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Twenty-five years ago, the Reverend Al Sharpton jumped headfirst into the public spotlight to defend a black teenager who accused six white men of repeatedly raping her and smearing her body with dog feces and racial slurs. Even after a grand jury found that Tawana Brawley had concocted an elaborate hoax to deflect punishment by her murderous step-father, Sharpton refused to concede that the truth made any difference. What was important to him then was race-mongering and getting the maximum media play from his histrionic agit-prop. Now, a generation later, he has found another opportunity to foment racial unrest in the case of Trayvon Martin, the black teenager who was killed in Florida by a mixed race Hispanic man serving as a neighborhood watchman.


URL to article: http://frontpagemag.com/2012/03/27/the-palestinian-human-rights-nightmare/

The notion that Israel is victimizing the Palestinians is one of the cardinal—perhaps the cardinal—paradigms of international politics since the 1967 Six-Day War. Not only the left, both in Israel and abroad, subscribes to it, but also a large part of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, and just about all of official Europe. It goes without saying that the paradigm is regnant in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

It is hard, then, to get anyone interested in Palestinians victimizing Palestinians—suggesting that the seeming preoccupation with Israeli-ruled territories has something to do with the great value many people find in the Jew-as-victimizer prototype. Similarly, once the United States—supposedly the oppressor—had left Southeast Asia in the early 1970s, it was hard to get any but a few of the opponents of that presence interested in the ensuing horrendous victimization of Vietnamese and Cambodians by other Vietnamese and Cambodians.


Hating Israel URL to article: http://frontpagemag.com/2012/03/26/hating-israel/ Before he was killed by French police, the jihadist murderer of three French-Algerian soldiers and four Jews, including three children, said that he was driven to killing by the “murder” of Palestinian children by Israelis. Of course, when all else fails blame the Jews. But this excuse is a […]


RL to article: http://frontpagemag.com/2012/03/27/terror-for-passover/

It’s only a few weeks until Passover, a holiday that Jews throughout the world will be celebrating. And throughout the world, Muslims appear to be doing their part to help in the celebrations. In Milan, home of trendy fashions, a Moroccan Muslim man was arrested for organizing a bomb plot against a synagogue. Mohamed Jarmoune, a namesake of the prophet, had set up a covert Facebook group which included American and British Muslims to crowdsource the terror using social media.

Over in London, a Muslim woman was arrested for involvement in the same plot. Meanwhile in New York, the trial of two Muslim men accused of plotting to blow up synagogues continues. The two men, Ahmed Ferhani and another Mohamed, Mohamed Mamdouh, had contemplated dressing up as Hassidic Jews and walking inside with a hand grenade and a gun. But in all fairness, Ahmed and Mohamed hadn’t limited their homicidal interfaith fantasies to synagogues; they also considered blowing up churches.



In the hysterical main, there is no interest in the facts surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin allegedly by George Zimmerman. There is interest only in seizing the bloody hoodie, waving it as a banner of “white racism,” and igniting, if possible, the surging waves of collective guilt and collective vengeance to a point of crisis, real crisis, the kind of crisis Rahm Emanuel once announced he wouldn’t want to waste back in 2009, echoing the classic revolutionary call of Marxists, Communists and assorted revolutionaries that came long before he and and his dictatorial boss Obama and their assorted revolutionary-front-groups donned democratic camouflage. The only kindling missing in today’s combustible combination of racism, guilt and vengeance (besides facts) is summertime heat — and that’s coming.

If only the facts, which just might undermine the Alternative Narrative Reality, don’t come out first … if only the undocumented frequency of black-on-white violence doesn’t call attention to itself … If only, for example, Tyrone Woodfork, the 19-year-old Tulsa black man accused of sexually assaulting and beating to death 85 year old Nancy Strait and shooting her 90-year-old husband Bob Strait in the face with a BB gun (and breaking his jaw) (hat tip View from the Right) on March 12, doesn’t become a household name like Trayvon, too.

“Our task,” wrote Lenin in What Is to Be Done in 1902 (about 70 years before Saul Alinsky published Rules for Radicals), “is to utilize every manifestation of discontent, and to collect and utilize every grain of rudimentary protest.”

Sounds like our president.


Catholic-Jewish Solidarity for Religious Freedom

URL to article: http://pjmedia.com/spengler/2012/03/26/catholic-jewish-solidarity-for-religious-freedom/

Under the headline “The Vatican’s Twisted Priorities,” the Italian-Jewish journalist Giulio Meotti published an incendiary denunciation of alleged Catholic anti-Semitism in the March 16 edition of the Israeli news site Ynet. Meotti wrote:

In a special interview with Die Tagespost last week, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal, named by Pope Benedict to represent the Vatican in the Jewish State, declared that “Israel’s existence as such has nothing to do with the Bible.” He then compared Christians’ condition in today’s Jerusalem with Jesus’ Passion: “We Christians never forget that even our Lord himself suffered and was mocked in Jerusalem.”

Ynet should hire a fact checker: Fouad Twal represents not the Vatican, but the small and dwindling community of Arab Catholics in Israel and the Territories. The Vatican’s diplomatic representative in Israel is its ambassador, the Italian Archbishop Antonio Franco. That Arab Christians are Arabs before they are Catholic and maintain an implacable hatred for the Jewish State is nothing new. To survive as an Arab minority, they ingratiate themselves with the Jew-hatred prevalent in the Muslim majority. But there are only 120,000 Arabs among the 300,000 Christians resident in the State of Israel, and a growing number attend Catholic services in Hebrew.


How Many Crimes Did the New Black Panthers Commit in Florida? URL to article: http://pjmedia.com/jchristianadams/2012/03/26/how-many-crimes-did-the-new-black-panthers-commit-in-florida/ When New Black Panther Mikhail Muhammad called for the mobilization of a 10,000-strong black male mob to capture George Zimmerman, we glimpsed into the depths of racial depravity of the organization. “An eye for an eye,” Muhammad threatened. A cash […]



“Obama and Putin are both petty tyrants living in a house of mirrors, czars of their own egos, corrupt and corrupting forces that hang around the necks of two great nations. They don’t quite understand each other, though both are lawyers and bag men for their respective syndicates, neither do they respect each other. But they both know how to play the game.”

For a man so in love with the technology of image, the camera, the microphone and the teleprompter, the leader of the increasingly less free world has a natural tendency to put a little too much faith in it. This is the second time that an open microphone has let Obama down, the first time it recorded him stabbing an ally in the back, the second time it recorded him stabbing a few dozen more in the back.



“We are their enemies. We are targeted for destruction or subjugation by both groups. Whether one views the Islamic incursions as a form of the Black Death, or as the corrupting influence of gangster government, the West must identify its enemy before it can be successfully opposed.”

“The difference between the “radicals” and the “moderates” is that the radicals want to engage in genocide even while they are a minority, while the moderates want to wait until they are a majority. The radicals are satisfied with killing a few Hindus, Christians, Jews, here and there. The moderates want to wait and kill millions. Neither are our allies. Both are our murderers.”

So wrote Daniel Greenfield in his Sultan Knish column of March 21st, “The New Nazis,” in response to the murders of a rabbi and three children in Toulouse, France, and to the murders of the French paratroopers by Mohamed Merah. He likens, and not for the first time, Muslim jihadists, their agenda, and their tactics, to those of the German Nazis. He ended his column with:
“The old Nazis marched in at the head of an army. The new Nazis bought a plane ticket. The old Nazis had to get by the French Armed Forces and the Royal Air Force. The new Nazis are welcomed in and anyone who says a word otherwise faces trials and jail sentences. The old Nazis deported Jews to camps. The new Nazis kill them right in the cities. And the killing will not stop until the Muslim occupation of Europe comes to an end.”

Greenfield is right. I would liken Islam to an ideological Black Death that must be faced up to by politicians and intellectuals. There’s no such thing as a “benign” Islam. It is a death-worshipping ideology from top to bottom. And the only way to emasculate it is to repudiate it in its entirety.


http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.11673/pub_detail.asp The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) announced a national Shariah education campaign to promote “religious freedom and combat Islamophobia.” This campaign will include an education tour to introduce Islamic faith to the American public, as well as billboards, college campus seminars, radio ads, and a national hotline to address questions about Shariah. Shariah […]