The Jewish State in its true light.
 In the 29th July edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:
· Israeli researchers have discovered a protein, key to the prevention and treatment of cancer.
· Israeli scientists have refocused scattered light with major implications for laser surgery.
· The UN has appointed an Israeli to a senior counter-terrorism position.
· An Israeli company has developed an energy storage system using compressed air.
· Israel has increased its funding for Research & Development and for Alternative Energy projects.
· Israel Electric Company has signed a deal that removes Israel’s dependence on oil.
· Israel’s Olympic team tells the world that Israel’s capital city is Jerusalem.
· Last week’s JPost Israel Good News descriptive summary
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Protein that stops cells dying. Prof. Assaf Friedler of the Hebrew University and Prof. Atan Gross of the Weizmann Institute have discovered a peptide tBID that is key to cell death. They have also been able to mimic tBID’s behaviour with another peptide MTCH2, which “could lead to new approaches to treating cancer.”
“Guided missiles” for fighting cancer. (Thanks to Israel21c) Immune Pharmaceuticals is building an Israel-based Centre of Excellence for Monoclonal Antibody Drug Development. Israeli bio-techs and science institutes lead the way in developing medicines that contain toxic molecules but only target cancerous tissue.
Israeli cardiologists improve rapid heartbeat treatment. For the first time in Israel, Shaare Zedek Medical Center cardiologists have used a tiny balloon filled with helium to destroy cardiac tissue that caused three patients’ heartbeats to go haywire and endanger their lives.
Yad Sarah is on call. Now every Israeli can sign up for Yad Sarah’s immediate communication service for a nominal, one-time fee. When contacted, volunteers see the caller’s health details and can provide advice, deal with emergencies or just engage in a comforting chat.
And there is light. Weizmann scientists have developed a method to refocus scattered light. It can lead to medical lasers performing operations on organs deep inside the body, without cutting intervening skin or tissue.
Israel launches first Arabic TV channel. After a four-month test period, the programming schedule of Hala TV, Israel’s first Arabic television station, has been officially announced. The new station will broadcast 24 hours a day. Satellite and cable viewers can tune in to Hala TV on Channel 30
Equality in the IDF. Amazing that the UK Guardian newspaper allowed one of its reporters to publish this interview with ex-Brigadier-General Yehudit Grisaro. Not surprisingly, some “Graudian” readers got a little bit upset – so you may not wish to view the comments.
And in hospitals. “We are a team here, and there is no difference”, said Palestinian Arab nurse Manar Igbarya as she worked alongside Israelis (Arabs and Jews) at Hadassah-Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem. She was accepted at the hospital because “all they cared about was how I do my job.”
96% of Palestinian Arabs have mains water. Good article that summarises the true situation about water provided by Israel to Palestinian Authority controlled towns.
Israelis help Syrian refugees, in Jordan. Deputy Regional Development Minister Ayoub Kara revealed that he had “representatives” in Jordan assisting children and infants who have been injured in the Syrian military’s violent crackdown throughout the country. The focus was to get medicine and medical treatment to them.
Iraqi trade route is via Haifa. Amazing! Haifa mayor Yona Yahav confirmed on Al-Jazeera that the Israeli port has been secretly facilitating import and export to and from Iraq for a long time. Iraq views the Haifa route as much more direct, cost-efficient and safer than the alternative maritime route through the Persian Gulf.
Cheaper rent for elderly immigrants. The Government has decided to build 1,341 subsidized rental apartments in nine cities nationwide. Immigrants who have been less than ten years in the country will be entitled to rent the apartments.
Israeli appointed to senior UN security position. The United Nations has promoted former Israeli government attorney David Scharia to the post of legal coordinator for the Counter-Terrorism Committee executive directorate – the only Israeli national serving in a senior security position within the U.N. Secretariat.
Storing energy in compressed air. Israel’s Arathron has developed underwater compressed air energy storage (UWCAES) systems to handle the problem of where to store excess power during low usage periods (e.g. at night). It also deals with energy demands at night when solar energy production is impossible.
Hydroelectric power – in a pipe. Israel’s Leviathan Energy is able to generate electricity at its desert test site using a turbine inside an underground water pipe. The Benkatina Turbine uses excess pressure to produce between 20 and 60 kilowatts of energy which can either be used locally or fed back into the national grid.
For perfect chips. US based Applied Materials Inc has unveiled its Applied UVision® 5 wafer inspection system for detecting microscopic defects in microchips. Israeli technology is responsible for the Deep Ultra Violet (DUP) lasers that will speed up the manufacturing of the world’s microprocessors.
How does Israel do it? The question as to “how does Israel produce so many Nobel laureates?” is being asked all around the world. Many suggestions are being made. Regular followers of this newsletter will know the true answer.
Cleaner air – add probiotics. Israeli Cleantech company Better Air has created a system that improves the quality of the air we breathe by inserting probiotics into air conditioning systems at home, in the office or in hospitals. BioZone’s good bacteria work at the microscopic level to remove contamination, dirt and allergens.
Israeli wins “green game” competition. Shay Yalin has won an international competition looking for “green” cell-phone games. “PET Race” entails having major soft drink companies hold weekly contests focusing on the recycling of bottles. Shay’s idea was featured at the Rio+20 environment summit.
OECD & UN report highlights Israel. The Agricultural Outlook 2012-2021 report of the OECD and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stated “Israel is now a world leader in the management and technologies related to irrigation in arid environments”.
3 silver medals in Math Olympiad. Israel’s youth team for the 2012 International Mathematical Olympiad in Argentina won five medals including three silvers, a bronze and one special citation. It could have been better had the team’s plane not made an emergency landing and arrived in Buenos Aires just hours before the event.
New research centre for Haifa. A new National Centre for Mediterranean Research will investigate fossil fuel extraction, desalination and infrastructure of Haifa’s coast.
Israel encourages alternative energy projects. The Israeli government announced new programs totalling over $100 million to support development of fuel alternatives. The government invests $1 for every $2 by an investor, either local or international. Loans do not require repaying if the Company cannot generate revenue.
More cash for R&D. The Israeli government has increased the Science and Technology Ministry’s budget for its regional research and development centres by NIS 9 million. Funding has tripled for the eight centres in the periphery, which are regarded by UNESCO as models for developing countries.
It’s not just a game. Israel-based online games developer Plarium has 70 million users, mainly in Russia and Eastern Europe. Plarium has six new games in the pipeline. It is also entering new platforms such as Facebook, mobile devices, as well as its own standalone website.
Lessons from a Start-up Nation. Murat Seker has written his views about Israel on the World Bank’s blog site. He concludes, “As nations seek to grow their economies and ramp up their competitiveness through innovation and entrepreneurship, Israel’s path offers many valuable lessons.”
Invitation to Israel Business Week. Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Israel’s high-tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem. It includes visiting cutting edge hi- tech companies, lectures from leading entrepreneurs and of course Tel Aviv nightlife.
Tel Aviv to Beersheva in 55 minutes. Israel Railways has opened the second track on the Tel Aviv-Beersheva line, cutting travel time from 90 minutes to 55 minutes. Minister of Transport Yisrael Katz said that the upgrade of the line broadens the employment and residential opportunities for residents of the Negev and the south.
The deal that severs Israel’s dependence on oil. The owners of the giant Tamar natural gas site have signed a 15-year supply contract with Israel’s Electric Company. Delek Drilling chairman Gideon Tadmor said, “This morning, we signed the largest agreement ever signed in Israel… severing of the electricity market from oil, and the supply of clean and cheap power to the Israeli people.”
Here come “The Expendables”. Hollywood’s tough guys — Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jason Statham and Dolf Lundgren — will be in town for the Israeli premiere of “The Expendables 2” on August 8th. The five action stars are expected to arrive by private airplanes.
The “hands-on” museum. (Thanks to Real Jerusalem Streets.) One of the favourite places for school children during the Summer holidays is the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. Here are some recent photos. Special events are planned for its 20th anniversary.
Israeli kids take gold in Romania. (Thanks to Israel21c) For the 7th year running, an Israeli team of sixth-graders came top at the MindLab Olympics – a “thinking games” competition for children from 10 countries. The Israelis ranked No. 1 in both individual and team play at Abalone, Quoridor, checkers and Octi.
Love the land and its people. The Nefesh b’Nefesh “singles project” is bringing another 60 Jewish American unmarried men and women to Israel this year. They hope to join the 640 previous unattached immigrants who came with NbN and who have since found partners and married in Israel – most to native Israelis.
and here is a clip of the latest planeload of olim that have just arrived with Nefesh b’Nefesh.
The ice-cream capital of the world. The average Israeli eats 10 litres of ice cream per year – 50% more than the average Italian. How come? Because ice cream makes you happy!
Jerusalem is our capital. Israel’s Olympic team gives the BBC a geography lesson. And even the Mayor of Tel Aviv informs the UK Press Council that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital over 3000 years ago and it still is!

The Jewish State in its true light.

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