independence protesters by state security forces, and even fewer mentions of the ballots burned, multiple attacks on polling places and firefights between armed gunmen.

The media has its hand-fed story and will be sticking to it. Unfortunately there are some problems with their story.

For one thing the National Forces Alliance is neither liberal nor secular. Rather, it describes itself as moderate Islamist. And it isn’t a political party, but a bloc of around 60 parties and hundreds of civil and national organizations, ranging from tribal groups to soccer clubs. The goal was to create as broad a coalition as possible, and we won’t find out exactly who is in the alliance until much later. It is a safe bet that a group that broad includes terrorists and people too ugly for even Obama to shake hands with.