Illiberal Immigration The old liberal ideal of a racially blind, melting-pot society is dead. Recently, in symbolic fashion, spectators of Mexican ancestry in Pasadena’s Rose Bowl did not merely cheer on the Mexican national soccer team in a game against the U.S. national team — such nostalgia would be natural and understandable for recent […]

CONRAD BLACK: THE ARAB SPRING COULD BE A CRISIS FOR ALL NATIONS Surveying the Muslim World The curse of living in interesting times Most observers seem to be wearying of the Arab Spring, just as it is becoming interesting. The idea of a democratic contagion that would suddenly sweep away centuries of autocratic misrule and replace it with Tocquevillean civic-mindedness was too far-fetched for all but […]

BARRY RUBIN:WHY IS THE US IN LIBYA?….Obama has no end game, no strategy, and absolutely no idea of what to do. Listening to President Barack Obama talk about the administration’s Libya policy is a strange experience. He makes various arguments justifying the war there along the lines of: dictator Muammar Gaddafi is a bad guy, he has killed a lot of Americans in the past, and he was threatening to kill his own people so […]

ADAM GRAHAM:What to Look for in a Presidential Candidate The right nominee must possess four key traits…..See note please HMMMM…..IS THERE A PERRY IN OUR FUTURE? RSK Recently, I examined what not to look for in a presidential candidate in a previous piece. The question now becomes: what should conservative voters look for in a Republican nominee? Obama has shown electing a president to be far easier than electing one who will govern […]

PINHAS INBARI: WHAT DO THE PALARABS ENVISAGE AFTER DECLARATION OF SOVERIGNTY? What Are the Palestinians Planning after September? Pinhas Inbari What the Palestinians really envisage after September is to exploit a UN endorsement of statehood to legitimize an escalation of the conflict. After having the 1967 lines recognized so as to negate the results of the Six-Day War, they plan to seek recognition of the […]

DAN HENNINGER: ON THE SUPREMES’ VIDEO GAMES RULING AND THE CULTURE WAR Videogames that allow a “player” to sit in front of a monitor for hours—and hours—obliterating realistic images of people are a protected form of “free speech.” Thus sayeth the Supreme Court last week, 7-2. On First Amendment grounds, the decision overturned a California law forbidding the sale to minors of violent videogames, generally called […]

RUTHLESS PEOPLE: JAMES TARANTO…LIBERALS TO GINSBERG….”DROP DEAD” Some legal observers would like to be rid of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Associated Press reported over the weekend. These aren’t conservatives who find her too activist but liberals who find her too old and worry that if she doesn’t get out soon, a Republican president will get to replace her: Ginsburg could […]

GOVERNOR KASICH’S SUCCESS The Buckeye Budget Lesson Ohio cuts spending and taxes—and still balances the books. The reform-minded GOP Governors across the upper Midwest have sustained a lot of political damage lately, but at least they’re delivering on their campaign promises and will be judged on the results. The latest is Ohio’s John Kasich, who signed an […]

GEOFFREY CLARFIELD: THE REDEMPTION OF THE KING’S TALMUD The Redemption of the King’s Talmud by Geoffrey Clarfield (July 2011) Last month the sun came out in New York City. As its rays bounced off the two marble lions that flank the neo classical entrance to the New York Public library at Bryant Park (a perfect example of the 19th century Beaux Art architectural […]

DEATH PENALTY FOR FORT HOOD JIHADIST? ANGELA K. BROWN FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) – For the victims’ families and those wounded in the Fort Hood shooting rampage, news that the suspect will face a military trial and the death penalty came as no surprise. Many have cried and prayed together since a gunman opened fire on the Texas Army post that sunny day […]