Lies, Damned Lies and a Fabricated Fatwa:Ruthie Blum

On April 2, U.S. President Barack Obama issued a statement on the “framework to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

The commander-in-chief was positively cheerful when he took to the podium in the Rose Garden to announce that a framework for a deal between the P5+1 countries and the Islamic Republic had finally been reached, “after many months of tough, principled diplomacy.”

He then went on to assure the American people that “it is a good deal, a deal that meets our core objectives.” He described it as an agreement that “would cut off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon,” claiming, “Iran will face strict limitations on its program, and Iran has also agreed to the most robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regime ever negotiated for any nuclear program in history.”

In the same vein, Obama depicted the many “achievements” of the framework agreement in a positive light, and declared that it was going to make the whole world, including Israel, more secure.

Before he and his European counterparts had a chance to pop the cork, however, the leadership in Tehran was calling the American version of the framework forged in Lausanne that day utterly false. Indeed, on every single point, the Islamic republic had a completely different interpretation from the West of the “fact sheets.”

This is just as well, since even the deal as presented by the U.S. is a disaster. Still, it does impose some restrictions on Iran’s ability to build an atom bomb out in the open.

It is impossible to ascertain which side in this farce is lying and which is engaged in wishful thinking, but it doesn’t take an Iranian rocket scientist to make an educated guess. One thing we do know is that the U.S. president is still spreading the following fabrication: “Since Iran’s supreme leader has issued a fatwa [religious Islamic degree] against the development of nuclear weapons, this framework gives Iran the opportunity to verify that its program is, in fact, peaceful.”


President Obama asserted on April 2, 2015 that he was ready to conclude an agreement with the Ayatollahs “only if Iran came to the table in a serious way.” On April 6, 2015, Obama stated that it would be “a fundamental misjudgment” to precondition an agreement with the Ayatollahs upon the transformation of the nature of their regime.

Indeed, the Ayatollahs must come to the table in a serious way for an effective agreement to be concluded – advancing peaceful coexistence, rather than fueling violence. However, “a serious (peace-driven) way,” on the one hand, and the nature of the Ayatollahs, on the other hand, constitutes an oxymoron.

The well-documented nature of the Ayatollahs consists of: Islamic supremacy; violent intolerance of the Christian and Jewish “infidel;” apocalyptic and megalomaniac worldview and policies; worshipping martyrdom/suicide bombing; ruthless domestic repression; hate-education in K-12; sponsorship of global Islamic terrorism; subversion and terrorism against all pro-US Arab regimes; collaboration with all anti-US regimes; nuclear cooperation and co-development of long-range ballistic capabilities with North Korea, a rogue nuclear power; expansion of economic, military, gas and nuclear cooperation with Russia, which collaborates with Iran in Syria and Yemen; undermining the US position in Latin America via the enhancement of economic, military and gas cooperation with Venezuela and Bolivia, which supply uranium to Iran, as well as overall cooperation with Argentina and uranium-rich Ecuador; demonization of the USA in schools, media and mosques – “the Great Satan;” celebration of the November 4 “Death to America Day;” systematic non-compliance with agreements through the art of nuclear concealment, double-talk and deception (Taqiyyah).


The White House announced that staff and visitors will be able to use a new gender-neutral restroom right next to the West Wing.

Valerie Jarrett, Senior Adviser to President Obama, announced in an editorial in The Advocate that the president is determined to lead by example. “We have closely examined our internal policies on everything from benefits, to restroom access, to how we invite people to events, to ensure that everyone who enters this building feels safe and fully respected,” she said.

The announcement came a day after President Obama’s executive order, that he signed on July 21, 2014, came into effect that requires federal contractors not to fire anyone based on their sexual orientation.

“This will effectively prevent any company that does business with the government from firing an employee based on who they are or who they love,” Jarrett said.

Israel’s Cuban Missile Crisis: Jack Engelhard

Americans barely remember the time they had their own nuclear crisis and how then US president, John F. Kennedy, dealt with it.
Reclining comfortably here in the United States, Americans are apt to wonder why the panic in Israel.

Details of the deal hatched between the Obama Administration and the ayatollahs over Iran’s nuclear program are still in flux except for this:

Iran gets to keep its missiles and this has Israel terrified, as once we were terrified.

Political differences were set aside between ourselves when we faced the Cuban Missile Crisis and today even the hard Left in Israel joins the Netanyahu Administration in expressing fear and loathing if, as appears to be the case, Iran’s ICBM’s stay poised toward the Jewish State.

What’s missing for a Nuclear Catastrophe? A single device and, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned, “They’re getting it – a free path to the bomb.”

Jihadist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Convicted — on The Glazov Gang

Jihadist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Convicted — on The Glazov Gang
The true reason why an Islamic terrorist was convicted that you won’t hear about.

Sweden Surrenders to Saudi Arabia by Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard

The Swedish Prime Minister added that Sweden has no intention of ever criticizing Islam. As is customary, Expressen refrained from asking the PM if his comments should be taken as an indication that Sweden would stop criticizing such Islamic practices as torturing bloggers, executing infidels and oppressing women.

It is hard to say what concessions Sweden may have given King Salman in exchange for normalizing relations. Sweden may even have agreed to further the cause of Islam back home by, for example, promising to build new mega-mosques and giving greater influence to local imams.

Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke, has already promised to initiate a “national strategy against Islamophobia” — meaning any criticism of Islam or mass immigration.

If the Swedish-Saudi deal is as conjectured, Saudi Arabia will have obtained de facto veto power over Sweden’s foreign policy — and perhaps its domestic policies.

Scotland: The Most Nannying of Europe’s Nanny States: Brendan O’Neill

Many Americans, when they hear the word Scotland, will think of Mel Gibson in blue facepaint yelling: “FREEDOM!” That’s how Scotland is viewed by non-Scots the world over: as a plucky, liberty-loving nation that sits atop snooty England and longs to be free and wild and beer-soaked in a kilt.

Well, if that’s how you see Scotland, you urgently need to update your mind’s image bank. For far from being a land of freedom-yearning Bravehearts, Scotland in the 21st century is a hotbed of the new authoritarianism. It’s the most nannying of Europe’s nanny states. It’s a country that imprisons people for singing songs, instructs people to stop smoking in their own homes, and which dreams of making salad-eating compulsory. Seriously. Scotland the Brave has become Scotland the Brave New World.

If you had to guess which country in the world recently sent a young man to jail for the crime of singing an offensive song, I’m guessing most of you would plumb for Putin’s Russia or maybe Saudi Arabia. Nope, it’s Scotland.

Last month, a 24-year-old fan of Rangers, the largely Protestant soccer team, was banged up for four months for singing “The Billy Boys,” an old anti-Catholic ditty that Rangers fans have been singing for years, mainly to annoy fans of Celtic, the largely Catholic soccer team. He was belting it out as he walked along a street to a game. He was arrested, found guilty of songcrimes—something even Orwell failed to foresee—and sent down.

America, Nuclear Talks and the New Middle East By Nicola Abé, Dieter Bednarz, Erich Follath and Holger Stark

The US is rethinking its approach to the Middle East and has even found commonalities with erstwhile archenemy Iran. Meanwhile, relations with traditional American allies, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, are cooling. A nuclear deal could further the shift.

Barack Obama wanted to do everything differently than his predecessor, also in the realm of foreign policy. He wanted to bring an end to America’s role as global police officer and to lead from the background rather than pursue one-sided dominance. His vision was that of becoming a moderator of international politics and finding allies for new coalitions.

But he likely didn’t foresee the results as they appear today. The US is currently involved in all fronts in the Middle East — even, more recently, with countries that are antagonistic toward one-another. Last week, the situation was particularly absurd. On the one hand, the US supports the Sunni military coalition in Yemen that is bombing an Iran-supported rebel group. On the other hand, the US provided air support to a Shiite militia that is being led by an Iranian general.

The Virus of Islam: Can It Be Cured? Amil Imani

Risking the violation of political correctness, decades of closely and carefully studying Islam, has led me to the following observation: Islam is a socio-cultural viral disease that invades any vulnerable host with its malignancy, while simultaneously devouring its own adherents.

In other words, Islam is like a deadly, contagious disease. Once it invades the mind of its victim, this debilitating disease is capable of transforming him or her to a helpless pawn that has no choice but to execute what he or she is directed to do.

Of the reported 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, millions are already trapped in the terminal stages of this affliction, while millions of others are rapidly joining them. The people enslaved with the extreme cases of Islamic mental disease are highly infectious. They actively work to transmit the disease to others, while they themselves engage in horrific acts of mayhem and violence to demonstrate their unconditional obedience to the dictates of the Islamic cult of violence; For example, the Islamic State or “ISIS/ISIL.”

Iran’s Persian Statement on ‘Deal’ Contradicts Obama’s Claims: Amir Taheri

“Iran Agrees to Detailed Nuclear Outline,” The New York Times headline claimed on Friday. That found an echo in the Washington Post headline of the same day: “Iran agrees to nuclear restrictions in framework deal with world powers.”

But the first thing to know about the highly hyped “historic achievement” that President Obama is trying to sell is that there has been no agreement on any of the fundamental issues that led to international concern about Iran’s secret nuclear activities and led to six mandatory resolutions by the United Nations Security Council and 13 years of diplomatic seesaw.