CAROLINE GLICK; ISRAEL’S PALACE COUP PLOTTERS On Monday, saboteurs bombed the Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel for the third time since former president Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in February. The move was just another reminder that Israel today faces the most daunting and complex threat spectrum it has ever seen. From Egypt to Turkey to Iran to the international Left […]

MARK STEYN: OUR INDEPENDENCE FLAGS ON THEI GLORIOUS FOURTH Dozens of countries have “Independence Days.” Nov. 25, for example: Independence Day in Suriname. In that instance as in most others, the designation signifies nothing more than transfer of de jure sovereignty and de facto operational control from a distant European capital to a more local regime. 1975 in Suriname’s case. It had the […]

DANIEL GREENFIELD: THE LAST REFUGE OF LIBERTY When Madame Roland, the moderate French Republican, was a prisoner in the hands of the radicals, she wrote; “Oh my friends. Heaven grant that you may reach the United States– that last refuge of liberty– in safety!” Two-hundred years later, her “last refuge of liberty” is under siege by the same power hungry fanatics […]


On July 4, 1976, a beautiful and cloudless day my husband and I and four kids were in Connecticut preparing to toll a large brass bell to celebrate the bi-centennial of our great nation. All our neighbors and friends and townsmen in Connecticut were poised to do this in unison at precisely three o’clock. Our home was […]

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: BACHMANN ESCHEWS THE “F” WORD….FEMINISM Forget You, Feminism  No whine from Bachmann ‘Are you a flake?” With that question on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace may have given a rallying cry to the new feminist revolution in American politics. Except this time, the favored f-word of faux liberation will likely be nowhere to be seen. Wallace apologized, and, in […]

AUSTRALIAN POLICE GIVEN AUTHORITY TO REMOVE FACE VEILS FOR ID ON TRAFFIC STOPS Australia: New South Wales police given authority to remove face veils for identification on traffic stops In the West, the female face is not a private part. This necessary and eminently logical move comes in the aftermath of the Carnita Matthews case, which set up a perfect Catch-22 wherein the defendant would not remove […]


Patriots, Refugees and the Right of Return Posted By Steven Plaut   When the War of Independence began, it quickly assumed the nature of a civil war. Those opposing the declaration of statehood fought alongside the organized armies of their kinsmen, which invaded the territory of the infant state from all directions. The fighting […]

BAD RACHEL AMONG THE BELIEVERS AND FANATICS Headache Among the Believers We spend Shabbat afternoon with beloved friends who live beyond the Green Line in the Judean hills. They were in the first group of eighteen settlers to break ground here, to scrabble their desert plot into lovely terraced gardens, and on it to build the house they still inhabit thirty-two […]

GADI ADELMAN: THE ENDLESS SAGA OF THE FLOTILLA,css.print/pub_detail.asp Last May the Turkish ship the Mavi Marmara was part of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla that attempted to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. When the dust and sea water settled 9 Turks were dead along with 7 Israeli soldiers injured with gunshot and stab wounds. All year long while several investigations into the […]


Cautioning The United Nations Regarding Palestinian Statehood Here’s another considered article by David Singer, the Sydney lawyer who is a founder of the International  Analysts Network.  Entitled “Palestine – Testing The World’s Patience,” it comes via the antipodean J-Wire service. Writes David Singer: The Palestinian Authority headed by an unelected president – Mahmoud Abbas […]