Two World Wars Face Major Milestones in 2014: Significant Anniversaries Will Provide Ample Cause For Reflection: Gavriel Rosenfeld

Numerologists and war buffs have much to anticipate this year thanks to an unusual confluence of commemorative events. 2014 marks both the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I and the 75th anniversary of the start of World War II.

Given the enormous attention that numerically significant anniversaries have acquired in Western culture, the “golden” and “diamond” anniversaries of the 20th century’s two greatest conflicts will offer myriad opportunities for historical reflection.
This is especially true for Jews. Both wars profoundly shaped 20th century Jewish history. Yet until now, World War II has occupied a disproportionate place in Jewish memory. There is good reason for this — most notably, the Holocaust, whose effects are still in living memory. But the simultaneous commemorations will return World War I to the forefront of Jewish attention.

Among other things, the dual anniversaries will provide the opportunity to establish intriguing juxtapositions between the two conflicts. In the summer of 2014, for example, we will be able to reflect on how, 75 and 100 years earlier, German Jews perceived the outbreak of the two wars in entirely differently fashions. In 1914, German Jews shared in the larger nationalist euphoria, with poet Ernst Lissauer leading the nationalistic propaganda campaign against England (with his infamous “Hymn of Hate”) and 100,000 of his compatriots eventually serving on the front. In 1939, by contrast, German Jews viewed the commencement of hostilities with acute trepidation, having become the victims of nationalistic propaganda and losing some 250,000 of their compatriots to emigration.

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Set American former jihadist Colleen LaRose who tried to kill me free, says Swedish political cartoonist

Colleen LaRose. an American woman who attempted to kill a Swedish cartoonist for insulting Islam and who faces sentencing in the United States on Monday, should be set free, the cartoonist himself, Lars Vilks, was quoted as saying by Sweden’s Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (TT) news agency Saturday.

Prosecutors say LaRose should spend decades behind bars after converting to a radical form of Islam and becoming involved in a plot to kill Vilks in 2009 for penning a cartoon partially characterising the prophet Muhammad as a dog.

But as the sentencing approaches, Lars has intervened by suggesting LaRose — dubbed “Jihad Jane” — has probably put her past behind her and no longer poses a threat to him.

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EPA Nifongs and Beales prosecute US hydrocarbons, jobs, living standards and health

Former Durham, NC district attorney Mike Nifong was disbarred for withholding evidence from the defense and lying to the court in the trumped-up Duke lacrosse team rape case. Ex-Boston crime lab technician Annie Dookhan was prosecuted for faking test results and contaminating drug samples, to get accused dealers convicted. In both cases, charges against their victims were dismissed or are under review.

So how should we handle federal officials who’ve become unethical researchers and prosecutors – determined to get convictions, basing their cases on esoteric circumstantial evidence, allowing tainted and fraudulent evidence, hiding exculpatory information, rewriting the law, and denying defense counsel the right to cross-examine adverse witnesses or present their case?

As the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow explains in its amicus curiae brief to the US Supreme Court, that’s what Environmental Protection Agency regulators have been doing with global warming. They’re pulling every dirty prosecutorial trick in the book, to convict fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, and America’s economy and living standards of “endangering” the public welfare.

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