Obama Trades Higher U.S. Energy Costs Now for Distant Chinese Promises.

The climate-change campaign against fossil fuels has been having a hard time with democracy. Voters in the U.S. support fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline, Australia repealed its carbon tax, and frustration with green energy costs is rising across Europe. So perhaps it’s not surprising that President Obama has turned to a dictatorship for help with his anticarbon ambitions.

In that sense, the emissions accord sealed Tuesday night between the U.S. and China is a perfect reflection of the mindset of Western climate-change activists. Cheap and abundant energy is popular among Americans because it raises living standards and helps the economy grow.

The romance of the fresh princelings of Beijing is that they needn’t abide such barriers to enlightened governance as elections, a free press, transparency, the rule of law and two political parties. They can simply order economic transformation in the next five-year plan, and censor any dissenters as Al Gore wants to do in the U.S. Thus in China Mr. Obama has found the ideal climate-change partner: A technocratic elite that can instruct the bourgeoisie how they must light their homes and commute to work.

We and many others have been skeptical of a U.S.-China carbon pact, though that was because we assumed the White House and green lobby would demand terms that imposed at least some discipline on Chinese behavior. We discounted the possibility that Mr. Obama preferred the illusion of progress, and that his green allies could be rolled as cheaply as the terms of Tuesday’s accord.

Under the nonbinding, no-detail agreement, Supreme Leader Xi Jinping promises “to intend to achieve the peaking of CO2 emissions around 2030,” and then maybe after that to decline. This is another way of describing the status quo.


The Democrats’ policies have been pillaging their own political base.

The Democrats who were caught standing on the beach last week when the GOP’s 40-foot wave washed over them are now explaining why it wasn’t their fault.

No. 1: It’s not us; it’s what’s his name, the unpopular president. (And that awful Valerie Jarrett. )

No. 2: It was a midterm election with a bad map; we’ll be back in 2016. Hillary to the rescue.

Official Obama Explanation : My ideas and policies are fine; I just have a messaging problem.

USS Democrat Captain Nancy Pelosi : “There was an ebbing, an ebb tide, for us.”

This all reminds me of the classic film satire, “I’m All Right, Jack,” about the dying days of the British trade-union movement. When an idealistic young factory worker shows the efficiency gains possible from actually using a forklift, the union steward calls a strike. Three guesses which Democrats in the U.S. version would play the roles of Peter Sellers, Terry-Thomas and Margaret Rutherford.

A few Democratic voices, mostly party professionals whose job is winning elections, have said the donkey herd that just ran off the cliff needs to rethink its sense of direction. No one is listening to them. Most Democrats, especially the left that took control of the party in 2008, deny any problem. And well they might. There is no Plan B.

The Democrats’ standard political model is generally attributed to FDR confidante Harry Hopkins : “We will spend and spend, and tax and tax, and elect and elect.” Hopkins denied ever using these words, but the formula lived on.

Tax, spend and elect just slammed into the mountain.

Iran’s Diplomatic Path to the Bomb Unless the U.S. Showers Concessions on Iran, No Nuclear Deal is Likely by the Nov. 24 Deadline. By Reuel Marc Gerecht And Mark Dubowitz

Let’s assume the Iranian nuclear talks in Vienna fail to conclude a final agreement by Nov. 24, the already extended deadline under the interim Joint Plan of Action signed in January. Iran’s clerical regime has refused to give much ground in key areas, and the Obama administration has, so far, been unwilling to meet Iranian demands. If the White House doesn’t end November with a cascade of concessions leading to a deal, there are four paths forward. None is appealing. Two might be effective—but the president is unlikely to choose either one.

The deadline is approaching with dwindling hope for a deal in part because Iran has already gotten so much that it wants. During the 2012 negotiations leading to the interim deal, the White House accommodated Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ’s red lines against reducing enrichment capacity and foreclosing an industrial-size program.

Iran thus got its wish to continue programs for uranium enrichment, long-range ballistic missiles and centrifuge development. Iran further refused to accept intrusive U.N. or other inspections, balked at dismantling the heavy-water reactor at Arak, and declined to discuss past weaponization research. It also won agreement that any restrictions on its nuclear program would be of limited duration. Tehran has treated the U.S. concessions to its demands as permanent—effectively making further diplomatic advances contingent on greater Western “flexibility.”

Washington keeps trying to tiptoe around Mr. Khamenei’s red lines. Take the recent American suggestion that Iran disconnect all “excess” centrifuges and cascade piping used in uranium enrichment at Iran’s Natanz facility—and retire around 14,000 first-generation machines into storage under United Nations safeguards. That plan is likely a nonstarter: Mr. Khamenei has adamantly opposed any reduction in enrichment capacity.

If there is no final deal this month, other scenarios arise.

The Coming Polish Recession Must Be Blamed on the Political Corruption of the Incumbent Kleptocracy By Matthew Tyrmand

Matthew Tyrmand, the son of 20th century writer and anti-communist Leopold Tyrmand, is an investor and economist based in New York City. He co-runs a Chicago-based NGO focused on bringing transparency to government spending (www.openthebooks.com) which he hopes to introduce to Poland now that he has obtained Polish citizenship.

I was recently asked by a Polish venture capitalist what my thoughts were on a recession occurring in the Polish economy and if so what the timing and depth of it would be. What follows is my response.

The short answer on the timing of the recession that I am predicting is right after the national elections in 2015, though I do believe the cracks in the economy are starting to show and with the recent 50 basis point interest rate cut, I think the nomenklatura see it too and are trying to put a “bandage on a gunshot wound” ahead of next year’s elections. Hopefully this coming recession lasts two to three years at most and is accompanied by a changing of the political guard. If Polish politics follows the trend of most of Europe- that of Brussels led socialism- then it will look more like a lost generation in the manner that Japan has had and the likes of which the US and parts of the EU are embarking upon. In this case the coming recession will last closer to ten years than two or three. Politics matters.

My reasoning behind this recession and its depth primarily hinges upon the preponderance of political corruption that has undermined Poland’s free market. To understand why there is an economic reversal occurring or about to occur (but not yet having commenced if you believe the statistics out of the government) one has to understand the previous positive trends. Poland’s strong tailwinds, and strong they have been, will not guarantee perpetual growth. Poland has had over two decades of uninterrupted sequential quarterly GDP growth with nary a recessionary contraction. Growth rarely occurs in this straight a line and Poland has amazed the world for how long this straight line has been (thanks to Balcerowicz and his eponymous economic liberalization plan). This is similar to the China of the last 20 years in the sense that after 1989 in Poland there were huge amounts of pent up animal spirits ready to be unleashed on a free market (one need only look at the entrepreneurship that followed passage of Wilczek’s Law in 1988) . Poland weathered the recent crisis well because it decoupled from the Eurozone in large part due to the potency of this massive 20 year tailwind. In essence, 40mm people from a closer-to-third-world post- Soviet regime saw economic development that moved the nation toward the first world Western European middle class quality of life and with it much stronger consumption trends and a more potent rule of law when it comes to private property protection. This was more prevalent in Poland than other Soviet satellites due to a stronger education system and a civic minded population. There has always been, even throughout the dark years of communist oppression and now to this day still, a stronger moral center in this society (politicians not withstanding) rooted in the Catholic Church.


Arabs kill Jews, US urges restraint

It is not clear when a widespread and growing terror campaign becomes officially ‎labeled as a new intifada (the “car intifada” terminology is now being thrown ‎around).

In any case, as they have done many times before, the Palestinians have ‎shown that one area in which they are willing to innovate is to find new ways of ‎killing Jews in Israel. Suicide bombings, rockets from Gaza, tunnels dug into Israel — ‎when Israel responds with countermeasures to one form of terror, others are ‎introduced. Using automobiles to slam into pedestrians has been tried before, but ‎now seems to have become a more popular tactic. Stabbing Israelis does not kill as ‎many people as quickly as suicide bombings, but draws a weaker response from ‎Israel and a far weaker rebuke from the West. ‎

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, well into his second unelected four-‎year term of office beyond the one term to which he was elected, is the Palestinian ‎leader that Israel has been waiting for, according to European and American ‎peacemakers. He is, they argue, a “moderate,” unlike Yassar Arafat, and his tenure ‎in office represents a real (and of course, likely final) opportunity to achieve the ‎two-state solution between Israel and “Palestine.” Final of course does not mean ‎final, since when peace talks break down, if they are ever resumed, the likes of John ‎Kerry and Martin Indyk and EU leaders like Catherine Ashton will claim that now, ‎this time, we have really reached that final opportunity, which will disappear if not ‎seized upon. ‎

Abbas, of course, has done everything in his power to stoke the violence, by ‎glorifying the murderers of Jews as martyrs, and honoring them, and calling for the ‎defense of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem, presumably under threat because some Jews ‎might mouth silent prayers on the Temple Mount. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ‎succumbed on this score, reassuring the Jordanians that Israel has not changed its ‎policy on the Temple Mount.

Once a new wave of violence begins, and it spreads to ‎a much broader area, as it has this week, Abbas may not be in control of how ‎quickly it gets tamped down, assuming he wants it tamped down. Palestinian ‎religious leaders are certainly not in any mood to eliminate or reduce the violence, calling Jerusalem the capital of the ‎global caliphate, and pushing for tens of millions of Muslims to march to the city to ‎protect Al-Aqsa from the infidels. ‎



At 3:40 Eastern Time, November 11, 2014, as I watched Shepard Smith on FOX News, I was STUNNED when in an interview-piece he was holding with a former US Middle East Ambassador, Smith ACCUSED Israeli Leaders of FOMENTING VIOLENCE in Israel.

TO PARAPHRASE . . . In a passing statement, Shepard Smith effectively said that BOTH Palestinian and Israeli LEADERS are EQUALLY responsible for the violence.


If Shepard Smith isn’t an anti-Semite, he is certainly anti-Israeli, since this isn’t the first time I’ve heard Smith unfairly SMACK-DOWN Israel.

I would be very interested to know EXACTLY what Netanyahu (Israel’s Prime Minister) has said to INCITE Jews against Arabs, such as Abbas has done, and does continuously to INCITE Arabs against Jews?

Has Netanyahu encouraged Israeli Jews to attack Arabs? Has he ever openly celebrated when an Israeli Jew MURDERED an Arab? Has he ever declared that Israel should be ARAB-FREE?

What was it that Netanyahu did or said about doing harm to Israeli Arabs, or SO-CALLED Palestinian Arabs that would MERIT this CANARD from Shepard Smith?



With the elections over, the Obama administration is going “all in” on climate.

On election day the President suffered a major vote of no confidence in his policies. What better way to seek cover, than a pivot to the heavily propagandized, hard to verify, holier-than-thou world of climate politics?

The White House memo on the deal states that this new agreement calls for the United States to reduce its emissions by 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025, while China’s emissions would be permitted to peak by “around 2030, with the intention to try to peak early, and to increase the share of non-fossil fuel share of all energy to around 20% by 2030.”

In effect, the U.S. agreed to reduce CO2 emissions now, while China can go on expanding until 2030. As Senator Inhofe pointed out, China is currently opening a new coal plant every ten days. Does anyone really think that expanding the Chinese economy, while contracting the U.S. economy will have a meaningful impact on world temperature?

Ironically, this agreement comes at a time when Antarctic ice is at record levels, polar bears are increasing in numbers, and global temperatures haven’t risen in 18+ years. The climate computer models on which the entire global warming scare depends on have yet to be right.

China is playing Obama for the fool. It will do what is best to obtain competitive advantage for China, and is only too delighted to watch the free world raise its costs of production. The main effect of deals such as this is to shift manufacturing overseas to countries like China and India who will gladly produce for us, and emit CO2 for us.


For a third time, I find that I have to turn to your unconstitutional and illegal collection of name and e-mail addresses of people who oppose your “Health Care Reform”. While that is one topic of my paper, there are others that should put me firmly on your Nixon-Like Enemies List. The difference, of course, is there was no Internet or Personal computers to aid Nixon in collecting millions of names instead of a handful.

You are much smarter and way more popular than Nixon ever was. Nixon could get away with changing our course with Communist China. You, on the other hand, may be able to change the course of American civilization

Below is the paper on why you scare me that I am circulating on the Internet. It is somewhat lengthy because you have done many things that really scare me.

Recently, I had a call for a relative whom I dearly love. She was upset because I had sent a message to the family and segued into a comment I heard by Obama and I used the term “Messiah”. I finally told her that I was afraid, scared by what Obama was doing and that it would affect her and her child (our Grandchild) even more than it affects me since I am 70.

Here are the things that scare and dismay me about Obama and his administration. Think of the implications of not being able to discuss or criticize a president and his policies.

All of my claims are easily verifiable. I am not providing links because I prefer the skeptics do their own research to see if I am right or wrong. Providing the links let’s people say that I “cherry picked” my references. By researching it themselves, they will have to make their own decisions without having an easy out.

Of Muslim Firecrackers, Murderers, and Odious Songs by Victor Sharpe

The Jewish faith has bestowed many wondrous divine blessings upon the world. Among them is, of course, the Sabbath day.

The Day of Rest, the Seventh Day, the Sabbath, is the one precious and humanitarian day set aside from the rest of the week’s labors. It is a day of freedom and leisure but one which allows the human spirit the opportunity to turn to the lofty considerations of divine holiness.

Interestingly, this marvelous and utterly civilized concept was quite inexplicable to the Greeks and the Romans. Indeed, Tacitus, Juvenal and Plutarch scoffed at such an idea for it was undreamt of by them.

But these are the words of a great ethicist and contributor to the revival of Hebrew as a living language, Achad Ha-Am, who said of the Sabbath:

“Far more than Israel has kept the Sabbath; it is the Sabbath that has kept Israel.”

And so it should be with a sense of horror and utter distress that the world should know that Muslim Arabs in Jerusalem deliberately and maliciously desecrate the peace on the eve of every Jewish Sabbath.

Muslims, who impudently claim their superiority over Jews and Christians, and who have since the 7th century arrogated to themselves core Jewish and Christian beliefs, including their own version of the Sabbath, blast the peace of the Jewish Sabbath by setting off noisy firecrackers while employing loudspeakers to blast, at viciously high decibel levels, inflammatory Muslim imprecations from minarets. This occurs in those Arab settlements adjoining Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem.


Well this much is for sure. The play-acting is no more and Mahmoud Abbas isn’t even pretending to be a “peace partner.” He’s gone rogue.

These days this Fatah warlord openly calls for the murder of any and all Israelis and the Jewish blood that’s been spilled from Jerusalem onward — men, women, 3-month-old babies – places him at the heart and center of the reign of terror now being inflicted upon the Jewish State.

His PA (Palestinian Authority) gangs heed him word for word when he demands Jewish blood “by any means.”

Murder by automobile is the latest Islamic trick, and if that doesn’t work, Palestinian Arabs are urged to slash their victims to death.

So finally the mask is off. The double-talking, the double-dealing, the fakery of tolerant coexistence – this is finished.
This the Arabs have been doing repeatedly and gladly.

(Where, by the way, is the Left that was so outraged against the Price Taggers? Hello? We can’t hear you!)

Fattened by standing ovations at the UN, intoxicated by support from the EU, bloated by the wishful romance of a Palestinian State (to exact further terror), adopted by the Left, embraced by the media, it is no wonder that this man Abbas feels that the world belongs to him