Safe Space Segregation: College Coffee Shop Only Allows “People of Color” Racial segregation, it’s back! Daniel Greenfield

The fight against racism began with calling for an end to segregation. Then somehow it became about bringing back racial quotas for minorities by calling them affirmative action. Except the quotas were bigger so it was a “good thing” even though it was blatantly against the call for equality.

Now we’re bringing back actual racial segregation on college campuses under the name “safe spaces”.

In the wake of last week’s protests and resignations at Claremont McKenna College (CMC), “safe spaces” for students of marginalized identities are popping up all over the campuses of the Claremont Colleges. After protestors called for action, CMC President Hiram Chodosh stated his commitment to providing a permanent safe space for students of color in the near future…

Last week, the Motley Coffeehouse at Scripps College issued a statement on its official Facebook page, “The Motley sitting room will be open tonight from 6-10 only for people of color and allies that they invite. Please feel free to come and use the space for whatever you need – decompress, discuss, grieve, plan, support each other, etc. In solidarity.”

The bad old segregation kept “colored people” in specific spaces. The good new segregation reserves spaces for “people of color”.

The left has brought back segregation using the same biased logic of affirmative action that if you flip the races around, it’s okay. Imagine the response if a coffeehouse or a student group had demanded a space for white people only.

The 51st anniversary of the end of segregation is actually the return of segregation. Anti-Racism has become completely indistinguishable from racism.

Additionally, a “Hurting and Healing” event, described as “a *for POC, by POC* art show,” is scheduled to take place at Pomona College on December 5. “This show’s intent is to create a space that is pro-POC, pro-black, and anti-white supremacist,” states the event’s website. “While you may want to invite a white friend or ally, to make this a safe and comfortable space for other POC, we ask that you do not.”

Now that we’ve brought back racial segregation as a progressive value, maybe we can make a new progressive Klan that will only harass white people? Then again it already exists. They call it Black Lives Matter.

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