In the hysterical main, there is no interest in the facts surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin allegedly by George Zimmerman. There is interest only in seizing the bloody hoodie, waving it as a banner of “white racism,” and igniting, if possible, the surging waves of collective guilt and collective vengeance to a point of crisis, real crisis, the kind of crisis Rahm Emanuel once announced he wouldn’t want to waste back in 2009, echoing the classic revolutionary call of Marxists, Communists and assorted revolutionaries that came long before he and and his dictatorial boss Obama and their assorted revolutionary-front-groups donned democratic camouflage. The only kindling missing in today’s combustible combination of racism, guilt and vengeance (besides facts) is summertime heat — and that’s coming.

If only the facts, which just might undermine the Alternative Narrative Reality, don’t come out first … if only the undocumented frequency of black-on-white violence doesn’t call attention to itself … If only, for example, Tyrone Woodfork, the 19-year-old Tulsa black man accused of sexually assaulting and beating to death 85 year old Nancy Strait and shooting her 90-year-old husband Bob Strait in the face with a BB gun (and breaking his jaw) (hat tip View from the Right) on March 12, doesn’t become a household name like Trayvon, too.

“Our task,” wrote Lenin in What Is to Be Done in 1902 (about 70 years before Saul Alinsky published Rules for Radicals), “is to utilize every manifestation of discontent, and to collect and utilize every grain of rudimentary protest.”

Sounds like our president.


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