CAL THOMAS: RICK PERRY THE RELUCTANT CANDIDATE DENVER — Some wives don’t want their husbands to run for president — Alma Powell (Colin Powell) and Cheri Daniels (Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels). Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry doesn’t have that problem. In an interview with me following a well-received address to the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, said, “My wife is a […]

WES PRUDEN:HOPE AND CHANGE IN A TEA POT the real fun begins. Assuming that the debt deal has been effectively sealed—and it began to look more likely once the House voted “yes” by a comfortable margin Monday evening—all that’s left is deciding who won the fight over raising the debt limit. iHouse Speaker John Boehner, who spent the day Monday with his […]

BIBI NETANYAHU CAVES AND RECYCLES THE 1967 LINES: SEE NOTE PLEASE HE LEARNED NOTHING? NOW, WHEN THE WORLD’S ATTENTION IS OCCUPIED ELSEWHERE WITH DEBTS, PLUNGING ECONOMIES, RISING ISLAMIC FANATICISM THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, HE RECYCLES OBAMA’S DICTAT TO AIPAC…..RSK By Adrian Blomfield :The offer, which emerged tonight appeared to represent a major climb-down by Mr Netanyahu, who has consistently refused to discuss specific borders of a […]


  The Perils of Global Intolerance: the United Nations & “Durban III” New York, NY– The Hudson Institute and the Touro College Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust today announced an historic conference targeting manifestations of racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of intolerance at the United Nations. The conference will coincide with the highly […]


Crazed dinner party politics Consider the following scenario. A church newspaper has a Jewish political editor. He reports in his paper on a troubling development. Certain churches support a voluntary body upon whose board sits a man with connections to groups that have declared their intention to wipe every Christian off the face of […]

CAROLINE GLICK: THE MEDIA REVOLUTIONARIES Last Monday Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz gave an interview to Channel 2’s news anchor Yonit Levy during the prime-time news broadcast. Levy began the interview with a revealing “question.” Oozing professional probity, Levy said, “I assume you came here armed with wonderful data about the drop in unemployment and rising economic growth, but I […]


Obama’s hollow claim of commitment to Israel’s security By MORTON KLEIN AND DANIEL MANDEL For a year, Obama prohibited any new US sanctions to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons – a looming existential threat to both Israel and the US. Is President Barack Obama committed to Israel’s security? Reassuring bromides to that effect in […]

FRANK GAFFNEY: DOING IN DEFENSE At this writing, many details of the debt ceiling deal wrangled out over the weekend remain fuzzy.  One thing is clear, unfortunately:  The national security of the United States is going to suffer greatly. That will be so no matter how much is taken out of the defense budget as a result of the […]


The House and Senate are finishing a last-minute deal to increase the debt limit.  While it doesn’t provide structural reform or much in the way of spending cuts, we think it is otherwise a better-than expected outcome for financial markets.  It should strengthen the dollar temporarily, lift equities and start the process of moving bond […]

GADI ADELMAN: THE TERRORIST AS CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR? Naser Jason Abdo was arrested at America’s Best Value Inn on South Fort Hood Street in Killeen, TX only about 3 miles from the front gate at Foot Hood on an outstanding warrant for child pornography and for being AWOL (absent without leave) from Fort Campbell, Ky. When his hotel room was searched police […]