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Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) Guide for the Perplexed

1. The US covenant with the Jewish State dates back to Columbus Day, which is celebrated around Sukkot (October 8). According to “Columbus Then and Now” (Miles Davidson, 1997, p. 268), Columbus arrived in America on Friday afternoon, October 12, 1492, the 21st day of the Jewish month of Tishrey, the Jewish year 5235, the 7th day of Sukkot, Hoshaa’na’ Rabbah, which is a day of universal deliverance and miracles. Hosha’ (הושע) is the Hebrew word for “deliverance” and Na’ (נא) is the Hebrew word for “please.” The numerical value of Na’ is 51, which corresponds to the celebration of Hoshaa’na’ Rabbah on the 51st day following Moses’ ascension to Mt. Sinai.

2. Sukkot is the 3rd Jewish holiday – following Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – in the month of Tishrey, the most significant Jewish month. According to Judaism, the number 3 represents divine wisdom, stability, permanence, integration and peace. 3 is the total sum of the basic odd (1) and even (2) numbers. The 3rd day of the Creation was blessed twice; God appeared on Mt. Sinai on the 3rd day; there are 3 parts to the Bible, 3 Patriarchs, 3 pilgrimages to Jerusalem, etc.

3. The Book of Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon – one of the greatest philosophical documents – is read during Sukkot. It amplifies Solomon’s philosophy on the centrality of God and the importance of morality, humility, family, friendship, historical memory and perspective, patience, long-term thinking, proper-timing, realism and knowledge. Ecclesiastes 4:12: “A 3-ply cord is not easily severed.” The Hebrew name of Ecclesiastes is Kohelet (קהלת), which is similar to the commandment to celebrate Sukkot – Hakhel (הקהל), to assemble.

4. Sukkot starts on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Tishrey, commemorating the Exodus and the beginning of the construction of the Holy Tabernacle in Sinai. Sukkah (סכה) and Sukkot (סכות) are named after the first stop of The Exodus – Sukkota (סכותה). The Hebrew root of Sukkah (סכה) is “wholesomeness” and “totality” (סך), “shelter” (סכך), “to anoint” (סוך), “divine curtain/shelter” (מסך) and “attentiveness” (סכת).

5. The Sukkah symbolizes the Chuppah – the Jewish wedding canopy – of the renewed vows between God and the Jewish People. While Yom Kippur represents God’s forgiveness of the Golden Calf Sin, Sukkot represents the reinstatement of Divine Providence over the Jewish People. Sukkot is called Zman Simchatenou – time of our joy- and mandates Jews to rejoice (“והיית אך שמח”). It is the first of the three Pilgrimages to Jerusalem: Passover – the holiday of Liberty, Shavuot (Pentecost) – the holiday of the Torah and Sukkot – the holiday of Joy.



French President still clamors for “change” but nothing moves

PARIS. True to his branding as “the normal president,” President François Hollande moved—slowly – up to the front lines this week in an effort to rescue his government from tumbling approval ratings (40 percent satisfied). His Sunday night appearance on the TF1 channel was the same as usual: soporific delivery of a common ordinary discourse punctuated with occasional gesticulations to give an impression of determination. During the 25-minute interview with star newscaster Claire Chazal, Hollande kept reiterating his campaign refrain: I set the course, I set the pace. The pace is slow, the course is foggy, the reaction is embarrassed in his camp and, of course, harsh everywhere else. Le Monde, headlined its web article: “Hollande is personally committed to the combat.” If that is big news four months into his presidential term, then it might explain why so many of those who voted for him are already disappointed. Le Monde columnist Françoise Fressoz explains the discrepancy between the campaign slogan “le changement c’est maintenant” (change is right now) and today’s sluggish pace: “Change”, she says, meant turning the “Sarkozysme” page.

But has François Hollande changed radically since last spring? Has the global economic situation suddenly worsened? Was the flat delivery in the TF1 interview much different from his campaign speeches and television appearances? The answer is no. What has changed is that the Sarkozy veil—not the former president but a magical image of him—has been removed, revealing realities that should have been exposed and analyzed during the campaign. If voters had clearly seen a choice between the Socialist platform and Sarkozy’s program, the outcome may have been different. Since very few citizens are active in political parties, attend campaign rallies or have direct access to candidates, we must conclude that they get their information from the media. Print media in France have notoriously low circulation; most voters get their information from radio and television, where they were enflamed with enthusiasm and persuaded that the election of a Socialist president after all these years was imperative.



Jihad at work: Muslims “spontaneously” on the rampage The concept of “Islamophobia” gains new ground

PARIS. The 9/11 anniversary jihad operation was quite successful in France as in the rest of the world. An act of war–the attack against the American Consulate in Benghazi – was marketed as a spontaneous popular demonstration against an Islamophobe film that inadvertently led to the demise of three Americans including the ambassador to Libya.

Primary responsibility for the cover up lies of course with the Obama administration but French media willingly obliged. While gruesome photos of Ambassador Chris Stevens, still alive, dragged through the streets like a bagged animal, manhandled, photographed like a trophy, and probably subjected to the ultimate outrage were circulating on the Net, UN Ambassador Susan Rice engaged in grotesque damage control and French reporters in Benghazi peddled the same version, which they called the “real story” based on inside information from Libyan authorities.

The story eventually collapsed but it had served its purpose: The good people of our beleaguered free world, who heard virtually nothing about an act of war (most probably don’t know there is such a thing), are now steeped in the concept of Islamophobia. The couplet is engraved in press agency stone, repeated from morning to night: “The attack against the American embassy in reaction to an Islamophobe film. …” The ambassador and his countrymen “lost their lives” the way someone loses an umbrella. Muslims are on the rampage, burning flags and embassies, and it is all about an Islamophobe film.


http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/09/29/mainstream-media-threatening-our-country-future/ Editor’s note: The following text is from a speech delivered by Democratic pollster and Fox News contributor Patrick Caddell on September 21. It was delivered at Accuracy in Media’s Conference: Obamanation: A Day of Truth. The title of the speech was “The Audacity of Corruption.” For more on Accuracy in Media, click here. I […]



Since the start of the Democratic convention, almost all the published polls in the national presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have shown a lead for Obama. Polls of the competitive states that will decide the winner of the Electoral College have also, by and large, favored the president.

Some conservatives have argued that many of the polls are badly distorted by oversampling Democrats. They make the argument that the oversampling is deliberate, since polls which show Obama ahead will discourage Republican voters from showing up at the polls either during early voting periods in the states which allow it or on Election Day in November. In essence, these conservatives are arguing that the pollsters, like the mainstream media, are in the bag for Obama, and doing what they can to enhance his chances of winning.

The truth of the matter probably lies somewhere between the conspiracy theorists’ vision of the real state of the race (that Romney would actually be ahead if a more reasonable sampling of Democrats and Republicans occurred), and the current polls that show Romney about 4-5 points behind.

The number of Democrats versus Republicans who are interviewed in national and state surveys is highly correlated with the outcome of a poll. The reason for this is that about nine in 10 Democrats will likely vote for Obama, and about nine in 10 Republicans are likely to vote for Romney.

The real battle for votes is among independents who may lean to one side or the other, but are not as settled in their preferences, and in turning out those from a party who are committed to the party candidate. In some of the recent polls, Romney has been ahead among independents, but trailed overall because the survey sample contained many more Democrats than Republicans.


http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/328816/why-turkey-will-never-join-eu-andrew-c-mccarthy When Recep Tayyip Erdogan became prime minister of Turkey, it was anything but clear that he would last more than a few months. The military, the constitutional guardian of Atatürk’s secular order, had killed the Islamist administration of Erdogan’s mentor, Necmettin Erbakan, only a few years earlier. At the time, Erdogan was jailed for […]



Over two centuries ago a group of British colonists huddling amid the forests and rivers of a new continent decided what they could and could not say by killing enough soldiers and mercenaries that the people who had been in charge of their speech decided they should try their luck somewhere where the regulating was easier.
This state of affairs in which the country that those colonists formed became and remains one of the very few places in the world, even among Western democracies, where freedom of speech is absolute, came about through stirring speeches, deeply felt debates, classical ideas and a passionate political culture– but most of all it came about because large numbers of people were willing to kill over it.

Currently large numbers of people are willing to kill over the idea that Islam is the supreme religion, that Mohammed is a deity whom all mankind should respect and that the infidels living in the suburban sprawl of a thoroughly explored continent should accept that or die. Our government calls those people a tiny minority of extremists. Our unofficial name for them is, “Muslims.”

Laws are decided by many things, but sweep away all the lawbooks, the pleas from tearful mothers, the timed publicity campaigns, the novel legal theories and the greedy bureaucrats expanding their turf, and under the table you will find a gun. The first and final law is still the law of force. The law begins with the power to impose its will on others. It ends with the enforcement of that power.

Law either has force behind it or it does not, and if it has no force behind it then it is an optional thing that is subject to custom. And every now and then the law is challenged, not with novel legal theories or with petitions, but with force, and it either responds with force or submits to a new law. That is what we call revolution.

Islam has made laws that it expects all of mankind to abide by. These laws are not backed by novel legal theories or by petitions, though its practitioners are willing to offer both, they are backed by the naked practice of force. And the imposition of these laws can only be defended against by force.



JANUARY 15: Former 24 writers Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa, Chip Johannessen (and other 24 crew members including Sean Callery, Brad Turner, and Michael Klick) for their huge win at tonights Golden Globes. Their new Showtime series Homeland scored a major and much deserved win for best television drama series .

SEPTEMBER 23: Showtime’s freshman drama Homeland unseated Mad Men in the best drama series during the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday on ABC.
The TV show Homeland, based on the Israeli series Hatufim, won the top drama prize at the Primetime Emmy awards. The Guardian article below explains how Gideon Raff’s Israeli drama was taken to the USA. But the BBC World Service called Homeland a “home-grown” US series.
Howard Gordon
Howard Gordon is an American television writer and producer. He is well known for his work on the Fox action series 24 and the Showtime thriller Homeland, which he co-developed with Alex Gansa and Gideon Raff.


11 lives saved on Yom Kippur. Jews view saving life to be more important than the sanctity of the holiest day of the year. So Israeli doctors worked hard to perform eleven vital transplant operations on Yom Kippur, thanks to the donation of organs from three patients who died three hours before the onset of the festival.
Fooling viruses to self-destruct. (Thanks to Israel21c) Israel’s Vecoy Nanomedicines is developing a “virus trap” that lures viruses using their “cell-host recognition” mechanism. If the virus locks onto the trap, it is destroyed. If it mutates, then it can no longer attack cells and therefore cannot cause any damage.
A drink to cure liver disease. NasVax, an Israeli company based in Ness-Ziona, has developed an oral treatment for people suffering from Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) commonly known as “fatty liver disease” which affects up to 15 million US citizens. It is undergoing trials and also conversion into a pill.
The Technion and stem cells. Here is an update on the latest developments in Israel Technion’s stem cell research. It includes healing the heart, creating pancreatic tissue for diabetics and repairing or growing bones.
My child – the doctor. Israeli kids are twice as motivated to become doctors as are kids elsewhere. A total of 14.3% of 15 year olds in Israel said they wanted to go into the medical field when they grew up, the highest rate among all 34 OECD member countries, and double the 7.4% OECD average for youths planning a career.
Needle-free blood tests. Latest article on Israel Technion’s non-invasive technique for imaging blood cells. Spectrally Encoded Flow Cytometry (SEFC) offers the capability to detect common disorders, such as anaemia and bacterial infection, plus life threatening conditions, including sepsis, thrombosis and sickle cell crisis.
Europe approves Israeli burns treatment. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended approval of third degree burns treatment NexoBrid, developed by Israel’s MediWound Ltd. NexoBrid is a gel made of enzymes that removes burnt tissue, reduces the risk of infection and shortens recovery time.
Breath test for cancer proves effective. Dr. Hossam Haick of the Israel Technion has just finished analysing the results of breath tests of patients with a suspected tumour. The study of 74 Colorado patients correctly identified 53 malignant tumours and 19 benign ones. The test even highlighted the most effective treatment options.


Israel’s water degree. Israel’s Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) College runs a unique B.Sc. degree in Water Industries Engineering. In its latest intake, 50 undergraduates will study physics, chemistry, microbiology, economics, marketing, material engineering, electrical engineering, and IT.

Samsung’s new camera is Israeli. Korean tech giant Samsung has revealed that “all the camera processing technology” in its upcoming Galaxy S3 smart camera and cellphone is Israeli. The camera is unique in the fact that it lacks buttons, with all actions commanded by a touch screen on the back of the device.

Three of the best. Technion President Professor Peretz Lavie hosted a panel of the leaders of three top hi-tech Israeli companies – Mooly Eden of Intel-Israel, Eyal Waldman of Mellanox and Zohar Zisapel of RAD Data Communications. They discussed how Israel’s top quality engineers progress to found successful start-ups.

It’s not rubbish. Here is the latest video about the Hirlya Recycling Park. What used to be Israel’s largest garbage dump is now an Environmental Education Centre, an energy generator and a modern facility for separating waste into recyclable materials.

Eight new species discovered. In a cavernous underworld 100 meters beneath a soft limestone quarry in Ramle, Israeli scientists have found eight new animal species. Isolated for millions of years in a 40-meter-long hall in a 2.7-kilometer-long cave, seven of the species thrived by living off bacteria in their underground lake.

Don’t talk – TU Me. An Israeli smart-phone app called TU Me could take over from WhatsApp as the leading method for exchanging texts, photos, music, videos and map locations over the Internet. It can even do free, high-quality Voice Over IP calls.

How about U? Israeli hi-tech company Conduit has just launched a new Internet browser called “U”. At present, the media is sceptical that the browser will win people from the likes of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. But in the end, I suppose, that depends on U doesn’t it?

Have you got a Moment? Israel’s Moment.me application collects all the photos, videos, and tweets from an event and presents them in multimedia albums called “moments” where people can see “360-degree views” of the entire experience. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ networks.

Use Israeli technology to build your family tree. Israel-based MyHeritage now includes automated smart record matching to link family names to original documents, birth records, marriage certificates, Ellis Island passenger lists, newspapers and even tombstones.

Israeli chips for security imaging. Dr. Eran Socher of Tel Aviv University is developing small, cheap computer chips that can be used to search for concealed weapons. The complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) chips emit safe, low-level radiation to produce an image.


Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, and appeaser to all and every tyrant and international thug in the world
It should come as no surprise that the State Department has much to answer for in the abysmal manner in which it so disastrously allowed the horrific murder of the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans by Muslims in Benghazi, Libya to occur. What took place was an act of barbarism deliberately planned and perpetrated on the very anniversary of the 9/11 atrocity by fellow Muslims against Americans upon American soil.

And who must bear full responsibility for not adequately protecting the hapless ambassador and his staff in Benghazi? Well, it has to be none other than Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, and appeaser to all and every tyrant and international thug in the world.

Her craven apologies to the ever hate filled and murderous Muslim world by blaming an amateurish video, purportedly the excuse for mass Islamic violence and killings, has been enough to make Neville Chamberlain look decidedly heroic and resolute. But then she takes her queue from her boss, the Appeaser and Apologist in Chief; Barack Hussein Obama.

We now know that the killings, using RPGs and incendiary devices, were a premeditated and well planned operation by Al Qaeda. Even the Libyan president has said so, yet Hillary Clinton and President Obama continue to falsely attribute the Arab bloodlust to the video. And the Secretary of State, a week before the atrocity took place, stated that the security measures in place at the Benghazi mission were “robust.”