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Shh! Sharia Law Gets a Clear Passage in Kentucky

Shh! Sharia Law Gets a Clear Passage in Kentucky:

More than a hundred new state laws take effect Tuesday in Kentucky. The General Assembly approved 129 bills during the 2013 session, which concluded on March 26. Most of the laws take effect 90 days after the conclusion of the session.

Under House Bill 279, the controversial religious-freedom bill, someone with “sincerely held” religious beliefs can disregard state laws “unless the government proves by clear and convincing evidence that it has a compelling governmental interest in infringing” the person’s religious freedom.

Opponents of the bill fear it will allow the use of religious beliefs to justify discrimination, particularly against same-sex couples. Gov. Steve Beshear, citing concerns about potential lawsuits, vetoed the bill earlier this year, but the House and Senate overwhelmingly voted to override Beshear’s veto.

Backers of the law said it was needed in light of a Kentucky Supreme Court ruling last year that …

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http://unitedpatriotsworldwide.com/vinienco/ U.S Ambassador to Egypt Asks Christians not to Oppose Morsi, by Raymond Ibrahim U.S Ambassador to Egypt Asks Christians not to Oppose Morsi, by Raymond Ibrahim: As Egyptians of all factions prepare to demonstrate in mass against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi’s rule on June 30, the latter has been trying to reduce […]



For anyone other than a “social justice” demagogue, the Supreme Court’s Shelby decision, striking down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act (VRA), is cause for celebration. In real life, this is a success story: A society that overcomes ingrained, systematic racial discrimination — and does it during a 40-year span while, in parts of the world the Left somehow prefers to America, discrimination endures and becomes even more lethal. But the Left does not live in a real nation; it lives in a false narrative: The United States is the villain that can never be redeemed, and racism is not just its original but its indelible sin.

In our real nation, the VRA was always of dubious constitutionality. The Supreme Court expressly recognized that in originally upholding it, just as Congress recognized it in originally limiting its duration to five years. It was a distortion of the constitutional principles of federalism and equal sovereignty among the states — absent which there would have been no union. The distortion was tolerated because of the gravity of the evil it addressed, just as surgery must traumatize the body in order to cure it. But the VRA was a remedy, not a new order of things. It was supposed to vanish once the disease — the denial of a core privilege of citizenship through systematic, pervasive racial discrimination — was cured.

The disease was long ago eradicated. That does not mean racism is over. There are vestiges of racism in our society. Because we are dealing with human nature, some of them are to be expected. But many are a direct result of the Left’s race-obsessed narrative, dominant on the campus and in the media for over a generation. It tirelessly promotes — it needs — the destructive canard that racial animus is the cause of every effect, and thus that systematic reverse discrimination, far from a temporary remedy, must be a lasting framework and a thriving industry.

Racism would otherwise die its natural death. It is a violation of the self-evident truth that we are all created equal. That government and our society failed, for a very long time, to keep faith with this truth is incontestable. But the truth is self-evident because it does not come from any government or society. It is part of our nature, a gift from our Creator, and an immutable tenet of our Judeo-Christian heritage. If we hold to what makes us Americans, all racism — including the purportedly benign kind — will be seen as immoral. For now, racism of the sort that drove the VRA to passage in 1965 is aberrational.

Significantly, and quite contrary to the Left’s hysterical rants against the Shelby ruling, the VRA was not intended to end racism. It specifically targeted the denial of voting rights by state governments (and their subdivisions) that practiced systematic racial discrimination. Once that denial ended, the VRA and its (at best) barely constitutional methods were to end.



Our mole in Hollywood gets his inky fingers on one of its hottest scripts, revealing twentysomething Hillary in all her inglory.

Moviegoers might get the thrill, vicariously, of burying their heads in Hillary Clinton’s cleavage if “Rodham,” a buzzed-about screenplay by novice writer Young Il Kim, finally makes it to the big screen.

The former first lady, U.S. senator, and secretary of state, as well as once—and possibly future—Democratic presidential candidate, also buttons up her undone blouse, talks dirty, and lavishes Bill Clinton’s belly with kisses, in the same rough sex scene when he paws at her breasts. (Clearly the account is fictionalized to some extent, though Kim claims to have read and researched thoroughly.)

We got our inky fingers on a copy of the script, which landed a coveted spot on Hollywood’s 2012 “Black List,” an annual ranking of the best unsold screenplays according to Hollywood insiders. You might recognize other previously blacklisted scripts, including Django Unchained, The King’s Speech, Slumdog Millionaire, and Argo.

Veteran producer Richard Arlook and partners at Temple Hill Entertainment (responsible for the “Twilight” series), with the help of United Talent Agency, are currently shopping “Rodham” to bankable actresses in order to secure financing. Reports mention Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Chastain, or Carey Mulligan as possibilities to dress up the lead role, which is confined to Hillary’s younger years, when even her admiring biographer admits there’s beauty in Hillary that only Bill can see.

Kim introduces Hillary as the “valedictorian of the ‘look-like-shit school of feminism,’” before painting her as a brazen careerist, as disdainful of other women as she is of men. Maybe that’s because almost all the male characters in “Rodham” are nincompoops. Hillary’s father is a Republican bigot. At Yale Law School in 1972, in a preamble to her D.C. days, Robert Reich (Bill Clinton’s future labor secretary) and Joe Lieberman (eventual senator and Democratic vice-presidential nominee) are already bureaucrats, whose homework Hillary corrects.

To Bill, even when he first meets her at Yale, Hillary never seems like more than a campaign manager. Their sex scene, before which they warm up by stroking each other’s ambitions (Bill: “There’s nothing I’d love more than to be under you, Ms. President.”), goes unconsummated: Their political rivalry always kills the mood. Hillary complains to her girlfriends, “He isn’t even using me for sex!” Nor does Bill, again, when she visits him in Arkansas to commandeer his 1974 congressional campaign.



French Media Analyst Philippe Karsenty Found Guilty of Defamation in Al-Dura Hoax Case

French media analyst Philippe Karsenty was found guilty Wednesday by a French court of defamation for accusing a state television network of falsely depicting the death of a young Palestinian boy in a firefight between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli soldiers, the Times of Israel reports.

The footage of the boy, Mohammed al-Dura, was aired by the France 2 network. The start of the Second Intifada in which over 1000 Israelis were killed, was largely attributed to the video, which was circulated throughout the world.

A Paris court fined Karsenty 7,000 euros claiming that he falsely accused the network’s Jerusalem bureau chief, Charles Enderlin, of fabricating parts of the segment.

In an interview with The Algemeiner Karsenty expressed his disappointment. “I think it is a dark day for French democracy and I think it is a dark day for the truth,” he said.

French-Jewish artist and activist Ron Agam told The Algemeiner that the whole case was a set up.

“Karsenty never had a chance here. The television station is a government outfit and the unions are anti-Israeli. This entire judgement is not about justice, but about defending the indefensible,” he said.


http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/ Ready for Hillary is the PAC run by an environmentalist sweatshop owner and sleazy Texas storm chasing lawyer whose mission is to pave the way for the coronation of Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. And then the cameras will pan to the strategically selected multiracial girls sitting on the shoulders of their […]


Yesterday I walked past one of those gyms where buff people in designer gear exercise until they are ready to fall and then rush out breathless to quaff their organic veggie juices. While I watched many of them came out panting furiously and spewing carbon monoxide into the air. I quickly rushed away to avoid proximity to these planet destroyers, but it hard to avoid when one is almost run over by runners whose respiratory rates are twice the normal range of 12 to 18 breaths per minute.

If the President is serious about CO2 the gyms should all be closed and runners outlawed by fiat. He is really mad this time and remember:

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”



Putting aside Obama’s intention to further reduce our nuclear arsenal as articulated in his June 19 speech in Berlin, he has solidified his position as the World’s Greatest Liar with his statements about climate change, aka global warming, which he called “the global threat of our time.”

Let us stipulate that the global threat of our time is the rise of Islamic fanaticism in its pursuit of a worldwide caliphate. It threatens some six billion of the world’s population that represent other faiths. It is on the rise throughout the Middle East and into northern Africa’s Maghreb. It has cells in South America and it threatens the lives of millions of Americans if the jihadists acquire nuclear arms.

Regarding the President’s call for nuclear disarmament, veteran journalist Bill Gertz observed that “The president is using a new term to support his earlier disarmament call back in 2009 in Prague, and it’s called ‘peace with justice’ which has a very Marxist-Leninist ring to it. All the rhetoric of the communist groups around refer to peace with justice, (and) now the president has employed it for the first time.”

Obama continues to conjure up global warming despite overwhelming evidence that it does not exist. Dubbed “climategate”, revelations in 2009 made clear that a small group within the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were deliberately falsifying their climate models.

There is nothing that humans can or should do regarding the Earth’s climate. It is a force that is so vast and powerful that calls for renewable energy, energy conservation, and a “carbon tax” on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are utterly false, a danger to human life, a threat to global economic development, and the work of scoundrels and charlatans.


http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/womens-rights-in-saudi-arabia-from-622-2013 Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah recently made history with a royal decree, declaring a new era in politics and in social culture. The Monarch appoints 150 Majlis al Shura Council members as his advisors in areas such as education, health, Islamic affairs, economy and finance. King Abdullah appointed 30 women to the council.  Appointed women […]


http://frontpagemag.com/2013/davidhornik/the-bleak-prospects-for-europes-jews/print/ PERHAPS THEY SHOULD GO TO ISRAEL AS AUTHOR DAVID HORNIK DID….READ HIS BOOK “CHOOSING LIFE IN ISRAEL” A new report by Dr. Dov Maimon of the Jerusalem-based Jewish People Policy Planning Institute paints a bleak picture for European Jewry. As Maimon puts it delicately, “European Jewish life has quite possibly reached a negative inflexion […]