By one of those odd coincidences, I had just finished watching Clint Eastwood’s movie on the rise to power of J. Edgar Hoover when I came across the following commentary, written by J. R. Nyquist in his blog titled, The Time Traveler’s Lesson. It is of an imaginary interrogation by Hoover himself of a man taken into custody by the FBI in 1964 claiming to be from the future and describing America in 2014.

Hoover, back in 1964, upon hearing the time traveler’s description explodes in outrage, finding the account the most egregious nonsense he has ever heard. No doubt, Hoover concludes, this man’s description of life in the United States 50 years hence is an unmitigated hoax or the man is certifiable insane. But what is it that the time traveler describes?

“America in the future will be led by a black man with an Arabic name mentored as a youth by a suspected Communist subversive named Frank Marshall Davis.

“The time traveler explains that the leading social question of 2014 is gay marriage. Hoover angrily asks if the NASA thinks this is funny; to play such a practical joke on the FBI?

“Neither does Hoover credit the time traveler’s absurd claim that the national debt is more than $17 trillion in 2014, or that Venezuela and Nicaragua have been quietly taken over by Fidel Castro’s friends, that Zimbabwe, Angola, South Africa and the Congo are in the hands of African Communists, that North Korea possesses nuclear weapons. None of this is believable. None of it makes any sense to someone living in 1964 during the Cold War.


When my troubles with the Canadian Islamic Congress and the “human rights” commissions began up north, I quickly learned something my comrade Ezra Levant was already well up to speed on – that Canada’s “official Jews” (as he calls them) were among the most useless people on the planet. Under Bernie Farber, for example, the Canadian Jewish Congress was obsessive about the last three neo-Nazi losers living in their mum’s basement and contributing unread blog posts to obscure “white supremacist” websites. But it had nothing to say about the broad-daylight mass Jew-hatred and, indeed, brazen incitement to murder of large groups of people parading through downtown Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Farber & Co were cardboard warriors, capable only of fighting the battles others had already won long ago.

And so it goes for America’s “official Jews”:

Anti-Defamation League chief Abe Foxman believes that anti-Semitism is at its height since the Holocaust, and threatens the lives of Jews all around the world.

He got that right. He got everything else wrong:

“Europe is where the Jewish people have paid the highest price for anti-Semitism, and it’s sort of an old-new phenomenon,” he said, defining it as “nationalists, anti-government people, neo-fascists, neo-Nazis of anti-immigration and anti-government coming together with a glue and cement of anti-Semitism. I think it’s a serious threat to Jewish life.”

Is it really possible in 2014 even for the capo di tutti capi of official Jews to be so blind? Foxman is either the most wicked dissembler or, to be more charitable, he reflects merely the blinkered parochialism of America’s liberal Jewish elites. Unlike the head of the ADL, I have no special interest in or responsibility for the welfare of the Jewish people, but I have been to Toulouse, Antwerp, Malmö and the old Jewish East End of London, and I know what I have seen there.


Abetting the Holocaust: Arthur Hays Sulzberger and the New York Times

Posted By David Horowitz

As the New York Times enables the anti-Jewish axis created by Islamic Nazis in the Middle East who are preparing a new Holocaust of the Jews, it is important to remember that this is nothing new and has happened before. Take ten minutes to view this talk, posted below, by Anna Blech: ”Downplaying the Holocaust: Arthur Hays Sulzberger and the New York Times.”

Anna Blech won first prize at the New York City History Day competition for her research paper, “Downplaying the Holocaust: Arthur Hays Sulzberger and The New York Times.” For this paper, she also was awarded The Eleanor Light Prize from the Hunter College High School Social Studies Department and membership in the Society of Student Historians. Anna’s paper on anti-slavery sentiment in pre-Civil War children’s literature was published in The Concord Review. Anna was a finalist at the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, where she won third place in microbiology for her project, “Reinventing Antibiotics.” She has received national and regional Scholastic Writing awards, mostly for her one-act musical comedies, and she is an active member of the Hunter theater community.

New York Times Column on Anti-Zionism a Reminder of its Own Publisher’s Past – The New York Times raised some eyebrows in the Jewish community last week with a lengthy feature about four self-described religious Jews who oppose Israel. In an apparent attempt to legitimize Jewish anti-Zionism, the article stressed that Zionism “was not always the norm among American Jews” and that it was only “the persecution of European Jews [which] turned many American Jews into Zionists.”

Interestingly, one of the most famous “religious Jews” who opposed Zionism did not change his mind even after the Holocaust. That was the Times’s own publisher from 1935 to 1961, Arthur Hays Sulzberger.

Sulzberger was a devout adherent of classical Reform Judaism. In his view, Jewish identity should consist only of religious beliefs, not any sense of peoplehood, nationalism, or ethnic affiliation. He even rejected the existence of Jewish war veterans organizations on the grounds that they were examples of “Ghetto living.”

As Prof. Laurel Leff explains in her critically acclaimed book, “Buried by The Times: The Holocaust and America’s Most Important Newspaper,” Sulzberger instructed Times editors to bury news of the Nazi genocide on the back pages, and to tone down or eliminate references to the fact that the victims were Jews. Sulzberger worried that if the Times reported what was happening to the Jews in Europe, someone might accuse it of being a “Jewish newspaper.”

Samuel Westrop: Academia Legitimizes Extremist Speakers

What chance do Muslim and non-Muslim students — who oppose the incitement to hatred against non-Muslims and the subjugation of women — have of exposing extremists such as Al-Kawthari, if he is pronounced a “representative voice of Islam” by academics who claim to be experts on the British Muslim community?

Extreme Islamic preachers do not only appear on university campuses at the request of radicalized students; increasingly, extremists are afforded a university platform, with all the credibility that comes with it, by the academics themselves.

The Centre for the Study of Islam, based at the University of Cardiff in Wales, for instance, has recently announced a lecture series starting this February. The Centre was opened in 2005 by Yusuf Islam, the former musician known as Cat Stevens who has called for apostates and adulterous women to be stoned to death. In keeping with that spirit, one of the presentations this February is to be delivered by Muhammad ibn Adam Al-Kawthari, who will be discussing “The Role of a Mufti in Modern Society.”


If we cannot see what is happening, it seems likely that we simply do not want it to be happening. But apparently not enough to try to stop it from happening.

How could a nice young British boy do a thing like this? That is what people said when a British man cut the head off Daniel Pearl in 2002. It was what they said when our British men boarded the London tube trains and blew up their fellow passengers in 2005. It was what they said when a young British student tried to detonate a bomb over Detroit in 2009. And it is what they asked again earlier this month when Abdul Waheed Majeed, a 41-year-old man from Crawley, West Sussex, turned out to have become a suicide bomber in Syria. The strange thing is that a lot of people seem no closer to any kind of answer.

Abdul Waheed Majeed had gone through a story so similar to every previous story that you wonder how wilfully deaf some people must be, or whether there has been a significant section of the press and political class who have simply not been paying attention in recent years.

Because it turns out that Majeed was once a member of the now-proscribed British extremist group, al-Muhajiroun. This is a group that has been linked to more terrorist charges in the UK than any other group, including al-Qaeda. Al Muhajiroun’s current de facto leader (since being banned, they operate under a shifting array of names) – Anjem Choudary – has said that Majeed worked as a driver for the former leader of the group, Omar Bakri Mohammad, by helping ferry him to and from his talks. Alas in those days he seems never to have had the urge to blow up the vehicle.

How Romney Missed The Central Point About Hillary Clinton By R. EMMETT TYRRELL, Jr.,

“Now it is a matter of fact that when emergency struck both Hillary and Barack did nothing and Ambassador Stevens and three brave men perished. My answer to Mr. Romney’s advice offered on “Meet the Press” Sunday is that everyone running for high office has a past that is relevant to the present. Hillary’s past is, if the press does its job, inescapable.”

WASHINGTON — First Mitt Romney loses a presidential election that he was predicted to win in a walk. Then he appears some 15 months later on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” to lecture the nation on how Republicans might lose the presidential election once again. “I don’t think Bill Clinton is as relevant as Hillary Clinton if Hillary Clinton decides to run for president in 2016,” Mr. Romney opined.


A violence-glorifying student who has made repeated graphic threats against Israelis and pro-Israel Americans is finally gone from SFSU, but is presumably still in San Francisco, along with his knives.

Back in December, The Jewish Press ran a story about Mohammad Hammad, the San Francisco State University student and president of SFSU’s General Union of Palestine Students. Hammad had posted a picture and a message on the social media site Tumblr, which shows Hammad with a knife, beneath which is the caption, “I seriously can not get over how much I love this blade. It is the sharpest thing I own and cuts through everything like butter and just holding it makes me want to stab an Israeli soldier.” The California-based AMCHA Initiative, which brought Hammad’s original threats to the public’s attention, released another statement today. This statement links to many more violent and threatening statements by Hammad which he made after the one that was the original focus of the group’s concern. The AMCHA Initiative is dedicated to documenting, exposing and eradicating anti-Semitism on American campuses


John Kerry is the gift that keeps on giving. His latest hot air is the warning in Indonesia ” Saying that climate change ranks among the world’s most serious problems — such as disease outbreaks, poverty, terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called on all nations to respond to “the greatest challenge of our generation.” And, he went on to dismiss skeptics “… “We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific fact.”

That is pretty dumb. However, is it any dumber than continuing to bully Israel into processing “peace” with those who aver in speeches, sermons, press releases, broadcasts, schools, lectures and columns, that Israel cannot and should not continue to exist? Is it any dumber than pretending that there can be a “peaceful” and demilitarized Arab/Moslem sovereignty in the elevations and lowlands of the area (2,700 square miles) between pre-1967 Israel and the Jordan River? Is it dumber than willfully forgetting what happened when Israel evacuated from the Gaza strip? Is it any dumber to ignore the history of Moslem/Arab Jew hatred and jihad since the advent of Islam?

Even the mainstream media is chuckling at his globaloney but who is challenging his stupidity and cupidity on Israel?


Every time it seems American foreign policy couldn’t get any worse, Secretary of State John Kerry comes along to set the record straight. The weekend was no exception.

In Indonesia on Sunday, during the last leg of an Asia tour that included South Korea and China, Kerry took the opportunity to talk about the dangers of climate change. The speech he delivered in Jakarta at the U.S. Embassy-run American Center took place a day after a second round of “peace talks” in Geneva between representatives of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government and members of the opposition ended at an impasse. (Ironically, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem also raised the issue of climate, but he wasn’t referring to global temperatures. Rather, he was blaming the U.S. for “creating a very negative climate for dialogue in Geneva.”)

Kerry’s address to a packed audience of Indonesian students, community leaders and government officials also came two days ahead of a resumption of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 powers (the U.S., Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France and Germany) in Vienna.

None of this was what the U.S. secretary of state wanted to discuss while visiting the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, however. Instead, he was there to warn the Indonesians about greenhouse gas emissions and “big companies” that are ostensibly wreaking havoc on the planet in general, and specifically causing typhoons, floods and Friday’s eruption of a volcano on the island of Java.