Dan Henninger:Obama’s American Sniper Seeing “American Sniper” made the State of the Union speech pretty unbearable.

Barack Obama was 15 minutes into his State of the Union speech when I arrived home to watch it, having just walked back from seeing “American Sniper.”

Watching a movie about a Navy SEAL who served four tours fighting in Iraq was not the best way to enhance the experience of a Barack Obama speech. As a matter of fact, it was pretty unbearable.

Because Clint Eastwood directed “American Sniper” the movie is about more than the story of Chris Kyle, the highly skilled rifle marksman from Texas. In 2006, Mr. Eastwood presented two movies about the famous World War II battle of Iwo Jima. “Letters from Iwo Jima” told the story from the perspective of Japanese soldiers, and “Flags of Our Fathers” from the Americans’ side.

Iran’s New Terror Base against Israel by Yaakov Lappin

The new base in Syria gives Hezbollah the option of attacking Israel and drawing Israel’s return fire away from Lebanon, where its most precious assets are hidden: well over 100,000 rockets and missiles that might be saved for a future battle over Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Hezbollah, exploiting its presence in Syria, has been attempting to open a new front against Israel.

Over the past 18 months, Hezbollah and its enablers from the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] have begun launching a series of attacks on Israel from their new center of operations in southern Syria.

Denmark’s “Open Door” and its Limitless Beneficiaries by Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard

As Amir Taheri said: If you want to integrate newcomers, you have to get rid of people who make a living out of integrating them.

Whether or not the majority if Muslims are peace-loving, tolerant and democratic is of no consequence so long as the violent, radical and undemocratic minority call the shots.

It is no help to peace-loving Muslims or to the rest of us that our Western leaders keep portraying Islam as if it is something that might have been concocted by the Salvation Army. One might even say that that the “narrative” of many politicians is the true perversion of a message that is as clear as it could be.

“Unity”? About What Exactly? by Jeremy Havardi

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia tried to fool the world by joining France’s “Unity March” for free speech just two days after a young Saudi blogger, Raif Badawi, received the first installment of 50 lashes — out of the 1000 he is to get — “very severely,” the lashing order says. Badawi still has 950 lashes to complete.

Mahmoud Abbas, whose genocidal, jihadi partner, Hamas, was just declared not a terrorist group by the European Union, joined the forefront of the “Unity March” at the same time as a Palestinian human rights groups published a report accusing the Palestinian Authority of “waging war” against university students in the West Bank.

What “Islamophobia” motivated the killing of Jewish customers in a kosher supermarket? What had those victims done to deserve that?


More than a few analysts and political writers have noted that U.S. President Barack Obama ‎seems to enjoy driving his political opponents up a wall. On the domestic front, the strategy has been to get ‎under the skin of Republicans, so the political battles are waged on Obama’s ‎chosen playing field, and his opponents come off as angry if not crazy when they ‎fight back. ‎

At times, the president has sounded like a Chicago gang ‎leader, including this memorable comment at a Philadelphia fundraiser during his initial ‎run for the White House in 2008: “If [the Republicans] bring a knife to the fight, we bring a ‎gun. Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”‎

This kind of “elevated” discussion of campaign strategy (often with ‎sports associations) fits with a broader strategy Obama has put ‎into place as president of appearing to consciously shrink the ‎dignity of the office he serves by regularly appealing to the ‎audiences of the lowest common denominator talk shows and ‎interview programs, such as “The View.” On Thursday, two days ‎after delivering the annual State of the Union address, the president will follow up with sure to be weighty discussions with a ‎trio of popular young YouTube filmmakers.‎


Truly, there must be peace loving people in every religion. It is for this reason there are a number of interfaith events among Christians, Jews and Muslims.

In hopes of achieving peace, many Christians and Jews assume all their Islamic counterparts enter the meetings with similar values and honesty. Obviously they are not aware that the Q’uran approves of Al-Takeyyah: Lying For Allah. Nor have they become aware that so many Islamic leaders preach hate of infidels and Islamic domination.

According to “Islamic Commentaries” falsehoods (Al-Takeyyah) are permitted to protect Islam, to protect oneself, a fellow Muslim or to promote the cause of Islam. This is sanctioned by the Qur’an (16-106). This, in many cases, includes lying under penalty of perjury in testimony before the United States Congress etc


President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night brought to mind the opening scene in “Cabaret,” when the garishly made up nightclub entertainer begins – in 1930s Berlin, against the backdrop of Hitler’s rise to power – by proclaiming “In here, life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. Even the orchestra is beautiful!”

To Obama, congress is the orchestra. And he means to force them to play his tune.

Obama spoke in full campaign mode, alternately charming, humorous and caustic. But his attitude was triumphant. He spoke as a man convinced that he is still in charge, essentially daring House and Senate Republicans to prove him wrong.

Near the beginning of his speech, Obama promising to veto anything that would change immigration policy, Obamacare, or the Dodd-Frank anti-business law, as well as any new Iran sanctions. He dusted off his old tactic of placing blame on the Republicans for anything that he believed could be characterized as a financial showdown or a threatened government shutdown. He said those actions – which are the only way congress can stop him from abusing his power through executive action – would slow down business or risk the economy.

Speaking about the wars and economic crises that have plagued America since the start of the century, Obama said, “The shadow of crisis has passed and the State of the Union is strong.”

Obama claimed credit for all that’s going right, even when it wasn’t (and for a lot of things that are benefitting our economy which neither his policies nor his executive actions caused, such as lower gasoline prices.) Time after time, he glowed with satisfaction, especially where there was nothing to brag about.

Though the White House had said the speech wouldn’t be just a laundry list of proposals, there were so many that it was hard to keep track of them unless you had Joe the Plumber in the back of your mind.

The Religion of Peace – Belligerent Reality By Rachel Ehrenfeld

“Sunni and Shiite believers of the fictional “religion of peace” could not have chosen a better time to expand their jihad against the infidels. The misleading portrait of the religion whose symbol is the sword, whose fanatic adherents’ principal aspiration is martyrdom by killing the nonbelievers, is not new. However, the twentieth-century Muslim Brotherhood fib of separation between the mosque and the state, at the time Western economies’ dependence on Arab/Muslim oil provided vast amounts of money, helped the believers to propagate this lie, and to increase their influence in the West, even while attacking it.

Deception, a major weapon in the arsenal of Islam. Accordingly, as David Bukay, professor of Middle East Studies at the University of Haifa, has explained, “they portray Muslims as peaceful, tolerant human beings, while non-Muslims are aggressors, imperialist-colonialist occupiers. Therefore their victims and even their potential victims, i.e., all Muslims, must fight to defend themselves and retaliate against the Kuffar (non-believer), who always instigates war.

TROUBLE IN THE HOLY LAND If Abbas is a ‘moderate,’ what’s a ‘radical’? Part 2 by Bruce Phillips

Exclusive: Bruce Phillips concludes 2-part analysis of 50-year-old Fatah party
Published: 15 hours ago 16 Note: This is Part 2 of an article examining whether or not the Palestinian party Fatah is really as moderate is we have been led to believe. Part I provided an analysis of Fatah’s own trademark logos and posters. Part 2 will examine some of the recent statements and actions of Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas and current Fatah leadership.

Introduction A revealing irony came to light while writing this article. The West is debating whether it is appropriate to publish (or even show) the post-attack issue of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, which includes a caricature of Muhammad. At the same time, Muslim leaders from several countries have issued explicit warnings about the consequences of publishing such images. In fact, after Friday prayers on Jan. 16, 2015, Muslims across the Middle Eastern marched and protested against the new Charlie Hebdo cartoon, while several countries issued warnings that the drawing could “fuel hatred.” Meanwhile, this is all happening while Fatah observes its 50th anniversary by posting images and/or issuing statements that are orders-of-magnitude more violent than any Charlie Hebdo cartoon, but without any discernible response from the Western media, let alone the Islamic world.

The ‘moderate’ Mahmoud Abbas

In one form or another, Mahmoud Abbas has been the leader of Fatah, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and/or the PLO since 2003, when the U.S. refused to conduct any further peace negotiations with Yasser Arafat. Often described as a “moderate” alternative, Mr. Abbas has frequently renounced violence and terror, but has nonetheless remained complicit as other members of Fatah and/or the PA maintain an intense campaign of provocation and incitement to violence.

Obama Releases Convicted Terrorist al-Marri By Andrew C. McCarthy

Long War Journal reports that the Obama administration has released Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri from a U.S. prison – not from Gitmo, but from a civilian jail after a federal terrorism conviction.

Al-Marri is an al-Qaeda operative who was planted as a “sleeper” in the United States by Khalid Sheikh Mohamed to await instructions on carrying out a second wave of attacks after the 9/11 atrocities – against water reservoirs, the New York Stock Exchange, U.S. military academies, and other targets. The Justice Department quietly sprung him on Friday so he could return to his native Qatar, a country the administration regards as a crucial counterterrorism ally . . . and a country that is notorious for providing material support to jihadists.

While appalling, this news was inevitable. The al-Marri case was a cause célèbre for the Bush-deranged Left because he was detained as an enemy combatant, rather than arrested and charged in court as a criminal defendant, despite being apprehended in the United States. Upon taking office, Obama ordered him transferred from military detention under the law of war to the civilian criminal-justice system. Once there, he was given a bargain-basement plea deal by Attorney General Eric Holder and his minions.