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April 2012

BREAKING: Without Warning, FBI Halts Intel Sharing PJM.com

PJ Media » BREAKING: Without Warning, FBI Halts Intel Sharing http://pjmedia.com/blog/breaking-without-warning-fbi-halts-intel-sharing/ Without making a public or private announcement, the FBI has ended critical intelligence sharing with all 77 law enforcement fusion centers nationwide. This policy was implemented less than two days after a top FBI official told Congress about the FBI’s extensive efforts to share […]

Another Tack: What’s that about daughters? Sarah Honig

http://sarahhonig.com/2012/04/20/another-tack-whats-that-about-daughters/ Can the world offer a sympathetic hearing to a group that claims divine rights to annihilate an entire nation? Apparently so. Hamas is increasingly indulged by self-acclaimed forward-thinkers who might not relish being reminded that the Hamas Charter’s first section opens with the blunt assertion that “Israel will rise and will remain erect until […]

Understanding Gunter Grass in His Continental Context By Jeffrey Goldberg


D.G. Myers:

“(P)eople can get away with anti-Semitism these days only by passing it off as anti-Zionism. Since Israel is the political expression of Jewish peoplehood, however, to call into question its right to exist is either to wish the Jews powerless to defend themselves again or to deny they are a people. The first may seem less vicious than the second, but for an ex-SS soldier like Günter Grass, the dream of Jewish powerlessness is deeply embedded in a history of exterminating destruction. And in either case, Grass is an articulate literary spokesman for a new European anti-Semitism that pretends it is merely anti-Zionism, although there is not a pinch of salt’s difference between the two.


http://www.nationalreview.com/blogs/print/296490 Several brand-new reasons lately have emerged for repealing Obamacare. Like proper, government-designed straitjackets, they come in three sizes: hefty, huge, and humongous. The hefty reason to repeal Obamacare arrived just as Americans struggled to file their taxes on Tuesday. As Sam Baker reported April 9 in The Hill, “The Obama administration is quietly diverting […]



‘One thing I realized, especially within the black community, is there is a monopoly on the message. The monopoly is generally from the black establishment…Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton…’ And dare we say our President?

In a recent interview with Accuracy in Media, author and political activist Deneen Borelli (pictured above) called Al Sharpton an “ambulance chaser,” citing the Tawana Brawley case. Borelli is the author of the new book Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation. In the book, Borelli exposes the Left’s attempt to silence black conservatives who are battling against the Obama administration’s goal of expanding the government and increasing the number of people dependent on the welfare state.

Borelli considers the book as a call to action to empower Americans to help stop the cycle of government dependency, which deprives citizens of their rights to freedom and prosperity. Not only is she an author, but she’s a Fellow at Project 21, a network of black conservatives, which is an initiative of the National Center for Public Policy Research, based in Washington, D.C. She’s also a Fellow with FreedomWorks, and a contributor to Fox News. Her website is deneenborelli.com.


As the nation and the world close in on Earth Day, April 22nd, a tsunami of Green propaganda will overwhelm us with all the usual lies about global warming—now called climate change—and calls to reduce the use of all fossil fuels in order to reduce “greenhouse gas” emissions.

This Big Lie ignores the fact that there is no relationship between carbon dioxide (CO2) and the climate. CO2 reacts to climate change. It does not drive it. The Big Lie ignores the fact that the Earth has been cooling for fourteen years.



Responsible Americans will not stand for healthcare where elites (politicians, movie stars, athletes, etc.) are allowed access to the best care and complete control while we sit with a full bed pan in the hallway of some wretched hospital.
Of the misleading and incorrect musings from all sides of the health care debate, the concept of health insurance is the most pronounced. In their book “Life Insurance” (Eleventh Edition), authors Kenneth Black, Jr. and Harold D. Skipper, Jr. discuss the meaning of insurance, stating, “…human beings are exposed to many serious perils, such as…losses from disability and death…(T)he function of insurance in its various forms is to safeguard against such misfortunes by having the losses of the unfortunate few paid by the contributions of the many who are exposed to the same peril.”

In principle, insurance doesn’t pay for routine or trivial expenses. That is, auto insurance doesn’t pay for car washes, oil changes, spark-plug replacements or engine work. And when damage is done to a car by a covered event there is usually a deductible. Same for homeowners’ insurance. It doesn’t pay for landscaping, house painting or window washing. Rather it covers such catastrophic events as fire and storm damage. Notions about health insurance don’t conform to the definition of insurance because our political elites and media are pushing the socialized medicine agenda being hidden as an insurance benefit.



Britain is tying itself in knots over Palestinian terrorism, as a shameful and shocking admission from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office shows all too clearly

Since the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s, the governments of the West have concentrated on delivering the objective of two states for two peoples: a secure, Jewish and democratic State of Israel beside a viable Palestinian state.

In many ways progress has been made. The foundations for a Palestinian state have been laid and we have witnessed West Bank growth reach unprecedented levels. However, ideological progress has been limited, as incidents of official incitement and hate education have continued to poison the relationship between Palestinians and Israelis. With this in mind, the question of Palestinian rejectionism and its most potent expression in the form of incitement against Israel, especially where that concerns the glorification of terrorism, is clearly of paramount concern.

So prepare to be shocked, and follow this carefully.



Last week I was able to observe some of the top police brass doing what they do and it struck me how similar Community Policing is to Counterinsurgency. Both are methods used to control violence in fragmented multicultural areas by building trust and winning over tribal leaders in the hopes of lowering their group’s participation in crime and terrorism while getting them to cooperate with the local forces and act as informants on the bad guys.
In Afghanistan it may be a matter of navigating the Pashtuns, Hazaras and Tajiks, and their various families, while in Brooklynbad, Al-Minneapolis or Londonistan it’s Somalis, Turks and Lebanese, but it’s still much the same game. The big brass, in coordination with local activists who claim to represent the community leadership, unveil a new strategy which involves lots of face time, aid and respect for the assorted cultures involved. The boys in blue or khaki fall in line, but know that it mostly comes down to having enough boots on the ground and hoping that the locals are afraid enough not to try anything big.


In my home I have a photograph of my late father Mordechai Isaac Salomon with Zionism’s greatest prophet Zeev Jabotinsky. At the gathering in Geneva in 1932 my father told Jabotinsky that he had a chance to leave Europe and go to Bolivia to join the army in the Chaco War (1932-1935) against Paraguay. My father had just graduated from medical school and was reluctant to return to his native Poland. Jabotinsky’s words as remembered and endlessly repeated by my father throughout his life were : “Go!.Go! Go! Europe will become a hell for Jews!” These words were endlessly repeated by Jabotinsky when he spoke to Jewish audiences in Europe who responded with apathy, disinterest and often, overt hostility.

My father persuaded my reluctant mother to leave and she joined him at army camp in the jungles of the Chaco River where he became Surgeon General Doctor “Mardoqueo” Salomon” and given Bolivian citizenship. My brother Hilel and were born there and our small family enjoyed a good life in horrific contrast to the parents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brother and friends who were killed in Europe’s hell. Zeev Jabotinsky was our personal hero as well as a giant among men and a prophet.

To stand in memorial to the millions who perished with the words “Hear oh Israel” is simply not enough without heeding the threats of our enemies and channeling the wisdom of Jabotinsky before the rising tide of international antisemitism engulfs us all.

May the souls of millions rest in eternal peace.