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November 2015

The foundation of the special US-Israel ties Ambassador (Ret.) Yoram Ettinger


The special attitude by the American people, and their representatives in both chambers of Congress, toward the Jewish State transcends transient politics, geo-strategic considerations and formal agreements…. A 6 minute documentation of the 400 year old roots of US-Israel relations: http://bit.ly/1ksah6q

1. Israel’s contributions to US national security: http://bit.ly/16FP01N

2. The mutually-beneficial US-Israel relations: http://bit.ly/1RniWWB

3. The Jewish-Arab demographic balance: http://bit.ly/1I60R9h

4. Is the Palestinian issue an Arab crown-jewel? http://bit.ly/1MZP1fo

Eco-green Sharia: Words of wisdom from Muslims about the environment. By Ruth King

Who would have thought that a group that has created so many terrorist “hot spots” would be so concerned with environmentalism?

Check out: Muslim Environment Watch and their goals:

“Environment, climate change, pollution etc. have occupied world wide attention, including the Arab and Muslim world, since the 1980s. Especially during the last twenty years, more and more environmental organizations have been established throughout the Arab and Muslim world and the awareness to environmental issues has increased.”

And lo and behold…

”The administrator and writer of this blog is Dr. Moshe Terdman, who has written on the subject of environmental security and who has conducted research and lectured on the subject of Islam and the environment and the environmental policy and projects in the Arab and Muslim world. “

What’s in a name huh?

They have published a book:” The Environmental Problem, It’s Causes, and Islam’s Solution. Hizb ut-Tahrir”

Now, we do know that they have been active in “population control” but they go beyond with critical analysis of climate change. They explain Western guilt in despoiling the planet:

“The western world in which the western culture is prevalent has formed the ideological foundation and the intellectual framework that has dominated the industrial revolution and its achievements.This culture is materialistic and benefit-oriented, and its philosophy dictates that the Creator (the Glorified and Exalted) should be separated from the affairs of life, just as it calls for freedom, including freedom of property and personal freedom. It makes benefit the criterion for actions and believes that man’s happiness is achieved through the realization of his maximum share of sensual pleasures. This culture also considers the economic problem as being the scarcity of goods and services, makes the state a tool to protect the freedoms, and assigns man the right to legislate.”

They also fault capitalism:

“The solution to the global environmental problems and problems concerning poverty and other global issues is to remove and discard the real reason, which has caused these problems, i.e. by a global rejection of the inhumane Capitalist doctrine, which still controls the destinies of nations, and by looking for an alternative that ensures mankind’s happiness and tranquility.”

“Moreover, there is no room for morality in regards to the economic transactions of Capitalism, since it is an economy that only aims at realizing material values, and which considers the increase of wealth for the individual as the key to success, regardless of the consequences to the society andnature. The founder of capitalism, Adam Smith, expressed this when he stated that greed is the individual’s moral, and thismoral controls the economy.”

Obama Shoots Messenger on Palestinian Incitement America’s Radical-in-Chief runs interference for a death cult. Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel

Last week, the Obama Administration publicly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for incitement against Palestinians. What had he done? In a speech expounding the long history of Palestinian incitement and violence, predating Israel’s establishment by decades, Netanyahu had focused on the role of Haj Amin el-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem during the British Palestine Mandate, in urging Adolf Hitler to carry out the genocide of European Jewry.

Netanyahu’s point is undebatable: Husseini was not only a wartime Nazi ally, but, already in 1937, issued a seething, anti-Semitic declaration, calling upon Muslims everywhere to fight and kill the Jews, whom he described as the arch-enemies of Muslims and, indeed, mankind, and who were allegedly seeking to seize the Muslim and Christian holy places.

During the war, Husseini’s declaration was published by the Nazis as Islam und Judentum (Islam and Jewry).It was distributed to the mostly Muslim members of the SS Handschar Division he was involved in forming and which participated in war crimes against Jews, Serbs and other opponents of the Third Reich.”

Husseini’s role in the Nazi genocide and fanning Muslim anti-Semitism has been the subject of numerous scholarly books in recent years, including by Klaus Gensicke (2007), David G. Dalin and John F. Rothmann (2008), Klaus-Michael Mallmann and Martin Cuppers (2010), Andrew G. Bostom (2013), Barry Rubin and Wolfgang G. Schwanitz (2014) and David Motadel (2014).

Indeed, in his The Mufti of Jerusalem and the Nazis, Gensicke writes that Husseini’s “hatred of Jews knew no mercy and he always intervened with particular zeal whenever he feared that some of the Jews could escape annihilation.”

Decoding Politicians’ Immigration Newspeak The devious manipulation of language employed by the political class. Michael Cutler

George Orwell, the author of the prescient novel, “1984” was an extremely sage and insightful writer and thinker. Many of Orwell’s quotes are thought-provoking and worth remembering. One of my favorites is, “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Now that the campaign for the presidential election of 2016 is ramping up and debates are being conducted by various supposed “news organizations” I decided that it would be worthwhile to take a hard look at what is arguably the greatest challenge and threat confronting our nation and our citizens: immigration.

Immigration is, as I have frequently noted, not a single issue but rather a singular issue that profoundly impacts such major issues as national security, public safety, the economy, unemployment, education, healthcare and public health, the environment and the critical infrastructure of our towns and cities across our great nation.

Obama Unleashes His Pro-Criminal Agenda The president is freeing prisoners prematurely by the thousands — and giving them special privileges. Matthew Vadum

President Obama is attempting to fundamentally redefine and mainstream criminal behavior by fast-tracking criminals’ federal employment applications, weakening criminal law penalties, and trafficking in get-out-of-jail-free cards for tens of thousands of imprisoned federal drug offenders.

Releasing prisoners because it’s not fair to keep them locked up for their crimes, defending lawless so-called sanctuary cities, and banning the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) criminal record box on job applications, are Obama’s goals.

Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Paul Babeu (R) warns that the administration’s claim that the roughly 1,700 illegal alien inmates — who are part of the group of 6,112 new parolees — will face deportation is nonsense. “There’s no chance of them being deported to their country of origin and this is just another lie.”

But Obama doesn’t care about what his critics say.

Jeb Bush Apologizes to France — France Is Not Impressed, and Neither Are GOP Voters By John Fund

Jeb Bush admits he “screwed up” during last week’s GOP debate, fumbling an attack against Marco Rubio. “I just gotta get better,” he told reporters in New Hampshire. Then he proceeded to prove he wasn’t getting better, by apologizing to the French for his debate jab against the length of their work week.

Bush campaign officials went to some effort to paint the apology as partly in jest, having it reported that Bush delivered it with mock solemnity. But the words of the apology were quite serious and, more importantly, the French took the apology completely seriously and reported it as such.

Apologizing to the French will not score Bush any points with the GOP primary electorate. It may show he is a gentleman, but it also shows he lacks the killer instinct of his father and brother when they ran for president In 1988, George H. W. Bush would pointedly refer to Pete du Pont, his GOP primary competitor, as “Pierre” during debates. In 2004, Jeb’s brother made sure Democratic nominee John Kerry was ridiculed for his closeness to the country seen as having spurned the U.S. after 9/11.

369 US House members urge PA president Abbas to quit incitement by Yoni Hersch

Lawmakers: “Unless immediate action is taken to end incitement, bring the situation under control, this escalating violence — including stabbings, shootings and other terrorist acts — will undermine the prospects of a two-state solution.”

A letter signed by 369 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans and Democrats alike, calls on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to condemn the recent violence in Israel and renew direct peace negotiations.

The lawmakers asked Abbas to end incitement, continue security cooperation with Israel and agree to renew peace talks without conditions.

The letter directly accuses Abbas and other Palestinian Authority figures of making inflammatory statements and false claims that have increased tensions.

“Unless immediate action is taken to end incitement and bring the situation under control, this escalating violence — including stabbings, shootings and other terrorist acts — will undermine the prospects of a two-state solution,” reads the letter initiated by Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), the House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, and New York Rep. Eliot Engel, the top Democrat.

Palestinian ‘recognition’ is a bloody lie by Ruthie Blum

It is not nice to be amused while Israelis are being stabbed, stoned and run over by frenzied young terrorists. But how can one keep a straight face when hearing the Palestinian Authority’s spin the situation?

With a little charisma-coaching, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas could be a stand-up comic; he’s already got an international audience applauding his primitive discourse. Imagine the gigs he would get if he polished his act.

One routine the terrorist-in-a-tie needs to hone is his song-and-dance about canceling the Oslo Accords — the 1993 agreement between his predecessor, PLO chief Yasser Arafat, and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, for which the two received the Nobel Peace Prize.

This was funny enough by itself, since peace was the one element of the treaty establishing the PA that eluded the whole process. Furthermore, only the Palestinian side benefited from it. Arafat received accolades, along with lots of land. Formerly a terrorist pariah, he was suddenly granted full-fledged legitimacy as a player on the world stage. Even the Second Intifada — the suicide-bombing war he launched after blowing up negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in 2000 at Camp David — did not rob him of his ill-deserved peace prize.

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Defense: It Depends on What the Meaning of ‘Lied’ Is By Ian Tuttle

Bill Clinton’s famous defense, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” was not a Heideggerian musing. It was the most obvious example of the linguistic trapdoors that the Clintons regularly install to slither out of countless corners. Now, following Marco Rubio’s charge during last week’s Republican debate that Hillary Clinton lied about the Benghazi attacks, Clinton’s defenders are highlighting those escape hatches — and using them as evidence of her honesty.

“Last week, Hillary Clinton went before a committee,” Rubio said at the debate:

She admitted she had sent e-mails to her family saying, “Hey, this attack at Benghazi was caused by al-Qaeda-like elements.” She spent over a week telling the families of those victims and the American people that it was because of a video. And yet the mainstream media is going around saying it was the greatest week in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was the week she got exposed as a liar.

The next morning Rubio faced a testy Charlie Rose, who goggled at the charge (“You called Hillary Clinton a liar, senator.”), then tried to shift the blame to fluid CIA intelligence. Rubio stood by his comments and added: “There was never, ever any evidence that [the attack] had anything to do with a video.”

Opinion // Obama’s Distorted Views on Israel: By Peter Berkowitz

The president’s quest for even-handedness is misguided and dangerous.
Speaking at Harvard University in October, Secretary of State John Kerry asserted that “a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years” has triggered “an increase in the violence because there’s this frustration that’s growing.” In the effort to clarify Kerry’s remarks—since, in fact, the rate of construction has declined—State Department spokesman John Kirby advanced the old moral equivalence argument. “Frustration on both sides,” he said, has led to the current violence. To clarify his clarification, he added that “individuals on both sides” are “guilty of acts of terror.”
The Obama administration’s formulaic reactions to the recent outbreak of terror in Israel disguise the deeper causes of Palestinian attacks while obscuring the crucial long-term steps needed to build decent relations between Israel and the Palestinians. And they reflect the administration’s tendency to exaggerate Israel’s responsibility while underestimating that of the Arab world and Iran for the turmoil that has swept the region—a tendency that has helped worsen things all over the Middle East.