2012.11.03 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – Two suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person at a restaurant.
2012.11.03 (Buner, Pakistan) – A Shahid suicide bomber on a motorcycle detonates, killing six others.
2012.11.03 (al-Arish, Egypt) – Jihadi gunmen murder three police officers.
2012.11.01 (Jai, Pakistan) – A 4-year-old girl is killed when Religion of Peace militants fire into her home.
2012.11.01 (Saraqeb, Syria) – Ten captured soldiers are beaten and then executed by Sunni rebels to shouts of ‘Allah Akbar’.
2012.10.31 (Pattani, Thailand) – Muslim gunmen open fire on employees at an ‘UnIslamic’ gambling site at a fair, killing two.

State Dept Won’t Explain Why Classified Docs Still at Benghazi Consulate: Meredith Dake Since the Obama Administration has launched the Accountability Review Board (ARB) to investigate the murders of U.S. diplomats and intelligence gatherers in Benghazi, the State Department has been tight-lipped on any developments discovered by news agencies. That changed this week when a State Department official went on the record in an attempt to explain […]

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We Are Those Who Stand for the Day Posted by Daniel Greenfield We face two conflicts in the present day and against the present day. Both conflicts are being fought against ideologies dislocated in time, longing urgently for the past and the future.  Islamism is a reactionary ideology preaching a perfect world to be gained by stepping back to the 7th Century origins of its founding […]


Last night on the O’Reilly show, Geraldo Rivera insisted that Americans owe Barack Obama an apology….that’s right… apology for their treatment of him regarding Benghazi. Maybe we do owe the Prez and apology.

Here is mine:

Dear President:

Americans owe you an apology for having catapulted you to the White House from a nondescript role as an accidental Senator (accidental because your Democratic opponent’s private and sealed divorce records were revealed, and then, what do you know, in the general election your opponent Jack Ryan’s private divorce custody papers were also released revealing some infidelity problems).

The American infatuation with you propelled you into a job for which you were totally unfit, unprepared and unschooled. That was so unfair to you and to the nation. Now you are stuck with an economy you could not mend, a foreign policy scandal you can’t talk your way out of, and a public that is reacting with the force of a scorned lover.

And when the media strikes…it uses expressions like “hit the road Barack” (Newsweek) …so mean.

But help is on the way. Americans will issue the final apology for over promoting you and giving you a job way above your pay grade. You will have a cushy retirement, big bucks from speaking engagements, and books to write. Like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton your star will rise.

Good luck and best regards to the family.