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November 2015


Poor Paris. Less than three weeks ago, the scene of carnage; this week, the venue for saving the planet. Because of security after the Isil atrocities, the City of Light was spared a planned climate change march, but London had one on Sunday, attended by what the ever-Green BBC optimistically described as “tens of thousands”. One of the march’s leaders, the fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, said: “Global warming is at a tipping point. If we go past it we can’t stop it. We are there right now.”
In this view, Dame Vivienne accords with the Prince of Wales, who predicted in Rio de Janeiro in March 2009, that there were “less than 100 months to act” to prevent “catastrophic climate change”. In other words, it’s all over by July 2017.


The hot air spewing at the Global Climate Summit is settled and irrefutable evidence of man-made global warming. rsk

Shocking moment Islamist rebel fighter and cameraman filming propaganda video are wiped out by an Assad regime shell in Syria

Horrific footage has emerged of the moment an Islamist rebel fighter and his Syrian activist cameraman were killed by a Syrian Arab Army artillery shell in northern Hama, Syria.

The horrific 40-second video begins with a bearded fighter, believed to be fighting with the Islamist allied Ajnad al-Sham, describing his joy at capturing Tal Sukayk in the Hama countryside.

Just a short while after he begins talking, an artillery shell fatally crashes down directly on to the fighter and his cameraman, who is named as Ahmed Abu Hamza.

Final moments: The unnamed fighter gives a short speech just before the shell hits their position


Final moments: The unnamed fighter gives a short speech just before the shell hits their position

Debt Under Obama Up $8,000,000,000,000 by Terence Jeffrey

The debt of the federal government has now increased by more than $8,000,000,000,000 during the time President Barack Obama has been in office, according to the official debt numbers published by the U.S. Treasury.
The total federal debt, which was $18,722,746,583,118.03 at the close of business on Monday, now equals about $159,007 per household.
It has increased approximately $68,756 per household during Obama’s presidency.
On Jan. 20, 2009, when Obama was inaugurated, the total debt of the federal government was $10,626,877,048,913.08. On Nov. 23, 2015, it was $18,722,746,583,118.03 Thus, so far in Obama’s presidency, the federal debt has increased $8,095,869,534,204.95.
As of September, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 117,748,000 households in the United States. The $18,722,746,583,118.03 in federal debt equals $159,006.91 for each one of those households.
The $8,095,869,534,204.95 that the debt has increased under Obama equals about 68,755.90 for each one of those households.

As CNSNews.com reported last month, the portion of the federal government’s debt that is held by the public-as opposed to the portion that is borrowed out of government trust funds such as the Social Security and Medicare trust funds-has more than doubled during President Barack Obama’s time in office.
When Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, the $10,626,877,048,913.08 in federal debt consisted of $6,307,310,739,681.66 in debt held by the public and $4,319,566,309,231.42 in intragovernmental debt. The $18,722,746,583,118.03 in total federal debt at the close of business Monday consisted of $13,487,562,419,580.15 in debt held by the public and $5,233,308,167,077.60 in intragovernmental debt.

Muslim Missouri U Prof Assaults Teen Girl for Not Wearing Hijab The Hijab is not a choice Daniel Greenfield

The Hijab is not a choice. It’s something Muslim men enforce on women. While Obama has done a great deal to force employers to accommodate Hijabs even where inappropriate, he has done nothing to protect Muslim girls from being abused for not wearing a Hijab. Just as he has done nothing about honor killings or any of the real civil rights issues facing Muslim women in America.

This story is another reminder of the reality that goes on, mostly out of public view, while the administration and its media allies blather on about Islamophobia.

An assistant professor at the University of Missouri was arrested after allegedly pulling a young girl out of school for not wearing a Muslim headscarf according to the Columbia Tribune.

Youssif Z. Omar, 53, noticed his 14-year-old relative was not wearing the traditional hijab as he drove by Hickman High School in Columbia on Tuesday.

Palestinian Terror During “Peace” The deadliest Jihad — at the peak of the “peace process.” Joseph Puder

While the western world expressed its solidarity with France following the November 13, 2015 Paris terror attack by Islamic State local affiliates, few expressed similar sympathy and support for what Israelis have had to endure from Palestinian-Islamist terror in recent weeks, and for almost a century. It began with the anti-Jewish Palestinian-Arab terrorist riots of the 1920’s, and continued with the Arab Revolt (1936-1939), which was typified by terror attacks of Palestinian-Arabs against Palestinian-Jews (the Yeshuv, the Jews of Palestine were commonly called Palestinians). Following Israel’s war of independence in 1948, and Israel’s absorption of over a million refugees from Europe’s Holocaust and the Arab world, terror resumed in the 1950’s by Palestinian-Fedayeen from Gaza trained by Nasser’s Egypt.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), founded in 1964, began its terror attacks against the Jewish state from Jordan first, then from Lebanon and Tunisia, with a platform that sought to destroy the Jewish state and replace it with a “secular, democratic Palestinian state.” The Oslo Accords of 1993 committed the Palestinians to forgo terrorism and incitement. Lasting less than a year, Palestinian terror resumed using the latest terrorist weapon introduced by the Palestinians to the world: suicide-bombers. In September, 2000, Yasser Arafat launched the Second Intifada, which was far more violent than the first. Mahmoud Abbas, the new Palestinian Authority president and PLO chairman, like Arafat, never stopped the incitement and the resulting terror against Israeli-Jews. In October, 2015, yet a new weapon in the Palestinian terror arsenal was introduced…knifing and car ramming.

Why Did the Terrorist Cross the Border? And what did he do after he entered? Michael Cutler

The obvious short answer to the question that serves as the title for my commentary is, “to carry out an attack.”

However, unlike football players who need to simply carry the ball into the end zone or baseball players who have to cross home plate in order to score, aliens engaged in terrorism must, after entering, find a way to hide in plain sight as they go about their deadly preparations without being identified and without being interfered with by law enforcement authorities. Crossing our borders, one way or another, is just the beginning of their efforts to attack us.

The 9/11 Commission referred to this as the embedding tactics of the terrorists.

Terrorists who keep a low profile until they are called into action are known as “sleepers.” On January 23, 2015 FrontPage Magazine published my article: “Sleeper Cells: The Immigration Component of the Threat.”

It is understandable that the recent terror attacks in Paris and elsewhere have elevated concerns about terror attacks. The ongoing coverage of the manhunt for terrorists around the world has captured public attention. Hunting down suspected terrorists requires a two-pronged approach, determining what country the suspect has entered and then digging him/her out of the “woodwork.” Immigration enforcement can be instrumental in such an effort.

No, Mr. President — Values Are Not Universal by P. David Hornik

The telling example of Palestinian death cult.

“An attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share,” was what President Obama called the Paris terror attack. As commentators have pointed out, it’s unfortunately not so; Western values, even including the sanctity of life, are not shared by all of humanity and do not necessarily prevail in some parts of the world.

Here in Israel, where we’ve been under an assault variously dubbed the Knives Intifada or the Children’s Intifada for two months, it’s impossible not to be aware of a lack of universality of values. Many, but not all, of the examples I give below (which, of course, are far from comprehensive) are taken from Palestinian warfare.

Combatants and noncombatants. This is a Western distinction that is often conspicuously lacking in other parts of the world. While Palestinians sometimes attack Israeli security personnel, they more often attack Israeli civilians. Age and gender, of course, are of no consequence; the concept of the “enemy” is tribal and includes any and all Israeli Jews at any and all times. The principle of tribal assault applies, of course, in surrounding countries as well. The only reason Israelis are not massacred on the same scale as Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese, and others is Israel’s military and security capability. What happened in Paris was a Middle Eastern tribal assault, not just an attack by lone “terrorists.”

Trump and His Fans Are Stuck Inside a Feedback Loop By Charles C. W. Cooke

On Meet the Press this morning, Donald Trump insisted that:

he was “100 percent right” when he said he saw thousands of Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey, cheering the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, even though fact-checkers have debunked his assertion.

In a phone interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Trump said he has heard from “hundreds of people that agree” that there were televised Muslim celebrations of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, which he used as evidence to show his remarks were true.

“I saw it. So many people saw it,” said Trump, who, in the race for the November 2016 election, has been among the most vocal of the Republican candidates in expressing skepticism about Muslims in the United States. “So, why would I take it back? I’m not going to take it back.”

When NBC anchor Chuck Todd suggested the people Trump heard from are supporters and might want to agree with him, Trump interrupted to note the “huge Muslim population”

Inside a Campus Protest A look inside the current wave of student disobedience. By Josh Gelernter

Infantile college kids all over the country are protesting human-right violations like Halloween costumes and free speech, the honoring of Woodrow Wilson and the placidity of students studying in libraries. A few years ago, an early member of the new wave of student disobedience gave me a look inside the protesters’ scattered brains.

In February 2009, President Obama had just taken his oath of office, and I was a freshman at NYU. On the evening of February 18, a group of about 60 NYU students, and a few students from other schools, assembled in the NYU student-center cafeteria. They said that they were a group called Take Back NYU, and that they were occupying our cafeteria until a grab-bag of eleven non-sequitur demands were met.

Their first, courageous demand was that none of them be punished. Their second was that “all employees whose jobs were disrupted during the course of the occupation” receive “full compensation.”

Third, they demanded that NYU’s budget and endowment be made public. Fourth, that “student workers” and teaching assistants be allowed to bargain collectively. Fifth, “a fair labor contract for all NYU employees at home and abroad.” Sixth, they demanded “a Socially Responsible Finance Committee that will immediately investigate war profiteers and lifting of the Coke ban.” (NYU had recently overturned a silly “All University Senate” decision to ban Coke from our vending machines and cafeterias; rumors about abusive labor practices by the Coca-Cola Company turned out to be lies. But I’m not sure which war profiteers they had in mind.)